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0s hello everyone and welcome to the final
3s of four installments of a very special
5s runescape dungeons and dragons adventure
7s my name's chris and i'm a professional
9s games master from road outdoor code uk
11s uh tonight i'll be guiding these
13s wonderful four runescape influencers
15s through the elder god wars in guilin or
17s and last time the fungal nightmares of
20s the crosses front tried to defeat our
21s adventurous but of course they succeeded
24s and helped you the heroes of gilano to
26s defeat this monstrous dungeon
28s before we get into what's gonna happen
31s this week
32s and yes this is the final week uh we're
35s gonna start by introducing our four
37s heroes in our
39s squad that will help destroy everything
42s there
43s let's start with ny channel
47s well hello
48s my name is and my channel and i'm a fan
51s artist i'm probably most known for
53s making runescape comics and i am playing
56s carol aaron 46 years young mother of
59s three uh her hair is styled at faldor
62s hair salon um she's the partial owner of
65s the falador general store like
67s unofficially but she basically holds the
69s manager hostage with her lawyers and
72s because you know she's ready to sue the
73s moment you don't have her favorite wine
75s in stock
78s that is her
79s fantastic uh
81s let's carry on to jaxis
85s hi hello
87s my name is jaxis i am a youtuber and a
89s streamer uh you may recognize me from my
91s story mode series uh and i just stream
95s runescape sometime i'm a lorehound you
97s know that's what i do today i am playing
99s tamor the zamarakian warlock lesser
102s demon and i think
105s that sarah doman is less stupid than he
107s used to be and i have finally gone
109s through character development thank you
111s thank you i'll be taking my applause now
116s that is not so bad either
120s there must be a game of golf somewhere
122s for that clap okay let's carry on
124s gossip
126s over to gossip kell
129s hi i'm gospel girl um i am a streamer
132s and you know me for uh doing crab ribs
134s and falling a lot on camera um that's
136s pretty much all i do um this is true
139s um i am playing a uh elven fighter of
142s saren um
144s named myrin it's also kind of like a hot
146s head but solution to everything is just
150s hit it with the hammer and just just
151s just go ham and um i think saren is
154s better than all of the other gods
163s we have perhaps the mvp of last game of
166s dare i say katharine
171s oh oh is that so
174s hello ladies and gentlemen my name is
176s hathar and welcome back um
179s you may recognize me from i'm a youtuber
181s and you may recognize me from my desert
183s only hardcore iron man series along with
186s um other lore based content i create
190s and
191s i am the armadillon bard kika
194s uh i am a totally level-headed
196s individual no no mental breaks no
198s climbing up trees birds don't climb
200s don't don't don't look that up actually
202s don't don't don't look that up i might i
205s might
206s i
207s anyway hi
211s so
213s last time you guys were
216s made aware
218s of a new evil that lacks or perhaps
222s it's an old evil
225s zuyana turns to you all and don't worry
228s you've all had a long rest
230s it was nice enough we would say this is
232s a very special room that gives you long
233s rest
235s uh zilliano looks towards you all and
237s says
238s quill
240s did you feel that
242s this is the first time any of you have
244s heard a tremor in zoryana's voice
247s and krill begins to growl terribly
250s fearful
251s and looks torture
256s you four must face
258s to calzook
261s he invites you in his arena below
266s only honorable combat
269s assert this veteran of war
274s go now
276s zuyana looks to you all again and says
280s it could be
282s that this is the final time we see each
284s other
286s now more than ever
288s you must delay the inevitable
292s if you can delay this
294s if you can
297s amuse zuk
300s then perhaps the heroes of guilin or can
302s storm
303s below the cathedral
307s and at that point
309s um
310s you're led down below the cathedral
313s before you can do anything
316s you are teleported into
318s an arena
319s full of fire
321s full of ash
323s full of pain and the heat is unbearable
326s underneath
329s we're gonna add you guys on so that you
331s can see what's going on here
334s tamar feels right at home
336s oh this is lovely i'm happy
340s oh my skin has never felt pressure
342s oh we're just going straight into it
344s okay i guess so
347s um
348s oh no yeah
351s great brimstone
353s it's just like in furnace all over again
355s no it could be a little just a little
357s steamier with a little
360s ash in the air oh
363s nice ash you know
366s over the other side of the arena
371s is a large
373s that's all right that's good i like it
376s so you guys are transported round
379s you kind of got your backs turned
381s and you turn around
383s and there
385s s sat atop his throne
388s himself
391s and you kind of you can see him there
393s resplendent i'm stretched out and he
395s boasts towards you
401s are you worthy enough to fight me
403s first
404s prove it
406s and we're gonna begin
408s as
409s climbing out of the side comes
412s a huge monolithic zekkhar warrior
418s we're gonna roll for initiative
421s right
435s this is what zuk is all about and at any
438s time
439s i will allow you guys to freely talk to
441s each other or to zuk himself
444s okay well i'm gonna piss him off let's
446s do it do it
453s okay so first up
455s myron
456s harder than hell
458s you've been transformed down to this
461s terrible
462s inferno underneath the cathedral
465s as
465s looks on at you ready to fight
468s smiling and cackling
470s uh and looking forward to the events to
472s unfold here below
494s there's got to be some treasure at the
495s end of this right and surely enough if
498s you look to the north you will see racks
500s of weaponry including a particularly
503s nasty looking two-handed sword
508s speaking my language
510s um and you said what side is the slug
517s where's my mouse i need help okay
520s got some cool right
522s i'm fine i'm good i'm just it's a little
524s hot down here i'm just a little i'm
526s gonna look at taymor and just kind of go
527s like it feels really great down here you
530s know just to kind of be like i'm not
532s phased at
533s all because that's my new friend now
535s girls i'm just gonna like i was getting
537s some hot flashes too not gonna lie
541s really
543s okay here we go
546s jeez
556s what i'm gonna do
559s i'm gonna be dumb i'm gonna be i think
561s i'm gonna play i got this
563s okay so what i'm gonna do
565s is i'm gonna get
568s i'm gonna use my animated shield
571s and i wanna can my animated shield be
574s used like if i were to like
575s eat it towards an enemy can it be used
577s as a weapon
578s you're going captain america on suck is
581s that what's yeah is that what knockout
583s i'm gonna go captain america and this
585s guy i just in my mind that sounds like a
587s great idea
592s i'll allow you to make a dexterity check
594s against that shot yeah we we can do a
596s throwing like a throwing check on that
599s let's let's go champ
601s let's see what we can do here so
604s exteriorly it's in the chat for you to
606s uh
608s throw it off
609s and the
610s zek car warrior
613s hands towards you so now
615s uh on top of that your shield bashes off
619s into the lava below and you are
621s shieldless
622s what oh no
625s oh okay okay
628s there's lava all around
630s no there's
645s as it just burns the last piece
649s i was so upset
651s that was so fun well oh no
654s oh that was a bonus action wait a bonus
660s yeah you can use a bonus no no that was
662s the main action that was an attack oh
664s what a fail okay
666s i'm gonna look around panicking for an
668s extra shield and just
672s i'm done i'm
680s looks at you
681s laughing at the fact that you've
684s lost your shield
686s and he's gonna
688s make a little throw of his own
690s uh and he throws
692s and the shield lands way over
695s here on the other side of the arena
699s a shield
706s yeah if you want to run over there away
709s from the enemy it's up to you
712s so it's around here
714s this is a test i feel like this is a
715s test i'm gonna run oh my god nope ah i'm
718s just gonna wait i'm gonna wait for
719s everybody else back
721s you're not gonna move nothing else
723s i'm so scared
726s okay go get your shield girl what does
729s your heart
739s i'm gonna talk as low as i can be like
741s yes
742s i'm gonna i'm gonna get yes
744s bring on bring on that barry white voice
746s voice
747s yeah i'm good
750s okay i'm gonna go get the shield
753s do it where am i going
755s he's zig-zagging
757s that's fine yeah we'll say that's good
760s so our viewers at home gossip has just
762s had a solid eight hours sleep and is not
764s working on caffeine alone she is all
767s good too right
769s let's
772s that was an interesting first turn for
774s you there gossip let's let's see how
776s carol
779s okay
780s huh
781s carol
782s um
784s come on carol you've dealt with scrounge
786s bullies
787s exactly like normally she'd be jim's got
789s a manager
791s and
793s i think he's a manager but
796s you know she's gonna run up here
798s uh he's gonna to buy myron a little bit
801s of time she's gonna cast commands and
804s she's going to
806s point at uh the demon is and tell him
810s run that way run away
813s okay
817s yeah yeah you mean the zekker
819s yes that's right uh so what
824s command isn't like a charm or anything
826s so we'll have to make that safe let's
829s see what happens
833s uh it fails what would you like the zek
836s car to do for you
839s to run
840s 30 feet that way
843s that way
844s over there
846s just by my right hand
852s yeah yeah it stands on the very edge of
854s the arena
856s oh that's right um so yeah it's half in
860s the lava and kind of like
862s height like peering up over like
866s over the lip
868s so it's there
869s okay and i think she's gonna say
872s stay there
873s while we set up
883s now i don't know if you guys can see
884s this but there appeared to be some
886s uh previously charged adventurers who've
888s come down here a little bit early uh
891s maybe they've not done so well and um
894s they look like they're kind of
896s splattered in the middle of some dark
898s reddish stains i'm not sure what they
899s could be
900s um speaking of people who cause dark
902s reddish stains let's pass it over to
904s table
906s hey look uh carol other purveyors of
909s wine i want to step around chica
912s um and just rock for saunter actually
916s and i'm going to like glance up at zuk
920s and i will say just kind of in passing
922s you've gained some weight and i'm going
924s to walk towards the zekkar and within 20
927s feet i'm going to cast
929s cone of old with my staff
936s okay
937s um
941s looks towards do you need me to put that
942s spell in your book would that be easier
944s oh yes
946s that's a good idea let's uh let's do
948s that so while i'm doing that
951s looks towards you and uh he says
955s thank you for noticing
957s i've been balking
959s now it's a good look
962s so nobody skips leg day
973s because i believe now this is the first
975s time that zuk has legs and he's very
977s happy with uh
978s creating those muscles
984s you should now have cone of cold
986s available to you to use let me add on um
989s because that's a mega spell
992s let's add that on as a spell slot voice
994s we've got it there to use i have no
996s spells
998s i have a spell slide
1001s i'm going to use a spell slide like that
1007s okay so he's got to make
1009s a or i suppose it yeah constitution
1014s constitution check oh and it fails
1018s you were so ready with that damage roll
1020s i was like it fails instantly bang
1027s um
1030s yeah 48 38 damage pretty good
1033s uh so let's just add that on there okay
1037s so because this guy is like hanging on
1040s for dear life over the edge uh the cone
1043s just blasts through from tamora's stuff
1046s and you just see his eye hands go
1048s with all the ice running up uh and then
1051s cross and he kind of he drags himself
1053s one step closer at that point as he gets
1056s out of the command from the damage there
1058s caused by tamor
1060s um sorry caused by carol
1063s um but he looks in bad shape from that
1066s one attack it's pretty good that's a
1068s good start to go um when i say pretty
1070s bad he's still like he can still go
1074s like he's wounded
1077s uh
1079s anything else from jaxus
1081s nothing else
1083s nothing else okay
1085s so now it is in fact the zek car's turn
1089s just quickly closes the gap
1093s hi
1094s hello
1097s and it's simply gonna try and use its
1100s touch attack
1105s oh it's a big fail on the first one
1106s luckily it's got molly attack
1109s no
1114s 17 hits
1117s let's see how much damage
1121s okay
1122s 15 points of fire damage
1127s oh wait i'm resistant to fire
1129s so it would be eight
1132s is that right damage yes
1134s damage resistance is fire yes
1136s oh yeah of course for your uh racial
1139s yeah yeah
1140s very good um so you're here to party
1143s really like this is this is your gig
1145s jaxus yeah let's go
1149s um so the zekk heart
