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1s hello everyone and welcome to the first
3s of four installments of a very runescape
5s dungeons and dragons adventure my name's
8s chris and i'm a professional games
9s master from roldark.co.uk
11s tonight i'll be leaving my usual
13s adventures behind as i guide these four
15s wonderful runescape influencers
17s through the elder god was in gilano
19s here for the first time together our
21s gossip carl jackses mr kathar and ny
24s channel
25s let's start off with letting each of
27s these guys discuss characters their
29s hopes and dreams for the next few hours
31s which i will hope to die let's start
33s with ny channel
36s all right
37s hello my name is and my channel and um
40s you want us to introduce our characters
41s as well
42s yeah absolutely
44s okay well yes i am and my channel and i
48s am playing
49s sarah dominus priest carol aaron she is
53s 46 years old mother of three
55s uh a bit of a wine lover she started as
59s a nurse in the asgardian school district
61s and you know she's worked her way up to
63s become a powerful priest of sarah doman
66s uh she specializes in the art of healing
68s she is a cleric or um you know a priest
71s in rooney terms and she is a virgo
75s of course
76s but the all important last time
80s how did that wasn't obvious already
82s how do the star signs work in d and d
84s terms did you get like extra to hits and
87s things like that or are you just
88s fabulous on the battlefield is that you
91s you are absolutely fabulous especially
93s if you flaunt a a charm that describe
96s displays your
98s uh your star sign and they are canon and
100s runescape do the zamrakian orchestra
103s uh okay right
106s awesome yeah yeah
109s okay
110s um
111s perhaps we'll move on to the antithesis
114s of uh antithesis of uh ny channel and
117s jack's sister's character jax is over to
119s you
121s hello everyone welcome back adventurers
123s my name is jax's creator of the youtube
125s uh story mode and i play runescape and i
128s like the lore and they asked me to come
130s here so here i am i will be playing
133s zamaraki and lesser demon taymor he's a
136s warlock of chaos and also part-time uh
140s entrepreneur because she you know
143s listen man she she's got her business
145s going on she's got stuff to do she she's
147s pretty awesome and i think carol's feet
150s smell smelly and sarah dolmen bad
153s samurai good shut up demon scum no one
156s asked you
157s oh well oh hey oh i wasn't asking for
160s opinions from the peanut gallery
165s so all right
167s the business that you run there jaxis
169s that uh you've got going on there with
171s taymor is it a pyramid scheme that you
173s hope to get um caroline on the ground
175s floor you know to get the huns heather
178s and really get it going
181s listen chris don't the lord
188s we'll just have to see how things unfold
191s hey awesome i do have some
194s essential oils and woad leaves that's uh
197s that's the current business that carol
198s is dealing in right now so yeah i'm
201s gonna have to
202s see how that develops yes
205s uh gossip cull over to you
208s i don't think i could top that my name
210s is gospel uh i stream uh the game hunter
213s on twitch it's my favorite thing in the
214s world um and i'm playing an elven
217s fighter my rin and myron has a
220s short temper and whenever she kills
223s people she's just like well they just
225s kind of fell my knife and then here they
227s are and it doesn't realize it actually
229s kills people
230s um but um i also like to uh poke the cat
233s so i really really enjoy watching people
235s argue
238s i think there's probably going to be a
240s fair amount of that um finally
243s heading over to uh
247s oh god
249s there you go did you did you two
251s rehearse this
253s nope okay
255s would we rehearse this on our own
259s in this economy
261s hello ladies and gentlemen
264s my name is mr cathar and welcome to this
266s very
267s interesting gathering of characters i am
270s known for the desert only iron man
272s series on youtube and chronolog and some
275s narration
276s um and today i am playing an armadillon
280s bard by the name of tikka he is an
282s avianzi and
284s uh he really
286s really just wants to get through this in
287s one piece and praise to god everybody
290s we'll just get along
293s i
294s can't promise on either of those but
297s um now that that's over as you all the
300s wonderful audience probably know
302s the good folks at jagex have begun to
304s release their four-wing dungeon of the
306s older god wars
307s as such this story runs adjacent to the
310s content that you the heroes of gilano
312s are taking part in
314s i'd like to say that all good adventures
316s begin in a tavern but in fact this
318s begins uh in the cathedral or underneath
321s cathedral in the middle of the city of
323s seneston where everything starts for you
326s guys within guillermo
328s and they're the heroes the forgotten and
331s head to the champions to come the strike
333s force the world and indeed the universe
336s may well need so we're going to take it
338s over now
339s so that you folks can see that lovely
341s piece that we've got heading over to the
344s cathedral
348s okay
351s i love how you guys are like yes
352s transition
356s animations
358s good stuff well
360s you can probably see here uh some of
363s these generals right you guys probably
364s recognize these guys you've got zilliana
368s the righteous priest sarah doman
371s criara
372s careful and planning
374s krill your typical angry demon boy
378s next a half fused hateful
381s metal creation and hell we're literally
384s a bear who's being the best boy in the
385s corner
387s so
391s the generals have called all of you here
392s to become the strike force
395s each of you powerful adventurers in your
397s own rights within your own armies
399s following your own gods and now you have
402s to get along how's this going to work
403s well
404s zuyana begins and turns to the other
406s generals
408s look
408s the strike force is here come champions
412s so that we can brief you into what's
413s needed
415s priyara turns as well
418s champions
420s we are being attacked on all four fronts
423s and the node honor under some sort of
424s beguiling magic makes them think we're
426s attacking them
428s until the heroes can help us we must
430s strike on each front
432s we'll begin the note on the front for
434s once
435s it's not particularly quiet
437s krill necks and hellwear all look
439s towards you
441s and for once
442s these five champions are
444s nodding in agreement these generals who
446s you go face to face all the time
450s dire must be going on here
452s zuyana turns again
454s and putting yourself forward as the
456s front of the group here and says well
458s the fact that we five are together
461s should tell you how dire things are for
463s the world
465s just outside this cathedral on the west
468s is a great which will lead you down into
469s the sewers
471s you need to head along it until you can
473s find the home of a nodon called naressa
476s theresa must be saved she is one of the
479s few nodon who has not completely
481s succumbed to this map
483s will be key for heroes to win here
486s be wary as keropak himself is there
490s if he ambushes you
492s just run
495s do you guys have any questions for the
497s generals or anything that you'd like to
498s ask or talk amongst yourself now that
501s you've been introduced you're all kind
502s of side-eyeing and eyeing each other up
505s a little bit i'd imagine
508s i would like to turn up towards my
510s general krill
512s and be like general krill
514s you cannot possibly expect me to work
516s with the fools of sarah doman much less
519s the elves of saren
521s is this really necessary
525s trust me jaxes
527s if there was any other way
529s it wouldn't be here
531s but
533s you four must forge a bond
535s go now
540s that was worth it to hear that voice
543s [Laughter]
555s ah let me um just have some water
560s okay
561s yeah carol looks up at zeliana and says
564s i mean i hate to agree with the filthy
567s demon but
568s he almost has she almost has a point i
571s mean
572s can we work together what if what if
575s that thing kills narissa
578s if we look to sarah doman all will point
581s us to one direction the fate of
583s everything lies on the heroes of gilano
586s and to u4 it's only with our powers
590s combined we can save everything that we
593s know and everything that is righteous
595s all praise to sarah doman
599s ray sarah doman
601s you're right my lady i'm sorry
610s oh so these seem like really dire
612s straights so this isn't often you know
615s in fact
616s previous iterations these generals have
618s been going at each other and here they
621s are in a room seemingly
623s surrounded by bookcases underneath the
625s cathedral itself
627s with their gods dealing with things
629s above
632s how does this affect you guys how does
634s it make you feel
636s very jarring it's like
638s he almost has a you know carol being a
641s mother of three almost has a fear of
644s detracting some purse from these
647s vile monsters surrounding her but she's
650s keeping strong for
652s her lord sarah diamond
656s gossip we've already heard anything from
658s your characters and how they feel how do
660s you think uh gossip how do you think
662s mirren would be taking all of this in
664s said like she's she's like likes to poke
666s the cat a little bit is she gonna poke
668s the bear in hell where or
670s no i'm kind of debating poking the cat
674s um still to get over
676s uh you know i love saren right
679s we'd be besties um so not really sure
683s how to take it when um
685s a new friend over here
686s talked about the elves
688s you know
689s it's okay it's okay my eye is on you oh
