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1s hey everyone mod Lee here coming at you
3s from the beach behind lumbridge Castle I
5s felt like I've done a pretty good job
7s recapping the patch notes lately and
9s deserve a little holiday break and what
11s better place to do that than at the
13s beach event I mean there's so many fun
15s things to do here they have coconut shy
18s to train ranged hook a duck to train
20s Hunter bodybuilding to train strength
23s Sand Castle Building to train your
25s construction you can pick coconuts off
27s of palm trees to train farming catch
30s tropical trout at the Rock waterfall to
31s train fishing chop and Grill up fish to
34s train cooking and of course the hole you
38s know the place to train your dung
39s engineering skill the dunge engineering
41s hole anyways you can even enjoy some
43s nice refreshing cocktails here as well
46s ones that you won't regret in the
47s morning these actually help you while
50s Skilling on the beach offering various
52s benefits depending on which one you
53s drink like George's Peach Delight will
55s Aid you while Sand Castle Building it'll
58s give you a 10% XP increase you can
60s shovel sand 60 times before needing to
63s rest and your temperature gauge won't
65s increase for 15 minutes between the
68s Skilling the picture taking
69s opportunities the beach chairs this
72s place is a perfect way to spend your
74s summer in gillor oh and hey do you like
77s this new pet I got her name is claudi
79s and I got her from killing Claudia the
81s boss that spawns here once every hour at
83s the 45-minute Mark even if you don't get
86s the pet right away Claudia can give you
88s tons of great rewards from being Beach
90s Cosmetics to more cocktails it's pretty
93s awesome and speaking of pets if you like
96s Skilling pets thanks to the latest patch
98s notes you can even earn them here while
100s Skilling at the beach well I'm going to
103s get back to relaxing and gaining some XP
105s maybe check out the hole who knows but I
108s hope to see you all here at the beach
111s anyways until next time I'm mod Lee and
114s I hope you all enjoyed