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Originally posted by RayJonesXD

Hey, thanks for listening to the community over the 36 vs 48 argument. I still really wish there was a better toggle vs logging out. I would've toggle>12 hours.

We've had talks about a toggle but it is quite difficult to make it such a way that is it both convenient and not abuse-able.

Additionally as some others have already pointed out the vast majority did not use the 36 hours, so even fewer will reach the 48 hours.

We'll collect the feedback after it has ended and I imagine potentially implementing a toggle for the next one will be reconsidered.

Originally posted by wolfgang169

/u/JagexPoerkie Should be Monday 2nd March not Monday 1st March

Thx for highlighting, it should be changed now.

Jagex /r/runescape Stats 2019

about 21 hours ago - /u/JagexOsborne on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by JagexTomb



Originally posted by Ilikelamp7

the tap to find target bug when you use bladed dive on any attackable npc. been in game for a very long time

Just found our job for this. It is showing as awaiting upload which means it should be live on monday 27/01

Originally posted by Bubble_tea_spy

The hard diary rewards where you get double cactus (total of 6) in all places. I only get 3 dragonfruit

So I checked this during the development of 120 farming and this isn't actually true. The reward states "Cactus patches in the desert will be protected from disease and you'll get double the spines". Spines are only received from cacti and you get 3 without the diary completed and 6 with it completed. Potato cacti do not give spines and are therefore not effected by this buff. They always give 6 fruit no matter if you have the diary completed or not. For this reason the new cacti are also unaffected by the diary reward.

Originally posted by 7enas

Player sometimes auto attacks monsters in dungeoneering even tho i spam open the door and auto retaliate is off.

If you could get a video of this happening please it would be a great help :)

Originally posted by WolfieHC

Dark beast audio has been wrong for over 9 months.

Do you have a clip of the old sound effect you're wanting to use? I've looked at this in the past for you but seems the OS sound is incorrect too?

Originally posted by Dreviore

You know, you came off really harsh, but you changed my mind.... Slightly.

It was an issue I didn't realize existed until I had it pointed out to me, by yourself - There is a level of satisfaction you get from tiering weapon unlocks, so you don't just wind up smithing the same afk piece of armour from 1-99. Thus naturally giving you that excitement behind the next unlock.

I certainly agree that unlocks at every level is desirable. (It's why Mining and Smithing have systemic upgrades inbetween the tiers.) In the case of Crafting, since it's a catch-all artisan skill, there's a variety of things to craft other than equipment (jewelery, pottery, etc) to help occupy the level gaps. If there were skills exclusively for Leatherworking and Tailoring, I'd agree big gaps between equipment tier unlocks would be a significant concern.

It has already been partially integrated last summer, with the dig site area and quest rework update ahead of Anachronia's release. It plays a (tiny) role within the skill. We would like to integrate it more fully (have a task to do so), but as the vast majority of players have already completed it, it's not exactly the smartest use of our time to do so, especially not right now.

The quest is themed with the player as a student, the skill with the player as an employee. You can get the job (train the skill) w/o formal education, and formal education can help you get ahead in your career whenever you do it.

Originally posted by pacquan

Raven ranked 4th, but #1 in my eyes.


Hey - apologies for this. I hold my hand up.

These were questions taken from the 19th birthday QuizKit stream on January 7th, and the World Event one was flagged during the stream - I'd forgotten that and passed them straight on to our email team without letting them know.

I have to admit, I'd grabbed some of the answers from the Wiki's 'years' pages with all the updates on them, and must have missed World Event 1 being in 2013, and looking at my notes, I'd missed Pest Control for the minigames question.

I'll ask if we can edit the answers.

Minus the errors, can I ask if this kind of thing you find enjoyable to do in our newsletters? If so I'll let the email team know and we'll do more of these (hopefully with the correct answers this time!)

EDIT: answers are fixed and we've changed the WE question.

Thanks for the extensive feedback, it's much appreciated.

Regarding the Odds, have you clicked the in-game show odds button? That should tell you the odds of the promotion.

23 Jan

We've got one planned a bit later than the beginning of 2019, we're currently collating interesting data requests so we can send them over to our analytics team. Thehey can then start finding the answers to those requests.

If any of you have an interesting analytics questionsplease reply and I'll add them to our ideas list.

Originally posted by etueryre

Who caaaaares if its "inconsistent"? Its not worth ruining the skills and their markets over.

It would ruin Crafting if mystic robes required 50 Crafting for the set, instead of 51 Crafting to craft mystic boots, 52 for mystic gloves, 53 for mystic hat, etc?

Check out this awesome RS Wiki page that may help you!

Gonna be honest, I don't see Herblore losing, it just being a 120 skill and because it's Herblore.

Ironmen would eat that XP up for fun!

Hey if Jagex want to send the data I'd happily still announce them, etc.

I absolutely loved these streams!

Originally posted by Arlitub

  • Construction rework
  • The next eastern island area (the skulls)
  • Agility update
  • Crafting and fletching level-rebalance
  • Graphical reworks of 10+year old content, the edges between areas are jarring.
  • Group ironman

I'd give Mod Raven's left testicle to be allowed to re-align Crafting and Fletching equipment to their Defence tiers, similar to reworked Smithing equipment tiers. The inconsistency irks me.

Also yes all of the QUESTS.

As a player, I would love a piece of non-combat skilling content that has the same feeling that PvM encounters have.

Regardless of your XP in combat skills, it always feels like there's a reason to go and PvM, whether that's for money, the social aspect, or generally just the engagement and fun aspect of it. Combat encounters have a large skill gap, you start out being a noob, spending 10 minutes defeating a boss, that you later master and end up killing in say 2 minutes. I feel like non-combat skills are missing this at the moment, once you've reached your XP goal there isn't really any reason to stay engaged with the content (speaking personally after achieving my XP goals in a skill). You also find that the skill gap for non-combat skills is fairly small, and it doesn't take too long before you've mastered it (e.g. Cut a tree for a couple of minutes and you've learned everything there is to know about it).

I would like a bit of non-combat skilling content that I ...

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