692s together with you i think it's gonna be
694s great but you better watch your back
695s because
697s my dagger might just accidentally you
699s know poke
703s you may take comfort in the fact that i
705s feel the same way
707s oh it's mutual
709s i see
711s i've been romance
714s how about tikka so as a as a bard as
717s somebody who really gets in the middle
719s and who leads and is charismatic we'd
721s expect you to really kind of be trying
723s to bond the group how do you think
724s you're gonna manage that
728s um
729s well i
731s tikka isn't actually concerned
734s too much
735s you would say um
738s if
739s if this is what armadill wants then
741s obviously he has a plan and we should be
744s doing this
747s armadillo is busy
749s criara should probably be going with us
752s but if he's not going to it's fine
755s um i believe that we put aside our
757s differences just long enough to get this
759s mission done
760s what we have here is more important than
762s our petty squabbles
765s okay
768s you speaking like a true armor delivery
771s yeah don't wake it up okay
775s it's six in the morning
778s there's been a very early wake-up call
780s for some of our influencers today um so
783s we thank them for coming on here and i'm
786s sure that their mugs of coffee will help
788s what we're going to do now uh is take
790s you guys to the entrance of the sewers
793s and uh
795s i don't think you guys have seen this
797s yet so we're gonna
798s activate that map and uh
802s pass you guys over here so
805s um do you guys want to think of a
806s matching order like who wants to be at
808s the front who wants to be at the back
810s that kind of thing i would have thought
812s uh temer and tikka at the back there
814s with
815s miriam and carol up front maybe
818s oh yes carol wants to take the lead she
820s doesn't have these names
822s to be sure
824s yes if the human would like to thrust
827s herself into battle she is more than
829s happy to do so
831s i may be leading the charge but i am
834s keeping my eye on you specifically
838s i would like to go oh careful there's a
840s rock
844s i'd like to go before it's more because
846s i am superior
848s wow
852s why don't you guys um
863s i just want to lean forward a little bit
865s and just like
867s hot breath like right by her ear and
870s just be like
873s i cry
878s i don't need to roll for that i cried
880s i think i'm
882s intimidated
895s [Laughter]
897s i'm running the marching band
902s these are
904s quite well created actually so solid
906s brick work throughout
908s real paving stones
910s very very noxious smell coming up almost
915s like you have to catch yourself a few
917s times it's a little bit tricky but you
919s quickly get used to it there's fungus
921s growing everywhere there's a lot of
922s trash
923s um but they're quite large so they're
926s easily a few town now
928s just ahead of your you should be able to
930s see there towards the end of the first
932s pipe you can hear the clashes of battle
935s and you know down here
937s that there's definitely going to be some
939s of the node and dragon king but what
941s they might be fighting
942s is uh let's let's find out
946s so we'll leave it over to you guys you
949s can move along the map as much as you
950s want you can take a look you can see
952s what's there you can speak to each other
954s it is purely over to you
958s so um we're hearing these from the
960s eastwood right
962s right exactly so so so that this is a
965s pipe that you guys are in and it leads
967s down okay so you've seen it there
970s there looks to be
972s two um
974s figures fighting down there
977s obviously a node on dragonkin
979s what appears to be some kind of demonic
981s addo with a huge white skull
984s on its head
987s now
990s these guys are so locked in battle at
992s the moment
993s but they haven't seen you guys
995s don't know you're there there is maybe a
998s five foot drop down
1000s so you can either go straight into
1002s battle
1003s or you can try and work our way around
1005s it you can try and stealth around
1008s entirely up to you guys i'll give you
1009s guys a minute to talk about it amongst
1010s yourself as your characters would
1013s uh and uh yeah i'll pass it over to you
1018s um would i recognize
1024s let's go with jax's first what was
1027s nevermind
1028s uh so i was gonna ask if my character
1030s recognized that demonic shadow
1033s why don't we have you guys uh
1037s i'm gonna quest a roll from you in fact
1040s yeah
1041s that's temple let's do
1043s let's see let let's have a little
1045s history check i think this might be or
1047s yeah you which which would you prefer do
1050s you think history or nature are you
1052s looking to see
1053s what you might have seen in books or
1055s what you've seen in the natural world
1057s um which one do you think is more
1059s appropriate to tamil in this case being
1061s the nasty demon warlock that you are
1065s probably books history books
1068s stream okay
1070s so you should now see there's a history
1072s check let's have it first roll
1075s see what you can see
1077s first roll the sesh
1084s [Music]
1091s oh my brain it's just expanding at an
1094s exponent huge all right all right
1098s galaxy
1100s you guys should be able to see a
1101s slightly better picture on your screen
1103s right now you can click off that anytime
1105s as can our lovely producers in the
1107s background there
1109s so you can see that they've got some
1110s kind of claw mechanism on them
1113s um they've definitely got some kind of
1115s wings on the back so you recognize this
1117s as a fallen human who's become a shadow
1121s almost like a ghost or a ghast or
1123s something of themselves in the previous
1125s life
1127s so interesting um
1130s what is it doing down here
1132s it's very stressful it must be
1136s intuition would say perhaps
1140s this is uh what's happened to the souls
1143s down here who are always under here
1146s obviously they're fighting the dragon
1147s king defender at the moment but the node
1149s on dragon can believe of course
1152s uh
1153s you know they're trying to fight to save
1155s the world but they're under the
1157s influence
1158s so you guys are going to try and save
1160s naressa so carry on
1164s right um
1166s i kind of turn to my rin and i go
1169s you use crystals for armor and stuff
1172s don't you why don't you go first
1174s well what happened to the uh the bravery
1176s of the uh of the mom of three you don't
1180s want to go first
1181s i'm happy to go first i mean i have to
1183s represent aaron anyway so
1186s might i suggest a more
1188s tactical approach
1190s we're not here for these two as far as
1192s i'm concerned this note on is distracted
1194s maybe we should get around it we have
1196s more pressing concerns
1199s oh do you see the crates we could hide
1201s behind
1219s you're up high on a pipe right now
1221s they're 25 feet along from you
1224s and maybe 5 to 10 feet below you
1227s so
1229s the issue here is how are you going to
1231s get down
1233s how are you going to stealth around
1235s or are you going to go for a sneak
1236s attack and how are you going to divide
1238s your forces if you do that
1242s i do think we should go first attack i
1244s think that's the best bet
1246s it's rather loud in here as well
1249s there's three pipes one from the north
1251s one from the east and one from the west
1253s all chucking water down
1256s at this kind of huge pace
1258s so
1259s you've got to consider that as well
1261s right
1263s so we do have uh you might be able to go
1265s around this thing
1267s if you want to try
1269s i'd say
1270s birds first
1273s words first all
1275s right if there's pipes we could distract
1278s it to make it look a direction i see
1279s there's a definite hacking order here
1284s [Music]
1286s this guy
1288s i like going for your knees
1299s you're in for a rude awakening i'm gonna
1301s shatter that rule
1302s okay
1306s to help uh tikka out when he goes i'd
1309s like to
1310s pass the turkey around this area
1313s um and maybe
1314s have it like a like a dragon kids roar
1318s you know like as the dragonkin is going
1320s to get oh
1322s yeah
1324s okay should probably go south
1326s so harold casts
1330s and a huge roar erupts from the northern
1334s sewer pipe
1338s and instantly
1340s both drop down stop attacking and look
1344s to the north
1345s they run over as if a great rat goes
1352s okay okay um i'd i'd like to use
1355s if i can i'd like to use flight to jump
1358s across to the eastern pipe without
1362s dropping into the room below
1365s sure you have no problem doing that you
1367s instantly and i'll just move you across
1370s oh okay you tell yourself
1375s you instantly float over
1378s now
1378s no problem because you're higher up most
1380s of you guys
1382s if you're trying to guess this you're
1383s still going to need to make a stealth
1385s check
1386s and you're going to need to do that with
1388s advantage
1389s however some of you have some rather
1392s clunky armor on
1393s so cow oh boy i'm gonna need a normal
1396s check from you
1398s okay and
1400s um mirin i'll need a normal check from
1403s you well so ten more we'll do your check
1405s first you've got advantage
1407s so let's
1408s pop in a couple of stealth checks then
1410s we'll take the highest
1412s so there's one for you and
1415s there's another
1418s okay so you've got 10 on the first let's
1420s try for set
1422s oh sorry so carol got 10. uh carol i'm
1425s sorry yeah
1427s that's all right uh jack says you you
1429s make your role so there'd be two roles
1430s in the chat for you now let's see how
1432s you get on oh i see okay with advantage
1437s nice
1439s yep so you're you're absolutely fine to
1441s go past
1442s carol however as she's so
1445s enthused
1447s to get going
1448s comes down here