1150s goes in to grab you by one shoulder and
1153s you step to one side but it's a faint
1155s and the second touch comes in and burns
1157s part of your skin and you're kind of
1159s it's a small saw but it quickly closes
1161s up you're used to these fiery pits
1166s not a problem
1168s someone who's not used to fiery pits
1170s underneath cathedrals tikka
1173s i'm feeling a little bit like a roast
1174s chicken right
1177s now by the way the the i i figured it
1181s out the two the two little bird marks
1183s yeah that's that's obviously that's the
1185s rs guy right there you can tell and then
1187s that one's that's evil lucario over
1188s there
1204s it's okay
1205s all right it's okay
1206s guys don't worry i'm incredible we're
1208s pvp we're pregnant all right
1212s i'm taking it right here
1214s um and maybe mumble something about how
1216s we're all gonna die
1219s um
1221s if you're self-cooking does that mean
1223s that your cooking skill goes up cathar
1225s what's the
1226s how do you think that's working down
1228s here right now for you
1229s it doesn't give you very much experience
1232s oh yes fiery fire making of course
1237s okay he's good
1239s right uh sorry i do beg your pun you go
1241s ahead sir
1243s it was a good joke
1244s um
1245s i'm going to cast arctic inspiration
1249s as a level 2 spell on taymor
1253s oh
1255s how do i do this again
1257s i always click the wrong
1261s oh ah i never remember the button the
1263s key combination to target somebody
1266s are you okay don't worry you don't need
1268s to just click target for uh that yeah no
1270s you can just use the future
1273s it's all good
1274s nice look at that yeah
1277s all right yeah
1278s thank you
1279s so you've got a is that a d8 for fifth
1283s for you guys now so like second level
1285s that's yeah right
1286s yeah yeah
1288s yeah so you've got yeah yeah to use
1290s whenever you need to jax this all right
1295s i'm sorry i i just i want to ask is
1297s verdig inspiration a bonus action or
1298s main action
1300s it is a bonus action yes
1302s i see okay so i'm down to a main action
1305s i will just go ahead and lob a crossbow
1307s bolt
1309s at the uh car
1313s whatever his name is zac thank you this
1316s new iterations here were you expecting
1318s the top heart
1323s yes
1324s we were
1326s yes
1329s okay
1333s uh does not hit i'm afraid it zooms past
1336s the zek
1342s that was me on the second one
1343s just start showing off the animation
1346s um so yeah unfortunately the crossbow
1348s bolt zips past the zett car and lanson
1351s it just spans up into the lava below
1356s yay
1358s now the
1359s newly equipped mirin i'll give you the
1362s benefit of the down so you managed to
1364s grab the shield last time gossip
1366s um but you're on the wrong side of the
1368s map
1370s i'm on the opposite side of the map i
1372s i'm so upset why did i throw that i'm so
1375s dumb okay what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna
1377s use my action to bolt into dash
1381s so that way i can get over there
1383s and be there on time just because i know
1386s my luck if i just like
1388s let it out of that to the other side
1389s something's going to happen over here
1390s and i'm just going to die so i'm just
1392s going to dash i'm going to try to get to
1394s right next to you
1396s yeah you can get there ish
1398s for sure in one turn like with the dash
1408s hold my not my shield i'm still upset
1411s and i'm just gonna like just get ready
1413s just
1414s okay
1430s oh
1432s life is cardio just weights
1439s were we just asking for like a dude bro
1442s who was really into like lifting weights
1445s kind of character here we are you'll
1446s fight yes you're fiery dude bro right
1451s he just wants
1453s all he wants really is an octagon joe
1455s rogan doing commentary and guys just
1457s duking it out that that's all that zuk
1459s wants like
1462s easy guy
1464s 24-hour mma
1467s like he would be in heaven
1469s okay jesus
1471s as it is he's in hell so
1474s carol
1475s over to you carol
1477s um yeah uh she would just yell out uh
1479s welcome back byron and
1481s uh everyone's together
1483s i am going to cast bless
1486s go
1487s so now everyone has a uh d4 added onto
1490s any attack roll they have
1492s and um with my bonus action i'm just
1495s going to
1496s activate a spare point
1513s where where would you like the weapon to
1514s be
1516s oh you've you've repainted
1518s you paid it's okay
1520s you faded it just stared like
1522s you tenderized it
1525s behind that i taped it
1527s um yeah like oh can i say like more
1529s behind can i move it like
1531s that around here yeah thank you
1533s there you go so the weapon has uh
1537s yeah yeah no that's okay we've said that
1539s before when you place it you can make an
1540s attack that's cool okay
1545s i love the feather you guys
1547s like it's it's all out buff time i love
1549s it
1552s give me your puffs
1555s that's a solid hit let's see what
1556s happens
1558s okay nine points of damage okay pretty
1560s good pretty good
1562s it counts as magical so that's good
1567s um
1569s tame or is it going to be fire with fire
1574s you know
1575s i do have
1576s many tricks up my sleeve fire i got one
1579s of them
1580s how how hard is it looking
1582s the the hammer like um
1586s so like the the hammer kind of hit from
1588s behind on one of its cauldrons and some
1590s of the fiery stuff shot off um
1593s but that got rid of some of the red
1595s chalk on the floor that somehow stayed
1597s there in this extreme heat
1599s but it's it's still pretty good it
1601s hasn't been hit that badly since your
1603s cone of cold
1605s gotcha
1606s okay
1608s i
1609s would like to look up at it
1612s and i will say
1613s heartier than i thought i would like to
1615s snap my fingers and fire
1618s uh bam bam to eldritch glass right into
1620s its face
1621s oh using both bless and bark inspiration
1625s on the damage
1628s nice
1630s this takes it out i'm going to go bam
1631s bam as soon as it dies
1635s technically
1636s since i am level 5 eldritch blast is
1639s automatically two beams instead of twice
1640s yeah yeah quite right
1644s oh i need to let's go
1645s i knew that
1647s okay
1649s let's go champ
1652s that's a hit
1653s guys
1656s damage
1658s and i have a d8
1661s and a b4
1663s yeah uh
1665s i think in the stack
1668s yeah i think in in this particular
1670s universe
1671s um
1673s it's for the attack role so it's not for
1675s the damage though
1677s so
1677s it's for like if you're if you're behind
1680s on an attack role like you can add a d4
1683s um whenever you want and for the buttock
1685s inspiration you can add a d8 whenever
1687s like i allow it after the fact
1690s like you become inspired and at the last
1692s minute turn your blade kind of thing
1694s but for this
1695s it's you can't add on to the damage i'm
1697s afraid
1698s okay that's fine but
1701s it's still good
1703s so that's nice
1705s you know yeah now that conservation just
1707s does attack yeah
1709s okay yeah it's it's to add on to an
1711s attack or ability
1712s that is fine with me i could save it for
1714s later
1716s so the first one the first blast you get
1718s him right in the stomach as
1720s the purple shoots out bang
1722s you bend him over double let's have a
1724s look for the second one let's see how
1726s that does
1729s it's a solid here again this roll for
1731s damage 23. you're rolling well here
1734s for now what's happening all right nine
1737s points the second one so as he bends
1739s over double you curve the second bolt
1742s around uh and it just kind of goes
1744s underneath and then lifts up and hits
1746s him on the chin and
1747s kind of knocks his head back straight
1749s into yours and he's growling like almost
1752s silently
1755s i'd like to curse
1757s just a tiny bit
1759s wow
1762s bam
1771s actually can i after i do that i also
1774s want to turn back to my party members
1776s and say did the audience and is the
1778s audience entertained
1782s it's still standing somehow
1784s oh
1785s i'm trying my best here
1788s which i'm just gonna look at her and
1789s just be like i got my shield
1792s you sure do
1794s carol just says as long as you're in
1795s front and i'm not yes you're doing great
1797s honey keep going
1800s okay so
1802s the zek car turns into pure fire
1806s and it runs through jaxus
1808s through tikka and mirin and stops there
1812s so
1815s because of that
1818s what
1819s is that um
1828s you guys get five points of damage each
1831s but taymor can take a swing
1834s okay
1835s oh and also it's uh three points i think
1838s me instead because of my resistance to
1839s fire it does it doesn't do that it just
1842s becomes fire no it's because it ended it
1844s turn on their spot
1847s oh i see
1849s so it it's firing them up so because
1851s they're there and at the start and
1853s they're now on fire so until they're
1855s doused with water or similar they're
1857s gonna take 1d10 fire damage at the start
1860s of their turn as well
1863s oh that's violent
1866s so tamar
1871s hey
1872s this is all about combat this is i'm so
1874s excited
1876s this is zuck
1889s that should be fine nevermind does not
1891s hit the
1893s dagger does not hit unfortunately
1896s uh that's fine
1899s um because you start the turn there and
1901s you're on fire
1903s take another three points of health off
1910s bully all right
1912s okay let's see um
1916s being a bard i don't have many options
1918s in terms of just committing violence
1921s um
1924s am i
1926s am i technically behind it
1928s um it's in your space
1931s i'm gonna be not in my space oh wait i
1934s can't do this that would be a bad idea
1937s uh i'm going to hit it with the dagger
1940s i mean you you could be around it so
1942s that you're not in its space and you
1944s wouldn't get the attack of opportunity
1946s if that's what you're worried about okay
1948s i'm glad you know what i meant
1950s i guess i'm moving here it seems fine
1953s okay so um yeah hit to attack and don't
1956s forget to add the where when you bring
1957s up the attack in the situational bonus
1959s add the 1d4 in there um and that will
1963s look for the bless
1966s and that will allow you to
1971s oh that's cool
1973s not that you needed it but you've got 24
1975s as the dagger rips through the air
1981s i'd like to imagine that your dagger is
1984s literally playing the song for
1986s um
2001s all right
2010s no
2011s i don't think so
2013s and well
2016s i mean uh is this hold on i need to
2018s double check this is a bonus action or
2020s not i don't think it is though
2022s sure what do you want to do um
2024s i was gonna i was gonna cast cure wounds
2026s on myself
2030s that's an action i think yeah
2032s unfortunately yeah
2034s that's okay that's okay in that case i
2035s am good
2037s okay
2038s um next up we have myron so myron you
2041s take 1d10 let me do that for
2046s do you take three points of fire damage
2049s okay uh there you go
2052s i'll move you there because i think
2053s that's what you want to do and then i'll
2054s move the zet car back and then you can
2056s move freely wherever you want to
2058s it's like you know what i'm doing this
2060s is so great this is great okay so
2063s here's
2064s here's a question
2066s you said it's on fire it needs something
2069s with water or something similar to put
2071s it out i have a frost brand long sword
2075s fire and ice
2076s boom
2078s does that work
2081s i'm afraid that that's gonna break too
2083s okay
2084s so the way that i've written this is
2086s similar to dnd enemy in that every
2088s gallon of water splashed on it will take
2090s one cold damage
2092s and i'm going to say that they're
2094s probably going to be susceptible to cold
2096s damage for sure
2099s okay
2100s so
2101s here's bit
2104s you know what
2106s i'm not even going to think too much i'm
2107s just going to do what mama's going
2108s through i'm just going to be
2112s i'm just going to hit it be your best
2114s elf self you go be my best elf self
2117s because i literally got caught on fire
2119s my shield is broken it's now upsetting
2122s my friend's now turning into chicken i'm
2124s not okay with it so
2129s i'm
2133s no
2134s it's not thanksgiving oh well okay okay
2137s i don't wanna thanksgiving
2140s i want to uh just hit this this guy with
2143s my frost brain loves it
2145s go fred let's go you get two attacks of
2147s course and you're flanking so we'll give
2150s you advantage
2151s bam
2153s nice
2155s nice
2171s okay normal
2176s can i use my
2177s um i can't use it on damage just kidding
2181s so that does that would normally do 13
2184s but because it doubles it goes up to 16
2187s because of the ice damage extra
2189s so
2191s the zek
2193s kind of gets cold and then bursts
2196s and then in this next hit i want to
2199s because uh i wanna just be like i am
2205s gonna hit it again okay
2207s let's see if you're having a little post
2209s off versus zuck here i like it oh
2211s absolutely he's still on his chair i'm
2214s this is probably a bad idea doing
2216s advantage again right
2220s okay
2224s did i hit
2226s it's a 17.
2227s 17 is a hit yeah yeah yes
2233s okay get it
2234s kill it
2236s kill it end it end it rightly
2239s add the four since 13.
