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Can we earn them elsewhere as the xp is terrible and i want to train somewhere else, is this intended or?

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Tokens can only be earned from the event. You will gain the first 5000 tokens each day at double the speed meaning you can do that and then leave if you want to. There are also some tokens rewards you can claim from the global progression that can help towards the cosmetics :)

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I did the agility task, and timed my token gain to find an average of about 80 tokens per minute, when doing the correct direction. To get 5,000 tokens at this rate would take over an hour... This is the intended rate?

This is correct yes. When fully afk the token rates will be around 3500-4000 p/h. Fully active you will get closer to 5k. These rates will then be halved each day after the first 5k tokens are gained.