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..but I don't use the default skin tone. The arms of the Cadarn Ranger Armour seem to be set in the default skin tone and the two colors are mixing and coming out to be less than aesthetically pleasing. If any mods see this, please make this part of the arm invisible or a tone that is used elsewhere in the model. Thank you!! I am also seeing this in the jaw region

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Hi! Super sorry about this, I thought I fixed these issues :( Can you take some screenshots of the areas it happens on? That would make it a lot easier to fix.

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Originally posted by Angels_Act_IV

it happens under the chin aswell, same goes with the Cadarn Ranger AND Hefin Ranger outfits.

Thanks both of you! Not sure what went wrong because, it really looked like I fixed this before the track went out. Might be a bit but I'll get to this asap :)