2241s okay so the first zeck heart dies
2245s as frost overcomes it and suck it
2249s yes
2251s we're gonna end combat at that point
2269s zechar
2270s rise out of the lava
2273s this time either side
2276s of the combat arena
2279s and now we're gonna
2281s oh no we're not gonna do that hold on
2283s let me restart that folks i do beg your
2285s palm
2287s um
2290s there is two um could you roll for
2292s initiative please
2294s here we go again
2295s oh no
2309s uh no because you've moved out i'm gonna
2312s say no because that that would be really
2314s mean to keep you on fire i'll say that
2316s the movement doused it as you rolled out
2317s the whale something similar
2320s um but we're gonna begin
2322s the second wave
2325s with tikka
2328s so
2329s there's
2330s there are two of these guys looking at
2332s you
2334s they're looking um i bet i'm looking
2337s delicious right now
2338s you know what
2340s i don't
2342s oh it pains me to have to do this i
2344s don't like resorting to this kind of
2346s thing but i don't think we have a choice
2347s in the matter here it's time to meditate
2351s um
2353s uh i'm going to cast eldritch spear on
2357s the closest [ __ ] excuse me the
2359s closest thing
2361s the closest this is
2368s god
2369s how do i do it
2371s because you want to cast
2373s like an eldritch blast right
2376s i think so the thing is uh because it
2378s comes from an item i own it doesn't
2380s actually describe what it does that's
2382s okay so um
2384s yeah i know what you mean uh so let's
2386s put the eldritch blast in
2388s um because it's 300 essentially you get
2391s 300 feet of damage with that so in your
2394s spellbook in a moment
2395s will be uh eldridge blast you'll be able
2398s to cast that
2400s hey
2403s all right um
2404s i'm wondering how
2407s how uh jax is character
2409s uh taymor's gonna feel about seeing you
2412s casting an eldritch blast
2418s we're not gonna talk about it
2420s all right i have is this something i
2422s should know
2424s no you've been a secret zammer acting
2426s the whole time you know you could you
2427s could tell me you don't have to talk
2429s about it in front of the other two you
2430s know
2430s you can just admit it you can tell me he
2432s likes amaranth that's fine we're not
2434s gonna we're not gonna look we're not
2435s gonna i got the butterfly mistake and
2438s every time i throw it away it comes back
2439s an hour later i can't you know what
2441s we're just i'm going to talk about it
2442s we're not going to talk about it
2444s like a horror movie sort of thing going
2446s on
2447s i got you chica i i hear last is uh
2451s stunningly accurate as it um
2455s it hits through the natural
2459s gas like it's like a little lament
2460s configuration i can't get rid of it
2463s um so you roll damage
2468s oh yeah sorry i didn't know how to get
2469s the animation to prague
2471s that's okay
2473s that's what i'm here for it's not a
2474s problem okay so that does 10 points of
2478s damage
2480s okay and then um
2482s i want
2484s as a bonus action if i am allowed to
2486s i would like to cast a dancing rapier
2489s absolutely
2491s all right
2492s um and i want to put it right in front
2495s of this guy
2497s right in the way of where he's going to
2499s try and burn my face off yeah no problem
2501s nice yes
2505s all right and i'm assuming it can attack
2507s right
2509s yeah it can attack yeah for sure we've
2511s said that with these weapons i don't
2512s mind that
2514s that's a hit of 14
2516s all right
2520s all
2521s right 11 points of damage fantastic okay
2526s um any movement
2531s yeah
2532s there we go
2533s and i'm good
2535s okay uh next up we have myron so
2541s uh gossip there's now two of these guys
2544s after you've just destroyed one they
2546s literally you've killed one and there's
2547s two more they've popped up and when you
2549s look over the edge you can kind of see
2552s the zek car roaming around waiting for
2555s you
2556s endless waves
2559s what are you gonna do
2564s well i didn't think i'd get this one
2567s um i was fully expecting to die before
2569s we got here
2571s um it's only rate four
2573s i mean okay so i'm gonna
2577s so i'm gonna grab my sword and my shield
2579s and just prepare it to go attack this
2581s one over here but in passing to tamor
2584s i'm just gonna say
2585s um there's only there's continuous waves
2588s we have to think of something
2590s and um just so that
2593s uh they all know
2595s and i'm just gonna attack uh this guy
2598s with my frosh brand
2600s my i'm by long so i'm gonna i'm just
2602s gonna hit it i'm just gonna let's move
2604s closer to danger because that sounds
2605s like a good idea
2606s that's a great idea
2609s yeah right
2610s that's your job
2612s it's your job good job
2614s she's she's tanking she's tanking
2616s i'm taking this thank you
2624s okay
2625s first attack
2626s misses
2628s the frost grand sword hits to the edge
2630s of the side and
2632s just
2632s causes a little bit of fire that was
2634s probably previously one of tikka's
2636s feathers uh just goes out in a dash
2641s the great second attack
2644s i'm panicking
2646s holy well that one hit
2648s you're all good yes
2651s okay i'm gonna
2653s hook the best
2658s okay not so bad so
2660s uh because the the the ice damage goes
2663s up that actually goes up to um 11 points
2666s of damage which is pretty good
2669s okay
2671s pretty good
2674s now
2680s i just kind of want to step a little bit
2682s this way if i can yeah just because
2685s i know i don't want a haircut so i just
2688s know how to act so
2701s you can teach an old elf new tricks i
2703s love it
2704s that's true
2706s i'm just young it's fine
2709s yeah i know
2711s so the zek car over here
2715s um
2717s is gonna come up right behind carol
2723s it glides over
2738s a transformers reference in uh jagex get
2741s fantastic love it xd game fantastic
2747s 22. that's a solid hit
2752s ouch let's go for this
2755s and it does 20 points of damage to carol
2759s half of carol's life force is gone as
2762s one big hand grasps
2765s and goes across your face and just burns
2767s off all of your makeup
2770s no
2771s no there's blusher dripping on the floor
2776s oh dear oh harold
2779s the cheek implant
2781s how are you gonna react dang
2785s i've made
2787s hundreds of brownies
2788s and one
2789s sundae for a brownie bake sale
2792s i can handle the heat and she's going to
2794s oh my god
2796s wait up and hit it with a sacred flame
2801s let's go
2810s absolutely god tear dialogue
2813s this is great
2815s mvp over here
2820s the the radiance comes down but it only
2823s hits for four points of damage
2825s okay
2826s well with my spiritual weapon uh can i
2829s is it possible let's move it like how
2831s much can i move it
2833s yeah it's fine you can get it there it's
2835s no problem
2836s okay perfect yeah can i like
2838s make it whoosh around flank it and hit
2841s it
2842s yep so the the meat tenderizer um
2845s because i'm guessing that you're a mean
2847s cookout you do a mean cookout as well
2849s like for the school pta like you flip
2852s those burgers as well
2854s so the tenderizer comes around the other
2856s side
2857s um and i've put the extra spell slot on
2860s so you can use so you can bring it
2862s straight back up in chat want to see it
2863s if it's easier
2865s and yeah go for the attack you'll have
2867s advantage because you're flanking with
2869s yourself
2871s not that you need it but roll it again
2872s just in case
2874s maybe 20. okay so it's a good hit yeah
2877s yeah it's a good hit roll for damage and
2879s we'll see how that does
2881s oh okay here we go so the tenderizer
2884s comes in and
2886s straight between the shoulder blades
2888s where where presumably they would be on
2889s the zebra oh like that gets knocked
2892s forwards
2894s good job okay okay is it possible to do
2897s one more thing with movement
2899s yeah you can do whatever you want with
2901s movement
2902s yeah i have a question so i have my
2904s shield right and um it says i have a it
2907s gives me a plus one to ac but does that
2909s mean i have to physically hold it up and
2911s i'll actually get a plus one or is that
2912s already added on to it already added on
2916s okay never mind all right well
2919s okay
2920s ladies i want to get out of the way of
2922s this thing
2923s but i know i'm gonna get attack of
2925s opportunity so
2929s i think it's worth it honestly i just go
2931s for it i don't want to be in the way of
2933s this thing so i'm gonna i'm gonna try my
2934s best to
2935s move out of the way
2939s okay here and the yeah
2943s it's gonna go to make an attack on you
2948s and it misses just
2951s one point
2953s so i rolled a 16
2955s you've
2967s so he goes to here and uh he just he
2970s crosses the the fire actually turns off
2973s love so now you've just got live laugh
2976s on your shield
2978s we're loved just like my second husband
2996s okay
2997s it's going so the second greatest enemy
3006s uh that hits myron
3010s on the first attack
3013s you got 19 but nice try
3016s oh my shield's gone oh no both
3020s both of them hit no you've got a shield
3021s up
3022s yeah but oh yeah oh hold on
3027s i see yeah yeah so
3029s yeah no you've got 21 so both are safe
3033s just so i rolled 20 on both of its
3035s attacks and because you have a normal
3037s shield now that would add plus two so
3040s yeah you would be knight's armor is 19
3043s and then you've got your uh shield up
3045s which is plus two
3047s oh i'm sorry i was just looking after
3049s myself
3067s can summon eldrit's blast too what about
3070s that tikka
3072s oh oh i haven't even started yet sis
3076s that's like chicken
3082s don't you speak his language myron
3085s oh i do
3092s here we go
3106s uh just laughing merrily to himself
3109s and he's kind of actually he's he's
3111s walked along a little bit he's seen
3113s where the action's gone come off of his
3115s throne and he step stood over here so he
3117s can get a a real kind of look at
3120s everything
3121s and he's
3122s gonna take
3123s take this scythe off of the uh
3126s grim reaper next to him and uh brandish
3129s it menacingly at you all
3135s what a boy
3139s look at the unfinishing weapon well i
3141s can brandish the staff too
3143s i don't actually do that okay is it my
3145s turn now
3147s yeah absolutely
3149s let me kill him
3150s okay so uh you know what myron did very
3155s kindly step out of the way so i don't
3157s think i'm going to
3159s waste this opportunity but first
3162s i would like to use one of my actual
3165s spell slots to cast hex as a bonus
3168s action
3173s the one yeah right there in the corner
3175s that one
3176s okay
3181s hang on
3185s i'm not quite sure how to cast hicks
3188s he's not letting me use any spell slots
3190s i'll cast the four it's okay
3192s okay that sounds good yeah you should be
3194s she should be taking it from your um
3196s packed magic oh so when you pick the
3198s spell you have to choose pack slot and
3200s then cast it oh
3202s okay
3204s i've done it for you it's in the it's in
3206s the chat
3208s um essentially you're gonna deal an
3210s extra 1d6 whenever you hit it with an
3213s attack
3214s excellent
3215s and then would you like to choose an
3217s ability
3220s yeah is there a particular ability you
3221s would like dexterity
3223s okay actually
3225s my stigma
3226s constitution
3228s is going to have disadvantage on
3229s constitution checks so which spell are
3232s you now going to hit it with that needs
3233s a constitution saving very taxes
3244s so this is uh
3245s the second out of five charges for code
3248s of cold on the staff i am keeping track
3250s don't worry mister that's okay
3252s no hey i trust you
3255s there you go it's on try now thank you
3257s thank you
3259s i'll um i'll add extra slots in for that
3261s to make it easier
3263s thank you
3265s okay so this goes out and it's almost
3268s about to hit zucchini uh he
3270s washes up a huge wall of flame that just
3274s as the two elements mix
3277s against each other and he turns
3279s menacingly to you and says
3281s see more of that fight
3285s piss him off
3287s i'll say back to him i look forward to
3290s it
3293s so let's
3295s have a look at this check so i need a 15
3297s with disadvantage
3299s i get a 21.
3301s double 80.