1450s we're gonna press pause here um oh no
1452s we'll let them all get over actually so
1454s temple gets over there however
1456s um
1457s the dragonkin and the shadow turned
1460s around
1461s realizing of course that carol was using
1464s her cheek little stunts
1467s recognize her there so we can roll for
1470s initiative guys
1484s whoever passes their stealth checks come
1486s on guys
1487s i like you exactly unfortunately
1491s also my initiative is not a natural one
1493s so you know getting the ones out of the
1494s way
1498s um we've got carols
1500s so far so just click on the fist
1504s there's miriam mirren's in uh five
1507s uh so far it's just you
1511s hey here we go
1513s okay
1515s um i'm gonna date mirror next it didn't
1517s go in for some reason let's pop you in
1520s okay
1521s so first up in combat
1524s is temple
1527s sure is
1528s ah
1530s become a common occurrence
1532s so i'm going to unfortunately i agree
1536s the dragon kid
1538s and i would like to
1540s cast
1542s wait hang on
1544s you know what let's start this off with
1546s a bang i would like to cast eldritch
1549s blast right at the uh
1553s oh the demonic shadow yeah
1556s yes
1557s okay
1563s so um yeah go for it so you wanna go
1566s into your spell book
1569s that's right yes okay don't worry
1571s everyone just like figure this out
1573s oh don't forget
1578s that's right so
1582s um let's see it so 14
1584s hits
1585s the demonic shadow
1588s okay
1590s and then damage
1597s just gonna show what that looks like the
1599s uh screen there
1604s no that's me doing it so there's a
1607s purple
1611s that's cool blast just managed it
1614s and you managed to run a whopping
1618s eight points of force damage so the
1621s shadow as this purple
1623s comes forth from your demonic hands
1627s hits the demonic shadow and they all
1628s matter over but they manage to catch
1630s themselves turn over having not seen you
1633s and begin hissing
1635s towards bearing these huge weapon
1637s eyeballs in their
1639s hands why don't you pick on someone own
1642s size
1661s my height advantage here and since i am
1663s fancy i'm gonna use the crossbow
1667s oh i'll hit the um i'll hit the demonic
1670s shadow can i hit him here
1673s absolutely yeah you're well within range
1674s you're absolutely fine
1677s okay into her hand crossbow
1680s i i don't know what i'm doing
1684s there we go
1685s all right um you've got this you know
1687s what you're doing yeah
1691s okay so in the chat hold on
1695s uh you should be able to do it without
1697s but we can uh check that quickly if it
1699s does need that
1702s i wouldn't well so okay i just i just
1705s attack on the hand crossbone it says it
1706s needs addition when none was
1708s designated so i'm sure let's uh
1712s let's get it going for you do you forget
1714s to bring your bolts
1715s okay
1716s maybe pretty good who doesn't right
1719s happens to the best of us
1721s so the hand crossbow
1724s and you get a an apron
1727s so that's solid hip
1729s and you're going for the shadow as well
1731s right
1732s yeah so i'll click him right okay
1735s uh yep um that's all fine that's all
1738s good you've got a soft hit there
1740s let's um unless you do you want to go
1742s for it yourself
1745s oh no please i'm not i'm clicking things
1748s nothing's happening i'm not sure what
1750s i'm doing here i'm learning it's fine
1753s you've got the damage button under hand
1755s crossbow
1757s okay
1759s and just press that and then normal
1762s great there you go
1765s so the crossbow
1767s shoots through
1768s into
1770s the uh demonic ship
1772s and you take off set points of damage
1774s pretty good so erdo's been hit now
1778s unfortunately
1780s the shadow you kind of noticed that in
1783s fact i'm going to ask for an inside
1784s check
1786s inside
1787s yeah
1788s yeah just to see if you recognize
1791s something so we'll pop that in the chat
1794s then of course
1795s because you're doing it it's up to you
1798s if you tell the other players what you
1799s learn
1802s so if you click the dice next to your
1804s side check normal indeed
1811s see you notice that something's off with
1813s damage and perhaps you would have a
1816s little bit more
1818s than that on a normal creature so
1820s perhaps
1822s because it's not magic damage you're not
1824s doing as much yeah okay all um i'll
1827s shout i'll shout
1830s i'll shout it to the rest of them um
1832s it seems to have a resistance to field
1834s weapons use magic
1837s so you know right that's my plan
1841s okay so the shadow looks up at you
1844s realizes that it's not gonna get too
1846s quickly
1848s looks at the defender scowls at it and
1851s moves directly over to cow now
1855s offender goes to attack looks around and
1858s sees a greater threat among you all and
1860s doesn't attack the shadow at this point
1865s it's a little bit worrying for you guys
1868s so carol
1870s let's see how you fare against some
1873s claws
1877s oh
1891s carol knows better easily the war hammer
1894s gets in the way sure what kind of whip
1896s would carroll have and why for this uh
1899s particular kind of uh rebuttal
1903s she would say uh you need a pedicure
1905s darling and you know
1908s you're ready to swing back
1913s absolutely so now
1917s we have carol in fact
1921s yes
1924s here we go
1926s yes let's see what you're gonna do
1929s my fingers right at his face and i want
1932s to cast flame
1937s all right so rather than you hit with
1939s saving flame
1941s oh yes um i'm gonna see if i can dodge
1944s this
1946s right right oh yeah he needed the uh
1948s deck steve
1951s no problem at all
1952s so the fire comes out of the ceiling of
1955s the sewer goes down to him and some
1958s smallness gases do explode around but
1961s this particular show manages to dance
1963s and dodge out the way leaving around
1965s your fire i'm afraid
1967s it does not hit
1970s oh
1973s this is pathetic
1989s please at all times makes far more
1991s precedent tonight
1993s so
1996s at this point defender recognizing the
1999s obvious attack advantage carol
2003s comes behind
2005s now
2008s knowing
2009s that it can uh
2012s get both you and the previous adversary
2015s in one hit
2018s it casts almighty fire breath
2023s um and i will
2026s pass that round just to show that it
2028s does hit both
2029s and the dragon
2034s [Music]
2036s so um both
2038s carol
2039s and
2040s uh
2041s the demonic shadow are gonna have make
2043s some dexterity saving throws here guys
2045s so i'll do the demonic shadow first but
2049s let's see how that does so he passes oh
2051s he's fine
2052s he passes
2053s he's fine but
2055s oh that's the camera
2057s nice
2066s this is quite a high spell as well so i
2068s apologize but i wanted to set the tone
2070s for the adventure
2073s oh my god
2075s let's go
2080s [Music]
2088s 24 points of health so two-thirds of all
2091s hit points
2094s and demonic shadows smell what the
2096s dragon can are cooking
2098s let's go it's
2102s i cool like we've made a mistake it's
2103s girl
2107s carol is quickly becoming one of our own
2109s scented candles
2112s [Laughter]
2114s [Applause]
2115s [Music]
2122s would you like to help
2124s crystal help
2127s you just crystals
2130s we do in fact passed it over to mine
2133s gossip carl you've just seen carol
2136s pretty much
2137s set on fire
2139s um
2140s there's small pockets of air still
2142s bursting with flames gasses around
2146s it's causing makeup is so flammable
2151s um
2154s so for my character having seen carol
2156s just like like a candle that like as
2158s much as i don't like having just my hair
2160s not like really a fan but i don't like
2162s the fact that she's got hurt and that
2164s that that i'm sad now and so what i'm
2167s gonna do is i'm gonna look at tamora
2170s from across the
2171s sewer and just be like let me show you
2173s how it's done and
2176s all right and so i'm gonna because it's
2180s magic face we figured that out i'm gonna
2183s use my frost brand long sword because
2186s it's got frost magic on it i'm assuming
2189s and i'm gonna be
2192s this is probably the dumbest thing i'll
2193s ever do i'm gonna run
2196s i'm gonna
2197s run and try
2198s jump on top of the the
2201s um
2203s [Music]
2205s playing base on my character
2207s um right on top of this i want the
2209s dragon with my with my frost sword and
2212s i'm going to try to do
2213s check out of it like take it down like
2216s like here's what we're going to do
2221s yeah we're getting an acrobatics check
2224s into the chest
2226s if you can get this then allow you to
2229s make the attack with advantage
2231s let's see how it goes
2233s not one watch
2236s watch
2238s show me how it's done
2239s show me how it's done
2251s that's good good because so you only got
2254s a knife but because you're naturally
2256s acrobatic as an elf you add a five
2259s modifier to them
2261s yeah so 14 so what you guys see
2265s so carol's looking up and suddenly
2267s there's a flying elf who lands on the
2270s dragonkin
2271s we're gonna say for the sake of this
2275s knocks the dragonkin prone and now has
2277s two attacks to make as a fighter
2281s as the knights
2287s i didn't think i'd get this far so um
2290s i'm very happy right now um so what i'm
2293s gonna do
2294s is
2296s i will first of all my chair is just
2297s like making me sink
2299s um
2301s it's the fear okay um so what i'm gonna
2303s do
2304s is in the process i want to yell
2307s uh or saren that'd be pretty cool and
2310s just whack the heck out of the
2315s you've got two attacks now anybody who
2317s attacks this dragonkin before their next
2320s term will have advantage because you've
2322s knocked them on the floor they're
2323s literally lying on their front you've
2325s got one foot on the small of their back
2328s go for it you've got advantage
2331s so inch okay
