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Only just noticed your name! xD


23 May

20 May


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It isn't currently tracked. It won't be added because it creates a massive discrepancy they can't rectify.



It would indeed be pretty cool!

I would probably propose a 120 variant of all 3 existing distinction capes (e.g. 120 max, 120 completionist, and 120 trimmed completionist).

Essentially the next tier up from the 99 branch.


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What's the answer of life

I was never good at math so I rolled a d100 and got a 7, I hope this helps.

19 May


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I am rather sure, but I could be mistaken? I'm pretty confused over it all, it's a lot of stuff just missing suddenly and I feel like I'm missing a mechanic somewhere.

however, I went to GW1 without anything on and died there when going to unlock the door to NEX with the key for the first time (I couldn't pick her as a task yet as I wanted). This took place after the second vindy death, which I believe means I did die a third time... Oh goodness. What does that mean if so?

I was not able to reclaim anything at the time of my second death, after rerolling. I tried before even heading to nex and figured I had just already emptied my inventory getting the "nothing to reclaim" message.

Aaah yes, when you die an your death inventory is full it gets overwritten.

I don't know what I can do since I'm a developer when it comes to item claims but all I can do is ask them to look at it again maybe.

Sorry that I am not much of help.


Hello, are you sure you didn't die a 3rd time?


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