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0s Fresh Start world is runescape's newest
2s gamer with a fresh economy and boosted
4s XP rates starting this week the
6s experience modifier will be set to the
8s maximum to help you catch sharp and in
10s this video I'll be sharing some tips and
11s tricks to assist you on that Journey
13s let's get started by gaining levels
16s Quest points and completing achievements
18s you will gain progress points in fresh
20s Star Wars these points can be used at
22s the shop in verothorpe to gain comma
24s gear that skills of your levels Skilling
25s items and permanent unlocks like the
27s Boon of banking providing you with a
29s portable bank which you can use to bank
30s anything for an entire hour every single
33s day unlocking these major lodestones
35s early on will give you means of
37s transportation to most major areas
39s saving a ton of time in the long run
41s important quest to aim for early on is
43s the Jack of Spades Quest giving access
45s to Metaphor City a place in which you'll
47s be able to gain fantastic experience in
49s fishing wood cutting Slayer and more
51s what will the topic of completing quests
54s after getting 25 Quest points you'll be
56s able to claim a magical Dice from maze
58s Quest Caravan in varog to get 250 000
60s coins if you aren't quite there yet
62s here's a list of easy quests to complete
63s for a ton of quest points if you're
65s looking to gain a little bit more money
67s there's only Wellness flash events that
69s will do exactly that while providing
71s great experience for the effort involved
73s find out which event will be next by
75s speaking to the wandering remoki looking
77s to level up your Slayer will try to
79s complete a Reaper task and level up
81s dozens of levels to skip the early grind
83s by leveling the Divination skill you
85s will get access to Divine locations that
87s you can create and gain a lot of
88s experience from every single day in
90s addition to being able to make sign of
91s the porters which Auto Bank gathered
93s items yeah your agility level to 25 to
96s get access to some popular shortcuts
98s like the fall of the war and Grand
99s exchange tunnel alongside taking off
101s some Quest requirements like the ones
103s with the Grand Tree by completing the
105s archeology tutorial which you can start
106s by talking to guildmaster Reiner east of
109s vanrock you will gain 500 more life
111s points and you will also get a useful
113s teleport being the archeology Journal be
115s sure to use the auras you have available
117s to you in Fresh Start worlds to your
119s advantage when Skilling or leveling
120s combat if you don't want to bank when
122s training fishing or mining put the oars
124s or fish on your action bar and hold down
126s the key point of the action bar slot to
127s quickly drop them try to unlock
129s time-gated content early on to save time
131s such as the anacronia base camp and
133s lodestone this island has many useful
135s trading methods and the Herbie will be
136s DND for great herbal experience they
139s joined oyster d d which you can unlock
140s by completing the beneath curse Tides
142s Quest will give you good fishing and
144s farming experience every single month in
145s addition to some loot the play owned
147s Farm is an area in ordering where you
149s can train farming passively after
150s getting the required stats for it being
152s level 20 construction and 17 farming an
155s easy way to get level 17 farming is
157s simply by shoveling some doo-doo at this
159s manner Mound leveling magic will benefit
161s you many ways including movement as you
163s unlock the surge ability level 30 magic
165s and the high elk ability level 55 magic
167s if you want to blast through your combat
169s levels try to find an elite dungeon 3
171s trash farming group at Damon Heim a
173s place you can get to by using the boat
175s in the lumbridge swamp after you've
177s leveled your combat a bit consider
178s trying out the ark laser abort with only
180s mechanics turned off as it's one of the
182s best ways to obtain charms and does not
184s have any fancy Quest requirements to
186s access