2333s into your character in it right like
2335s have your
2336s strand long sword
2346s so highlight over the long sword
2349s and then to the left the dice will
2350s appear click the dice
2354s and then that will appear in the chat
2359s there you go
2360s so first of all click attack and choose
2363s advantage so advantage is where you roll
2365s two dice and you take the highest amount
2367s so that's why it's so powerful for you
2369s guys right now
2370s especially with carol
2373s yep hit attack in the chat
2375s i'm so scared must be in that one
2378s normal
2380s no advantage
2384s [Laughter]
2387s so a 22
2390s is a massive hit
2392s so gossip cole myron has just absolutely
2396s flattened under the boot let's see how
2398s your first attack does that's a solid
2400s hit no you have two options with a frost
2403s brand long sword so because of the long
2404s sword you can use it one-handed and have
2406s your shield ready for the next attack or
2408s you can do it two-handed and in which
2410s case you won't be able to have the extra
2413s armor class so the extra two or three
2415s that you get from your shield there i
2416s think it's actually three for you
2418s because you've got that special shield
2419s that we talked about previously so it's
2422s entirely up to you
2423s knowing my luck i'd like to have the
2425s shield please
2427s sure
2429s i'd like to just protect myself
2432s absolutely so let's just roll the normal
2435s damage button
2437s so if you hit the damage and then normal
2440s we'll be all good
2445s okay
2446s okay
2447s so
2448s you've got
2450s no your normal damage is 12 points
2454s it's the normal slash so you you put
2457s down the blade straight into the small
2459s back
2460s of the dragon kenny arches up
2463s and instantly the ice begins seal around
2467s the wound that you've just created and
2468s crack open
2470s uh in right in between the drag kin
2471s scales for the long sword
2474s fantastic so fifth 15 points of damage
2478s pretty good
2479s and now
2481s as a knight
2482s you have your second attack
2488s the heck out of it again
2490s absolutely go for it
2492s and then it's time
2495s i'm gonna
2497s be salty and busy tim are you watching
2499s and then
2501s no i'm absolutely not watching by the
2503s way chris i'm like picking up my nails
2506s [Music]
2511s i just picture her
2513s this is what happens when you find a
2515s stranger in the alps she's just
2517s screaming at the dragon again stabbing
2519s it over and over
2520s mom are you
2521s [Music]
2535s sun is out so you oh bless
2540s so you hit with advantage on this second
2543s because he's still not grown right yeah
2545s so the guy
2546s guy stays prone until the tower
2562s the next three sessions we will not have
2564s another actual 20. i love it
2566s [Laughter]
2569s so gossip if you could hit damage and
2572s then critical so what critical does is
2575s it rolls twice the dice
2578s so not only will your slashing damage be
2581s uh critical but so were your frost
2583s damage
2585s that's a lot of damage damage
2590s i
2591s know you didn't oh look at those guys
2595s 19 points of damage wow
2599s now
2600s i'm also going to ask you gossip to make
2603s an inside check about something that
2605s you've just noticed as you put your cold
2607s cold sword in
2609s if you could click the dice next to your
2611s name in the ch
2615s this normal
2618s is yeah
2632s what just happened but um i can promise
2635s you that something did
2639s so
2639s um with mind added that on
2642s that's the end of the first round of
2644s combat
2645s we are going to pass him back
2649s sitting lofty above the perch with temmo
2653s just surveying like
2655s i could do that
2657s oh i felt like that are you kidding me
2660s okay is the dragon king still alive
2665s yeah about
2666s the dragonkin is more alive than carol
2668s right now
2674s i can kill them right now and no one
2675s would ask
2676s i'm just saying it'd be so easy
2679s i want to know
2680s uh yeah i would like to
2684s i don't know if i want to use fire
2685s apologies yet
2687s i'm right there what
2696s we're gonna say that you've each got
2698s your own
2699s personal stone so you can talk back to
2701s your generals or whoever at any point
2704s and uh
2705s jax is you here
2710s oh for sure okay fireball right in the
2712s center
2714s oh my god
2719s okay okay
2723s oh god no
2726s it works so hard
2729s okay maybe i won't do horrible
2732s [Music]
2744s everyone's kind of like in a line like
2746s bam bam bam bam in front of me they're
2748s not like in a cube except well myron is
2750s on top of a dragon
2753s yeah uh so
2755s they're in the space next to the dragon
2757s came with one foot holding the dragonkin
2760s down prone
2761s okay
2762s that makes sense i don't even know if
2764s fireball would encompass everybody
2766s anyway
2768s although you do have i would have an
2769s advantage on the dragonkin on the ground
2776s i you know what
2780s just just to be a little bit of a troll
2782s i think i'll cast acid splash on the
2784s dragon
2786s oh
2787s so acid splash has a fairly low um punch
2791s on it so are you going to get down and
2792s dirty
2793s oh it does doesn't it okay
2798s i don't want to leave my high and mighty
2799s perch why do i
2801s guys if you hit the dragon king you do
2804s get advantage so if you hit with an
2806s eldritch blast or something else you're
2808s still gonna have advantage on it
2810s okay
2813s which bolt isn't very far either
2825s you're fine
2826s i think that would be funny if i witch
2828s bolted him and then suddenly lightning
2830s underneath the
2831s elf dragon okay sure which bolt
2835s [Music]
2837s okay
2839s so don't forget to target the dragon kin
2841s so you can right click press the target
2844s get your uh cool little emperor cackle
2847s on there you go
2850s okay and then
2851s which bolt
2853s i would like to cast the spell
2858s there we go
2859s [Music]
2860s okay
2862s let's go that's a solid yeah
2864s yeah
2867s let's just
2870s nice sorry
2872s that's all right i put that in um
2875s 22 points of damage
2879s as your witch bolt easily finds its mark
2884s and instantly
2885s this node on dragonkin is on the floor
2888s just
2891s absolutely in spasms
2894s unable to do anything with one foot down
2897s you notice that very tentatively at the
2899s last second myron removes her heavily
2902s armored boot
2903s less
2904s the um
2906s just in case the uh the bolts crackle up
2911s and
2912s it's okay
2913s you can hold it down with your witchery
2915s [Music]
2916s yeah
2918s which warlocky and i want to look right
2920s at meyer and i will say oh i'm sorry
2922s were you using that
2926s oh i'm just gonna brush off my armor
2929s like
2930s [Laughter]
2934s so
2936s um the good news is that the dragonkin
2938s now looks roughly as dead as carol
2949s i love that too we're gonna park
2952s we're gonna pass it over to tikka
2958s tikka
2959s i'm just i'm a little bit panicked for
2961s carol here um
2964s so i think i'm gonna um
2967s i'm gonna make my way down there i'm
2969s gonna leave my perch as the squishiest
2971s character here
2973s and um i don't know if i can do this i
2976s want to catch i want to cast um
2979s cure wounds
2980s on her so i want to make sure i can
2982s actually get down there to do that
2983s because i have to touch the person i
2984s think oh i read it correctly
2986s yeah um
2989s let me double check i don't think so i
2992s think that it's got a range oh no touch
2994s you're absolutely right yes
2996s so yeah so you would have to float which
2998s is fine for you as an aviancy no problem
3000s at all
3001s um
3002s and then
3003s yes everyone get in the center everyone
3006s get into big nice box in the center
3008s please
3014s [Music]
3020s one hour into the four series everybody
3023s dies
3031s [Music]
3035s let's have you cast
3037s your spell so you put a handle onto
3039s carol's back
3041s and you you you tell her don't worry
3043s carol using this you will once again
3045s live laugh and love
3048s and uh
3049s i'm gonna run it
3051s i'm gonna run in a second level spell
3054s okay i'm doing that right it just makes
3056s it a little bit different that's
3057s probably a good idea right now carol
3059s took an absolute pain
3062s oh oh it's all cast
3066s healing and then just press the healing
3081s gets hit points back so they're now 21
3084s life again
3085s so they're now significantly better than
3088s the chicken who has been
3091s apt
3092s hit
3093s shot at and everything else under them
3101s i'm going to say something to carol on
3102s the water on you know while doing this
3105s um i said this is bigger than all of us
3109s and that's about it yeah
3111s yeah
3112s yeah you tell them
3117s um oh
3118s um can i run a bonus action did i screw
3121s up the order on that yeah no no
3123s absolutely you can run a bonus tag pop
3124s it down
3125s um
3126s so sorry uh
3128s i wanna cast dancing rapier um let me
3132s double check something real quick this
3134s is gonna be this is gonna this is gonna
3136s tilt my decision here
3139s in this economy
3140s uh
3141s yes it does say it is a magic sword
3144s yes i want to cast a dancing rapier
3147s uh
3148s sing it
3150s behind the
3152s i like him absolutely go for it yeah
3155s so let's see the cast and then you can
3157s place the token wherever you want onto
3159s the battlefield there
3162s okay
3163s and so what we're gonna do is i'm gonna
3166s place
3167s that's okay i'm gonna do that you
3169s um
3172s let's say
3173s yeah so can you guys see that square
3176s so that square uh represents your
3178s dancing rapier so
3180s um what i want you to do now
3182s is
3184s essentially uh tikka has gone down
3187s given carol some life and then thrown up
3190s this dancing rapier into the air which
