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For reference, the Luma's comment on this is from the day of release:

Frustrating that the implementation (and messaging) was not in-line, even after releasing the content.

It happens. I'm sorry that you're frustrated about it, but the decision was made after Luma's comment.

I did the implementation and likely said they worked, so not her fault.



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Mod Luma said the opposite in a response on the main post last week. So mod luma was incorrect, and kerapac will not be a dragon cluster task?

We likely discussed it together after her response. We're both in agreement that it shouldn't be part of the cluster task


Hey all,

The cause of this issue has been identified and we will work on a fix it when we're back.

Thanks again for raising this. It would have been extremely difficult to find the issue without a reliable reproduction (which is world specific due to random player interactions).



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Why is this constantly a problem? Why do you make the same mistakes on every new boss/item/content release? Do you not have unit tests in place to check GE prices are sane? Do you not have QA testers who double check these things? Do you not listen to players for a week until the issues in the game become total memes that you finally decide to fix them? And then, even then, you don't learn from your mistakes? When will the madness end?

You a cop?

03 Aug


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Hey Ramen i read earlier that dragon cluster tasks will work on Kerapac aswell, is that true and would you know when that will work? I have a dragon slayer task ready to try hardmode but wonder if maybe i should try to get the dragonkin task instead

Untrue. We won't be adding Kerapac to the dragon cluster task set


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wen staff crit fix pls dad?

Unfortunately not on the 9th, but made some solid progress today. Hopefully the following week.


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Being fixed per Mod Ramen (maybe the 9th?). Walls going from 3x3 to 2x2 with improved visuals. Wasn't something that could be done with a hotfix.

Walls sadly won't be fixed on the 9th and instead the following week along with a set of other fixes that didn't quite make the Release build for the 9th.

That being said, there are a lot of nice QoL changes and fixes for the entire update from myself and /u/JagexLuma


Yeah, as /u/The_Five-O mentioned in his post on this thread, we can't forget my developer partner in crime u/JagexLuma. As a new developer to the team and her first project being the Nodon Front, she's not as out there as a name as much as I am in the community but she's been the beating heart of things behind the scenes and has been on top of the bugfixing as much as me...

Please, please send love and thanks her way. You can find her through the reddit user /u/JagexLuma and on twitter @ ...

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Hello Mr Ramen, quick question. Does the elder trove has a 12 minute cooldown between drops?

5 minutes (depending on tier, i'll post further info tomorrow)


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This is arguably less important than looking into scaling spell damage beyond t92, so that the new staff is actually useful...

Who is to say we've not already fixed that ;)


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Thankyou! I haven't been able to play for 10 hours. So restarting the pc, client and waiting upon client loading, has not worked

Try login in to a different world, that will at least alleviate the issue until it is fixed.



Hey Nath,

I'm currently looking into this.


Mod Dolan
QA Engineer


Apologies for this. Will pass your name back through we'll get it sorted for you if it's a legitimate claim!