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Hi! I've implemented a fix for that this afternoon. So it's ready to begin QA testing from Monday onwards. :)

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Originally posted by Adamjrakula

The remototem in the base camp, and the xolo building at the xolo city excavation site both have a large hitboxes could those get looked at too? 👉👈

Sorry, I need to move on to developing my next content update on Monday. My producer's already getting twitchy about the release date.

Please submit an ingame bug report for each of those large hitboxes if you haven't previously, though, to ensure they're in the team's live bug pool for bugfixing days.

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Originally posted by yuei2

More Stu content? :D

It's my second ninja strike of the year, so don't get too excited. ;)

(Though some of the improvements I'm most proud of making to RuneScape were ninja strikes, so I ain't knocking it.)

But yep, the pattern since the ninja and episodic teams combined at the start of the year is usually alternating between updates and ninja strikes, so devs get a refreshing cadence of smaller and larger projects.

(Indefinitely doing big high-stakes projects, despite loving it, is a great way to burn out. Variety is the spice of creativity.)

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Originally posted by sir_eos_lee2

Do we call Mod Stu on the Ninja team: Mod NinjitStu?

That is fantastic. Painfully, horridly fantastic. I now need to make this a thing.

Presumably when I'm being Mod NinjiStu, Mod Stu will need a Mod Stunderstudy.