3192s has flown directly behind the shadow um
3195s and you as a bonus action
3197s um
3199s you can now use it to attack as well
3202s so by all means
3205s hit attack
3206s and you'll be able to uh okay hope and
3208s you'll get advantage because of where
3210s carol is
3212s so your shadow
3217s which is how
3218s um so e5 is an easy
3226s just normal right
3227s just normal yeah
3232s the magical rapier
3234s so it does fledged damage
3236s means of damage
3238s and the shadow looks a little bit rough
3241s around the air guys good job
3243s so is looking worse than carol
3247s however
3263s um
3265s and
3266s it turns itself into
3269s a weird kind of like
3273s score husk or something along those
3275s sides like the ship
3277s and you actually feel it go straight
3280s through tikka
3281s and it lands on the other side
3284s now because it's incorporeal you're not
3286s able to get any advantage attacks on it
3288s or anything like that
3290s and it comes up behind
3293s afraid not
3294s and it's going to attack tikka
3296s absolutely seething with rage at the
3300s light that came forward and the healing
3302s power that came forward onto carol
3305s so let's have a look please
3308s i cannot roll for toffee
3317s i tried to tell you guys
3320s listen
3321s i'm getting this all out of the way for
3322s you know when i bring in the
3324s seven-headed dragon later or something
3326s so don't worry oh yeah no yeah
3330s right
3331s we're gonna kill you so cool visuals
3335s the claws completely miss
3339s no good no dice
3342s that was just beautiful
3344s uh carol over to you
3348s i look at you can i just say um
3351s i appreciate it i just wish someone
3353s would take this seriously looking at
3355s tamora
3356s and
3357s i would like to
3359s uh you know the dragonkin is still prone
3362s correct
3364s correct
3365s correct um
3367s you know what uh i think i'm going to
3372s because if i hit him with a
3374s [Music]
3375s sacred flame that doesn't have to get
3377s advantaged does it
3378s that's not really how sacred flame works
3381s because because you need to make a
3383s because it's prone it it makes a deck
3386s save i believe with disadvantage
3389s okay hit it with a sacred flame
3392s absolutely
3397s that's what we're going to say so
3401s um oh you know critical my apologies
3414s and we'll see what happens there we go
3420s it's got a disadvantage so we need to
3422s roll twice and take the lowest
3424s so the on a nine
3427s it would fail the deck save so you the
3429s the sacred flame would come down hit
3433s no problem at all
3435s now
3437s normally that wouldn't have happened but
3439s because you're literally got a foot on
3442s it you've got a witch bolt on going and
3444s all this kind of stuff
3445s um we're gonna say that that does happen
3449s so
3450s uh anything else for carol this time
3455s um
3456s well
3457s bonus actions
3470s the dragonkin defender
3472s gets onto its feet no longer prone
3476s uh and it's gonna use its
3478s full movement for that
3480s um and it's gonna turn to the dive
3482s bombing elf mirin
3485s i'm so scared
3489s you should have thought about that
3490s before you went back vomiting on the
3492s dragon just thinking about killing it
3496s that's all that matters
3500s it's gonna attempt
3503s to uh
3505s use a piece of strength oh
3510s oh dear
3512s so really
3514s dragging
3516s i'm not doing very well today viewers
3519s he is still being lightning then perhaps
3521s that's why he got a natural one
3524s it wasn't me first
3528s you got the twenty right
3530s gossip what i'm going to ask you to do
3531s is to roll a d100 for me
3534s uh because the attack was against you so
3537s you see in the bottom right of your
3538s screen there's um the set of dice so
3541s there's the triangle the square etcetera
3543s the one on the far right is d100 if you
3545s press that
3546s there should be a piece in the chat
3548s comes up slash r1d100
3551s and then you can hit return and you'll
3552s roll a 1d100
3555s we will then base that and see exactly
3557s what happens so you get a 46.
3567s no no this is so all of these things are
3569s bad for the
3570s person who fails so
3573s the dragon kitten goes to smash down his
3576s shield into you to knock himself over
3579s and instead his shield goes through his
3581s toe cutting off the front piece of two
3584s of its toes uh and he's going to take
3587s some damage
3588s for that
3591s oh that's good he's keeping his own butt
3594s so he takes an extra four points of
3597s damage and his movement is halfed next
3601s turn so if he wants to move anywhere
3603s it's gonna be difficult now having seen
3605s this you're probably in fits of humor
3607s right now gossip and it's your turn
3610s i'm so excited so i actually have a dumb
3612s question so since i have an animated
3614s shield and it's floating above me and as
3616s a knight i have two attacks if i wanted
3618s to use the shield as like a bonus action
3620s to like hit him in the face or something
3622s could i do that or is that like not a
3624s go-go
3626s so you don't have a shield slam attack
3628s on it the shield if you want to activate
3631s it with your bonus action
3632s um
3633s will then stay in front of you and hover
3636s in front so gossip girl's character has
3638s an animated shield that will stay and
3640s defend wherever she turns uh so myron
3643s has that ability but you need to
3645s activate it first and tell me you're
3647s gonna activate it
3649s okay and then you would still be able to
3650s do two attacks but remember because
3652s you've got that versatile weapon then be
3654s able to do those attacks two-handed
3657s so it's up to you when you use the
3659s animated shield yeah i thought so i'm
3661s gonna save it in case you get a
3663s seven-headed dragon or something you
3665s know
3666s who'd do that you know who who would do
3669s that
3670s what kind of dm would send a
3672s seven-headed dragon after us
3674s plot twist
3676s um what i wanna do is i
3679s i'm gonna look at this um
3682s this uh dragon kin and be like you
3684s should have had your crystals and i'm
3686s just gonna take it and just whack the
3687s heck out of it again with my
3690s awesome
3691s i reckon if you hit with both of these
3693s you could actually slay the dragonkin at
3696s this point
3697s perfect if it dies i want to yell and
3699s everything
3701s saren
3703s migrant one day more zero just kidding
3706s um
3710s okay
3711s wow
3712s the sewers just got a lot darker from
3714s that shade right let's uh
3720s so it says it has no available uses
3723s remaining that's okay we'll do that
3725s don't worry try it now
3728s usability
3730s okay
3732s and then attack at advantage because
3734s right because he's got no time nope oh
3736s no it's still advantage because carol's
3738s flanking
3739s so that's why you get advantage but it
3741s did stand up so you wouldn't have had it
3743s if carol wasn't flanking so carol was
3745s providing that's careful right now
3747s teamwork okay i'm just gonna attack it
3750s hopefully
3762s around in the sewer next to you maybe
3766s the first attack misses completely to
3768s one side
3769s great good thing i got another one
3772s okay firing zero
3783s okay okay that one's a lot better that
3785s one hits 21's a big solid hit
3788s nice and then
3790s damage
3791s and then just normal
3809s as a slash of cold rips through and
3811s explodes into their chest and yes you
3814s have defeated the dragonkin the first
3817s one splashes into the water
3822s and off he goes
3827s [Music]
3829s anything else
3830s for you gossip
3832s um what i would like to do is i still
3834s have a movement and i know that tika and
3837s carol are
3838s i mean i obviously see i'm gonna i'm
3840s gonna walk over there closer
3842s to in hopes of um
3844s helping them out if i could stand let me
3847s see if i'm clicking the wrong thing huh
3849s yeah like right there would be great
3851s um sure feel free to move your character
3853s across
3854s i don't want to be like so remember
3857s i was going to say if you go to the
3858s square where my mouse is at the moment
3860s secret would then have advantage
3863s okay yeah
3864s i appreciate it be nice i would like to
3866s do that
3867s [Laughter]
3869s thanks for looking out
3870s well like that that's it
3873s before that we have
3875s tamil temple you are normally the first
3878s on the battlefield you're normally the
3879s first to take blood
3881s myron's beating you how are you feeling
3887s should have been my kill yeah
3890s i better watch your back
3892s i hope your sword never gets sharpened
3894s again i hope it stays perpetually dull
3898s yeah i said it it'll look look at her
3899s and be like i have a card cast fireball
3901s i'm just kidding i'm not casting
3902s fireball yet
3904s uh
3904s yeah so my witch bolts
3907s if um if i understand which bolt
3908s correctly it's just gone or can i like
3911s shift it over to another person
3914s we're gonna say no at this point because
3915s it was it would have dissipated into the
3917s swamp
3918s okay
3919s totally fine okey-dokey uh i'm thinking
3923s i'm thinking another eldritch blast we
3925s gotta we gotta go
3927s i want something to go boom
3930s okay
3932s so to be fair you've only got one
3937s i mean does she
3940s i said you've only got one target but
3942s that's up for debate right
3944s oh yeah
3946s hey my eyes try to hit me everyone dies
3950s oh yeah uh-huh
3952s that's my kill fair square
3955s yes piss off the healer great idea
3958s [Laughter]
3961s there we go
3962s i want these attacks solid solid hit
3966s yeah i want him to go right by myron's
3969s head like maybe singed her ear tiny tiny
3972s like just zoom
3974s you know sure let's throw damage and we
3976s can uh
3978s we can see how that goes that's a good
3979s amount as well
