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In March of 2023, Mod Daze has gotten the ball rolling with clan interface improvements. Though this presumably-massive project has yet to become released, it's a rework long overdue and I continue to anticipate it's arrival. Alongside this, for May of this year - Mod Daze is reportedly looking into a system on how to retrieve missed (untradable) drops! In my opinion, this is another tremendous and long awaited implementation needed and I am so excited to see it brought into the game; hopefully this year too.

Overall, these GameJams posted are thrilling to see as a player as it gives alot of us hope that these are employees who are clearly also players themselves outside of Jagex whom have ambition to genuinely improve the game on so many levels outside of the MTX updates it feels that we see far too often of nowadays.

Thank you guys for helping make our game a better place <3

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Aw thanks all! I do feel a bit bad because I'm actually not working on either them for this game jam actively - the first I've parked for a bit because I wanted to have a break from interface work for a bit (was working on the calendar at the same time) and the drop storage was more speculative to see if there was appeal - based on reaction there's an interest but an obvious concern around afk behaviour so needs some more design consideration before I pick it up actively.

However, I have been working on something for gamejam I've had in the back of my head for several years and I'm very excited to at least get it as a prototype in game - whether it makes it into game or not is a big question for the future and I don't want to say too much right now but will mention it's something around Slayer.

And beyond that I get the absolute joy of working on Group Ironman next so can't wait to start talking to you all about that in the near future!

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Mod Daze is a legend for looking exactly like Andrew Gower, the streets never forget