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What a lovely doggo. Great work!

There are some true gems of ideas in here, the Ninja team has seen this list too!

The likelihood of us ever doing another I would say is extremely low.

We know it is something quite a few of you would like to see us though, but it would have a huge impact on players who decide to return and no longer have their name. It would cause confusion, make the process of recovering their accounts more difficult and so on.

Is this still a persistent issue? I know we did some brief maintenance earlier today.


This bug has been patched. Thank you :)

Originally posted by ne0zueen

We had like 2 of these information streams this year Hooli please i know you know Shauny as you 2 know eachother for a while already. Please pick up his old thread about communication to the player base, and don’t follow the thread of Warden... if you are a player then you know what i mean from last runefest to this day it is going down hill fast with the community lines... i know they invested like half rs3 devs into the ninja team but give us honest information, talk with us and atleast give us reasons if something is gonna be set back so other things can get prioritized. Like we know GWD3 is comming (this year i hope) from runefest but they have littarly said nothing about it only that they are working on it... they only say we are working hard... where are you working hard on?? Just give concrete information... i buy the yearly premium package every year based of the runefest and year ahead.... but for me seeing 1 content update this pst 6months felt like a punch under the belt...

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I mentioned this in another post, but Mod Warden is a big believer in community comms. Since I joined 6 weeks ago, I can speak to how he's been pushing us on additional things he'd like to see from the team too.

The issue everyone raises is, in actuality, a couple of miscommunication issues. It's no reflection on anyone to be honest - especially when it comes to intent - but just a casualty of the times we've faced.

Warden very much inherited the Roadmap announcement at Jagex, which is why he referred to it coming later in his opening statement.

As a new EP for the product, Warden identified our not-so-great 'hit rate' on announcements and wanted to spend some time assessing why that was and, in turn communicating cautiously. While that makes sense, it was never clearly stated or explained to you as players (I believe it was mentioned very lightly once on a stream IIRC).

Just before Archaeology left the building, COVID also arrived and, retrospective...

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Originally posted by WoutRS

I remember thinking that 5000 hours was the max for f2p. If you ran out of time you would need to buy members. I always wondered how much time I had left lol. English is not my first language so it was a bit confusing for me. 😄

You must have lived in constant fear of getting logged out :P

Originally posted by mitzi86

Hey Hooli, is there a response to how we have heard this same dialog from Jagex multiple times over the past 3 years, only for it to get worse and worse each time? Is there a genuine reason for any of us to beleive what you guys say now?

Honestly, we went into this stream knowing there would be doubt to anything we say. And that's totally okay.

This stream wasn't meant to change minds, but to bring you closer to the development. We hope you now have a better picture of what we're doing as a team and how we are adjusting to our new production impact rather than being in the dark.

Trust is earned, not told. If you are sceptical today, keep on it. Hopefully, through both our actions and keeping you better informed, we can win that trust back.

Originally posted by holydamned

"That's the reason we make sure to tackle it head on today."

To your credit, it was a question you forced the Warden to answer just as the livestream was attempting to wrap up. So I wouldn't say it was tackled head on. Thanks for getting an answer though, as pathetic as the answer was.

It was something we had planned to cover. As I've said elsewhere, Mod Warden was a huge part of why this stream even happened and he wanted to answer questions like this.

The only reason it was raised at the end was due to me monitoring what major community questions we hadn't covered. We all went into this stream wanting to talk about the Roadmap and I just made sure we didn't miss the chance to get you an answer on it.

There's been some issues with our communications this year, but it shouldn't be taken as a reflection on Warden's stance on communication at all. It's more a reflection of trying to achieve that new balance and, as a team, overcorrecting on the cautious front during a time of massive uncertainty (COVID impact).

Originally posted by pharlax

Your curtain was sort of blurring from time to time but it seemed more like the camera being weird than ghosts...

RIP my sleep?

Originally posted by joe32176

I’ll believe it when I see it. Jagex has had a history of saying all the right things, getting people hyped, then not delivering what they said they were going to deliver. Community complains, Jagex finally says the right things, promises things will change, people get hyped, then they under deliver. Repeat.

Warden promising to be more transparent and stay tuned for the roadmap in January!!! We got nothing and he has now finally said no roadmap is coming...

We are getting monthly updates, arch is great and all, but it was the January update that came in April. What about those other 3 months? What about all these patch weeks?

You finally announced the new quest, kind of had to with all the unhappy players. Telling us Gwd3 is in development is not an update. It’s was supposedly in development for months, until some mod said it’s in design phase in a twitter post.

I’m done with the words. Show us you are changing and we’ll believe it. I get it ...

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Exactly. The main thing we hope you all took away from yesterday is a better understanding of where we are development wise, what our challenges are right now, and some key things we're working on.

The goal for us as a team is to find a better balance in our communication so you feel this 'in the know' every month without stepping into announcing things too early territory. It's why there was no big Roadmap Post instead.

What matters to us is the continued conversation from this point, not the result of one stream. It may take some time, we may make mistakes along the way, but we'll get there.

Originally posted by superleipoman

I asked in chat about prerequisite quests but they didn't say anything :(

Desperate Times
Also complete the basecamp tutorial.

