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Hopefully this will be fixed in the batch of macOS improvements coming "soon". /u/Darkimmortal said "Probably another month or so" 28 days ago.

These Mac fixes are now due in the next client update, which is about 2 weeks away (give or take)

Hopefully it fixes the freezing issue described in the OP. I’ve not come across anything like that before or after the fixes. I am fairly sure it will fix the crash if you spam click during the freezing.



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Will you integrate Steam achievements and steam overlay? And will you end the NXT client? Will you use the Steam systems for client updates, or still update inside the client? Does steam provide servers for Runescape worlds?

Edit: Okay I found an answer for achievements:

Steam overlay should work, yup!

On your other questions, releasing on Steam is about bringing RuneScape to a new - optional - place to discover and play it. We have no plans to use the Steam systems for any of your questions, if that helps!


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If it's a Steam limitation to not show how many existing hours you've played (unless you've been using the steam launcher for it). How does unlocking achievements work if we're already eligible for them as you're saying they'll unlock?

The Steam Hours Played is a system that tracks hours played within the app with Steam open (ie. it's not a link in feature).

On the Achievement front, you can check elements within the game to unlock the Achievements (which in some of these cases is the same hook checked for the in game Achievement).


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  • Any chance we can get streams where Jmods discuss various design/balance philosophies around certain topics?
  • Can Lootscape be automated to go out immediately after the dedicated stream ends?
  • Is it possible to make a timestamp table of the youtube vod of streams?
    • I can help with this.
  • Can you provide the primary hosts/guests with higher quality mics/set-ups?
  • When can we expect another data stream?

Recent Updates - D&Ds & Broadcasts

  • Why did the Effigy Incubator not incorporate Archaeology despite it using its core training method.
  • Could the 007 penguins be made easier to spot? In some areas its almost impossible to locate them.
  • Could the 'Back to the Freezer' quest increase the gp reward (previously it increased the xp reward)?
  • Could you give us the option to filter global broadcasts?
  • Can the settings inter...
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Hey Rubic could you cut up your questions in seperate comments so that others can vote on a per question basis?


I've fixed this and am awaiting QA on it. The animation that plays in the live game is correct but the hitting a tick later was not an intended side-effect.

The fix will be keeping the animation to telegraph its a bleed, but the first hit will now come at the correct time.


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One thing that makes me question. Will my game hours already be implemented? I want to show off that I had thousands of hours already logged in

Unfortunately not - it'll only count from hours played on the Steam platform when we launch (this is a Steam limitation).


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Is the surprise that you're adding all 2,302 of them? Please?! Valve's own TF2 has 520 achievements and other classic RPGs like Tales of Maj'Eyal and Siralim have 1,000+ so it's not completely absurd.

I would literally be an unpaid intern at Jagex for two weeks and add in the Steam API calls to the existing code myself if it would mean I could have all my achievements across games on one platform.

Maybe this sounds stupid to some people but hey, it's an MMORPG; the whole thing is based around achieving a ton of incremental goals.

We'll start with 20 (some are composite goals that encompass many pre-requisites) and I believe the plan is to potentially add more as we go through.


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I wonder how the one true god Brassica Prime would play like

I bet he'd like Fruit Chute.

24 Sep


We are working together with critical research and some e-mails have recently gone out, so I think it is legit, however when in doubt just delete it.


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Is there an achievement list preview?

I think this may be something we keep under wraps for now. I'd personally like to keep it as a surprise, but not sure if we'll show it in the next couple of weeks.


Not gonna lie, this was a hard one to keep quiet! EXCITED!


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Can a Jmod explain the entire DLC package situation?

DLC wasn't really the right word. What the team were referring to were the Membership Access Packages, which will be how Steam only users can access Membership. We'll be detailing those closer to launch, but that's what they were referring to.

If it helps, the reason the word DLC was used is because those Membership Access Packages will appear under the 'DLC' section on Steam - just the way that platform's terminology goes.


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If I sign in with my current account will it give me all the achievements?

It should do (if you're eligible for them, obviously)!


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I'm a little skeptical about bonds being tradable on Steam Marketplace. This is more appealing for botters than regular players. The cheaters will get a way to get money on Steam with barely any hindrance. I believe that if this would be implemented, it would really hurt the game. Like in the old days with bots everywhere. What do you think?

The plan is that Bonds will not be tradeable on Steam Marketplace.

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