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Originally posted by Quirky_Ice_8006

I don't want to have to provide feedback via reddit or twitter

The surveys will give you an alternative way to do this as well as we appreciate open discussion spaces aren't for everyone. Look out for those beginning in October.


Originally posted by limixi

Content buffs within the Hero Pass and beyond eh. That doesn't really bode well for the future.

What that means is the concerns that were raised about Content Buffs in Hero Pass and concerns of what it might mean beyond that. It's not a signal of a direction.

We want to have that conversation in more depth and make sure we get to the root concerns that were raised on it. That will guide the team on making sure we come out with the right directions/solutions in response to those concerns.


Originally posted by 5-x

Killing bosses after you're capped on Marks of War for the hour results in no hero pass progress - it should at least count as a kill for +4 points.

Earning thaler should also trigger hero pass progress.

Yup, this is one I raised myself after hitting the cap at Hermod!


Originally posted by mumbullz

We will have deeper conversations on the concerns with content buffs - both with hero pass and beyond it

So in essence the idea is not going away and we will be even discussing releasing stuff like this in more contained ways through TH for the right price then

Please stop trying to find ways to ease people into this idea of buying “content buffs” and scrap it ,even if you know you will find selfish people who will get behind it and others who don’t see where it is headed in the future.

Selling further intricate gameplay advantages is not fair at all gameplay wise and leads to a dead game.

I just want to be really clear that's not what this means.

We just wanted to show we recognize the conversation we've seen surrounding their inclusion and let you know we will be including it as part of this process - because it's clearly an important one to all of you. It's called out for that reason.

We understand Content Buffs created some clear concerns even beyond Hero Pass itself. We want to have that conversation, get a deeper perspective on any thoughts/fears in as much detail as possible and how we should address those concerns properly.

We do not have a plan for their future either way. This is purely about getting the root of those concerns in detail, and using that to inform us on where we go from here.


Originally posted by Dr_Infinite_Ghost

Please let hero point drops accumulate regardless of what you are doing in game. I don't want to grind skills all the time. There are a lot of time consuming activities in game that do not award points currently because they aren't giving XP drops!

Hey - can you give me some examples? A player in the RuneScape Discord mentioned Minigames, but do you have any other examples you can give me? Thanks in advance.


Originally posted by Kyyes

This all makes sense to me! Thanks for all the hard work.

Happy to help, have a great weekend!


Originally posted by Kyyes

Is it in the game? No, they removed it entirely and are stating they want to have a conversation about the topic.

Enough with the lies?

This is an opportunity for us to get a clearer picture on what distinguishes some buffs from others, and crystallize that feedback and ensure that we can build onwards from that in the future. The team removed the Content Buffs from Hero Pass, but want to have a conversation around content buffs in general, so the wider team can understand the situation as a whole. The dialogue here is important, and that's why it's something we want to explore with the player panels.


Originally posted by straw_star

How soon can we expect these changes to be live? Since the player consultation period is 6 weeks…early November? It it takes that long, a lot of “completionist” people would be close to completing the hero pass.

Also what about the repeatable task at 121? Will that also be reduced to 1k?

As there is not enough emblems rewarded throughout the track for all of the new cosmetics (and of course some of the previous ones that are included), 121 is a key aspect of the pass.

We're looking to collate feedback on the Balancing Proposals for this coming week, with the aim of implementing the week after. (2nd October)


Originally posted by kinshraa

Hey Mod Doom! When can we expect the changes you were making to leng swords and abyssal Armor spikes?

No idea on those I'm afraid, I believe those may have been a Game Jam project from the last Game Jam back in June! I don't know if that project was fully completed, but I've more broadly pushed to see if we can sit down and get a bulk of finished projects tested and put into the game because those game jam updates are always fantastic, so it would be nice to see! Who knows? The future is a mystery to us all.



Originally posted by Kopiko45

Gotta get that passive agility xp

This gamer will do anything for Agility XP (except complete laps of Agility courses)


Originally posted by Combat-Duck

Nostalgia right there

I can hear the 009 Sound System and see the Windows XP Taskbar so clearly...


Offences are unique to the character, so you could have 3 characters on a Jagex Account, one muted, one banned and the other with no offences.

In some super rare cases that won't concern most people, we do block access to all characters under a Jagex Account, examples being where the player is under 13 years old or we have very serious and credible reasons to believe that the player may present a risk to other people IRL.

These outliers aside, action is taken at character not account level though.


Originally posted by pharlax

Melee > all others

Nox scythe is the best looking weapon in game.

Beat me to it - Melee chads represent!


I've pushed it to the team to look at, again.
Meme answers aside, I've flagged it up, but as someone who's not a high enough WC level to utilise Golden Bamboo, I have to ask - what's the deal with it? What does it offer compared to other sources? Wanna know what I'm missing out on!


Will be adding this to my watch list. ED3 was the first big piece of content I got to work on. Its great to see videos like this popping up still so long after its release :)


Originally posted by thatgguy

Hey Doom! Is this an issue for tele-grab as a whole? The pickled brain in canifis also cannot be tele-grabbed right now

Have checked in with the team and they're looking into Tele-grab as a whole, yep! Thanks for checking in on that with me though, appreciate it!


But look at how ENRAGED he is!


Originally posted by Consistent_Paper_104

Please please please don't kill the integrity and spirit of ironman mode by giving us daily lamps and stars. We have methods for obtaining free xp that are appropriately challenging. Giving ironman players free daily xp will ruin the progression. Might as well mainscape.

See, this is why I want to get a poll on this because I see feedback like this, and it's sincere, passionate and vehemently against getting daily lamps, but IM players used to get the equivalent of a large prismatic lamp every day in 3 skills from Challenges.

Some people have, and will, say "We had those before so we should have it again!" but this is an opportunity to stop, and check with the IM community, before we actually make that commitment rather than repeating the same decision twice, which may not be the one that most players want.

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