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  • Runelabs - shelved
  • Ninja Dojo - shelved
  • Warden dissolved the Ninja team
  • Community hitlist replaced it
  • Unless I'm wrong we've had 1 community hitlist week in 2024


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15 days ago - /u/JagexHooli - Direct link

Absolutely. We have the Community Hitlist from our last survey and it's still referenced regularly within the studio!

Our goal at the moment is that every week has a few patch notes or tweaks/fixes you'd usually find in a Hitlist rather than finding room for 'drops' all at once.

We're running behind on that goal right now due to putting the focus on monthly content as the priority, but it's one of the next things we're trying to establish in our normal ops going forward.

Yuey is already doing the weekly bug report stuff in our weekly Newspost thread on Reddit, and we're working with Production/QA on how we can effectively prioritise improvements/tweaks/fixes at the moment. Give us a while as there's a lot of change right now, but things are moving forward :)