Recommended quests:
Sliske's Endgame
Curse of the Black Stone


Originally posted by Rsnickclaus

But the real question for you is... who was behind your curtains during the stream?

Legitimately had no idea where the haunted comments came from all stream. Was my curtain moving or something?

Originally posted by gluepot1

This came across as very PR "The team are throwing themselves at this challenge"

We all know covid has affected things. But the excuse doesn't hold up for everything. In the period that Archaeology and PVM hub were getting ready for release, there must have been others working on something else since the start of the year which many would have expected to be getting ready for release a month or two after archaeology, but there hasn't. Then working from home happened and for me personally I got next to nothing done for the first month due to technical problems. But it got better and by the 3rd month I was back up to full speed, maybe even more efficient than working in the office since there was no annoying meetings and beurocracy taking up time.

So after 3 months of working from home, there's one update almost ready. There's still something wrong there. Some people will have it worse than others due to family etc. But by this point technical issues should be sorted ...

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Honestly, I'm fine with that if it did sound a little PR'y because they really are throwing themselves at it to be honest.

A team actively look to react and find opportunity in a situation that impacts production output is very rare in my experience. It would have been easier from a development standpoint to stay the course and just accept the slower delivery cadence - and many teams would pick that option and throw out the COVID excuse.

Speaking as a witness to it, pivoting direction is no small task. There's a huge knock on in so many areas - brainstorms upon brainstorms, scoping, reformatting teams, working out how to make meaningful content on much smaller timeframes and so on. That all takes time, effort and a lot of coordination - and then you have to go execute on it. But, ultimately, the hope is that this is the right way to go to deliver more additive content and prevent big gaps.

On the WFH front, your case is the same for some others here at Jagex...

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Originally posted by Tkf530

Why can't Jagex come out and say "things are going to be a little slow for a while. But rest assured with are working hard to get enjoyable content out as we struggle the pandemic"? Give people honest answers and they'll respect you a lot more. Hiding in the shadows, passing patches, Yak Track off as content, cancelling Q&A's just doesn't work. Obviously COVID has hit the development of RS3 significantly harder then what's being made pubic. OSRS doesn't look like it's slowing down.

That's exactly where we want to be - having these conversations early, frequently and honestly.

We consider this stream a new starting line for our approach to how we talk with all of you, but it's about how we do that consistently over the years ahead that matters.

Caught up on this and there seems to have been a brief issue where the website wasn't showing and you couldn't log in. Everything is back to normal now.

Originally posted by Concordia_chaos

It's actually great you gave us a release date on the quest. But Hooli, this is the third time i tell you this.

  • Tell the players what projects are being worked on, only those you're allowed to talk about ask the other Jmods first if needed.

We CAN handle the truth, if you're only going to fix Typos, Change Colors on the trees, Update the Cat/Dog Models or whatever. TELOS! please, Tell your playerbase that's what you will do.

Don't try to surprise the players because you're not getting an:

  • OMG what a great surprise update!

You'll get this response instead:

  • F*Cking Finally! What took them so long...

You're new around, and i get it, but at least listen to the old Reddit players who understand where the collective anger comes from.

Speak to us, communicate.

That's what we're saying about walking the line. We don't want everything to be a surprise, but we do want to talk about things at the right time in the right way.

The intention we are driving as a Community Team right now is provide ways to give better insight into what we're working on, provide regular development updates and so on - but not necessarily by just revealing and promising content. It's about keeping you informed while also talking about the right things at the right times.

We want to move away from our past hit-rate of announcement accuracy, but not at the cost of keeping you in the dark entirely about what's kind of things are in development, where we are headed and so on.

That's the goal.

The last three months have been a reflection of the impact to productivity that working from home has had on the team, as people work around their home lives - in less than ideal setups, managing childcare or homeschooling, the mental stresses of working where you live etc. I can speak to my own experience, moving half way around the world for this job only 6 weeks ago, to say how hard it is to do this from home vs the studio.

Simply put, sticking to the existing plans we had simply wouldn't work for either us as developers or you as players - the gaps on those bigger pieces of content would be much bigger than anyone would like to see.

Instead, the team took the initiative and adapted our approach to the reduced capacity. What this new approach does is minimize the chance of significant gaps between additive content, with a goal of delivering on a monthly cadence as soon as we can.

The team are throwing themselves at this challenge ...

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Originally posted by ObligatoryDownvotr

That roadmap answer is pathetic. They kept us hanging on for half a year for that answer.... really awful management. Even went as far as to blame COVID when the roadmap was planned to drop in January.

We don't disagree on the leaving you hanging front. While I believe Warden made a mention here or there about moving away from road maps in streams a few months ago, it obviously didn't come across (which is on us, not you as players). That's the reason we made sure to tackle it head on today.

As we mentioned on stream today, this is what should be considered an opening of the door. This was intended to be a honest look at where we are development wise, indications of what to expect, what we are aiming for, and what we won't be doing. It's only a first step, but it's a step.

Moving forward, the goal is to offer a better level of transparency and access into what's going on around the game - but not in the form of a roadmap. There's memes around content announcements vs delivery in this community for a reason, and we want to leave that reality as a by-gone era for Jagex.

Again, this doesn't mean an intention to keep the curtain fully drawn. We'll just be meas...

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