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Hi all,

We've released a warmfix that solves crash issues when playing Penguin Hide & Seek and Castle Wars, which account for the vast majority of recently tracked / reported crashes. You'll automatically receive the update upon next login on all desktop clients.

This will also be deployed to Mobile once the build is through the Store processes. We'll update this post when released.

If you've reported crashes outside of these scenarios, our team have been gathering information throughout today and asking for repro steps - feel free to drop me a DM with any info if you are still impacted and we'll pass those along too.

Thanks for your patience!

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Originally posted by DJ_Chally_Chal

Any plans for the crash that sometimes occurs when you use the tree to tele from POF to ranch?

We're grabbing any reports we see to pass to the team. We'll keep you updated with any further progress!

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Originally posted by Sailor_Lunatone

Don't forget that there is also a crash when entering the dinosaur farm that not only crashes your client, but somehow also destroys the coding for the NXT so that the game immediately crashes on the login screen. There are also static graphics issues all over the game--in Al Kharid, the tree graphics are completely broken, for instance.

Make sure you look at all the issues that are happening and don't assume just yet that everything has been fixed.

We're still looking at other reports and gathering information - we'll make sure this is passed on also! This update came as the biggest priority as both were the main cause of crash reports and reports we saw online by quite some margin.

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Originally posted by Sayonee99

Any updates on freezes/crashes for Intel gpu users?

Nothing tangible yet I'm afraid - it's very much still on the radar though. Thanks for bearing with us as we look into it.

If it's okay, we may DM you shortly to ask for more information as we support the investigation for the team.

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Originally posted by Disheartend

havent had that but have had a crash when teleporting to MG

Thanks for this note!