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I LOVE the new update. Its a fun take on otherwise boring skills, that actually pretty useful and good exp.

But I'm kinda sad there's no upgrades or various boosts you can work towards.

So I thought I'd suggest some!

How we'd get them, whether a Bean cost, or some other method directly from the stations, is up in the air, but I still think it would be good.

Anyone have their own suggestions?

- 'Fern'ace Core - Upgraded Furnace core, this would offer boosts while Incubating eggs or Styling, giving a chance to double resources gathered or speed up the process.

- Ben's Egg Sack - Niffty sack that lets you store various Unchecked eggs and animals (don't ask how we got them in there) saving bank space.

- Bill's Spare Magic Pot - Bill's second favorite magic pot. Acts as another, though smaller yield, Farm patch. Acts as a Herb, Berry Bush, Hops or Allotment patch.

- Quality Feed - Allows you to add Supreme Growth potions (Sundry) to Bograda Rex feeding troughs for the chance for each feeding to count for 2. Each potion adds 100 charges, used only when the effect procs.

- Explosive Growth potion - When fed to an Animal, it instantly grows to the next stage. (These would be expensive, for obvious reasons).

- Wig-tastic! - Unlocks various Ancient Zygomite "hair styles" at the (human) barber.

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There's some lovely ideas here if we get to do a future expansion to this area. Bookmarked.

Thank you both for taking the time to write up your suggestions! I love the passion of our community.

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Originally posted by FaithlessInsomniac27

We love your passion too, Stu. You're one of the brightest spots of an already passionate dev team!

Awww, thank you! :D

Mmmm. Happy brain chemicals.