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The new fight is certainly exhilarating and difficult, but there's one thing that I would love to see changed. While fighting Zamorak, he throws you into the Infernus after charging a rune/hex. Shortly thereafter he will attack with a devastating blow that seems to always one shot you unless you are prepared. When fighting him directly, it's somewhat easy to counter if you're quick enough, but while in the Infernus you cannot hear him shout the words before he does the attack. You are solely reliant on the chatbox and a very quick particle animation.

To me, I feel that you should be able to hear Zamorak's voicelines in the Infernus to better help you prepare for the instakill attack. I should say it's not impossible to avoid, but quite annoying to have to read the chat box when you're trying to do other things as well.

EDIT: I swear I had the title right, that should have the word voice in there, woops 😅

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about 1 month ago - /u/JagexRamen - Direct link

We'll get a job in and this feedback actioned.

Thanks and glad to hear you're enjoying the fight!

about 1 month ago - /u/JagexBreezy - Direct link

Discussed with the team and put in a feedback job to have his voice line show while you're in Infernus if we get round to it :)