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It runs better yeah . But still more frame drops than usual (after disabling my intel HD and only having my GTX run). Intel i confirm only playable at compatibility mode with all settings as above turned off. But still significantly frame drops. Intel isnt playable at all in normal mode crashing every 10 secs.

Could you PM me your ingame name please to check on these crashes, it would be useful to tally a certain type of crash to this combined nvidia+intel configuration


Originally posted by Djlammers

Update for me :

After following instructions above with turning off settings .. it didnt work for me. Still crashing and crazy textures ingame and within the interface. This is when i run the client in auto mode or normal mode. When i disable all settings as above , in compatibility mode it works , sometimes frame drops . But it works for now. GTX 2080 msi and HD 630 intel. Did test with and without graphics card. But still the same since this problem started at monday.

You should not be getting these issues on nvidia, only intel. Do you still get issues if the Intel card is fully disabled (in bios or windows) and your monitors are plugged directly into the nvidia card



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Mallware? Software to do groceries? I'm jk, everyone makes typo's and such. I'll add it in the next edition, you just go develop a new boss then, oki? :-D

I'll talk about about and inform you all of it. Touching good is probably not the best use of me :D


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Nope! You are free to teleport out at any point.


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Yeah I think saying Friday is simply to give them enough time to figure it out. It might come before? Maybe after. Who really knows.

Exactly this, we're expecting it in the next couple of days rather than week but when exactly depends on how things are moving forward. We'd rather be too careful.


I'm missing a pointer which is downloaded and full of mallware on the picture :)


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Fix is coming by Friday morning, according to the livestream.

with the caviat of everything going according to plan.


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Still getting those lovely 10 fps on AMD. Best thing is that they improved performance where it really did not matter (150-300 fps) on high end Nvidia cards and crashed almost everything else.

We've got a fix coming soon for AMD GCN and possibly RDNA that will unlock the intended effects of threaded rendering (up to 2x fps)


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i dunno ninja update was for graphics AND weapon specs. the graphics kill the game why wouldn't the weapon specs

Just to clarify, the Ninja part of the update did not "include" the changes which affected the graphical/client issues that occurred.

Various changes that go into a weekly update can come from lots of different teams, devs, and departments, and while they are separated in the news posts, i can definitely see how it can appear that they all came from one team - so better clarity on our part might be good shout :)


This has just been hotfixed! Thanks for raising :)

23 Nov


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Like many others I cannot login to even try the temp’ fixes. In my case the client freezes at “Pre-loading world … 24%” – so a long way off from being able to change any settings, in fact I even have to use Task Manager to force close the hung client process – since the update at 11:00 today.

Compensation is a nice idea, considering all that I’m missing out on and loosing for the day such as all my spins, the PoP ship journeys etc. Having been a gold/vip member for a while, it is rather painful to be obliged to accommodate the losses cause not by myself, but all far to commonplace, as if it is the norm. For instance, during the previous DXP (not the one we just had), I was again unable to play due to the infamous “too many login attempts” – a well-known, established but still unresolved issue.

In my own experience, when we had a live problem – which was obviously caused by an update, we would roll-back as it adversely affected up to 50,000 live subscribers. It was ...

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You should be able to access the settings menu from the lobby. I hope this helps you atleast get in-game. once more sorry for the incovenience.


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You're a fellow Dutchie?

Maybe :D

When do they post?

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