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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s this player has poked over 17 000
4s players and uploaded videos of every
6s single one starting all the way back in
9s November 2014 Hybrid claw has
11s consistently poked six players a day and
14s he's still going strong explaining he
17s was bored one day and thought it'd be
19s funny he's now got a side quest to poke
21s every Pokemon name there is in an
23s attempt to catch them all but that
26s doesn't stop him from poking other
27s players too and it doesn't matter who
30s they are as hybrid claw explains he's
32s equally proud of all his pokes
35s the dedication is absolutely fantastic
39s and the RuneScape Community has taken
41s note of hybrid claw's quirky project
43s multiple times taking turns to confuse
46s and surprise the RuneScape subreddit
48s Through The Years check out his work on
50s youtube.com hybrid claw and see if
53s you're yet to be poked by the claw