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33 RS3 Videos to Watch from the Month of June


Hello folks, I think some of the reddit folks remember my post from a few months ago which was a list of all the currently active RS3 YouTube Content Creators (which has already changed since some people have become active again), if you haven't here is the link. I had previously posted a similar spotlight post of some of the best RS3 videos for the Month of May and the earlier months of the year which are linked in the previous months post and have created a brand new list for the Month of June

These are my opinions on what I consider some of the best videos of the month and I will provide the title of the video, the name of the creator, a summary of the video and the link of said video.

These videos will be listed based on the alphabetical order of the titles and is not a ranking guide since some of these videos are basically raw and unpolished. Please note a majority of these creators do not make RS3 Content as a profession and they post these videos as a passion project for the game we all enjoy and play, RuneScape 3. If you enjoy any of these videos, please like, comment and subscribe to whichever Creators you enjoyed.



10 Hours of AFK/Low Effort Living Wyverns (Full Guide) | RS3


A short and simple video by Sarahdominist who has transitioned over into the RS3 Video Creation Scene from her Streams. In this video she showcases her set up that enabled her to kill Living Wyvrens for 10 hours and the big loot tab after completing said feat. It’s a short and simple video with great breakdowns without being overly complicated and also has a great thumbnail.

Video Link



50 Hard Clues [42:49] [WR]


Pup is a man with many talents is all I can say. Every month I have him in some different category since he's just that good at RuneScape 3. In this video, he showcases his talents at speedrunning 50 Hard Clues in 42 minutes and 49 seconds. He thinks it can be even faster and knowing him, he's probably right.

Video Link



50 master [WR] – 1:11:45 and 25 master PB – 34:19 – rs3


This month we had the big Clue Chaser Mass Opening Event and with that I saw a multitude of videos about Clue Content in general. In this video Phyzzix showcases his talents at Speedrunning 50 Master Clues in 1:11:45 which is considered as the World Record for this feat but with how fast and better the records have been improving, this might be a short-lived World Record.

Video Link



500% solo Zamorak with melee 1 defence


A lot of people love challenging the Combat in RuneScape 3 and Mik is one of those who does it with a 1 Defence Account. As the title dictates, he beats a 500% Zamorak (Not utilizing Necromancy since he believes it’s a bit too easy) with Melee. After many attempts this video showcases the run and even includes a few of the failed attempts he had in trying to achieve this crazy feat.

Video Link



6:09 2k solo

dedi kz

On Twitter/X, there is a Twitter Account that goes by the name of PvM Records which showcase all the PvM Records that get broken in RuneScape 3 frequently. This account is just the tip of the iceberg where they have a fully dedicated website and discord which tracks of all of the information along with showcasing every single category and who holds those Records. This record by Dedi is beating Zamorak with 2K enrage with a time of 6:09. Now despite seeing all these feats, I honestly have no idea what they're doing and how they're doing these insane PvM feats since I am a PvM scrub. All I can do is appreciate it since it just seems awesome that people can play the game at such a high level.

Video Link



Can We Make A Bond (140m) & Escape Free To Play RuneScape 3 With F2P Money Making? Escaping FTP EP 1


Our resident expert of all the unique money makers is at it again. In the great debacle of rising Bond Prices, Mr Meep272 has challenged himself to a new video series which is implied in his title. This is obviously the first video in his series but the series is an excellent watch of all the things a Free To Play Player has to deal with in order to make enough money to make it into Members and the different challenges they deal with as a Brand New Account.

Video Link



Dealing with Scarabus – RuneScape 3 [Blind Ironman] (Episode 44)


Marstead is iconic for his MMO Video Essays if you haven't heard of him and has done an excellent one for Old School RuneScape. He will fully play through an MMO and then do a Comprehensive Video Essay over the full completion of the game and describe the strengths and weaknesses of the game with clear examples. Currently he is going through RuneScape 3 and covers every single quest, gameplay and any pertinent content for what he thinks is adequate for a single hour episode. In this episode he goes through 3 different quests and some other progression elements then gives his insight on each of the subject matter. This is not the video essay itself but simply his current progression through the game since he plays a lot of different MMOs.

Video Link



Deranged | RuneScape 3 Taskman Mode – Part 18


If I could add a new category for the Golden Gnomes for Funniest RS3 Creator, I would have to go with Jake. His editing style and humor are just top tier and when you combine it with the Taskman playstyle? You get one of the funniest content series that an RS3 viewer can watch. In this video he reminisces about his past and showcases his happiness in getting a certain new shark that is legally distinct.

