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"Wanted the security benefits of a Jagex account" and "hijacker would be able to unhide". So how exactly is a Jagex account more secure if your account can still get hijacked? Now the hijacker just have the whole lot of your accounts...

Clearly the character limit on Twitter has caused some confusion here..

The scenario I was talking about is a user who might not play the account actively at the moment, perhaps they have an account specifically for Deadman mode on OSRS or they are taking a long break from a HCIM. This user may want the benefits that a Jagex Account provides from a security perspective for their Deadman / HCIM character, but they don't want it appearing and cluttering up their character selection screen when they aren't actively playing. This feature allows the user to do that.

One player even replied to my Tweet affirming their thanks for this exact scenario (Glad to hear it Arckange!)

Adding the ability to hide an account from the character selection does nothing to improve the security of your Jagex Account.

Jagex Accounts, independent of this feature, are more secure. You should upgrade now and enable App 2FA with backup codes.

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Originally posted by Captainmervil

Lol so feedback purely coming from Content Creators...

This benefits no one who does not have someone viewing their screen.

Absolute nonsense as per usual Jagex

I'm not aware of this feedback coming from Content Creators, this was a common theme and request on Reddit / Twitter and in the feedback forms we had in the Jagex Launcher earlier in the year.

Again, this also benefits those who just don't want specific accounts in their list when they aren't actively playing - giving a bit of a cleaner login experience.

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Is this what I'm paying membership for? Maybe we could look at some actual new content or balancing the rest of the combats against necro?

A new skill came out not 2 months ago, and my friendlist is offline because it feels bad to play braindead boring necro, but everything else is way less dps.

Literally pvm veterans refusing to play because they're forced into a boring, stale rotation, with no switches and gigachad damage. So do either solak, aod or Rasial - if a boss doesn't feed necro, it's probably not worth doing.

I can't remember the game being in a worse state, but hey, at least I can hide my alt on the login screen. This should be one line in a bug fix patch, not an announcement. How can you be so out of touch with your playerbase?

If you want website developers to be creating new content you might not like what you get.

The Jagex Account team / The Jagex Launcher team etc. (collectively known as Publishing Platform, more familiarly to you as 'the web team') are not on the RuneScape team, nor on the Old School team. We operate independently of those teams and work on keeping our website and all supporting infrastructure running, allowing you to log into the games and manage your accounts.