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In today's Leads Q&A it was hinted at that the amount of bosses we've had this year might become the new standard going into 2022 as everyone's felt good about it. Whilst I agree that the EGWD hype and the variety of bosses is amazing, I really hope we won't be getting 5 bosses per year. Just the sheer amount of common drops being introduced from every new boss that needs to compete in terms of gp/h with previous bosses would be insane. Not to mention that the more bosses you introduce in a given timespan the less impact each individual boss release has.

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A tiny bit more clarity on this. We call them ‘Combat’ updates rather than bosses, so that encompasses dungeons, Slayer, raids, EDs, PvP, quality of life, as well as bosses. So those ‘slots’ in a year dedicated to combat will not necessarily all be out-and-out bosses.

I’d also say that, being a God Wars year, we’ve spent slightly more on each combat update than we might in the average year. Only slightly. I think we would push up Skilling more in the average year.

But yeah, the number of combat updates in 2021 is indicative, and it’s still a bigger focus than it was before.

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Good joke.

Yeah, I know. It’s always on the list of possibles each year, so it’s not been super-shelved.