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We're extremely excited to announce RuneFest has a new date! Read the post for all the info!
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Originally posted by srbman

Will there be any major livestreams before the new Runefest to cover the planned announcements between September and February?

Or will those mostly be the standard announcement streams/newsposts like we've had previously?

Yeah absolutely, we'll be sharing the sort of news you'd have gotten at RuneFest at some point this year.

Ideally it'll be a similar-ish timing to RuneFest's original date, but we're just beginning to cook up alternative plans now - so still a bit early to give a more specific timeframe.

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Originally posted by crash09

Please tell me group ironman is still planned this year? Any rough ETA?

Yup! We're still targeting late Autumn / Fall like we shared here: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/a=97/2024-roadmap-group-ironman-skilling-boss-combat-content--more

No more specific ETA to share yet, but we'll be talking about GiM plenty in advance as we've been doing with all our bigger content projects lately.

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Does this mean GIM will be coming out in 2025, or will that announcement be made outside of rune fest?

We're not holding GiM back for anything RuneFest related! Still on the Roadmap for later in 2024.

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Originally posted by bigboy1173

on that  note, we going to get a right click examine for the skilling boss soon?

Yeah pretty soon! u/JagexAzanna/ is working with the team to get one out - probably a week or so away.