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STILL no upper-left option text fix. Ridiculous.

Updated the Rex Matriarchs image in the Beasts tab.

Finally, only took two reports (Rexes had a background image copied from Dagannoths Kings).

We're asking about the status of that fix now 5-x.


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in RuneScape – right down to the bosses getting a festive new look! You’ll also notice the decorations around Gielinor, giving our magical world that extra special Noël glow. Ahh.

Does this mean snowy Prif is back, I hope? Can this please finally become a permanent skybox option btw?

It is!


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Just looking at the calendar. December 13th might be the last game update of the year.

You are correct - Dec 13th will be our last update of the year.



So sick! Thanks for sharing!

03 Dec

02 Dec

01 Dec


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Could you not say the same thing about Cosmetic overrides as a whole?



Skybox tool is the worst thing.

All those amazing environments and the time artists spent to get it right, only for someone to come along and just whack Dusk on? Not for me.

(I do however understand that some use it for accessability)


Underground pass is legitimately the best quest in the game.


Hey, sorry to hear about your dud luck - I believe it's on the Glacor team's radar and they're investigating what changes they need to make (if any).

30 Nov


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Replied to you on Twitter and you pointed me here....

After reading, this sounds great, a way to toggle all unwanted XP off like we already can in certain instances (example like with Pulse Cores) a simple interface like that would suffice.

I'd love to extend my original Pure account even further than what I've already done with it, literally 19 years in the making!

>A simple interface (like with Pulse Cores?) where you can cross off a skill to block XP would suffice.

I'm currently leaning more towards adding the XP Blocking checkboxes to a new category at the bottom of the Skills & Experience section of Gameplay Settings.

It makes it easier to extend as new skills are added, and I figure it'll be more convenient for the user if you're able to look at your settings to confirm or toggle XP in a certain skill off, before you do something risky, etc. Just seems more flexible and transparent to me to access your toggles anywhere than eg an interface only accessible by talking to an NPC like Nastroth.

Will see what becomes the preferred approach when I run the proposal past the skilling council in a Thursday morning meeting. :)

>could you answer me these...


JannaMechanics just sent me over some new requests this afternoon from conversation between pure...

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