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Jagex said on stream they would tell if it was possible to get pet from the activities in the spring festival. I've not seen any response about it.

Anyone know if it is possible?

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From my knowledge pets cannot be gained from the 3 activities.

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Originally posted by Shortdood


for pures/10hp accounts this update has made the game very dangerous to play

Head to the Hall of Memories and talk to Orla Fairweather. You can disable the xp there :)

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Originally posted by Shortdood

that doesnt work for some special butterflies though, our clan has tested this in the past

I've just checked the green, yellow and white butterflies on my account and I did not receive any xp when catching them.

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Originally posted by Devuhn

You seem knowledgeable about butterflies! Can you confirm if the Butterfly Mask, Top, and Bottom increases the chance to catch the 2021 event butterflies? In my limited tests (you can only catch a few a day) it seems to be the case, but I wanted to make sure.

And do you know if this effect extends to other types of guthix butterflies or even normal hunter ones? (The other types are mentioned in a comment below) Thanks!

The base catch rate I believe is 1/3. With one piece of the outfit equipped this goes to 2/3. With 2 or more outfit pieces the catch rate becomes 100%. I have only checked this on the event butterflies though so I cant confirm for the others.