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Yes this looks to be an oversight. I'll poke the team to see if we can get it added :)


Originally posted by notquitehuman_

u/JagexCamel said this is bug abuse in a thread recently... though when asked if people will be punished for it, he ghosted.

Camel, THIS is why we need communication and punishment. Its been so long without action that people are assuming its safe to do and is an unintended feature, but a feature that is here to stay.

This issue was addressed more in-depth on todays livestream. We currently have multiple different departments investigating this exploit and we will be able to provide more information once those investigations conclude. Unfortunately the majority of questions I have seen have been asking about punishments which is something im unable to answer in my current role. Further information will be provided by the CM team as the investigations progress.


Adding this from outside the edit I made in the main post.

UPDATE: March 2, 6pm Game Time

We have another hotfix on the way focused on resolving the most common crash for the RuneScape Client.

We are targeting rolling this out tomorrow (Wednesday) morning as soon as possible. We'll let you know as soon as we have a confirmed release time to share.


Originally posted by Chigzy

A question; Does the Roar of Osseous affect the Rex's in any way?

Checked with the team on this.

It doesn't, same as Raksha. The design intent is to make sure the encounter doesn't feel worse when the Roar effect isn't active - you should feel you can do it whenever you like.


Might have some good news for you on this - the graphical rework for the DK pets is still in plan and hasn't been cut. It's being worked on around other content through outsourced development, similar to how the Activity Pets were delivered.

There's no release date right now but they are still in plan at this time.


>:( ... you got me there.


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Why do fixes need a hole in release? Just add it to the next build when it's ready??

Sadly that's not how releases work in software. Each thing added to a release requires time from multiple teams to support it. It also adds a level of risk to each update and we can only support so much risk and keep the game stable.

Due to this it needs a wait for a "hole" it can slot in to.


Thanks all for your reports so far. We've alerted the team to investigate further.


Originally posted by ninjabums


Here is a link to a few people having the same issues as i am experiencing. Since the update last Monday it seems as though a lot of people are having performance issues. Myself in particular has noticed massive Stuttering and all around Jittery gameplay where as a week ago the game was running buttery smooth. the only thing i have noticed is that in the "Displayfps" in the console there is a new RenderFPS section that was not there before.

Just walking around the world causes stuttering and surging or Bladed diving amplifies this effect 10 Fold.

The only thing that i have found to help fix this is to Ramp up the Renderscale to 200% however this brings my GPU Utilisation from 40-50% all the way to 99% meaning i can almost do nothing else on the PC like watching videos or sharing my screen, let alone attempt to stre...

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Thank you for this - I've passed this report and the other threads to the team.


This (and the other fixes) are still coming, it finally has a release date, I cannot share that with you due to expectations setting of course but I can say that we're still good for Q1.

I totally get the frustration of time from teaser to release but you have to take in to account that this bunch of fixes were shown while they were in active development and the road from there to release is longer than you may expect. It's a round of polish, 2 rounds of QA and on top of that finding a hole in the release schedule for it to fit in. You have to take in to account that I yolo'd these fixes in December with no planned release date on them and they have to fit in alongside whatever else is actually planned.

That all said, I am super excited to see you guys using it :D


PSA: We're deploying an update at ~10:30am Game Time today (Tuesday) to address the Yak Track crash on open and the graphical settings bug.

Further hotfixes for other client crashes are in flight and we'll have more to share on those very soon.


It will come to Premier Club Tokens in the future.

As we mentioned in last week's News Post, there's a bunch of test features, offers and so on in Mobile right now - and while they are in a test period, we're not shining a spotlight on them to minimize disruption to any test results.

We will talk about anything added in Mobile recently soon and in full once that's no longer a problem.

01 Mar


Originally posted by BootyOptions

Still crashes the client anytime I try to open yak track

The crash on open is a separate issue which we are hoping to hotfix out as soon as we can tomorrow AM


Originally posted by TaerinaRS

The f**k is wrong with you people? You words basically amount to are saying 'we don't know what we're doing so go ahead keep abusing it'.

Also I love how when yak track was mentioned you said 'flagged this to the team immediately' but regarding a huge, long-term, damaging, abused bug, you said 'hopefully in the near future*.

You guys seem so incompetent.

And if you don't punish the people it just means that those who got legitimate KC or chose not to abuse to bug are just a bunch of suckers right? Next time we see a bug like that we should just abuse it from day 1, because that's what your message is yeah?

So damn incompetent, Jagex.

It's about complexity. Nothing about the ED issue is straight forward - this is a hugely complex issue to solve that takes some significant work, and any short term solutions in the past failed to prevent it as new workarounds were discovered.

Before we come out to talk about it in detail, we are assessing all the factors so we can talk about options, timelines, the whole lot.

It's a conversation we will absolutely have, and the hope part is that we are optimistic we'll have all that information sooner rather than later so we can start that discussion in some way.

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