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We are still planning to take action, but the team involved have been prioritizing the last of the accounts in the Login Lockout before we move into this. That work has pretty much finished as of today, so we'll definitely have an update on this soon.


Is this compatibility mode? And what graphics card?


Originally posted by TheHotstreak

Does this address the issues some people are having with regard being able render inventory icons and some areas being pitch black?

This is the issue I'm referring to with rendering some areas, from another thread 13 hours ago.

This started yesterday.

We're looking into this as well.


Originally posted by myoldnamewasstolen

After yesterday's client update that caused this issue, the lighting in the game became darker. It's very apparent when fighting Raksha. You can barely see any detail on him because of how dark it gets.

We're looking into this also.


We're looking into this at the moment. Just to check, have you tried playing without being in Compatibility Mode?


Originally posted by JagexHooli

Just checking in to let you know this is still being worked on - we're hoping to have news to share today on this very soon.

We've just released a Warmfix for this - let us know if it resolves this for you. Thread is here:


We have rolled out a fix for the issue causing some players to get stuck on a loading screen when logging in or teleporting to specific locations.

Please restart your client to get this fix. This will be addressed on Mobile in a future update.

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Originally posted by JagexHooli

Just checking in this morning - a fix has been identified and we have a build being tested with QA now. We'll hopefully have this out there pretty soon.

Just checking in to let you know this is still being worked on - we're hoping to have news to share today on this very soon.


Update: May 7th, 14:15 Game Time.

We have just released the final remaining accounts from the Login Lockout back into the game, with only a select few on hold temporarily.

If you are now not back in the game, you'll be receiving an email shortly regarding your account. The single-digit group of remaining accounts are those impacted by the lockout, not identified and locked immediately, and made a decent amount of progress before we ended up locking the account for safety.

We just want to make sure we don't restore anyone who would prefer just to keep going, so we'll be asking them to contact us with the decision to restore like everyone else or just have their account unlocked as it was. We have the restoration ready, so if you are in that group, your account is ready to go either way as soon as we hear from you and we'll sort you out asap.

Note: If you are locked out and don't receive an email, please reach out in ...

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Originally posted by JagexHooli

We're looking into this with urgency now. Thank you so much for reporting it.

If you are in this stuck state, can you drop your RSN as a reply to this email?

Just checking in this morning - a fix has been identified and we have a build being tested with QA now. We'll hopefully have this out there pretty soon.


Originally posted by Matrix17

watch ironmen get none of those

They've been built with Ironman accounts in mind, especially thanks to the feedback from the Ironman community! Hoping you'll all be pretty pleased when you see them.


Originally posted by yuei2

Mod Hooli while you're at it I don't know if Jagex is aware but there have been some extremely frustrating dungeoneering crashes to point it's put me off from doing dungeoneering in daemonheim for a fair bit now.

I can't explain much of how it happens just that sometimes when I try to go through a door of a room I haven't seen the contents of, the entire client shuts down. It's really demoralising because by the time I can log back in it's kicked me out. The last time it happened was near the end of a large occult floor and it really soured me to have all that progress lost and now I'm genuinely afraid to try warped floors solo because I don't want to go through all the effort only to lose it to a crash.

Sorry to hear that. I'll pass this to the team and see if it's something we're aware of / looking at. Did this start very recently?

06 May


Originally posted by Bobyauncle5100

Hello Dolan, thank you for getting back to me on this issue.

Oh I'm glad to hear you were able to re-produce this bug.

While on the topic of this type of bug, currently there is a bug with changing to world 2 and world 84 in the lobby crashes your client to the desktop aswell. I waited in queue yesterday and then it doesn't load you in just crashes.

Oh no, that doesn't sound very good. We currently don't have a solution to test highly populated worlds on test worlds but I will be investigating a solution to help us with this in the future. I'm thinking, maybe using headless clients or modifying the current automated "player" code to spawn mass amounts of players in locations across the game. while I cannot guarantee a fix anytime soon. I can guarantee it is something I will be investigating a solution to.

I imagine this issue is quite seasonal to Double XP so I don't imagine you'll run into this issue that often. That said, we should work towards fixing all crashes.


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