3981s oh god
3984s okay so myrin
3987s what you see is this small purple skull
3990s floats past your head and takes
3993s ever just like half a centimeter of hair
3996s off of the side of your face just as it
3998s goes past and hits the skull right in
4002s and then the two skulls hit you see
4004s flecks of bone going everywhere into the
4006s sewers underneath
4009s my hair
4010s oops i missed
4019s no one
4024s [Music]
4034s tikka
4036s over to you sir
4039s what are we thinking
4046s uh
4049s i don't i'm just gonna shout it dude
4051s first of all i'm opening this up by
4052s shouting at typically your allies are
4055s down here would you watch your shots
4059s but um not even waiting for
4073s my little floating rapier friend um
4076s can i move this thing or is it fixed in
4078s its position yep absolutely you can use
4081s your um
4083s your bonus action i will move that for
4085s you you tell me where you'd like it to
4086s go
4088s okay well um i'll put it right behind
4090s the
4091s right behind uh the demon that
4094s excuse me i had to be more specific the
4097s shadow
4098s i was gonna say like come on dude
4102s yeah right there you go
4105s session one man just trying to kill each
4106s other
4107s all right and then um
4110s so you just need to bring it up from
4112s your uh
4114s so for that attack you need to bring it
4116s up from your uh character sheet and then
4118s we'll be able to uh see how that does
4122s okay
4123s all right let me see let me pull it up
4125s now is this uh this thing has like four
4126s charges is this using another charge
4128s every time
4129s is it only used when i summon it or does
4131s it use it every time i use it
4133s yeah we're gonna say it's when you
4135s summon it so you're fine you've got it
4136s throughout because otherwise you'd be
4139s a little bit weaker than the other guys
4141s on the battlefield for sure
4143s okay it'll be nice i'm i'm a forgiving
4145s dm
4148s ish okay
4151s all right sorry um
4152s [Music]
4154s now does it matter if i'm using my bonus
4156s action before my main action
4159s or should i like with the intelligent
4161s decision okay all right i just wanted to
4163s make sure it wasn't like doing this
4164s backwards and wasting time essentially
4167s so okay so i'll go ahead and i'll go
4168s ahead and attack it with the rapier get
4170s that out of the way first um and it
4172s rolls for advantage right
4174s no it does not
4176s no it does not hold on then ignore that
4179s okay ignore that nothing happened
4181s [Music]
4183s nothing happened
4185s um okay still a hit though
4187s solid hit all right
4190s so 21's are good here against this
4192s shadow
4194s oh that's a good hit too right like 12
4196s points of damage like this thing is
4198s looking like it's on its last legs now
4200s you have your standard action available
4202s to you
4204s okay
4205s now do i have anything that would make
4208s sense
4210s um
4212s i know look at me here i can't just cast
4214s eldritch blast on everything like some
4216s of us here
4218s i'm gonna i'm just gonna hit it with um
4222s my dagger i'll just hit it with my
4223s dagger it's better than nothing it's
4225s right in my face and i don't have a
4226s choice
4228s now is this by chance the dagger of
4230s guitar solos
4233s oh right yes
4242s so let's uh
4256s oh
4264s we're gonna see what he does to himself
4266s it wasn't me
4268s oh a knight yeah
4274s so
4275s remember me
4279s no
4280s you
4281s go to slash with the dagger
4285s um and now you're so focused on causing
4288s this epic guitar solo worthy of led
4291s zeppelin
4292s that you
4293s completely miss
4294s and do a somersault forwards with the
4297s pure momentum and end up falling thrown
4299s on the floor in front of the shadow
4303s [Music]
4307s i point left that's gonna be so good too
4310s [Music]
4311s that was the shadow's turn
4314s feels bad
4315s this is oh this is just humorous the
4317s shadow zammer
4320s and cackles
4322s and just goes ham with two attacks on
4325s their claws with advantage on tica um
4333s sure what's the question
4334s um since i was right behind the shadow
4336s if i wanted to because
4338s like an attack of opportunity do i have
4340s to be like right beside tika to do that
4342s like if i saw like the shadow going to
4344s attack could i do something since i'm
4345s right next to it
4347s no the shadow needs to move away from
4350s your spaces and then you'd be able to
4352s make an attack of opportunity
4353s so it needs to be actively moving away
4355s from you
4357s yeah um
4359s so the first attack hits tikka
4363s and we're gonna say that that's all that
4365s the attack does in case he dies
4367s um
4368s yeah
4374s so because the uh because the shadow has
4377s um
4378s advantage on it the claws strike through
4382s with huge psychological damage to tikka
4386s tikka takes a whopping 30 points of
4389s damage which takes them down to just
4391s three
4392s elf
4393s whoa
4394s and all tikka can think about are all
4397s these insults that the shadow is
4400s taunting it with about how he will never
4402s make it and his band will never get off
4404s soundcloud
4406s so
4408s the bad stakes
4418s you can kind of hear what maybe an
4420s avianzi crying sounds like through the
4422s bubbles coming up out of the water
4425s that was right
4430s just out of there
4433s before we go on to carol's turn
4436s jaxis how is uh temor enjoying the show
4440s down below
4442s dude i brought along
4444s some kernels not fully popped they're
4446s just popcorn kernels and i'm just
4447s tossing them in my mouth right now i'll
4449s be like okay
4450s now this is this is a good idea this is
4453s entertaining that's weird you're weird
4457s your face is looking like in do they pop
4460s in your bowl yeah
4461s you're like exactly yeah
4463s like the hellfire just the mountain it's
4465s like a pop rock
4468s hellfire popcorn i like it
4472s ah well at least we know that it's gonna
4473s be salted and not sweet popcorn
4476s right carol over to you
4479s well carol wants to cast a
4483s yeah like
4485s myron can deal with it she's going to
4486s cast secure runes on tikka right back
4488s maybe a second oh bless
4491s yes yes i'm gonna need some help
4494s i want to see him get up on his own
4497s oh shut up peanut gallery
4501s hey they're popcorn shut up
4503s chop your maroon balloon
4506s how dare you
4507s this is crimson hair with
4510s you hear a faint whisper from the sewers
4512s oh he needs some milk
4515s he needs some milk
4520s just stop it oh
4522s hey that's
4537s ghost shadow and just like like
4540s if i'm looking at their like
4542s outfit do they look like
4544s maybe they were
4546s a sentestinian
4548s from the past or do they look like
4550s someone who's
4552s currently like maybe died like recently
4555s from the war and ended up down here
4557s somehow
4559s so the the outfits pretty shaded in um
4563s like black swirls
4565s there's definitely some jewelry on them
4567s why don't we make an inside check for
4569s you we can see what's going on
4573s and i apologize if i destroy any law
4576s i can't believe you're trying to keep
4578s your
4582s thankfully i don't need to answer any
4584s runescape law questions
4591s hey i did my homework right let's uh
4596s um like really like
4598s that
4600s yeah i mean they'd go well with carol's
4602s pearls
4603s so yeah it's getting them apprehensive
4605s it's okay
4609s however what i will do is i will throw
4611s your bone and say maybe if it drops any
4614s jewelry you can take a look afterwards
4616s if you manage to defeat it
4620s gossip curl are you gonna go two for two
4622s in the kills today
4624s you know what i gotta show off because
4626s tamora has done nothing but to see
4627s popcorn colonels and i'm the one
4629s carrying everyone right now so i can't
4631s believe this oh saren
4633s i can't believe this is
4636s so what we're gonna do is i didn't like
4637s i didn't like you know
4639s tikka seems pretty cool i i vouched for
4641s carol i was you know but saved carol and
4643s i'm gonna save tita so what i'm gonna do
4645s is i'm gonna whack the heck out of the
4646s shadow with the same with my uh
4648s my sword again and i'm so excited let me
4651s just uh
4654s pop the there you go that should be good
4656s to go now um now you won't have
4658s advantage because tikka's on the floor
4661s uh so there's no flanking there because
4664s you you're not gonna flank with a wet
4666s with a bird doing a duck impression so
4669s let's uh
4671s oh let's see what we can do because
4674s it's like giving me this look like roll
4677s let's see what you get oh my goodness
4679s okay we can
4681s do it
4684s okay here we go
4686s first one usability
4689s and i got hit this button
4692s you're getting used to it there you go
4697s 14 total is a hit
4700s oh yeah
4702s all right
4704s let's go okay damn it you have a second
4706s hit smile i do
4708s it's a smile
4710s dog cam okay okay nine points of damage
4715s [Music]
4717s okay oh it's okay i got another shadows
4720s hanging off of its very tendrils and
4723s it's beginning to fade out but it's
4724s still there
4727s oh god okay i'm gonna attack it
4730s move my chair back over here
4734s 13 is just a hit
4737s just nice
4739s there you go if i get if i if this thing
4741s dies i'm just okay i gotta i got a nice
4743s little piece of dialogue it's gonna be
4744s great
4745s okay
4748s [Music]
4759s tell us your dialogue
4761s as you whack
4763s and the ice crushes through the shadow
4766s let's hear it from myron
4769s i'm so excited i'm gonna uh like take
4772s out my sword after like after the shadow
4775s just like dies i'm going to look at
4777s tamora and point my sword and be like
4779s that's two
4785s i was so excited i almost dropped
4786s everything
4793s chris in retaliation to this i want to