Video Link



DG – 3 Large, 1 Overload

Dat James

Normally I would always include a new record that one of the Dungeoneering Speedrunners has broken since they're always breaking records every month, but this month’s video is a bit different. This video showcases Dat James and his team’s ability to clear 3 dungeons with 1 overload dose which lasts 6 minutes. An impressive feat that requires both insane pathing and understanding of Dungeoneering mechanics.

Video Link



Early Game Slayer Is BROKEN Now! - RS3 HCIM #3

Kritya RS

Kritya is one of the best Narrators and Story Tellers in RuneScape 3. He has started a new HCIM series that is a delight to listen to and I think a lot of us should be quite happy he's making great RuneScape 3 content again. Now onto this video, Kritya is extremely knowledgeable about the Ironman game, and he showcases a brand new and overpowered slayer training method for the early game which didn't exist over a year ago on his Hardcore Ironman.

Video Link



Full Daemonheim Dig Site guide


Protoxx has and probably will always be one of RuneScape 3's Best Guide Makers, especially regarding the new content releases. With the release of the new Daemonheim Digsite, the man visually displays and indicates every aspect of how to complete all the new items/achievements for this visually stunning area in a comprehensive guide video.

Video Link



Goals and Day 1 | Extreme One Chunk Ironman RS3 #1

Bean RS

Last month I had showcased Captain Smash but he has a friendly neighbor in his same chunk but this man is playing the Extreme version of the Chunkman playstyle in RuneScape 3. In this video Bean's has showcased a similar start but starts with some of the stuff he's theory crafted that his friendly neighborhood has yet to begin. Personally, I've just enjoyed his inner monologues and his insightful historical knowledge about a lot of the different aspects of why certain things are as is in RuneScape 3.

Video Link



HIDDEN for years beneath Daemonheim? RuneScape’s Greatest threat, RS3 Shadow God Wars is coming!

Prideslayer RS

In my opinion one of RuneScape 3's greatest strengths is its lore while I also think that some of the best content on YouTube is watching Theory videos about content you like. Well, this is the video for you if you like either or in this carefully crafted theory video of what lies below the surface of Daemonheim. With references and quotes from a variety of sources Mr Prideslayer showcases his research in this really well documented theory video.

Video Link



Hostilius, the devourer


Gawkie has done it again. Inspired by what may be lurking below Daemonheim with the latest Digsite release, Gawkie has created a Musical composition about the infamous Hostilius. Unfortunately, his story is short lived due to him getting whooped by Zamorak on Infernus. However, this musical piece embraces the viciousness of what may be one of the most dangerous Demons of all time. Video Link



How to Play and Solve Towers Puzzles (Sudoku-like Numbers Brain Game)


One of the most unique videos of this month is by Jasper72 and it’s about the iconic Towers puzzle in Master Clues that most non plugin clue chasers hate. In this video he showcases how to solve it with a whole bunch of tips and tricks, but the big thing is he has made an app for this puzzle game and is currently developing it by himself. It’s an interesting watch and I recommend it for anyone who wants to improve and be able to do this clue step by themselves or just challenge themselves.

Video Link



I haven’t been to these Bosses in YEARS (TileGame 2)


Tile Game is a Challenge format PvM video. If you missed his first video for this, it might be a bit confusing, but the idea is that he has an auto generated board which has a variety of boss items/feats he must do as a result of rolling a dice. It’s a very unique way to play the game and makes you do content you haven’t done in over several years. I highly recommend checking this out if you’re interested in this concept since he has made this Tile Game Board through a program that autogenerates the tiles for the Challenge. If your interested, you might want to join his Discord for more information.

Video Link



Learn Hard Mode Arch-Glacor With A Novice PvMer || RuneScape 3 ||


UprisingRS was a long time mobile RuneScape player and has recently shifted over to the PC version of RuneScape 3. In doing so, he's had to re-hardwire himself on how to do everything which includes how to do anything combat. In this excellent tutorial, he as a novice at PvM too, explains all the mechanics and how he deals with the various situations he ends up in, in a very simple and followable guide for Hardmode Glacor.

Video Link



Longest Dungeoneering Grind | Nobanque #8 (RS3 UIM)

Sick Love

So RuneScape 3 has a lot of UIM Creators, however among all these creators is probably one of RuneScape 3's greatest editors, Sick Love. In his final homage to the iconic Daemonheim of days past, he grinds out the last of his big grinds for the Dungeoneering unlocks that would massively help for his Nobanque Locked Ironman. If there's anyone who will become a massive creator in the future, I would keep my eyes on this guy as one of the folks most likely to do that.

Video Link



Master Clue Guide 2024 with Tips & Tricks!


