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Spoilers for the elder god wars quest line so far

Saw some thing about the blood bank from Wahisietel on twitter:

???: Time to die to time to die...
???: A cold front is coming.
???: The roots claim the dead.
???: Red and black and black and red.
He says this directly after those. If there's a fifth front, I wonder who this could be referring to... ???: They will all betray you.

Obviously, first two are references to kerapac and arc glacor of Jas and Wen fronts. There have been hints that Bik will be next

and this also seems to confirm this, as Bik is associated with plantlife, earth, and organic matter. This will leave ful as the fourth and final front with a boss fight... Or will it?

Both god wars dungeons so far include a fifth boss that requires having already fought the first four, with the frozen key to get to nex and sigil to get to telos. Who stands to be betrayed on a scale of elder-god propotions? Us? Will zaros come back and claim the power of the eggs for himself? We saw how the power of the stone of jas had all the gods at each other's necks in sliske's end game. Seren does not trust Zaros, she stands against his goal to become an elder god.

"You misunderstand me brother. I cannot stand with you, but I will stand against you. As long as I live, I will stop you from becoming an Elder god."

"It's only a matter of time before Zaros will try to test the eggs to harness their power to ascend himself to elder god hood. Only a matter of time..."

These thoughts eat away at Seren as she takes part in the war against the elder gods, defending the citadel. "What could he have promised to the council members who've agreed to help him ascend..." she thinks to herself. She cant trust anyone. Going more mad with the opening of each front the voice in her head gets louder each day "They will all betray you..." The council of burthope that seren is leading to save the world will soon turn on her just so zaros can rule that world. Shes certain of it.

"Why save them if they are bound to serve him? No. I'll handle him myself"

Seren, in her madness, takes it to herself to use the power of the elder gods to keep zaros from ascending. A fully upgraded pontifex shadow ring is needed to even start the fight, as Zaros and Seren originate from the same source, Mah, a pontifex ring (Zarosian origin and therefore back to Mah) with anima of all four remaining elder gods (Much like other god wars required 4 'fronts' to get to the final boss) is required to stave off the power of seren, who is now combined with the remaining eggs, enough for you stand a chance.

At the end of this fight, Zaros realizes that just like he came into the world with Seren, he must depart with her, and they combine in an explosive end to both, like that of matter and antimatter. As this happens, a beam of pure elder anima focuses onto the journal, now glowing and emanating with the power of all the elder gods combined. You inspect the tome, detailing zaro's outline of the path to elder god hood, and how to defeat them. After all, if he wants to remain the most powerful thing in existence, he better know his own weakness.

Enlightened, you learn the secret to defeating an elder god, beings of power unimaginable and unlock a second ring slot. This newfound power allows you to directly confront jas, wen, bik, and ful all at once. After a cake walk of a fight, credits roll. Runescape is over.

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Mod Orion jested about us thinking there would be a 5th front. I think its just the 4 fronts and then a quest or series of quests to finish the story.

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