3304s hello
3307s in this economy double 18 this economy
3310s this academy oh my god
3313s when the disadvantage isn't a
3314s disadvantage at all
3316s but
3316s because it takes double damage from it
3319s it will just take normal damage
3322s so it will still take 38 points of
3324s damage oh my goodness
3327s wow would you imagine if that was
3329s doubled
3333s oh the zekk heart feels this huge wave
3337s of cold passing over
3341s and kind of splits over
3343s into a hundred places
3348s e6 uh from hex right
3351s right the
3352s uh necrotic yeah roll the d6
3355s sure
3358s extra 14. so an extra four
3360s just a little
3366s you kind of see like while the while his
3369s arm has broken up in places by cold and
3371s bits of his breastplate are done you can
3373s just see underneath this kind of weird
3375s elemental piece cracking
3377s as a small scar filled with plague and
3380s necrosis feels under his chest
3383s good
3384s all right
3385s it's my turn
3388s okay tikka
3389s so the guy on your right like in the
3392s east over here he looks pretty banged up
3394s uh the guy closing the gap towards you
3398s is pretty fresh
3400s yeah
3402s i don't like the situation at all
3405s i'm between two very angry boys
3409s um i'm gonna turn to to this one i don't
3413s want to put my back too
3414s and um i didn't do this last time
3417s because i only just figured out how this
3419s works
3421s but um
3424s i'm gonna
3426s i guess it does it all applies to how it
3429s works so i have two invocations i have
3430s eldritch spear which i guess increases
3433s its range to 300 feet or something
3435s ridiculous like that
3436s uh correct
3438s but i also have agonizing blast which
3440s adds my charisma to the damage roll
3444s or something like that that's automatic
3447s on that so you you've already got
3449s automatically
3450s all right i am that's why you hear that
3452s so with the average glass is better than
3453s yours
3457s it adds a plus four but you only do one
3459s bolt and she does too
3462s okay
3463s so
3465s just to keep the piece a little bit
3466s there
3469s just a little
3472s all right well i am going
3477s i'm gonna go ahead and um
3480s hit what is this oh god i have three of
3482s these
3484s what's oh nevermind no i know what that
3485s one is i'm gonna hit him with eldridge
3486s blast this one behind me
3489s okay
3494s that's cool i didn't realize you could
3496s upgrade eldritch blast with passive
3497s effects that's neat
3499s oh yeah so that that's the whole look
3501s purpose of a warlock like the eldritch
3504s blast becomes the real workforce
3506s so level five is jax i said you get like
3509s two blasts that comes out instead of one
3513s huh that's cool i'm not yeah i don't
3515s play enough d d so i'm not familiar with
3517s all the
3519s the inner mechanics so this is neat but
3521s anyway yeah all right i gotta attack
3523s this dude
3525s go for it
3529s 25 solid hit
3531s yeah so the purple
3533s comes out hits
3535s roll damage
3540s eight points nice
3542s pretty good so the force damage
3544s kind of hits back in the second glares
3547s menacingly at you
3548s any movement
3551s um
3552s uh bonus action i want my all my uh i
3555s want my radio to hit the other one
3565s all right please hit it don't fail me
3568s now
3570s doesn't hear i'm afraid the rapier skids
3572s along the floor
3573s and just gets stuck a little bit but
3575s doesn't manage to fly up in time
3578s ah
3579s oh well
3580s all right um
3582s i am going to
3585s jack up right here
3588s and i'll end my turn
3590s okay
3592s myron
3594s i have to finish this thing off gotta
3596s finish it off
3597s no pressure
3601s okay
3602s go team
3603s go team go team
3605s let's go go team bam bam
3608s bam bam i'm gonna whack the heck out of
3610s this guy
3613s do it
3615s what
3617s let's go champ
3619s back away
3621s as this is
3624s hoggers oh no
3627s oh can i add my d4
3630s yeah you can add a default yeah
3634s okay
3635s you're here
3637s so yeah you just gotta roll it
3639s so the triangle on the bottom right oh
3642s solid
3644s with
3644s with the bless you hip
3648s psych okay
3650s okay uh
3654s awesome great
3661s you do seven points of damage this time
3665s thank you for running one
3668s okay i'm gonna do it again that's okay
3673s i'll do it again
3678s there we go 23 easily hits the set card
3694s under your sword as another one is
3696s destroyed from the battlefield
3698s i want to yell bamboo
3701s another one
3704s i backed up into it really hoping you
3706s would be able to kill him
3709s nah
3715s any movement at all
3717s um i do actually want to move because
3719s i'm a little more nervous for actually
3722s i'm nervous for carol
3724s so i'm
3735s to protect her a little bit in case he
3737s comes this way
3739s okay yeah i want to protect carol
3742s i also want a brownie so apparently
3744s she's like really good at baking so like
3746s i mean i would like to treat after all
3747s of this
3766s uh
3770s do you wanna does carol want to make an
3773s attack with the spiritual weapon
3775s like uh yes of course opportunity
3779s oh god please
3795s price
3797s um so the
3798s the hammer
3799s catches on the back of the knee and a
3802s large chunk of armor crashes off
3804s uh straps fly everywhere bits of plate
3808s uh new heat rounds it off and the zetka
3811s makes its way over to
3814s begins the multi attack
3817s so attack number one
3829s would you like to roll a d100
3832s kathar to see what happens
3835s yes i would love to roll a d100 to see
3837s what this guy has to deal with
3842s 76
3844s 76 that's pretty good
3847s so
3849s that would be
3851s no
3859s uh
3862s the set car
3864s is so afraid of tikka's dexterity that
3868s it becomes afraid
3870s of
3871s tikka
3873s yeah
3875s oh
3878s it cannot
3881s it can now not uh get any closer to
3884s tikka and any attacks that it tries to
3887s make on tika will be at a disadvantage
3892s wow
3893s beautiful shaping up nicely
3896s fear the bird
3898s um and of course it can't take its
3900s second attack because it's um it fumbled
3903s so badly
3904s uh carol over to
3907s you is looking very disapprovingly by
3910s the way we should be saying at this
3912s point he is not happy it's like this
3914s guy's being demoted it's gonna become
3917s slag in the next uh in the next life
3923s you know i'm i'm sure the zekk heart got
3924s chased by goose as a child and this is
3927s awesome
3929s oh my god but um
3931s yeah
3932s i think
3933s she's going to
3935s um you know what i'm gonna cast a
3939s where is it where is it mascara wounds
3942s okay
3944s let's
3945s give everyone a little
3947s healing or something or something or
3949s something something nothing terrible so
3952s you all take
3953s six points of healing
3957s yes yes
3958s i think we make these
3960s yes yes
3962s thank god for an even party composition
3966s yeah really
3967s really balanced as well things should be
3971s oh my god so i would like to god fix
3972s this right
3975s this is right i'm excited
3979s um
3980s move my spiritual weapon and go ahead
3982s and give him a little whack in the face
3986s do you want it to be flanking from tikka
3988s or
3990s um sure like that okay
3993s so you you have advantage
3998s all right
3999s do the attack advantage
4005s almost
4007s almost
4011s nine points
4012s perfect nice nice
4014s and uh carol's just gonna
4019s do what myron said and just stay behind
4021s her
4022s yeah okay
4023s so you see your your spiritual um meat
4026s tenderizer come in and just wallop it on
4028s the back of the head as this huge uh
4031s welt starts to appear there
4037s let's see
4039s taymor
4040s it sure is
4042s how are you feeling about all these
4043s eldritch blasts coming out of a
4045s supposedly
4046s peaceful bird over there
4051s what else is he hiding
4053s tico you've lost all of my trust my
4056s respect what little i had for you anyway
4059s i'm sure there's
4062s reason she didn't mean it buddy it's
4063s okay
4066s you're doing great the reason is
4067s currently staring me in the face
4072s with a sad puppy dog
4075s by be fair at the moment the zet car is
4078s definitely trying to avoid your gaze
4080s because it's absolutely scared of you
4085s it's like
4088s don't look at me
4091s you know i think i will be wise and not
4094s expel all of my spell slots all in one
4097s so why don't we continue the trend
4100s of eldritch blasts
4102s and snap tutu bam bam
4106s right at its face
4113s oh i'd like wow to add
4116s the
4129s there's nothing in your way
4133s yeah
4134s there's nothing really in your way
4136s i'm trying to think of the best way to
4137s do this
4139s shallow
4142s no because it's yeah roller d100 let's
4144s see what happens go for it okay
4150s so 14.
4153s i can't wait to freaking die
4155s one turn why
4157s so
4159s as you
4161s you go to cast the eldritch blast and as
4163s you do so the the momentum from the
4165s magic catches you off guard and you
4167s stumble forwards up towards the zet car
4171s and in doing so smash into it and knock
4174s yourself prone
4178s wow oh good
4180s i'm on the ground now
4183s suck is
4188s foolish mortals
4192s tikka
4193s over to you
4195s why is everyone so mean to me
4198s what kind of action would it cost to
4201s pull
4202s taymor out of prone
4205s um like also warriors hand down kind of
4208s thing and do it i'd because the exact
4211s cause
4212s um
4213s afraid of you i'll allow you to do that
4214s as a bonus action
4217s okay i'll do that as a bonus action then
4219s get up get up
4221s jesus
4223s all right
4229s just
4239s i think it's a good look on my nails
4240s though i may keep it
4255s uh it's okay we love him um that's why
4257s we do it to him
4259s oh god what am i even gonna do
4261s um
4263s well are you going to kill him
4266s oh yeah totally
4268s i'm gonna need a little more than bardic
4270s inspiration to kill this thing um
4274s this thing still looks pretty fresh guys
4277s yeah that's a problem that's a problem
4280s we haven't hit it very hard
4283s uh so do we honestly
4286s honestly i my best bet my best bet
4288s really is to just hit it with another um
4292s eldridge blast
4293s yeah for sure yeah it's probably the
4295s best weapon right now
4298s i wish i knew about it three episodes
4300s ago
4303s uh let's see all right well let's do
4305s this
4310s uh
4310s despite the zekka cowering from you
4313s somehow
4315s you managed to do through the legs
4318s can i
4319s can i put my uh blessing on it
4323s yeah you can roll a d4
4326s is it a d4 okay
4328s oh god that's not
4330s yeah no never mind there's no one
4332s there's no point yeah i mean you just
4334s don't hit it right well you can still
4335s hit it on a 13
4337s you need a full
4340s okay well all right worth it go for it
4349s are you okay all right yay
4351s that's fine okay
4353s all right damaged
4367s so the blast comes up
4371s okay it's pretty good
4375s all right so that and just the guy just
4377s unsafe
4379s no no you go
4382s oh i was just gonna move right here
4386s um so the guy will still get a um he'll
4390s still get an attack of opportunity but
4393s um it'll be a disadvantage
4396s oh
4397s some advantage
4399s just misses you at 15 so you've got an
4402s armored car 16 so you're all good i
4404s think he does anyway i'll double check
4406s that um just now but
4408s it might not been able to do that
4410s i think he could
4412s um
4412s so
4413s that's your turn done i think
4417s all right
4420s um but that was a good move to move away
4423s as well because he's frightened he can't
4424s move closer to you we can't close that
4426s gap
4427s he's only frightened of tikka though we
4429s should say so now that teak is out of
4432s his um he won't move closer to tika if
4434s that makes sense
4437s so let's uh let's carry on with myron
4441s okay a couple of questions is tamora up
4443s mm-hmm
4445s yeah i am
4447s yeah uh tika picked her up
4450s i'm so excited okay so what i'm gonna do
4453s is i'm gonna
4455s it's like tamar knows exactly what i'm
4457s gonna do
4458s okay so what i'm gonna do is i'm going
4461s to
4463s so wait
4464s if he sees tikka
4466s automatically frightened right just like
4468s it's like i don't want to get it friend
4469s of tika so it won't move any closer
4473s so if i stand in front of tikka and
4474s tikka is in my in the peripheral people
4477s come closer to me right you're like oh
4479s my gosh correct
4481s yeah
4483s let's do it
4484s right here
4486s oh my gosh
4487s oh my gosh
4489s i'm going to look at tamora and i'm
4490s going to be like sleeping on the job huh
4492s and i'm just going to take okay
4495s start start whacking the heck out of it
4497s with my sword
4500s um
4500s okay
4502s i can leave you know
4505s if you guys don't want me here
4507s you need the power to keep going it's
4509s okay i've only got two spell slots you
4512s know i gotta take like a short rest
4514s every
4515s five minutes you know how it is take a
4517s nap i take a nap right here
4522s one more question says
4524s since
4525s since tika's behind me
4527s um would that still be a regular role or
4529s would that be
4531s taking advantage of well you've you've
4532s you've got the spiritual weapon so
4534s you're all good yeah so you have
4536s advantage oh wow i just look perfectly
4538s placed myself unintentionally wow
4540s nice i'm just gonna
4542s hit it
4545s okay
4551s solid hit
4553s let's roll for damage
4559s okay okay back at it again there we go
4562s i'm gonna do it again i gotta get it
4564s krispy kreme here we go
4566s she going
4568s okay
4570s that's it
4572s that's it okay
4574s nice oh my gosh
4576s that's that's a really good hit so
4578s that's 23 points on that one because of
4580s what wow
4586s did you get taymor wake up
4588s time to time to work
4592s i'm working i'm doing everything i can
4594s man
4595s i'm trying
4599s let's go to work
4602s so the zeck heart looks at you all
4605s very frustratingly
4607s at this point
4608s and you kind of hear a rumble as it's
4610s going
4612s inside itself and it's
4613s getting really cross
4615s something's happening you're not quite
4617s sure what
4618s um
4620s and
4622s it suddenly begins to cast a spell
4628s not at me i'm perfect
4632s classic as a huge fireball erupts
4638s and i need you all to make dexterity
4640s saving throws as zerk begins to laugh
4643s and shout in the background
4649s oh my gosh
4651s fine
4653s oh thank god
4657s i don't think that was
4658s okay wait
4660s six oh wow this dice oh no yours was the
4663s white one oh no
4665s now
4666s carol
4667s i will remind you of the bless that you
4669s have
4670s but it still wouldn't make the
4672s difference i'm afraid
4675s uh even even with the bless you would
4677s still be under 11.
