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Originally posted by valy225

The game been doing that for three days when will the game give the codes fast for yahoo and outlook and not when we using steam or check the site. I had to use steam just to get in for the launcher to work.

Anyway i been on for the first time today after i moved to jagex launcher and had no problem but that could be because i been in compatibility mode from 2021

We believe the issues with Yahoo were resolved this morning. No need for compatibility mode.

This incident Mod Azanna has mentioned was unfortunately different, but also resolved.


Originally posted by 1andOnlyMaverick

Thank you for replying. I suppose I also don't want to let go of logging in with my RSN, I'm conflicted stubbornly set in my ways haha. I need to read more about the migration I think.

FWIW I felt the same but no regrets now :)


Heyo, Team is looking into the situation at the moment.


Originally posted by ErikHumphrey

Yes, you'll just sign into the character linked to your Steam account. Jagex Accounts have pretty much no effect on playing RuneScape through Steam or Mobile.

ty great advice :)


It's buried a little in this thread, but I tweeted post-stream saying that I will investigate.


I'm investigating 3~ additional action bars (15 -> 18) and 20-50 bank spaces. No promises, but I want to be as transparent as possible!


Originally posted by -Uffy

Maikeru was trying to get it added to the list, so there's speculation that it may be from the Codex, but Wazzy said it was technically considered a 'curse' but theres no evidence to suggest it will be from the Codex.

Either way, it doesn't feel genuine to automatically unlock the T99 Prayer straight away by purchasing it.

The list has been updated to include it, there was some confusion around the topic and we got it a bit more clarified.


Should be fine, (see others comments) are you having issues ?


Originally posted by TonyBest100

I recently created a jagex account and added my RuneScape account to it. But when I try to sign in using the normal method I am used to (email address which isn't the same as jagex account email address) it does not work.

That's intentional, you no longer use those login details to play, instead using the newly created Jagex Account to do so.

Spot on advice - ty :)


We've updated our PSA with some general advice about this issue - apologies for the inconvenience, we are doing what we can to try and get this resolved quickly


Originally posted by Drinning

Hey! Thanks for the reply. (Recently listened to you on the 'LetsDiscussRS' podcast btw and enjoyed it.)

I didn't mean to imply the existence of a legal contract or requirement for a video from the creators, but as I figured and as you confirmed, it's what was expected. No biggie that he didn't deliver. I hope all is well in his personal life!

As I've said in other comments, I'm really not upset or anything, and I don't feel "entitled" as someone suggested. I suppose I just felt the slightest bit of indignation on behalf of the amazing jmods who extended such an awesome opportunity to a select few content creators. Glad to see at least that 7 out of the 8 followed through with awesome and on-time videos thoroughly documenting their playtest experience and thoughts on Necromancy!

Good PR btw. I wouldn't expect anything other than a magnanimous reply about this situation. ;) Although I don't follow Omid's content, I did waste a bit of time searching fo...

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"Oh well. Guess he earned himself an uninvitation for any future opportunities of this sort."

Not remotely the case tbh, Omid was a fantastic person to have along on the trip as their insights and feedback were massively helpful and their unique point of view was wonderful when it comes to how gameplay mechanics function at the higher levels (honestly listening to Omid and Maikeru playing around with combos was great), it's a shame the video is delayed but delays happen.


Originally posted by JagexFrosch

To answer the questions here so far:

  • You can get shards by using proteans.
  • At the moment, Sandy Clue Scrolls don't work for the clue step task, but I have a change for that in the pipeline, as it's a nice synergy between the events, so we're looking to hotfix that in.
    • Shards are not much rarer than in the previous event.
      • Bossing should be the same,
      • Clue steps might be slightly different, because I changed it from clue scrolls to clue steps.
      • Skilling shards are balanced to take a bit longer this time, but not drastically so, since there's more quick shards (Jagex account, gold/proteans, premier, quests(if you have them already completed)) this time around.

For any other questions on specific methods in here:

Rule of thumb is that everything that can give you Yak Track skill and kill progress can also give you a shard.

That said, I'll definitely look into adding a spam-filterable message that sends every time you roll on a shard, either for the rest of this event or a potential future similar event, because then you will just know, which should make life easier for everyone :D


Originally posted by Livid-Carpenter-3505

Bester Name junge

Danke :D


Originally posted by JagexDoom

Drop me a message and we'll get you fashionscaping IRL in no time, king

Why is your watch SO big?


Originally posted by Drinning

Of course he doesn’t owe me anything, and I’m really not upset at all. Just was curious and giving my impression that it does in fact seem rude. I don’t know any details about Omid’s life, and maybe he had something more pressing pop up.

But I will defend my remarks by pointing out that Jagex specifically hyped the fact that the chosen content creators would be uploading their playtest videos within minutes of the big reveal, and Omid was one of the people they listed in the news post. Because of this, I went out of my way to find him on YouTube and give him a subscription.

So again, I’m really not upset or anything, but I know if I were given such an opportunity, I’d surely uphold my end of the agreement. Otherwise you come off as disinterested at best, or worse, disrespectful to the money Jagex spent and the time and attention the Jmods gave you.

That’s all. No hate. I likely won’t watch Omid’s video now because the hype has dissipated and we’ve since ...

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So to give some clarity on the situation, we did not require a video from the creators as the intent was to get folks onsite and to get feedback, we obviously hoped that they would all create content on the topic and that was the plan for everyone going in, unfortunately, I believe Omid had run into some time restraints with his personal life and was not able to get the video out when he had hoped.

That's completely okay and we are sure his video will be a fantastic insight into his opinions and feedback on necromancy and I would still highly recommend giving it a watch when it does come out.


Daemonheim has been playing fast and loose with the Rings recently, folks are looking into it.


Yep, sorry about that! On its way to being hotfixed right now!


Originally posted by Jason_Wolfe

I wish someone had thought to ask if Xil'gar Trog's soul will be used in Necromancy

Same! I want a use for this too.

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