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Title. Alot of people, myself included, have not even once rolled the table, with billions of xp gained, thousands upon thousands of seren spirits and rdt drops from mobs. Itd just be really nice to know just how rare it really is.

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As the designer/developer of LOTD/HSR I'm probably a bit biased but do hear me out.

I think its fine to have one item, or a few, that have no known drop rate outside of data analysis or guessing. Drop rates have been massively relaxed in the last 5-10 years (I'm getting old!) but I do like the mystery on HSR rather than the calculation. It's part of the reason for adding the Blurberry/Batta to the failed rolls as a "you were close!" to add a sense of mystery/excitement/fun to drops.

I won't be around forever so maybe our (developer's) stance on this particular item will change in the future but its something I continue to enjoy seeing the mystery for. Every time someone posts their HSR drop (or Blurberry/Batta) it makes me smile and happy to see it still has a continued excitement around the community for my silly little item.