4679s so we're going to roll for damage
4683s okay okay that's fine
4685s that's okay so
4687s um
4689s you would normally take let's start here
4691s so um tamor would normally take 13
4694s because they saved the dextro
4697s they also have resistance so they would
4699s only take seven
4705s so that's okay
4708s um next up is carol who takes it all
4712s yeah i was going to say like i i see him
4715s cast that spell and recognize what it is
4717s i'm like everyone get down
4719s carol can you make a death saving throw
4722s please
4723s oh sorry
4725s um
4728s go into your character sheet and click
4730s the little skull
4733s oh in the middle okay
4735s in the middle of your character you're
4737s all good you've got one save so that's
4739s one so you need three of these gap or
4742s somebody to help you up or put a potion
4744s down your neck cast some kind of healing
4746s or something like that um now the other
4749s two of you guys
4752s you just take 13 points which is going
4754s to go on there bam
4755s oh yikes
4758s was that
4759s oh no that's
4761s way more that's all let me apply it let
4764s me take care and then half damage there
4766s you go bam
4768s nice
4769s so there you go oh my goodness
4772s um
4774s and
4775s zuck is uncontrollably laughing at the
4778s fact that one of you is downed
4780s and the other three are pretty much on
4782s fire
4783s he is loving the action
4786s and he's like uh
4788s frothing at the mouth of this fight
4790s that's occurring
4793s carol it's now your turn you need to
4796s make another saving please uh-oh all
4799s right
4801s okay another check asked one
4816s she's gotta make it time for the bake
4817s sale
4819s we're an hour and a half into this and
4820s you already think there's no tpks it's
4822s really cute
4825s it's your turn
4827s it sure is
4829s tikka how many healing potions do you
4830s have
4832s oh god you know
4834s none cause we'll have two right if you
4836s haven't used any you should have
4837s one at least
4840s nope
4841s does not happen this
4843s this bird didn't come with any
4846s i
4847s take a bonus action
4849s to yell you have cure wounds though
4851s right
4851s yeah i have i have i have means
4854s okay he does okay what the hell's gonna
4857s be the guys we're all dead
4863s he's got stuff on him
4865s yep okay bards gotta love him
4869s okay
4870s so i am going to
4872s i
4873s i like to envision fireball was just
4875s casted doesn't do much damage to me so i
4877s just kind of stood there and took all
4878s the fire i'd like to bat the smoke away
4881s step forward just once actually how
4884s about right here and then i'll turn
4886s towards the
4887s zakar
4889s the car and i'm going to cast lightning
4892s bolt
4893s right at it not enough to hit zuck
4896s i don't want to hit
4898s i just want to clip him a little bit you
4900s know but right there god you say even
4903s it's like a haircut
4908s uh join me to give you some slots
4911s i do need to get slots yes there you go
4915s not a problem
4918s um let's
4920s place that template for you do you want
4921s to
4922s like that right there
4925s yeah
4926s that's okay
4928s uh so that's really good so look kind of
4931s moves his arm out the way and laughs at
4933s you knowing what you were trying to do
4936s but he appreciated there's almost like
4938s an honor code there between warriors
4940s um meanwhile the zed car is going to try
4943s and do what he can to move out of the
4944s way
4947s fails miserably
4950s roll damage
4954s and the zed car explodes as lightning
4957s goes everywhere
4959s uh well done guys that's that
4961s combat one
4963s um
4964s do you want to cast
4966s do you want to cast kill wounds in the
4967s interim tikka
4969s yeah
4970s that's uh
4976s i used to feel it coming to my body
4978s um
4979s i'm gonna i'm gonna run it as a third
4981s level spell
4983s oh my god
4986s on yeah and however i do this on
4993s need wow great
4995s that's not too bad now
4997s at this point you guys all feel
5001s something really weird come over you as
5004s if you've just rested so the bless
5007s uh dissipates
5010s and you guys from your character sheet
5012s you can all take a long rest
5016s oh thank god
5019s wow thank you mr dm
5022s how do you do that
5023s carol oh it's okay i'll do it for you
5025s guys
5027s i got it i got it online carol looks
5029s around he goes uh hey oh dude that was
5031s amazing healing you just did there
5034s that wasn't that wasn't me well some of
5036s it was but that wasn't all me i don't
5039s know what's going on
5041s and at that point carol
5044s and myron are transported over to the
5046s stands on the south side
5048s oh no oh no moves to the center
5052s table is transported to this side
5055s tikka is transported here
5058s and you hear a growl from zuck
5060s you may have faced my first challenge
5063s but now in order to save the world you
5066s must face each other until only one
5069s remains
5071s oh
5072s you
5075s here we go
5077s could you both roll for initiative
5079s please
5083s what
5085s oh that's not fair
5087s that's not fair zuk
5090s is engaged in this
5092s so much more he's like
5094s get them and you both hear your
5096s respective generals telling you that
5098s there's no other way you have to keep
5101s zook busy
5106s oh my god
5109s we're gonna start with
5111s tika did i roll
5114s you're not in the fight you're watching
5117s you're watching your two friends fight
5119s oh okay
5120s well
5121s before they start
5122s okay before they start can i do
5124s something
5126s yeah you can do something anytime you're
5128s not in combat
5129s okay so uh i don't know if this is how
5133s mature you works but
5135s i wanna cast thoma turkey
5137s next to temur
5139s and i kind of want to use it as a way to
5141s whisper over to her
5143s and say
5145s you heard the generals just
5147s stall for time
5148s don't
5150s don't land too many hits that are too
5152s hard if anything act at your uh
5155s acts like you're
5156s hurt more than you actually are
5159s and then she wants to do this speaker
5160s hears
5161s nothing
5162s and the voice is boom back to you from
5164s zuk and tells you that no interruptions
5167s will be tolerated within the fight arena
5174s oh great try
5176s uh yeah
5180s oh no
5184s a huge
5185s translucent flame of lava covers the
5189s arena as if this this kind of shape here
5192s in the middle
5193s and there's you can still see through it
5195s but it's very obviously a very thin
5197s layer of lava and as tikka and tamora
5200s look around everything is blocked out
5202s from them except for the vision of suk
5205s who seems to have grown [ __ ] and is now
5208s literally pushing down this fire onto
5211s them looking down
5212s with a huge glowing two-handed weapon
5220s uh
5222s okay
5223s um
5224s i'm just gonna
5227s move up
5228s right right here right here
5231s i'm sorry guys
5257s you're my favorite bird
5260s uh-huh i'm the only bird no
5263s that's right the best
5266s wait but how did you learn how to speak
5268s bird then
5270s um i listened inside
5273s i just make whatever the birds were
5274s saying
5276s passing on my walks
5278s i've never actually met a bird but i
5280s just i just listen to their
5281s conversations
5283s the truth the truth comes out
5286s i'm gonna cast um
5288s bardic inspiration can i cast
5290s participation on myself
5292s yep absolutely we'll allow that
5295s okay
5298s the level
5300s improved
5302s v8
5303s v8 yeah
5305s which one of these okay that's your
5306s bonus action
5309s oh wait no i'm i'm silly i don't need to
5311s do that and um
5315s that's it i'm i'm ending my turn i'm not
5317s doing anything
5320s oh
5321s okay
5323s taymor over to you
5326s sure
5327s why not
5328s um i'm going to kind of flip the staff
5331s in my hand and just pace back and forth
5333s just like within five five-foot square
5336s not really move anywhere and i will call
5339s out very dramatically over to tikka hika
5342s i always knew this day would come
5346s you against me
5348s we've put it off for too long but now is
5351s the time
5352s to fight and i am going to cast
5357s i don't know what i'm gonna ask
5359s um
5362s how's your decks
5365s yes
5370s this is your dexterity
5372s if i was to play a guitar solo could you
5375s [ __ ] could you dance
5379s if i were to per chance shoot something
5381s at you tikka i bet you couldn't be able
5384s to dodge it
5391s i'm sure he'll be fine
5393s i'm sure he'll be fine i really want to
5395s make it
5397s i know
5398s insta-kill seeker can i cast lightning
5400s bolts
5402s yeah sure ship spell you should have to
5404s spell
5405s yep
5408s listen man this is what we're talking
5410s about i'm sure he's fine i'm sure he's
5412s fine he'll be fine he'll be all right
5414s it's just
5415s a normal level
5416s oh we gotta make it realistic
5419s i'm sure he's fine
5422s like
5422s deck save oh my god i'm not friend
5429s uh roll dab
5431s bardic inspiration
5438s you still need to roll damage though
5442s okay
5443s you do only take half damage
5445s but let's uh
5453s he's fine everything's okay
5458s um pretty good actually so tikka kind of
5461s takes the zap uh and kind of singes
5464s through
5465s uh one wing
5467s um
5468s and zuck looks approvingly across and a
5471s huge behind tikka um the flames come
5476s roaring up behind
5478s uh to this point here
5480s uh as if pushing closer for the fight
5485s this isn't fortnight come on
5502s orange justice all over it
5506s okay you can't argue it's that
5508s all right fine
5509s fine
5510s fine
5512s i'll um
5516s uh i'm gonna take two more steps forward
5520s i'm gonna cast
5523s um
5525s god i'm gonna cast the dancing gear
5527s right behind taymor
5530s okay
5531s oh
5533s okay
5540s i hate to have to do it
5542s i hate to do this
5553s the rapier can't hit tamor
5555s taymor turns and blacks it off with his
5559s stuff and i'm just gonna
5561s use as a normal action i'm going to
5563s throw i'm going to throw my daggers do
5566s they they're too far
5569s um so they should have the range on
5571s there let's have a look i think 20 but
5573s i'll double check
5575s um oh well that's the case
5578s 20 feet
5580s uh yeah the crossbow is 30 feet but yeah
5583s you should be good from there for with
5584s the crossbow let me double check
5586s um you need to move forward one more and
5588s then you'll be fine for the crossbar
5597s uh and you're obviously
5599s put off
5601s by this huge flame behind you uh that
5604s seems to be getting ever closer at this
5606s point
5607s as the bolt flies off to one side
5611s you've not taken a hit yet
5614s um so i bat away
5616s the uh
5618s yeah the dancing raper i dodged the
5620s crossbow and i say no
5622s no tikka show me what you've been hiding
5625s and i want to run straight at him
5629s okay
5632s hold on yeah you should be able to there
5634s we go
5635s and as i run towards them
5638s i
5639s would like
5640s to go
5642s into demon form
5644s oh my god
5646s oh my god
5654s i wanted to be noted that tika just has
5656s a very
5658s very
5659s just defeated look on his face he's just
5662s it's like he's not really trying he's
5665s quiet he's not saying anything he's just
5667s kind of forlorn
5671s interesting okay
5673s haymore is upset
5675s i i want that noted as well
5678s amore is actually kind of i wouldn't say
5680s frustrated but also a little confused so
5682s she's just running at him saying why
5686s why have you been hiding this
5691s he's not speaking
5696s can i give a half-hearted flaw
5710s yeah absolutely
5712s um have you got claw or uh
5714s a normal attack or like do you want to
5717s just protect
5718s it
5719s yeah let's make a dexterity check and
5721s we'll add on wherever we need to hold on
5723s there you go
5724s um
5726s uh shift i think and click to get that
5730s well click okay
5733s i'll let it on don't worry it's fine
5735s okay sounds good it should have your
5737s ability modifier on there
5739s um so that's two
5741s um improvised weapon yeah no you don't
5744s hit you just kind of
5746s and it doesn't scrape through the armor
5749s of tikka yeah
5751s um and you two are face to face and zuk
5753s is screaming destroy each other
5758s i'm gonna pass it back
5760s it's a tikka
5766s a new hill here
5768s in your own language which i'm sure
5770s gossip can uh translate for us
5772s uh
5775s but you must
5777s you must fight or zuck will become bored
5780s and that will be the end of everything
5782s and your world will burn inflate
5790s crap
5792s all right well
5797s um i'm just gonna i'm just gonna you
5799s know shake it off a little bit and
5802s you know say we you know we have to do
5803s this but is this is i'm gonna pull out
5806s the uh
5807s what is it called
5809s let's see if we're gonna do this we're
5810s gonna do this right okay go for it
5816s destroy him
5818s do it
5820s i'm gonna
5821s pull out an old
5824s home
5825s and just say is this what you're asking
5826s about
5828s is this what's so important to you and
5830s i'm gonna flip it open
5832s and point blank cast elders glass right
5834s in your face
5836s that's my oh
5838s hey
5841s there we go there we go
5847s girl you ever see this in your pta
5849s meetings
5852s only once
5866s do anything man
5868s the eldritch blast shoots up and way
5872s past the side of uh
5874s demon form
5876s um taymor's face
5879s only on
5881s purpose i i'm sure it was
5884s yep
5886s let's go with uh just kill me just kill
5888s me already no i'm not going to kill you
5893s that's for zamar it's the only way to
5894s keep him distracted hurry up
5898s oh listen
5903s and my my voice is this deep garbled
5905s demonic
5907s you have your brain has carried us
5909s through so many different puzzles and
5910s different
5911s tracks i can't even keep out
5914s something you have i'm sure you can find
5916s a way out
5918s in the meantime i will attack you again
5919s but i'm sure i'm sure you'll feel
5920s something
5922s you'll be okay
5931s yeah exactly
5932s i'm going to
5934s raise my head and kind of like tilt my
5936s head towards the duck but like the
5938s shouting at tikka you call that an
5940s eldritch blast this is an eldritch blast
5946s reminds me of that um
5949s this reminds me of that um
5951s uh that invincible meme
5955s you're just punching me in the face
5957s fig ticket
5958s it's ticker thing