Zingstah is one of the most famous Clue Chasers in RuneScape 3. The reason is because he is one of the closest players to completing the Master Clue Log since he's never received a duplicate Second Age item and has a total of 6 of them along with getting an Orlando Smith as of the Big Clue Opening that happened on 06/29/2024. In this video, he showcases a lot of the different tips and tricks he has on how to do Master Clues much more efficiently and explains how he approaches a lot of the different Clue mechanics which he's attempted to optimize.

Video Link



Mod Zura is COOKING – RS3 Quests Writing Diverse and impactful characters – Saving RuneScape Podcast

Prideslayer RS

Mr Xau Tuk fanatic (aka Prideslayer) has done it again and gotten us a JMod Zura interview! In this video there's a lot of interesting topics that get covered like what direction is Moia's storyline developing towards and where she currently is to how to design content that evokes an emotional response when you quest. It’s an interesting video that really gives us an insight in some of the fun ways we might be getting content from Mod Zura in the near future.

Video Link



My Next Adventure..

The RS Guy

In the biggest news of the month, we find out that The RS Guy has a big new adventure. Yes, getting married is a big new adventure (and congratulations to both of you) but that's not the one we're talking about in this video. In this memory trip filled video, he showcases his growth as a creator and passion for the game he has been playing and making content for the past 10 years. At the end he tells us the big news that everyone who reads this most likely knows already; that he has become a Creator Jagex Moderator. Now we don't know what this new role means just yet, but I hope The RS Guy, no Mod RS Guy can hopefully bring about some great changes to the Creator Scene.

Video Link



New AFK Dungeoneering Meta – up to 1 million xp/hr


The Dungeoneering AFK Meta has changed completely. With the release of Daemonheim's Digsite release, Dungeoneering has evolved past the The Hole and Leeching as its best AFK method to get experience. Our resident Dungeoneer Loving YouTuber Qp RS showcases the new method and how to utilize it to get even more experience if you have the right things unlocked.

Video Link



OSRS player Tries RS3 – Why all the Hate?

The Mahano

It’s always nice to see OSRS players who haven’t touched RS3 for a long time come into the game with a fresh new mindset about the game they used to play in their childhood. In this video we follow The Mahano who is open about his return and enjoys a lot of the new different quality of life changes that have made RuneScape 3 as it is now. A bit confusing for sure regarding the things that aren't explained as well in the two tutorials he goes through; he still genuinely enjoyed the game in his ending remarks. It’s a great watch for anyone wanting to hop back in from OSRS and have a reference of how the current game works.

Video Link



RuneScape 3, But I have a Single Inventory Slot

Dr Funk Md

Dr Funk has tried out Settled's classic miniseries concept in RuneScape 3. Now he may be a bit rusty in his mechanical capabilities at bosses, but he has done high end bossing only in RuneScape 3 and that was quite a while back. In this theory crafting heavy video you can listen and follow along while he tries to challenge himself with one of the hardest restriction styles and see the dilemmas or problems, he has with trying to achieve the feat of beating Zuk with a single inventory spot.

Video Link



RuneScape, but it’s hard mode (#1)


Every month there's always a few great new Ironman series that starts fresh in RuneScape 3. For this month we followed Lukeinstew who has almost maxed on his main accounts for both RuneScape 3 and Old School and wanted a new challenge. The great editing and narration are something that definitely hooks the viewer and probably one of the best user interfaces I’ve seen from a video creator in RuneScape 3.

Video Link



RuneScape Summer [FashionScape Showcase #4]


Crystal is generally one of the busiest creators in RuneScape 3. From leading the FashionScape Discord, hosting and participating in multiple events, streaming and even then, occasionally posting FashionScape Videos about the Seasonal Events. The video in question is about all the new and old cosmetics that you can receive at the Beach Summer Event along with a Fashion Showcase that shows both her favorite male and female clothing combinations.

Video Link



The Arch Arc has begun! | Legalocked Ep.13 – Legacy Locked Ironman RS3

Rheyo RS

It’s been a hot minute since we've received a new video by the iconic Rheyo in his Legacy Locked series. Rumors from his social media page allude to him being much further ahead content wise but this video is a memento for his late dog buddy, BC. The video itself is simple and sweet where he's in his long archaeology grind of the series for some amazing unlocks for his account.

Video Link



The Double Golden Reaper – Episode 8 – Praesul Insanity


Having received his first Golden Reaper Title over 3 years ago on his main, Cyruss is running it back on his new Ironman to be the first player with two accounts with this unique title. If you’re a PvM guy or a progression series video watcher, I would highly recommend this video due to how well edited and scripted this series is. If you have plans to make a high end PvM series, please take notes since I don’t think anyone in RuneScape 3 currently competes with this series.

