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Before Proceeding though:

Remeber to report these bugs in game, Jagex does see them and reporting in game is better than posting about it on reddit with a bad title.




















Awareness was already spread, now do your part and report this in game.

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Thank you very much for compiling the threads on this topic. :)

Full disclosure...I made the mistake that introduced this bug in Reaper's Choice, and I apologise for the inconvenience it has caused you.

EDIT: Unfortunately I was overly optimistic and we cannot hotfix clientscript, only server script, and it's a logic error in the client code that builds that list of reaper tasks.

So unfortunately to fix this Reaper Choice UI bug will require a game update. So I don't think we'll be able to resolve it until Monday at the earliest. :(

I implemented a fix for it yesterday evening. It's awaiting testing.

Assuming it passes QA, and assuming it is hotfixable, it's a temporary fix that'll make all Reaper's Choice bosses available, to minimise the impact.

I started on a more thorough coldfix last night and intend to continue with it today.

Thank you for your patience while I address my error, and I apologise I did not respond sooner.

ANOTHER EDIT (Tue 7th): Thanks to fantastic support from Mod Cel (Senior QA Analyst and unequivocably legendary human being) and Mod Helen (Lead Technical Content Developer, cheesecakestress and surrogate Easty), we released a hotfix about 5pm UK time that I (really, really) hope should prevent Death from assigning you raids bosses, while I'm working on (a) Monday (not necessarily this Monday)'s Reaper refactor.

If that partial fix does horrible things, I'm sure I can count on you to let me know. ;) If so, I shall weep openly and then fix it some more - not necessarily in that order.

YET ANOTHER EDIT (Thu 9th): This morning, Mod Easty magiced a temporary Reaper's Choice interface until we can (hopefully, if it passes RC testing) fix the proper one on Monday. Also note above that Death was hotfixed on Tuesday to no longer assign raids bosses. More info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/pkxeui/tempory_fix_for_reapers_choice_has_been/hc7a0io?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

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Originally posted by Zoinke

It clearly didn’t pass QA the first time but was released anyway. Why wait this time?

That's on me. I didn't include Reaper's Choice in the acceptance criteria for QA to test.

I refactored the requirements code for Reaper tasks while implementing some QoL, which in retrospect was too far out of scope, and I should have requested further testing.

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Originally posted by Nuhji

also to add, it seems some other things were also broken as I've seen people get raids as a task, and I myself just got a roll on ed3 boss 1 and ed1 boss 2, which shouldn't be possible, and this choice bug led to me rolling down to a 0, so I'm out a day of points I would've gotten

Rolling raids bosses is unfortunately a related issue. I'm fixing that at the same time so they'll be packaged together, but similarly I don't think we will be able to release it any sooner than a Monday game update.

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Originally posted by the_summer_soldier

Fantastic updates to the problem, thank you very much Mod Stu. Any chance you can convince your coworkers that this kind of communication would be well received and favorable when comes to other bugs. Hit boxes come to mind. Thanks again!

FWIW, one of my colleagues asked an engine developer about hitboxes this morning. Here's the verbatim response:

"920-2 had some changes to make picking better on things with large triangles (like the collision meshes for the vine bridge shortcuts in anachronia), but it had the side-effect of making picking on very small triangles less precise.

Should be fixed in 921-1"

921-1 engine release is currently scheduled for "late this month".

(As always, any statements referencing future, present and occasionally past events are highly subject to change, so please don't take this as an official confirmation.

In fact, if you could go ahead and pretend I didn't say anything, and also pretend that I didn't big-bada-boom Reaper for a week, that'd be grayyyyt.)

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Originally posted by facbok195

Curious question that’s tangentially related:

Do you need 115 Slayer as a base to get Magister assignments, or can it be boosted? I went to Death last week with a Wilder (Wild? The dragonstone one) Pie active, and got Reaper’s Choice, but the choice for Magister was still greyed out. Wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not.

Looks like Reaper skill requirements have always checked your base skill level. I didn't break that. :p