5961s do you wanna uh do you wanna put your
5962s second one as well justice oh hold on
5965s well maximum damage on that one at 10
5967s points
5968s so the the first plus just goes down
5971s into the side of t his head wait uh on
5974s to the second one
5976s that wasn't supposed to happen
5978s um
5993s okay see that one's not bad
5995s that's fine
5997s yeah that one doesn't hit
6000s so you're alright
6002s any bonus actions jaxes
6004s nope none no bonus action
6013s you are
6015s imminently ready to die
6017s you have to pull something out of the
6019s bag here
6022s god i hate this
6025s i don't like this
6027s i'm a demon i'm in furnace and i don't
6029s like it
6031s i'm a bird i'm not supposed to be here
6035s uh not even supposed to be here today
6039s i'm even supposed to i knew i should
6040s have called out of school today
6043s with the frizz
6045s in this economy
6047s no way
6048s oh my god
6051s sheesh
6057s and something tikka
6059s one attack this is just yeah in a
6061s desperate attempt to make this
6063s look um
6066s make this look
6070s i'm just gonna smash i'll just blast
6073s point blank
6075s again do it again here we go
6077s do it i'll do it again
6081s that's the first hit
6085s bards can fight
6087s yeah they sure can
6090s six points of damage to demon form tamor
6096s so down to 27 health
6100s anything else from tikka
6102s i'm gonna just take a step back
6105s it's more like a it's more like a
6107s stumble backward
6109s as you feel that kind of just on your
6111s back he's kind of having a hard time
6114s keeping himself upright
6117s oh god
6119s um now you can if you want to make
6122s go on sir
6124s i just wanted to do something but if you
6125s want him to make a
6127s throw no no no no go for it
6130s okay
6131s carol wants to thank her turkey over to
6133s myron and um
6136s say
6137s okay you can talk to each other that's
6139s fine
6141s is that well can i whisper because i
6142s don't want duck to hear me yeah
6143s absolutely yeah yeah you can walk over
6145s and whisper but that's fine yeah oh i'm
6147s just going to walk over today no worries
6148s i kind of want to brownie anyways so
6150s i'll just come to you
6151s bruh yeah she
6153s she really
6155s over here
6156s i can't move what's uh what's carol's
6158s brownie recipe okay we're making it
6162s i'll tell you if you go along with this
6164s plan of mine
6166s okay yeah for when we fight okay
6169s um yeah i have this
6171s so you have to trust me
6173s because um
6174s i kind of have to win
6176s but
6178s i have a spell
6181s that will help you
6183s not die and i can heal you back
6188s i don't know what's gonna happen here i
6190s don't know he zack's gotta kill
6192s tikka but
6194s um
6196s i have my ways just
6198s we'll figure it out
6200s make it a i want a cheesecake i don't
6203s play the brownies and
6205s and and i and and
6207s and
6208s uh
6209s uh
6210s you can carpool drive me anywhere
6212s with your with your minivan and i will
6214s carve you everywhere if you go along
6217s with okay are they going to be crystal
6219s flavored i will
6221s yes
6224s they'll have those crystals that are
6225s like crystals you know
6228s perfect
6229s okay i trust you crystals that are
6231s crystals i like it but they're the best
6233s kind of
6235s they're gonna be extra crunchy believe
6237s me you'll you'll figure it
6239s okay
6240s okay
6242s uh tamar can make an opportunity attack
6244s as tikka stumbles back
6249s with a melee weapon i don't know i could
6251s claw like a claw or stuff
6256s let's go with the dagger
6258s yeah just um i'll put a dex check in i
6261s just just use the dagger actually
6262s because that'll work it out that's fine
6266s good big bad dragon form a demon form
6269s sorry
6270s oh yeah use the dagger
6272s and then we'll see how it goes
6276s oh that's a hit
6278s no it's not sorry no it's not it's just
6280s done oh it's not got it
6282s oh no i missed it
6285s and now it shows up
6287s i know it's officially my turn no i
6288s actually have to use things oh god
6296s suck is looking over it at tikker and
6298s he's
6302s on the side of his uh of his throne
6307s you're very impatient
6313s to fight is to live
6318s oh i've been hearing that since i was a
6320s child
6321s i have a way to make this look really
6323s cool but it will kill you
6327s but also it'll be
6329s okay um
6331s you're gonna die you know what i kind of
6333s i kind of don't want to die
6341s i love how the first things that we said
6342s at the start of this tika was i'm
6344s probably gonna die and then at the end
6346s he's like i don't wanna die
6348s i don't wanna die
6351s oh boy carol yells now come on tina
6355s there's something
6363s uh
6364s actually you know what uh under the
6366s guise of confidence
6368s actually a layer of confidence because i
6370s am taymor in fact i will saunter over to
6373s him
6374s and i'm going to lightly toss one of my
6376s healing potions to him and yell out
6379s dramatically
6380s fine let's level the playing field this
6382s fight is a little too boring for my
6384s taste
6390s um
6396s well i'm just gonna i'm gonna
6398s i'm gonna give it to you you have to
6400s drink it
6401s yeah
6402s it has to be i have to live to my turn
6404s to do it
6407s well that is my that's true
6410s oh you're you're going to feed it to
6411s tikka so you're going to rejuvenate with
6414s a health potion or
6416s no no i should just just just hang on
6418s and i'm just going to pass it like i'll
6420s be like yeah let let me get um let me
6423s get a healing potion in your inventory
6424s so you can see it there cathar bear with
6426s me one second
6431s oh i'm running out of ideas
6436s kind of looks over and strokes his chin
6438s like
6440s more fighting
6442s normally i wouldn't approve but this
6446s this is a good fight
6449s so tikka
6451s now you're ten
6452s you have the potion of healing
6457s okay
6459s so
6460s i want to make
6463s can i make a
6465s history check on zuck
6469s hmm yes and jaxis will answer
6473s i will
6480s let's uh let's
6482s let's put a history check on there and
6484s see how you would also make sense
6486s because tamora would know
6488s since success ah dice please don't fail
6491s me right now please don't fill me
6495s all right that's a good that's a good do
6497s you want to know
6499s i
6501s i wanted um
6502s i want to know what kind of warrior he
6504s is
6506s oh i can answer that one
6509s like as in is
6511s he yeah i mean i can answer it too
6514s personally but
6516s sure so in game you would know that zuk
6520s is and you you can tell just from this
6522s that he's he's hugely like he's there
6526s for honor and he wants fighting like his
6530s name literally translates to champion of
6532s the fire
6533s so he's born in the fire
6535s um and he he was reborn within the
6537s killed
6538s he wants to be like the ultimate fight
6543s you know what i mean that's his that's
6544s his thing he is the champion as far as
6547s he's concerned
6550s okay
6551s well with that notion
6553s um
6555s i'm gonna i'm gonna
6558s i'm i'm i'm covered i'm riddled with
6560s holes i'm i'm bleeding from everywhere
6563s i'm gonna drop down
6565s on two knees
6567s holding my holding my wounds and i'm
6569s going to raise a claw holding up two
6571s talons
6573s and look over it zuck
6577s i am bested
6581s it's an honorable duel that i stand no
6584s chance to continue fighting in
6588s i lower the staff
6594s sook becomes angry
6597s and a fireball evaporates you down to
6599s zero health and you're not encouraged
6603s what
6606s i'm glad that wasn't me
6612s no
6613s that combat is over
6615s as tikka's lifeless body
6618s and
6619s tamor's fresh body are transported into
6621s the stands
6623s myron and carol
6625s are transported
6627s into
6630s the uh the arena there
6632s but myron i do kind of see i i do kind
6634s of know
6635s you know want to know who would win
6637s between us you know what i'm saying
6639s like it i just said like if you were to
6640s win this one i think i think you know
6643s what i think i think
6644s you know what
6646s i think yes i think i would win
6648s just because i'm better
6650s but oh i think i think there's a shot
6654s yeah okay yeah
6656s that's better
6657s roll for initiative
6660s yeah okay
6662s hold on let me
6664s screen this bad boy
6678s sorry
6682s but carol
6684s is more animated than when her child was
6687s thrown out of bandcamp right
6690s let's go ny let's see what's going on
6699s okay
6702s um oh it's my turn
6705s yeah
6715s um
6716s carol okay let me see let me see let me
6718s see
6719s is this a touch spell
6724s what's this range i'm sorry okay it's 30
6725s feet okay interesting so
6727s carol um
6729s is going to
6730s lift up her live laugh we'll live
6733s uh
6743s a shield and she's going to rush um
6749s um oh my gosh
6751s some in her spiritual weapon
6754s okay oh she's trying to look like as
6756s uh
6758s you know
6760s uh
6761s authentic as possible and she's going to
6763s put it right
6764s um where which is the side that she has
6766s her
6767s shield this side
6769s outside yeah yeah so in her left hand
6771s yeah
6772s what are you doing carol
6775s so
6775s you said uh
6777s someone the spiritual weapon right there
6780s um
6782s uh
6783s am i 30 feet from her
6787s sorry yeah
6788s i'm going to ask you as well to make a
6790s deception check
6803s should be right at the bottom
6809s oh yeah yeah no you're doing well he's
6811s deceived you've deceived sir
6815s and as i do i also want to cast beacon
6819s of hope on
6823s so oh
6826s okay she will have
6828s advantage on death saving prose
6830s also um she's kind of yells over to
6833s ten more do you know any medical fee
6837s i'm afraid you have to be within 30 feet
6840s to do that and you are outside of that
6842s range and why oh really
6844s oh okay yeah can i take it back for a
6847s little bit yeah i'll put i'll put the
6848s spell back it's fine it spells a lot the
6850s more
6851s don't worry
6853s if it is one
6859s um are you going to attack with the
6861s weapon yes and i'm deserve disadvantage
6864s because i'm trying to be i'm trying to
6865s [ __ ] foot a little bit
6869s you could give it disadvantage you want
6871s it to yeah
6880s you telepath what's going on here gossip
6883s and you just hold up your shield and it
6885s bangs in and it clangs a little bit but
6887s you know minor vibrations in your left
6889s arm nothing too bad
6892s okay
6895s i just want to look ten more in the eye
6897s i won't yell it out i'm just gonna like
6899s motion over the tikka like tend to him
6903s maybe he's
6905s cpr
6907s cpu
6909s i looked out on my huge claws
6918s one hand um
6920s give him some surface piercings
6923s yeah i guess i'm sorry i should really
6926s we should really clarify chris is is he
6929s dead dead dead dead or is he just dead
6932s he's at least unconscious
6934s yeah at least
6936s you'll find out later but for now
6938s his healing patterns and spells won't
6941s work on him sure
6943s because there's something in the air
6944s that jaxes can tell some kind of lock
6948s that's stopping all magic in the stand
6950s where you guys are at the moment
6954s so yeah uh nai when carol looks up at
6958s tamora i just looked at my claws and i
6959s kind of look at the air and i just shake
6961s my head
6964s rolls eyes
6965s okay
6967s rolls eyes that's such that's such a
6971s deep
6980s it's your turn
6982s um
6984s so what i'm gonna do because i know
6985s what's going on is that we have to keep
6987s this going we have to do this and put on
6989s the show
6993s i'm sorry carol
6995s um i'm gonna grab my sword
7001s oh no okay how do i measure
7006s yeah like that you've got it
7008s okay i figured it out you can get to
7010s that i think
7013s of 30 feet so
7018s okay
7021s i'm gonna rush in
7023s and i'm just gonna
7025s grab my sword and my shield and like get
7028s ready and i'm just gonna get her dead in
7030s the eye and just say
7031s i never liked your brownies
7036s what
7038s oh now it's sparse
7044s i'm gonna be i'm gonna be really really
7045s cheeky i'm just gonna like have my sword
7048s and i'm just gonna like spin it in my
7049s hand just being like really really like
7051s a basically a smarty pants and just be
7053s like what are you gonna do about it
7056s i'm gonna regret this
7059s if i can't go i can't go hit her because
7061s she's too far away
7067s that's it that's kind of yeah i do
7068s that's really funny
7070s uh do you want the spiritual weapon to
7072s take an attack of opportunity and why
7075s yes
7077s go fripp
7079s you know what
7082s it's not
7083s one little comment had touched her a
7085s little bit i know we're playing pretend
7087s but
7089s what's the line there
7091s is laughing
7093s 19 doesn't hit
7096s i'm afraid i'm in trouble i'm in trouble
7110s uh
7113s what are you gonna do
7115s oh carol what are you what are you gonna
7117s do carol she's gonna
7120s you know what
7122s um
7123s i don't know how great her deck says
7125s i think the only thing i can do is uh
7128s try it try to hit her with like a baby
7130s boo boo sacred flame
7135s don't be high now you're high of all
7138s times okay both times you can be nice
7140s and low now you're high mirin you've
7142s seen you've got to roll um
7145s dex check in the chat
7152s yeah you do you you zip
7154s radiance fills the air
7157s comes down smashes part of the great
7159s open
7160s nothing happens though to myron stands
7162s to one side
7163s sorry
7166s do you want to move the um the weapon
7168s again for carol
7172s can i
7173s bring it right behind uh
7176s behind myron and
7178s a baby whack yep
7181s give it a whack yeah go for it
7196s though huh
7202s a very minor four points
7206s of uh health
7208s this is an issue
7213s uh
7214s over to you
7216s this is where it gets real
7223s i don't wanna hit carol cause i deep
7225s down i love her brownies
7228s oh okay
7231s okay
7233s but this is a show
7235s zuck can feel the tension
7238s and he's
7242s has he ever considered like watching a
7244s soap opera or something instead
7247s my friends we've got plenty of shows we
7249s can recommend music
7251s i'm gonna i guess they don't get wwe in
7253s hell you know it's one of those
7256s there's no squid game down there
7258s terrible cable
7259s no squeaking
7261s oh wait
7263s uh carol
7265s uh
7269s do i want to be a jerk
