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Back in RuneFest 2019, a few new improvements to the client were introduced:

  • New Rendering System - Improved Lighting, & Textures
  • Optimizing Client - Loads faster
  • ✅Canopy cut-out -
  • ✅Character silhouettes
  • ✅Interaction Highlights


- https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/ddnsby/runefest_megathread/

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWwlTMvLkqY

Btw, the new Archaeology places look amazing. I just think the older areas should also receive design overhauls (which I'm aware takes a long time).

I am wondering if there's any updates on the new rendering system. Anyone knows anything?

ALso, for when the next batch of iOS Beta Testers? :'(

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The new rendering system has been used in new content for quite some time now

17 days ago - /u/Darkimmortal - Direct link

Originally posted by hacdias

I thought so (noticed the trees in Everlight are the same as in the video!) but wanted to check! I wonder if the entire world will be once updated to the new rendering system (as well as some graphical overhaul).

Also, are there any news relatively to RS in macOS? I know Apple doesn't help with deprecating OpenGL. But my client "crashes" every time I close it. At least my computer says so, but it's weird, because I just closed it. In addition, it always crashes if I connect/disconnect an external screen.

Your exit crash may be fixed in the next client update. External monitor connect/disconnect crash on macOS is a complex issue and a fix is a long way off. #engine-feedback channel on the official RS discord is good for this stuff, lots of mac related discussion