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The token events were dumb but straight forward and not terrible when it was only 10k.

But they had to push it. More tokens, less time, both.

This however is just too far. Requiring part-time to full-time job level of time and work. And to top it off, materials totalling millions.

For what? Overrides? A banana knife you see for a second made from 10 polygons and 1 color?

And now more of the same trash. And it's for a mental health organization when limit-time events are specifically designed to exploit the fear of missing out. It's deplorable. It's hypocritical. And it's not worth it.


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Hey. Are there any specific areas you would like to see changed? e.g type of ingredients, quantity of ingredients etc.

The idea for the artisan events are the allow multiple ways to complete them with in-game methods: -Passively earning tokens -Actively collecting resources -Buying resources from others

I personally managed to complete the whole of the last event with tokens I earned from training archaeology which was nice. I like the leveling up system for the artisan as it adds more narrative to the event than just handing in tokens. I do agree that it requires too many tokens overall though which we can look at reducing.

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Originally posted by Narmoth

What pisses me off is the NPC is back down to level 1 again. I'm not going to put the effort into gathering all those items and end up with even more chainaxes. I don't know when I'll even use all the ones I made from the last event. Didn't even get to use the consumable potions up, event was too short.

It is just a waste.


As this is a new NPC they will start at level 1. The idea of the event is to bring back previous artisans with new rewards and also have all their previous rewards for those that missed them. Returning artisans will retain their level from the previous event.

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Originally posted by MonzellRS

how about randomizing the items required a bit so it doesn't skyrocket a few items? this was taken during the end of the last event and shortly after... https://puu.sh/Gtae5.png

With how the system is set up we have to manually set each item. I think adding random ingredients might make balancing a nightmare. The price change can be nice for variation for gameplay but we can defiantly look at the quantities required which should help reduce the spike.

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Originally posted by armcie

So if a previous artisan comes back will we instantly be able to do all the new items? or are you planning on increasing their level cap, making us do even more side rewards that will probably go unused?

This was the plan yes. But we can look at alternatives based on feedback.