7274s it kind of gives you like a whip like
7276s like a the goat certificate demands it
7280s tika wants to fly
7301s it's really a bear hug it's really
7302s intense but that's fine
7306s you um
7307s yeah this is an action so
7310s you're gonna make an athletics check
7311s contested by
7313s um either athletics or
7316s um acrobatics
7318s uh from carol so
7320s let's have you both with athletics
7322s checks
7324s please in the chat
7326s i just don't want hitter
7331s oh no
7333s oh no carol hey
7335s oh no
7338s carol just like goes wide out while you
7339s just like tackle her like
7342s um
7343s so
7344s well
7344s yeah yeah
7345s you you spear through
7348s um
7349s meaning that carol is now grappled
7353s um
7354s and
7355s speed is zero
7358s um
7361s and yeah so
7362s you've literally got carol in a headlock
7364s on the floor
7369s i was like trying not to laugh what i
7372s want to do so i got her in a headlock
7378s at the moment well while i got her in a
7380s headlock i just want to say
7389s so
7390s i'm gonna say you should have gotten
7392s some place in your bake
7402s is
7408s i don't mean it do you want to try and
7410s break the grapple cow
7412s yes
7415s you know what
7417s oh my god you guys make another
7418s athletics check
7421s oh i'm sorry sorry
7429s oh my god
7432s armadillos eyebrows what is happening
7436s i got a net 20. she got in that one
7438s no i'm getting ready that's what's
7440s happening
7442s oh this is a
7443s massacre at this point
7446s myron throws away
7448s her weapons pulls uh carol onto so her
7453s back is on to her chest
7455s and begins to choke out carol
7458s and does 27 points of damage carol is
7461s now in like an mma submission maneuver
7465s and zuck is loving it
7468s you almost broke her neck
7471s you're kind of
7473s you're choking her out at the moment
7474s with with those kinds of results with a
7477s natural 20 to a natural one that's the
7479s only thing that i can think of that
7481s makes sense
7486s oh my gosh you killed karen
7491s it's my turn
7494s myron maybe you worked retail at some
7497s point and you had to deal with someone
7498s who wanted to speak to your manager but
7500s there's a rage inside you
7506s i i feel really bad
7509s but i have to get
7514s are you gonna let go
7516s i'm gonna let i'm gonna let go of carol
7518s but i'm gonna gently like to me i'm
7521s gonna gently like toss her to the side
7522s but
7523s i'm gonna do it in a way that looks like
7525s as if i'm like literally throwing her
7527s and i'm gonna get up and grab my sword
7529s and be like i'm gonna look at her and be
7531s like get up and i'm gonna get my freddy
7533s nice nice so because of how well you did
7536s it last time i'm gonna i'm gonna say
7538s that this happens automatically and you
7541s kind of throw carol down and she kind of
7543s bang on her back so she's splayed out
7546s kind of thing there um and she's
7548s incapacitated
7550s so it's up to you what you do from here
7552s myron you can still take an attack if
7555s you want to
7558s i'm gonna look at carol
7560s just like
7561s try to communicate to her with my eyes
7563s and just be like do i do it
7566s or do we continue on with the plan
7569s because right now she's not like so hot
7572s yeah carol um kind of like
7575s look like keeps her hand and chest while
7578s she's down
7579s and she does like like i imagine myron
7581s saw the hand movement she had to do the
7583s cast um
7584s the cast beacon of hope he can have hope
7587s on myron yep she does the same thing
7590s passed it on herself
7592s and just uh
7594s kind of gives like a little nod like
7597s okay yeah we'll allow that while while
7600s you were being thrown around we'll allow
7601s you to cast that spell for sure
7603s definitely okay there you go you've got
7605s beacon of hope on yep um so myrin
7609s you're gonna step forward and do the
7610s deep
7614s okay
7617s i'm to run in and i'm just going to look
7619s at her and kind of like do like a subtle
7621s nod and i'm just going to whack
7623s crap
7627s to attacks let's go
7629s but in the process i'm just gonna say
7633s because i know how this is gonna end
7635s i'm just gonna say
7639s oh no
7641s and i'm just gonna say
7643s you shouldn't be on the pta i'm just
7646s gonna whack him
7649s i think carol goes what the hell is
7651s wrong with you i gotta thank you guys
7654s you've got
7655s carols uh incapacitated so you've got
7658s advantage so you need to
7681s uh
7682s that's a hit roll for damage
7688s never in her life as myron wanted to not
7690s hit something
7692s carol's still going
7694s how is she alive
7697s the hit comes through
7699s hits the chain mail
7701s fire in his bloodied bruised she's like
7703s arnold schwarzenegger at the end of
7705s predator and she's back up on her feet
7708s he's in the chopper
7711s get to the topic
7727s know what
7728s i'm gonna last as long as i can
7731s i'm missing
7733s a level three hear wounds on myself
7736s oh my god okay
7740s let's go chap
7743s love
7749s and then uh do you wanna attack with the
7751s spiritual weapon from behind with
7753s advantage i'm guessing from where your
7755s mouse was
7756s okay in fact i've had like
7759s i kind of whisper over to myron
7762s it hit
7763s and like kind of
7765s just making sure that zuc's entertained
7767s you know
7768s like we're keeping our
7770s uh
7771s warrior spirit and she's gonna go yeah
7773s sure
7775s guys yeah
7778s i don't know fire attack try my best
7781s i don't think my reacting anymore
7784s i know it's scary
7797s of damage
7813s a d8 that's not worked out correctly
7815s roller d8 um my m let's do what else it
7818s does
7819s okay
7820s hold on
7822s and enter
7824s nice
7825s okay another five points
7828s okay
7829s so
7830s interestingly you guys are both bloodied
7833s and bruised to about the same level
7835s right now
7836s this has become an even fight again
7838s oh boys
7841s carol
7853s i'm actually kind of afraid that she
7855s just like won't go down like i'm just
7857s like how the heck did you do that
7860s i'm just gonna
7861s oh wait let me see what you know what
7863s this is actually kind of fun i just kind
7865s of want you to just die so i'm just
7867s gonna play
7878s okay um
7879s i'm playing to my character
7882s oh my god okay
7886s okay i'm gonna look at carol i'm just
7888s gonna say and i'm just gonna wink and
7891s i'm just gonna say why don't you just
7892s stay down and i'm just gonna whack her
7894s again with my sword but this time i'm
7896s gonna give it
7900s oh boy
7902s oh
7904s great is this is this this is not
7906s advantage anymore this is regular
7910s yeah it should be
7916s that's a hit i think yep that's a hit
7922s wait
7923s how much damage does this do huh
7938s let's go for the second attack gossip
7941s i'm gonna be calling
7943s i'm gonna be so cocky and i'm so sorry
7946s carol oh my god i just want you to know
7948s like guys from gossip to ny like out of
7952s game like i love you genuinely as a
7954s person so like i'm not like this isn't
7956s like
7957s okay
7958s you're good no keep going
7960s okay i'm gonna step closer and kind of
7963s like
7965s i kind of just maintained my source
7978s she's fine she'll be fine
8004s that's enough
8005s carol falls lifeless
8008s to the floor in front of you and i'm
8010s just can i just like drop my sword and
8012s like try to help her up be like oh my
8013s god are you okay
8016s she's like
8020s i want to hold her i feel terrible
8023s you're cradling her in your arms
8026s yes and she's gone she's moved next to
8029s tikka and in her place
8031s directly
8035s no
8037s table
8039s oh god the whole demonic form of table
8044s can i heal myself please
8051s hold on let me restart that sorry guys
8054s only violence okay
8057s all right only violence roll for
8059s initiative please
8060s oh god
8063s that was really high
8070s of course
8073s and we begin the final round
8076s this is the champions fight only one of
8079s you will survive
8082s i'm sweating i'm actually sweating
8085s okay
8087s okay
8089s i
8090s want
8091s as i stand super tall in my full form
8096s i want to look down at myron and say
8099s strength through chaos
8101s red
8103s and i will
8105s use my fire breath weapon right into her
8109s face
8115s there is so many i can figure out where
8117s it is
8123s uh myron can you make a dexterity saving
8126s throw please as you become engulfed in
8128s flame you make it but you're still gonna
8131s take half
8133s nice
8135s just fine
8137s oh yeah i have to roll down
8140s oh come on
8146s i did the purpose
8162s any bonus actions for timor
8165s um
8169s i don't think you have any so i
8170s apologize asking that
8173s you've got you've got i think
8175s and they're healing potions if
8183s over to you
8186s okay
8187s um
8189s i'm gonna now you've just you've downed
8191s a friend
8193s and instantly jaxes has come in and
8196s burst you through flame
8198s i want to use um one of my healing
8201s potions to make it a little bit more
8202s even because uh that's fair
8205s if that's cool and i take a step back as
8208s i do it just because i wanted to know
8210s that's like i still want to fight you
8211s but let's make this a little bit even
8213s right let's make it a fair fight you're
8214s right so i'm gonna i'm gonna take
8217s i'm actually not gonna take a step back
8218s i'm just gonna the guy because i don't
8220s want to take attack enough opportunity
8221s because i just want to destroy her i'm
8223s going to hit this button
8229s okay
8230s um hey that's pretty good 9 points of
8233s health that is pretty good
8235s you flip it better
8237s a little bit better
8240s did you take a step back
8243s i'm not going to because i know you will
8245s take an attack of opportunity
8247s what if i promise not to
8251s trust demon
8256s you were the one who just killed one of
8257s our party members i haven't killed him
8261s i didn't kill tikka zuck kid
8266s you know how hard it was kelly terrible
8269s i loved her brownies okay i'm going to
8274s that's you've still got an action if you
8275s want to use it
8277s i do
8279s yeah that's a bonus
8284s tamor
8286s and i'm just gonna say i'm just
8289s i'm just gonna look taymor in the face
8290s and just kind of like
8292s uh wink as like a thank you and i'm just
8294s gonna say um
8296s uh
8297s we all know i'm the stronger one and i'm
8299s just gonna
8304s this is fun
8306s okay
8308s oh boy
8311s wow it's a solid yeah okay
8314s that'll hit that'll hit
8319s he's ten points now it's even now even
8323s there we go
8324s we're like
8325s does that mean your second one your
8327s second swipe gossip
8337s oh come on
8338s that's not what i meant but i said
8341s i did
8343s gossip such a mom my god wait guys i got
8346s this full like fairy tale and love thing
8348s and everybody's just like i love
8349s everyone and i'm like die
8351s okay
8353s oh okay
8356s cool
8357s 12 more points
8359s okay
8363s looks pretty bad
8367s um hey before they go on i have a
8370s question
8372s sure
8373s does my beacon of hope travel over to
8376s the stands and would i be able to make
8378s any saving girls
8381s you're okay for now
8383s i'll explain it in a minute
8385s oh okay okay
8387s yep we'll go through don't worry that's
8389s okay
8390s uh
8392s tamor it's your turn
8394s sure is
8396s ah and i will like oh i just got hit
8399s with this frost sword so it's like it's
8401s stinging man so i'll clutch one of the
8403s wounds i'll look down at her with a
8405s sneer and i'll just bear some of my big
8409s demon teeth and i'll say
8411s but can the strongest landa hit i would
8414s like to cast wall of force right where
8416s she is
8417s oh
8420s is that a staff ability
8422s it is a stair
8424s let me add it in for you
8427s yes
8428s you saved the big guns for last didn't
8430s you i sure did i've got plenty of tricks
8435s up my sleeve
8437s a magician
8439s uh always tells never shows luckily i am
8442s no magician
8445s what okay do you have that one
8448s it may have been listening line yep let
8450s me die instantly this is not one that
8452s i've just had bragging rights that i'm
8454s better
8457s i'm struggling to find it but i've got
8459s it here let me uh explain what it does
8461s do you want to roll word that's with me
8465s i wasn't expecting this for taking me
8468s off guard there so
8469s you're gonna like put this invisible or
8471s force into existence um
8474s and it's gonna be in what orientation
8476s you're gonna be like vertical like north
8478s to south or are you gonna be east to
8479s west or
8481s it's
8482s it doesn't exactly say how long it is is
8484s it like a 10 foot wall or is it
8488s 20 feet because it says uh
8491s so
8491s yeah you you at the the rain that's how
8494s far you can cast it from where you stand
8497s um sure you can form it into
8499s like uh like a dome with a radius of up
8502s to 10 feet or it can be a flower this
8505s made up of a foot by 10 foot panels so
8508s it's up to you really
8510s um
8513s yeah yeah can i make it
8515s around me
8517s a dome around you
8518s okay yeah we can do that
8520s let's see if i can just get this quicker
8523s i don't know what's going on there
8524s that's weird oh i was trying to get it
8526s from a that's really good well done
8528s chris yeah good job
8530s i was trying to get it from the wrong
8531s menu why isn't wall of force
8534s in with the items oh okay because it's a
8537s spell good job
8539s um
8541s there you go it's in there now
8544s okay
8545s so yeah
8548s okay
8550s and it will then
8552s uh
8553s it kind of it has a line
8556s so i'm going to put it right here
8558s yeah
8559s so you're placing one within it or
8562s yourself
8564s um
8565s i am placing myself within the dome but
8567s it's going to be uh the dome is in her
8570s space so it knocks her back
8573s oh
8574s so she's gonna be outside
8577s yes
8580s so like that
8582s yeah just like that
8585s okay no i've got you
8587s um okay
8590s so i guess myron you've been knocked
8594s back and you're kind of on your backside
8597s um
8601s and you're just pushed back a little bit
8603s so you can't reach tamor
8605s because taymor is within this visible
8616s now i'm stressing
8617s okay
8621s okay what i'm gonna do
8623s i'm gonna pick myself up
8625s the dust bottle flop
8627s let me grab my weapon again and be like
8632s i'm gonna say
