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It might just be me but for the past what 2 or 3 years i have been waiting for this update and i can finally unf*ck my ruined skill after having an annoying bug during a quest but non of that i am just so glad that jagex updated this the only thing i woulda liked was that i could allso reset my hp back to 10 but i will just have to wait another 180 days

but good work jagex just wanted this little reddit post to thank you prob not the best writen post but i did my best.

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I'm glad it brought you back. Happy 'Scaping!

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Originally posted by yuei2

Couldn’t @ you directly in the discord. I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in and the exp restriction system coming to pass. I know it’s mostly for pures, but for me personally something I hate is becoming over leveled by grinding for drops in games or other stuff, it genuinely fills me with anxiety watching stats I don’t want going up to go up.

It’s a small thing but this really helps me personally on being able to grind without having to worry about over leveling past other content. Ty.

Thank you! It's wonderful that even though you're not a skill pure, you have a use case for this update! That's not a need I'd thought of, but makes a lot of sense!

By the way, while we're chatting, thanks so much for the detailed, thoughtful and often positive messages I regularly see you post on Reddit.

I've often seen you go out of your way to help players, especially with questions around lore and timeline order and the like. I very much appreciate it!

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Originally posted by TheNickelGuy

Stu, end of your comment sounded like the beginning of a Player Moderator Application offer by a scammer 😛

Now that you mention it, we have noticed maturity on your account...

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Originally posted by Far_Introduction_601

Can this be used for magic? I have an account with an unwanted 7 magic I accidentally got whilst recoiling a dragon for the egg which I ironically got the same kill.

As long as the skill you want to reset is level 10 or below (15 for Constitution), yes.

So sounds like your 7 Magic qualifies for a minor skill reset. :)

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