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Okay so my in game name is Sober Zuk for FSW. made the account on first day had to wait for the rollback to be done to play...logged in redeemed my code from the bond i bought on main game. Everything was going great....had 400 total level, almost 30 quest points, just unlocked Menaphos last night and was having a blast with it. Logged out last night everything was fine....logged in this morning and its like i never even made a FSW account??? Asks me what game mode i want..either fsw or standard and its asking me to subscribe....well if i had already made the account why is it doing this?

EDIT: i can see myself on the highscores but when logging into the account it wants me to pick between the game modes and become a member again like wtf....

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Heyo! From what your describing it does sound like your logging into another account, can you check your account status on the website and be extra sure?