4795s look straight back at myron take one of
4797s the kernels i want to pop it in my mouth
4798s but like keep my mouth just open enough
4800s that she sees it pop in my mouth and
4802s then crunch
4804s right down on the kernel
4806s i won't say anything bad
4815s through the bubbling water since i'm
4816s still face versus just you just you just
4819s hear tikas
4820s i'm so glad i'm still alive
4826s me too
4828s carol wants to grab his arm and like
4830s kind of hoist him up i'm not come on
4834s i'm gonna go after okay
4838s it's a shadow so you you guys have
4840s survived your first combat
4843s inside the sewers never again
4846s [Laughter]
4853s that's okay no i'm glad you guys enjoyed
4855s it it's all part of the fun and i like
4857s how it's all runescape themed that's the
4859s main thing man
4861s so
4863s for you guys now where um
4866s is you can see that there's a ten more
4868s can see there's a nexus to the right
4870s you guys would have to get up there
4872s somehow
4873s there's also an exit to the north again
4875s it's higher up and there's an exit on
4876s the ground level to the south
4879s oh okay so there would have to be
4881s if you want to get up on one of these
4883s pipes and decide which way to go there
4885s would have to be a check somewhere
4887s um certainly this kind of seems like
4890s where everything kind of comes in so you
4892s can see crates on the floor um the
4894s bodies of uh your downtrodden enemies
4897s are there um and around the edges of the
4900s circle you can see fungi plants
4903s um and sconces which are lit which
4905s obviously the sewer workers have to come
4907s down there from time to time rats
4909s scuttle around everywhere and cobwebs
4911s hiding all kinds of nasty creatures of
4914s course the smell
4915s is almost overbearing at this point but
4918s thankfully uh there was some small fire
4920s which went on earlier which has got rid
4922s of a fair amount of it
4923s sorry carol
4932s [Music]
4934s um chris can i go into the center of the
4937s pipe where i'm standing in and i will
4940s push down a hand
4942s oh come on now we haven't got all day
4945s i'll reach out my hand and respond
4947s firstly
4948s first i'd like to ask deep demon what
4951s can you see from what can you see down
4954s that pipe is there an exit
4956s that is actually a fair question aviancy
4959s uh i what do i see
4961s down the pipe so the pipe goes much
4964s further down and it narrows into a five
4967s foot space which you would have to go
4969s down
4970s a single file into
4973s i have dark vision by the way like you
4975s know i can see in the dark so like if if
4977s it's dark i can i can see because i have
4979s dark vision dark vision means you have
4982s like i can see
4983s like i have
4984s dark i have dark fishing
4987s yeah yeah no like if the lights are out
4989s and it's like dark like i can still see
4991s it's pretty crazy what is this dim light
4993s i know who's going in the front like
4996s i think actually
4998s awesome well and that's metagaming
5000s anyway so but no um yeah i'm going to
5002s call back i don't miss the i see in the
5004s dark you want to go first you want to
5006s you know well hang on i need to call
5008s down to you
5009s it's a
5010s narrower tunnel isn't there a door down
5012s there as well
5015s there's no door down uh there's no door
5017s down there looks like it goes into a
5019s another chamber eventually there is some
5021s light but it looks like a pretty long
5024s tunnel
5025s okay um now
5027s you guys are all mmo players right you
5029s will play runescape
5031s there's two bodies on the floor and none
5033s of you have to click them to i mean none
5035s of you have looted the bodies yet bro
5038s i want the body shadow
5040s i go to the shadows
5056s yeah exactly that's right
5058s so we we're gonna get carol to take a
5060s look at this jewelry again and we'll
5061s allow her to do it um
5063s with advantage because you know there's
5066s not battle raging around her at this
5067s point
5068s um
5069s we'll see what you can see
5073s is this investigation
5075s uh we can do investigation yeah that's
5077s no problem at all
5079s so
5082s yeah so let's do investigation i'll pop
5084s it in and you can do it with advantage
5087s oh sure
5091s that's a lot better um well it's it's a
5094s little bit better at seven
5096s uh so
5098s do you believe that this could be
5101s um
5102s an apologies if i say this incorrectly
5104s senestion
5106s uh it certainly looks like some of the
5109s um
5111s some of the symbols that you've seen
5112s within the cathedral so some of the holy
5114s symbols there for sure
5115s so you would imagine that perhaps this
5118s is somebody who came from like
5119s priesthood or something like that within
5121s the chapel perhaps
5124s and it's very very close to the chat
5128s right hmm
5129s these might be catacombs
5133s yeah let's look at the uh dragon kin
5135s what's uh if i search through his
5137s pockets what happens there
5140s sure
5140s so the dragon kin is much more simple
5144s um there is a spear
5146s a shield
5147s a set of studded leather armor which
5149s probably wouldn't fit any of you
5152s um and a set of really interesting
5154s mechanical looking gloves so these
5156s gloves are like big red plate
5159s um
5160s carol sees them and instantly knows
5163s that realizes that the dragon wasn't
5165s breathing fire putting his hands out and
5168s the fire was coming directly from these
5170s gloves
5171s it looks to me like a pair of gloves
5174s that could shoot fire as and when needed
5177s but
5178s uh it will be a limited amount and you
5179s would need to take them back to the
5181s cathedral perhaps have one of the
5182s generals look at fix them up for you
5186s so something there so you've got those
5188s ready for perhaps another adventure or
5190s another strike force mission that the
5192s generals may need you on i'm gonna make
5194s a note of that so i'm gonna call these
5196s dragons gloves
5198s nice dragon's gloves and
5200s i'm gonna pocket them
5202s me oh
5204s carol not the fire demon okay oh hey
5208s it wasn't enough i didn't do anything
5209s with fire come on
5214s well i'm feeling a lot of discrimination
5216s now okay guys listen
5219s you and your popcorn up there i'm just
5222s saying there's a reason everyone's on my
5223s side i did my part
5225s i i struck that dragonkin with lightning
5228s i've stopped it from hitting the elf
5230s what more do you want me
5232s and she got all of her nutritional needs
5235s that's true hey it's true it's true um
5239s okay
5241s all right just
5245s um
5246s when um when it comes time for trying to
5248s get out this sounds really gross but
5250s obviously we don't have a ladder
5251s um is it possible to like stack the dead
5255s bodies and like the crates and stuff to
5256s create a ladder to get out gossip gossip
5259s i'm reaching my hand down
5261s and i just reach my hand down because
5263s it's a stupid idea
5267s i i would suggest that you use tikka to
5271s um fly up and then help you guys up
5274s if tikka is willing to do so um or you
5278s will have rope within your backpacks
5279s that you've taken with you and on your
5280s person so you could create a rope down
5283s if needed from any piece so it won't be
5285s a massive issue for you because you do
5287s have somebody who can fly
5290s but
5292s they're all degraded and disgusting too
5294s so i thought it was that is all
5297s contingent
5299s and if tikka becomes unconscious
5302s then that's and it is only a five-foot
5303s drop if there's a larger drop at any
5305s point
5306s then that is contingent on tika being
5308s conscious and also then allowing you to
5312s uh do that so yeah five foot drop above
5314s and below so nothing too crazy you could
5317s certainly scramble up or use some rope
5319s or help others up okay oh yeah i'll fly
5322s i'll fly up in next to uh tamar and help
5325s her pull
5326s all the other two out
5328s sure so you guys are gonna go directly
5330s east yeah to start
5332s i think easter's
5334s east is best
5341s and you can see this um
5344s this piece moving forwards here
5347s and you can see there that it goes into
5349s this one single
5351s uh kind of really
5354s low sewer
5355s [Music]
5356s okay
5357s um by the way chris
5358s [Music]
5360s as i pull
5361s actually who am i pulling up is it carol
5363s or myron
5365s harry to pull me up up to you
5367s okay
5368s i pull my rin up and while when she
5370s comes up i just put my hand on her
5371s shoulder and i say zamarak would be
5373s proud
5374s and then i i turn and start following tk
5378s oh
5379s i'm gonna respond by uh
5381s walking right up next to uh taymor and
5383s be like
5384s thanks for the haircut and then just
5386s keep moving nice
5393s i like it this is great it's great thank
5395s you
5396s good stuff it looks good so
5399s thank you that seems to
5401s the path seems to narrow up ahead who do
5404s you think who do you who do we think
5405s should go first
5408s well me and tika took a bit quite a bit
5410s of a beating back there so
5413s myron had more any volunteers
5417s i'm happy to go first considering i have
5419s two kills and uh taymor has zero but you
5422s know it depends uh do you have enough
5424s popcorn to uh to lead us through you
5426s wanted to go first anymore
5428s oh i couldn't possibly take this honor
5430s away from the shield maiden please by
5432s all means
5437s [Laughter]
5447s okay do you want to um
5449s i'll tell you what we're going to do
5451s we're going to have you guys do a little
5454s piece here so we're going to have myron
5456s um make a deception check
5460s uh
5461s so myron i want you to try and make a
5464s deception check against taymor
5468s gonna make an inside check so they're in