Video Link



The Morytania Campaign | The Rise & Fall of Morytania | Ep. 3 #rs3 #rslore


LetsDiscussRS continues his Morytania Lore Origins in this video which documents the land of Morytania post the fall of Hallowvale. The video covers the newfound power of the Vampyres and their influence in the uncontested lands along with wrapping it up with the tragic story of the Barrow Brothers.

Video Link



These Boss Fights Make RuneScape Unique


Still getting in the groove of making Video content Edimmuz talks about one of the most unique contents in gaming that can only be seen in both versions of RuneScape. I don’t want to spoil the content of the video since it’s a fun listen, but the video is unique in that it’s a response to questions being posed by Jmods from the month of June where they posed a certain question on social media. Edimmuz commentary and enthusiasm are all top tier and if you want someone to listen to who’s good at storytelling, this is someone I highly recommend.

Video Link



This Aura & Ring Changes Necromancy! – New BEST in Slot?

Init Yeah

Init Yeah is always making new videos that cater to the new or returning player base and in this video, he showcases one of the new ways to pump up the Necromancy combat damage. Initially not viewed as the overpowered and clear dominant choice for Necromancy, he showcases that the new ring and a certain aura make for a powerful combination and could actually be best in slot due to some very unique synergies.

Video Link



Top 10 Unique Accounts on RuneScape 3


One of the most interesting videos of this month is this curated list of the potentially best players in RuneScape 3. You might think of Zezima and S U O M I when you think of the peak players of RuneScape days of old but this list showcases the truly crazy modern day players. Number one might be an obvious guess for those who have been following the last several years but this list explains why these people are on the list irrespective of the normal HiScores that currently exists. If Jagex adds a future list showcasing every single thing achievable in RuneScape 3, expect these folks to dominate the true HiScores. If you enjoyed this video, Alex has created a second video that you can find on his YouTube channel of some of the other most unique players in RuneScape 3.

Video Link



Walk Animations Overrides | RuneScape | FashionScape Showcase (Female Outfits)

Wings of Absurdity

If you've been on the Subreddit in this past month or part of the RS Wiki Team, this video probably was definitely a highlight of June. Once again improving on her editing skills since her last FashionScape video, Wings of Absurdity has added a neat new graphic interface that showcases all the items she's wearing which you can see in all her newer videos of this month and in this video for the first time. However, that's not even the biggest highlight of the video, she showcases all the different Walk animations in RuneScape 3 that even the Wiki doesn't include with fashionable combinations that go with it. I liked a few of the outfits but I actually liked the song tracks she pulled from the game quite a bit this time, particularly Scape Jazz and Tribal, and for the outfits Parcel Delivery Woman and The Returning Adventurer were my personal favorites. If you like her videos, please do comment and subscribe, those help the most for the smaller content creators we have.

Video Link



Older Videos and Special Shoutout Videos

Not part of the monthly list of new videos but I still want to give shoutouts to some of the most iconic and best videos that I have seen over the years that people may have forgotten about in the context of a 20+ year old game. Some might be very new videos or they can be some classics. Enjoy.



level 3 defeats TzTok-Jad on rs3 (fight caves guide) – world record for RuneScape 3


In RuneScape 3, we've gone through multiple different eras of the game and in one of those eras a community named the 1 Defence Community was formed. Definitely past their glory days these folks are still limit testing the modern day RuneScape version of the game with every new boss/item release for their unique accounts. In this month, we go back where MinMaximust takes on the infamous Level 3 account that beats Jad in RuneScape 3 as a world first. Rumors are he's planning to cook up more fun stuff now that he's improving on his editing skills with his Strength Pure account and has been hard theory crafting with the 1 Defence community to take on some new feats.

Video Link



RSMV - Numb

RSMV - 2024

One of my recent goals when watching a lot of the older content was trying to find a modern day RuneScape Music Video or also known as RSMV. These were very popular videos in the early days of RuneScape Content Creation Days from 2007-2012 roughly and you can find a lot of them when searching YouTube. This particular video is made by a group of people who had made RSMV's when they were younger and as a fun joke, came back to the game to make one more for old times’ sake. Read the full description in the video for more information and enjoy this modern music masterpiece of a genre that has long disappeared in RuneScape History.

Video Link



If you think I missed any other videos, feel free to post them down below in the comments. Oh, and I was allowed to link to my Twitter/X since I also do a Daily RS3 Video to Watch on that platform where I showcase a new video of any RS3 Content Creator. Some of those won’t make it on the list but every day there is always a brand-new video and I am trying to see if I can get to 100 days without repeating a creator or missing a day as a fun challenge. Twitter Link

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