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Mobile - Pre-Register

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Release Date: Summer (June)

Pre-Order Rewards

The more people who pre-order RuneScape, the more rewards will be unlocked for everyone! Goodies include an exclusive hairstyle, pet, teleport animation, sword, and armour PLUS a 7-day 50% XP Boost! Tell your friends and pre-order today!

Tier Reward
1 Softpunk Hairstyle
2 Crux Eqal Sword
3 Magic Leap Teleport Device
4 Scales Animated Pet
5 Crux Equal Armour
Bonus 7-day 50% XP Boost!

Other Information

  • The Nomad image is the most effective way to make an impression which is why it is used.
  • Beta-testers will still be able to access the rewards.

Davendale - New Mobile Tutorial

Wiki article


  • Tutorial Island is long and linear, and mobile users aren't as resilient.
    • Most mobile users drop out in the first 5 minutes.
  • Davendale Tutorial takes 5-10 minutes to complete.


  • As you are at sea headed to the main-land you spot trolls sailing to invade the island of Davendale.
  • You warn the mayor who doesn't believe until the trolls have already invaded.
  • You work to inspire the citizens of the village to fight back and drive the trolls out.

Key Points

  • The player has a concealed appearance to delay character creation to quickly get into gameplay.
  • We introduce one mechanic at a time to prevent overwhelm and allow you to experiment with that mechanic.
  • When ever we introduce a new HUD element, we draw your eye with motion. We also keep the UI tutorials short
  • Runescape is more of a sandbox MMO than others, and we want to express that in the tutorial.
    • Choose between combat and skilling to help inspire the citizens.
  • The combat hud is concealed so you can focus on in-world health bars and effects.
    • Combat is covered in detail in Burthorpe's tutorial segment.
  • We frame the experience as a quest to express how Runescape's quests are different.
    • It is not a quest and will NOT be on the quest list.


  • Began work on the tutorial in November/December, put in-game February 22nd.
  • We have user experience professionals in the team.
  • We are creating modular components that can be applied to the base troll model.

Mobile Layout Changes


  • Main focus is the log-in experience the users has (downloading, installing, and to this point and go from there)


  • Lobby redesign with layout coming to mobile first.
  • Everything is stretched to fit within full screen.
  • Make it feel like you can tap everything and get to a place quickly.

New Icons

  • UI artist have updated the icons to improve clarity, readability, and retain ease of use for mobile users.
  • Wanted to make sure the icons are Runescapey, and fit with the mobile theme.

Icon Interactions

  • Icons can open/close menus.
  • Take up as much of the screen as necessary without doing too much.
    • Combined interfaces to make sure everything is easily accessible.
  • The minimap is located at the bottom, allowing you to use your thumb for navigation.
  • Chat states, currently being worked on, allow you to do your general chatting.

Shop & Other Interfaces & Language Setting

  • Access the shop and purchase stuff in-game without needing to go to a website.
  • Users can change language from their login screen rather than have to obey the language of your phone.
    • Hopefully progress it to PC at some point.

Mobile Q&A

Question Answer
Will current beta testers be able to obtain rewards? Yes, the rewards will be obtainable by everyone in June. We will show reward unlock progress from launch to release.
What other platforms will Runescape be coming to in the future? We are not ready to talk about it yet.
Can we replay the Runescape tutorial? We had it as a foundation, but in practice we haven't been able to support it since we use a default user state such as with UI.
Will we get mobile support for PCs with touchscreens? It's a possibility we will look into, but we first need to nail the look/feel for mobile before we can determine what will fit into a PC environment.
Will it work on tablets that use the same store? Yes, it may not work currently, but we are in the process of making sure it will work.
Will the Cypher outfit become an obtainable cosmetic? Yes, the plan is it will be available from the wardrobe regardless of whether they've done the tutorial or not.
Can we open two menus at once (ie. minimap and inventory.) Yes you can, it will redact some of the bottom portion of the inventory to allow you to fit the minimap.
Will it be possible to use quickchat on mobile? Hopefully, it is something we will look into in the future.
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18 days ago - /u/Jagex_Stu - Direct link

Originally posted by The_Five-O

You can get these bars by speaking with the signature heroes in the Burthorpe troll cases, including less forms of abilities yet unlocked so that they'll still be where they should be.

There's also an "auto-setup action bar" option on the combat bar cog that does the same - admittedly very hidden but it's been there long as I can remember.

New players also get automatically set up for Revolution with these bars, with action bars bound to weapon types as of the Sept 2019 mobile update.

Certainly room for improvement as the meta keeps evolving, and what's optimal is situational and subjective, but used the optimal bars from the wiki at the time.

18 days ago - /u/Mod_Asherz - Direct link

Originally posted by DA_Knuppel

Oh man... the minimap at the bottom is gonna be a pain... I wonder how it’s gonna be when you are in combat and have the minimap open. One of the better things of the minimap on top, is that you can still use it to walk, but also still use all abilities instead of just 7 of them. I hope this isn’t permanent, or maybe let us choose wether to place it on the bottom or on the top of our screen

This might not be its final place. We are looking at some possible layouts and this is the one we are going to try first. So watch this space :)

18 days ago - /u/Mod_Asherz - Direct link

Originally posted by RoskatRS

Still no quickchat? I'd really like to know why. So muted players can't interact at all?

The quick chat system uses a lot of engine side features, which when we launched the beta where not available to content to manipulate the size and position of components.

Once we are in a more "releasable" state with the current work, this will be looked into.

We do not want players to be bared from "talking" if muted so it will be resolved.

18 days ago - /u/Mod_Asherz - Direct link

Originally posted by Yellowchese

PLEASE fix the lack of items quantities on the Samsung S20 and S21s that have been broken/missing since mid January.

And also the issue with ability bars when swapping between mobile and PC (broken since beta release) i.e. your abilities on your set bar swap to a different position when you go onto mobile, therefore, making revolution difficult to play on mobile without having to reconfigure your ability bar every time.

The lack of quantities is being looked into. We are unsure why it is happening as its only for that particular device.

We have a bug in to look over the ability bar issue. It will be looked into in due course.

18 days ago - /u/Mod_Asherz - Direct link

Originally posted by DA_Knuppel

But is this going to be something on release, or will it be surveyed with beta-testers before the full release? I’m all in for trying things out, and would love to give some feedback for new builds, as long as it during the beta-period.

We will be aiming to do it during the Beta Time period. As one we are live, its not really fair to switch up a layout :P Unless it is deemed necessary.