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I like it. Definitely worth considering.

I'd also like to compliment the format of the suggestion - it's fun, short and clear. It asks for exploits which is basically doing my job for me since our primary concern is always going to be "that sounds broken, what exploits does it allow?"

26 Jan


Originally posted by strayofthesun

/u/jagexjack could we get a design stream about exactly how drops work and the pros/cons of changing drop rates + alternatives like luck mitigation (and why its not a solution). there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding of what was talked about in the stream and I think a stream dedicated to drop discussions would go a long way to making players understand the problem and why certain 'solutions' wont work.

Yeah my plan is to do exactly this next weds.


Originally posted by batsmilkyogurt

There's a balance between making items too rare for casual players and too common for players who play 18 hours a day grinding them out. Since these drops are tradeable these grinders contribute a majority of the drops into the economy.

Call me controversial, but I do not think that Jagex should be basing their drops around players that play 18 hours a day, period. Maybe the numbers were a bit an exaggeration, but gaming for 18 hours a day is not healthy for anyone. That leaves less than six hours a day, to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom, let alone, work, study, and maintain interpersonal relationships. I respect that there are people with more time to play Runescape than others, and that's fine. But there's a difference between enthusiastically engaging in a game that you love and addictive-compulsive behavior.

I know that I'm not the first person to notice Jagex's hypocrisy in outwardly promoting mental health, while...

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I completely agree, and that's the exact point I was making.

In a game where ability to grind is uncapped, and items are freely tradeable (both of which appear to be considered sacred runescape design pillars), the value of any item is set by the players who are grinding the most. If we don't balance around those players, then that item floods the market in tremendous quantities and there essentially is no drop table. What are you even killing the boss for if everything on its loot table is at alch value?

The connotation of what you're talking about though is time gating. The only way to push some degree of parity between uncapped grinding and players who are playing even slightly casually is to cap the ability to grind in some way. That's certainly something I'm prepared to countenance, and Raptor's Rampage was a gentle experiment in that direction, but it would be incredibly controversial and isn't something we can just do.


Although I don't completely agree, you've argued your point well. The target values you've given are short term from the point of view of balancing the game, but I think we (Jagex) also need to question to what extent this content needs to remain relevant.

There are a bunch of reasons why it's almost certainly not a good idea to buff the drop rate by 10x to achieve your target value. That said, this (and similar feedback from elsewhere) has definitely convinced me to go back to the devs and talk it through again.


Originally posted by PanelDeNia

" Why craft t80 shortbows? "

I sometimes really hate modern JMods. Why smith a T80 Long Sword? Not everyone Bosses and I've been waiting a long time for Range and Mage to be up to Melee so I can make everything to T90 without having to buy any GWD weapons or armour. Elder Rune has been perfectly fine for Slayer and it's just kind of maddening they don't see this as a problem to fix asap.

This wasn't "no we're not doing it for this reason". I specifically said this was something that we should do, and that I'm actively working on making happen, but because the content would be redundant for a majority of currently active players it's not something that necessarily justifies a big update in its own right.

Like with Garden of Kharid, my strategy is to try to find ways to bundle midgame health improvements along with enough content to make it feel like a meaty update. That's still something we're experimenting with, but so far I'm optimistic we can achieve a lot this way.


Originally posted by MonzellRS

"Q: Bad Luck Mitigation? A: I'm not opposed to it, but it doesn't solve the problems."

It actually does solve the problems, and "better drop rates" doesn't solve anything.

The summary is slightly inaccurate, what I said is closer to "it doesn't solve all the problems".

BLM only solves drop rate issues for people who've gone dry for an incredibly long time. I'm not saying that isn't a problem and shouldn't be addressed, but it's only a subset of the general problem of rarity of drops.

As I also mentioned, as part of Raptor's Rampage Mod Shogun made some technical fixes behind the scenes which make BLM easier for us to implement in the future.


I think some of these answers are being misinterpreted as "we aren't doing this, and here's why" but it's actually "we are actively working on this, and here's why we haven't shipped it yet" or "we are planning to fix this, and we need to resolve these issues before we can move ahead with a confident plan".

As I said at the start of the stream, there are player questions about fixes where I know a project has been scheduled to look into it, but I'm reluctant to announce that or promise anything because until it's been looked into we don't know whether we're going ahead or what the solution is. It's possible that I'm being overly cautious in that regard.

Once I'm confident that time has definitely been allocated to something and the devs have at least had a preliminary look into the scope and consequences of what's being asked, I'm happy to then say that we're definitely doing something.


Originally posted by ImRubic

I decided to try out a new format, let me know what you think of it.

This is awesome Rubic!

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Originally posted by GivemePartyhatsRS3

That makes sense, thanks! Will FSW be run again in 2023?

Leadership hasn't communicated any decisions regarding future FSW or similar events yet, so not sure.

23 Jan


Originally posted by TrimmingMasterwork

  • Slightly adjusted the health scaling of Wilderness combat events to allow more room for players to meet their personal progress in the required time. (Dev Note: We are closely monitoring these changes!)

*concern intensifies*

Nothing to be concerned about, we had been getting feedback that it was hard for players to reach their personal goals when taking part in combat events as if you weren't quick on the draw other players would nuke enemies incredibly quickly this just adjusts the health pools so that they live a little longer and give folks some more time to get their personal goals in.

As mentioned we are closely monitoring this change to make sure it hits that mark.


We’re rooting for loot this week, as we gather keys ready for Frank’s Free Chest and battle it out in Treasure Hunter.

Plus, livestreams are back, with our first of the year delving deep into the world of design!

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19 Jan


During our sneak peek stream at the end of the year, the Jagex Publishing Team dropped by to give us an update on Jagex Accounts and the benefits they offer, including improved account security. We’re now ready to bring this system to Closed Beta!

Read here to find out more -

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