8635s really is that all you got and try to
8637s run in
8639s oh i'm going to try to run quarter with
8642s the sword
8644s and
8645s but
8647s yeah
8649s but then it's going to be like when i
8650s was
8651s like
8654s do it just for laughs do it just a lot
8655s that would be funny i'm gonna that's why
8657s i'm doing it i'm doing it just for
8658s laughs i'm gonna run right now
8663s and you get knocked back to there
8665s um and you kind of him pull straight
8667s back onto your backside um
8670s i'm gonna roll a d4 to see how much how
8672s many scrapes you get from that
8677s so two points of health are taken off of
8679s you
8684s get back up but that's the end of your
8686s turn because you've been knocked down
8689s table well
8691s yep
8692s this was uh
8694s that was the plan that was about it
8698s i didn't know i would make it this far
8700s either
8701s um
8703s you know what i kind of want to do for
8704s laughs
8705s i know there is two of us
8707s i want to do something for laughs as
8708s well
8710s can i
8711s use
8713s another staff spell i'm sorry to make
8715s you have to look this one up but i want
8717s to cast levitate on myron
8720s no
8733s we do a little bit of trolling here
8734s ladies and gentlemen
8736s should be in your spell book second
8738s level
8739s right
8741s she needs to make a constitution saving
8743s check then
8745s fail
8752s oh actually hang on let me target my oh
8754s i rolled it i'm sorry oh you did no
8756s you're good okay you succeed
8760s you're fine
8761s i just thought that would be funny if i
8763s made you
8765s fly prayed to the lava amid everything
8771s so you you kind of feel your feet trying
8772s to be pushed up and you you just kind of
8775s stamp
8776s myron myron stamps down and like nothing
8780s is moving them up
8783s okay byron it's your turn i want to see
8785s more tricks i got more tricks
8788s silly rabbit i'm gonna you however seem
8792s to be running out
8801s except for smashing things i'm going to
8803s stand up i'm going to grab my stuff and
8806s i'm going to look at my mega tricks i'm
8808s gonna
8808s i guess that's fair
8813s am i what is this
8815s invisible
8818s just putting yourself in a cage
8820s um
8821s what is this wild forest made out of is
8822s it invisible is it made out of
8824s plexiglass is it made out of glass is it
8826s made out of love what's it made out of
8830s uh it's made made out of the the nine
8833s hells uh for most likely knowing table
8836s um so it's a magical won't work um
8839s it's an invisible wall of four so
8841s throwing something against it will
8843s bounce off sure
8846s so hitting it with a hammer will be dumb
8848s um
8850s there's only one thing that i think that
8852s you could do here
8855s if you'd like me to suggest it
8857s you too and it has to be you both
8861s both
8862s yeah well yeah i don't want to give an
8864s unfair advantage to gossip
8868s i do have an idea as well
8872s are you thinking i'm thinking
8874s i don't know what you're thinking
8875s actually i can't read your mind yeah no
8878s are you okay with me giving the
8879s suggestion jax
8882s i was gonna i think chris may be
8884s thinking what i'm thinking gossip do you
8886s want to hear what chris is thinking
8887s because i kind of want to hear what
8888s chris is thinking yeah
8890s because i think what he's thinking is
8892s what i'm thinking
8893s your sword's magical
8896s that's the only magical thing that you
8898s have
8898s magic can travel through
8901s so how is this going to give up but your
8903s options sound much better
8906s you could throw the weapon in
8909s um
8912s or you could touch it to a crossbow bowl
8914s and then see if the ice carries through
8918s which because it'll be magical the bolt
8921s won't be magical so
8923s it's 50 50. we have to see how it played
8926s out with a check or something like that
8928s or alternatively you could throw your
8930s long sword at table
8933s so here's a question
8936s that would be funny
8939s i
8940s how close is she to the wall itself
8943s like is she like
8945s like yeah yeah she's put them
8952s the problem is that your sword is
8954s magical
8955s but
8956s if you put it through
8958s how are you then gonna get it back like
8960s because
8962s it's only the effect frost effect so
8964s if you had enough force behind it you
8966s might be able to throw the magic through
8969s we'd have to work that out somehow with
8971s some kind of test
8973s um
8974s but even if you swiped at it
8977s you you would
8979s i would think that it's too much because
8981s your hand might slip through and your
8983s hand would bounce back immediately
8989s let's see what other weapons i have
8991s before i become
8994s i've got a handcrafter
8996s that's true
8999s i do have a crossbow
9003s it's not magical
9005s but i can't
9006s ping off it
9009s you know what i'm gonna full send this
9011s because i'm just gonna tell you what
9013s byron's gonna be
9014s i'm gonna do
9017s gonna it my shield
9019s i'm gonna take my
9021s long sword i'm gonna hold it like a
9023s javelin
9026s do it and i'm just gonna find i'm just
9028s gonna
9030s right into her chest
9032s oh boy
9034s let's uh let's see how this deck check
9036s works out
9043s i wanted to kill her you get the wrong
9045s angle
9047s and the sword ends up
9049s over there
9052s i'm going to run into it i'm looking
9054s forward to that to work yeah i'm running
9056s to it can i run today because i still
9057s have movement
9058s your hand would have knocked you on your
9061s ass at that point because the force of
9063s the has knocked you down
9065s so you're on the floor
9067s maybe
9068s around where you are let's say
9072s i'm wrong
9078s and we're going to pass it to tame
9081s okay
9084s cool
9086s i have
9087s so many plans it's incredible like too
9090s many
9091s count right now all every single plan in
9094s the book
9095s i have those books
9097s and then all the plans in the books like
9099s i have them that's that's the situation
9101s right there
9103s i'm screwed i have nothing i don't know
9105s what to do
9106s uh actually i kind of the problem is i
9108s have all the points
9110s i know i have a lot of plans but i don't
9112s know which plan to go after um
9117s i kind of want to see you try that again
9120s because i think that would be that's
9121s really sweet of you that's true
9123s friendship
9124s what if i
9126s take an action
9128s down a healing potion
9131s you can take a bonus action to heal yeah
9134s use a healing potion sure
9140s oh my gosh
9142s six points of healing
9145s okay spaghetti
9147s and you're still in your demon as well
9150s i sure am
9151s which means i have a whole another
9153s health food
9154s i would like to
9162s i am
9163s i am myron
9165s i could kill you in an instant i hope
9167s you know
9168s you stand no chance
9171s but i have an idea and i'm yeah i'm
9174s going to go ahead and talk to you
9175s through the wall like you can still hear
9176s me it's just a force field
9178s myron i have a plan it would take us
9181s both out instantly
9184s we would not give zuck the satisfaction
9187s but we wouldn't be able to see the
9188s outcome
9193s that's fair
9195s i kind of don't want to kill you anyways
9196s i feel like we are kind of good woman
9199s although i would love to just win
9202s but
9204s as long as we say that i'm the best one
9206s i'm just kidding let's do it well hang
9208s on hey hang on now i'm good
9212s yeah hang on
9217s tell you what if you can
9220s why don't i get the this horse look down
9222s and you
9224s you get me out of demon form
9227s good
9230s heal
9232s i'd like to dissipate while the force
9236s show
9238s it is gone now you have the attention
9244s you had my curiosity now you have my
9246s attention
9247s and i i kind of nod my head smoothly
9249s over to the sword on the ground
9257s since it's now your turn myron you can
9259s go and get the sword if you want to
9262s i would like to say for the sake of
9264s brevity you you
9266s you go over and you pick it up you stand
9268s back where you were how's that
9270s beautiful
9272s and i'm just gonna whack the heck out of
9274s her again
9275s do it
9276s okay
9280s i'm
9280s sweating
9282s bro
9284s me too but i'm also wearing a giant coat
9286s so
9287s yes
9291s that's a hit
9292s okay that'll hit
9300s still in demon form
9302s oh yeah you had a second
9305s sorry second attack
9313s oh yep
9315s that'll hit
9324s there's the pace
9327s that takes place he is
9329s paying more back
9331s yeah and he takes another 13 points off
9336s so you guys are now
9338s neck and neck on health so the the first
9342s kind of gets tame or down ah snarling
9345s back and the second one
9347s knocks down and suddenly with a flash of
9349s smoke back to her original form
9352s and more and is streaked across one
9354s cheek as it drips down onto the floor
9357s yep
9358s now it's tamar's turn
9362s myron
9364s and i extend my clawed hand
9366s it's been an honor
9369s i'm gonna reach out and take it and take
9371s a deep breath because i know exactly
9373s what's about to happen
9376s i'm gonna do something different
9378s it's
9379s a car that i've kept in my bag this
9382s whole time i've been waiting for this
9384s exact month to use it
9387s i would like to
9389s while arm-in-arm with myron i'm going to
9391s raise my staff chris and i'm going to
9394s strike it across the ground and break it
9397s in half and i'm going to cast
9398s retributive
9402s uh i will import that for you bear with
9404s me
9406s look at his face is like
9409s yep so what this does it's basically a
9411s self-destruct i release every charge in
9414s the staff all at once in a giant magical
9417s explosion
9419s oh okay
9421s yep
9422s we're going out
9435s so you guys so
9438s myron wraps her arms around your waist
9441s you grab the staff and you throw it down
9444s everything goes black for everyone
9448s in your minds all four of you here
9452s very well
9453s it appears that a worthy opponent has
9456s appeared anyway
9459s and you are taken to
9463s the cathedral where you all wake up
9467s the generals are around
9471s i'm still holding myron
9475s yeah myron and you are still cuddling
9478s okay
9482s the general you you're all awake
9485s everyone's alive everyone's conscious at
9487s least and the generals tell you that now
9490s the real battle must begin
9492s for the heroes of guilenore have arrived
9496s to fight with zuk
9499s now that is where our four adventurers
9503s adventure ends
9505s but
9506s if you'd like to see more
9508s please take part in the older god wars
9510s i'm
9511s think for this session because it's the
9512s last of four and i'm a little emotional
9515s with everything we should ask each of
9516s you to uh say a little something
9519s something at the end
9520s um obviously jagex thank you so much for
9523s the opportunity to show our adventures
9525s in this world i hope that all of our
9526s viewers have enjoyed it i will pass it
9528s round first to jaxis
9531s okay
9532s i guess we're starting off here
9534s yeah i guess i just have to thank you
9536s viewers so much
9537s for
9538s watching because um it's been an
9541s incredible experience i know we've tried
9543s this before and i've hoped that you've
9545s enjoyed the adventures of taymor and
9547s crew
9548s because that was our name officially we
9550s decided on it at the beginning we just
9551s it was off camera though you didn't see
9553s it it was
9554s a morning crew
9555s um
9556s hey yeah if you know you enjoyed us
9558s check out our various others channels
9561s our art channel in response tonight um
9564s and they'll tell you more about that it
9566s has been an honor to be here and i'm
9568s excited to see
9570s where the god words go from here thank
9572s you
9574s okay uh ny channel over to you
9578s all right
9579s thank you so much for allowing us to
9582s come on here it's been so fun being able
9585s to play
9587s a campaign that actually directly
9589s affects um some moments in game
9593s and
9593s just
9594s the opportunity to do so is just a
9597s blessing if one might say
9599s so
9600s thank you so much again mike jackson
9602s said you know her
9604s uh
9604s ads are down below and um
9607s yeah i can't thank you enough for
9610s watching thank you so much i hope you
9611s had a great time nazi you should try out
9614s dnd amazing game
9619s gosco
9621s um i just want to say thank you i've
9624s been playing dandy for a while and able
9625s to do something like this with runescape
9627s has been nothing but just amazing and
9630s awesome and just humbling to be picked
9632s out of everybody you know and um i've
9635s learned a lot no about the game but even
9637s more so i've gained some really cool
9639s friends out of it so at the end of the
9640s day you know um this has been one hell
9643s of an adventure so i really do
9645s appreciate it thank you so much
9646s runescape for
9647s for picking us to be a part of it i hope
9649s you guys had fun uh please you know if
9652s you guys you know
9653s check out our channels we're all goofy
9654s we're all wholesome so thank you so much
9656s again
9659s and finally kathar who's had to be
9661s silent for so long
9663s final words from you poor guy
9666s first to die what did you forget here
9671s hey didn't we have a fourth party member
9673s never
9674s yeah
9676s i didn't have a fourth party number we
9677s just had chicken dinner
9680s oh um
9682s it's just
9683s this is a total blast
9685s uh
9686s i
9687s i'm new to d d but familiar and um it
9690s was just great getting to play like
9692s official dnd on this really awesome
9694s software with amazing dm
9697s and of course three
9699s brand new friends as far as i'm
9701s concerned um
9703s whether thank you again jagex for the
9705s opportunity to do this
9707s and um
9709s you this won't be the last time you see
9710s the four of us together
9714s this is true sure well look matt thanks
9716s again from
9717s dog code or uk for allowing jagex to
9719s give us this opportunity to show this
9721s adventure
9722s dnd is fantastic
9724s um please enjoy it and make sure you
9726s enjoy runescape and all the other great
9728s games that jagex putting out at the
9730s moment and we hope to see you all again
9732s soon thank you so much goodbye everybody
9735s bye
9737s bye strength through chaos
9740s samurai has been shipped
9746s you