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Or does anyone else remember back in the eeeearly, early days of Runescape (RSC maybe?) when a few of the JMods did like this "come at us bro" thing?

I feel like one time everyone lost their sh*t because they had to get their best gear and go attack the JMods....

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About eleven years ago we did a Halloween event where some Jmods became "zombie lords" and players had to come and fight them in clan wars.

Surprising no one, I was one of the zombie lords and it was certainly an experience. Most of my battle strategy consisted of typing jmod cheats repeatedly into the console to try and survive the MASSIVE onslaught of attacks from players.

We also pre-empted this by turning up on random worlds and PKing players when they could do nothing to harm us BWAHAHAHAHAHA. :D

Was good times.

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God I love you


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Around that time there was a zombie attack in JHQ as well, glad to see mostly everyone recovered from it.

Some say French is still rolling over car bonnets.

Can confirm.