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Just because the news post worded it like you can only get these auras from bonds, in this case, doesn't mean it's true. You can earn each of these auras in game.

Mahjarrat aura can be purchased from death for 1,000 reaper points. [~50-60 reaper tasks; 50 would be a 20 point average per task] EDIT: As pointed out below, the wiki has a good page to check the maths on whether it's better to spend bonds on this or reaper points.

Desert Pantheon can be earned by obtaining 2,000 fragments total by playing shifting tombs. [2-3 hours of shifting tombs depending on the tombs you get/speedy navigation iirc]

Dwarven Instinct can be earned from the Artisan's Workshop rewards for a total of 200% respect (2 pieces each costing 100% respect). [~2m smithing experience]

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The wording was updated to remove this statement. Apologies for that.