5470s the chat folks let's see how you guys
5472s get on
5475s okay oh that's pretty insightful how
5478s about myron
5479s oh boy oh
5482s i'm not very deceptive
5484s it's fair to say
5486s that uh taymor can see completely
5489s through this ruse
5493s i decided to put this information away
5496s for later and not speak of it and just
5498s you know what i'll pat her on the back
5499s again
5500s and just like a little smile
5502s like a half smile down in here so gossip
5505s uh myron thinks she's got away with that
5507s for sure
5508s oh
5509s hands i'm just gonna fix my fix my armor
5511s except nothing happened and i'm just
5512s gonna keep going come on guys let's go
5517s i love it i love it gossip you're
5518s awesome
5520s okay all right
5522s the way the way myron's going first i'll
5524s be right behind her and then the two
5526s squishies or do we want like the two
5528s squishies in the middle in case
5529s something comes behind just i'm
5538s protect us protect us night vision demon
5542s uh
5557s you can see ahead of you there's a very
5560s obvious opening in the passage maybe
5563s 100 feet away myron
5567s so i'm gonna presume that you guys are
5570s all um up together like that
5573s yeah definitely all right yeah now i
5575s need you all at this point
5577s to make a deck saving throw please oh
5580s god no one was recording for traps
5583s would check the traps oh no
5586s okay all thank
5588s not really thank god deck save oh jesus
5591s no
5593s oh wait i think i did that wrong did i
5595s do it
5596s no i got it yeah
5598s you've you've that's all right you've
5600s all got it it's fine um okay
5602s unfortunately
5603s even
5604s tame or the dextrous is not
5607s quite well enough as the ground crumbles
5610s beneath you none of you take any damage
5613s but you all fall into the sewer below um
5616s so the sewer above you now that you were
5619s just on is maybe 30 to 40 feet in the
5621s air and you're in a much more
5624s a difficult area shall we say of the
5627s sewer
5628s uh and we're gonna just as you're kind
5630s of getting your bearings and looking
5632s around you and you get that accurate
5634s smell again
5635s um you look to to your side
5639s and you see
5640s um what looks to be
5643s a couple more
5645s of those shadows you saw
5650s they're gonna
5652s we're gonna roll for initiative guys
5656s oh no no come on in this economy
5660s we should have taken a rest
5662s we should please i don't need at least a
5665s short rest i wanted to cast your runes
5667s of myself but uh how did i how do i okay
5670s come on guys
5673s gossip if you click the fist uh then you
5675s can click the dice in there and you'll
5678s be able to uh press it on there
5682s there you go oh my god
5684s there we go
5685s click back to the chat so that's pretty
5687s good however
5690s the two shadows could see you guys
5692s falling and they're gonna get a bonus
5694s round on you before you guys get to go
5697s okay okay
5699s um well it was nice knowing you guys
5702s oh my god i got it
5705s oh it's fine we got this positive
5707s attitude
5709s one shadow run
5712s and
5713s uh clicks directly onto table
5717s seeing them full
5721s ow
5722s oh it's my bones okay
5727s i don't don't worry about what just came
5729s up on the screen it's fine so six points
5731s of damage
5734s because it didn't have advantage so it
5736s didn't get the additional psychic damage
5739s like what happened with um
5740s tikka earlier so just the plain six
5742s slashing so
5744s that's not so bad that's not that's not
5746s too bad and then the other shadow
5748s uh is gonna they're gonna try and split
5751s the difference here and really come up
5754s to one side of myron and go directly
5756s onto myron
5758s [Music]
5762s uh completely mrs myron myron
5764s hats off with the shield no problem at
5767s all on those claws
5768s okay so let's start combat proper now
5771s we're going to begin with uh carol
5774s so carol carol the dexterous um you've
5777s seen that the these things have kind of
5779s zoned in on both you guys and you're
5782s kind of a little bit worried there what
5784s are you gonna do
5786s um okay
5788s so
5788s uh i'm going to
5790s first of all
5791s maybe
5792s walk out a little bit 5
5795s 10 15
5797s 20 right there and um i'm going to
5801s i think at first i'm going to focus on
5805s healing a little bit so i'm going to
5807s cast your runes on tica
5812s [Music]
5817s [Laughter]
5822s there you go
5823s you love to see
5825s it okay so uh eight points of healing on
5829s tatika that's really good
5831s so and with my bonus action can i uh
5836s summon my spiritual weapon
5838s oh
5839s here we go absolutely
5842s cleric power activate let's go i'm going
5846s to do it right behind
5848s right behind this one because i'm not
5851s too worried about tim
5853s you've got advantage then on your first
5855s attack go for it
5857s go for it okay i didn't know that that
5859s was the
5861s yeah attack and then advantage
5864s what's the weapon look like
5866s okay
5867s carol what kind of weapon are you going
5869s to have here for your spiritual weapon
5871s that's a good question thank you
5873s the question i think
5875s carol giant hammer
5878s oh that's smart
5880s so i have a giant hammer that strangely
5884s looks like a meat tenderizer and i'm
5886s going to have that activate and uh
5889s slam the thing right across itself
5893s yep let's go
5898s this is like uh you're trying to make
5899s philly cheesesteaks out of the shadows
5901s here is that what's going on yeah i am
5904s somebody played recipe for disaster
5914s good job well look that's that's really
5916s impressive stuff for a star there from
5918s carol let's see what myron can come up
5921s with myron the killer the cold-blooded
5924s elf
5925s yeah i'm two-for-one right now what
5927s would you expect
5929s hey it's yes yeah i'm not even gonna
5931s deal with the comments from the peanut
5933s gallery i'm gonna focus on getting a
5935s three to zero is everyone just going to
5937s steal my line about the peanut gallery
5939s is that what's going on yes
5942s um i'm gonna fair enough i'm gonna look
5945s i'm gonna
5946s take out my uh my uh long sword again in
5948s the process i'm gonna say to carol well
5951s played and then i'm just gonna uh attack
5954s the shadow that's right in front of me
5957s um
5958s i hope hope this works
5962s oh god
5964s you're undefeated thus far go for it do
5967s it
5968s bet you won't manchester
5971s it's normal right
5974s yeah it's advantage because of the
5976s spiritual weapon
5978s that was what i was gonna say i was like
5979s but then okay cool
5981s oh i allow that one that's a house rule
5985s okay i appreciate it we'll okay then
5993s yeah not true 20 come on guys
5997s oh
5998s my god
6000s i'm killing it
6002s okay
6003s all right
6004s thank you you're never going to hear the
6005s end of this
6006s you see that table no probably not um
6010s no i'm actually looking over i'm just
6011s like
6012s huh
6015s write your crystals okay um
6017s [Music]
6018s damage and then critical
6022s destroy it
6025s oh my god 27
6027s points of damage what is happening
6032s hello
6034s okay so now i'm
6036s we should have done this previously but
6038s because you've got um
6040s [Music]
6042s uh because you've got a critical i need
6044s you to roll a d100 and see what it does
6046s extra
6048s nice here we go i'm so excited i love
6051s this game okay
6058s 74. okay
6060s oh
6062s so
6064s a result of you becoming so aware of
6066s threats around the battlefield with your
6068s awesome hit you're able to use the dodge
6070s action after your attack here if you
6073s wish so dodge sets it up so you you can
6076s use a dodge action so that you like
6079s wait for the next attack and then you
6081s can dodge as a reaction so you've still
6083s got another attack but you've got a
6084s dodge in the background as well now
6087s you know what i would love to use that
6089s because if the shadow tries to attack me
6091s i just want to
6092s get out the way i think that'd be great
6094s absolutely
6095s so when you take the dodge action um
6097s essentially you're going to be focusing
6099s on avoiding all attacks um so if
6103s somebody makes an attack against you
6104s they have disadvantage
6106s and you make any dexterity saving throws
6109s of advantage as well so that's really
6111s good but
6113s more importantly than that
6115s let's get your uh
6117s let's get your next attack up yeah is
6120s this going to be another attack one
6122s round one round kill for the knight
6125s god i hope so i'd love to rub it in
6127s taylor's face let's go
6130s attack the advantage again because of
6132s the the
6133s weapon behind the
6135s shadow correct absolutely yeah
6138s we've got to give a little bit of a well
6141s done here to myself
6144s no that's a hit
6146s yeah you without your spiritual weapon
6148s there that gives the advantage that
6150s allows better things to happen so
6152s there's a lot to be said for supporting
6154s dungeons and dragons as i'm sure there
6156s is in runescape and
6157s you know those buffs and those little
6159s extras that you guys get through potions
6161s and stuff it's always worth doing oh
6162s yeah
6163s it's like an overload
6166s yeah it's a good solid hit
6170s um but it's not enough to take the
6171s shadow down which would have been
6173s absolutely epic for you guys to take
6176s that down uh on the first hit but
6180s not quite
6181s as long as i go up at taymor's book and
6183s like tamara just like oh
6185s i win
6186s [Laughter]
6189s hey we still have like
6191s a couple other games to play for this so
6194s take your time
6197s if i live that long
6200s if cathar even freaking
6202s lives
6205s do they have life insurance in uh gilano
6208s or is uh
6210s have housing insurance no
6213s you don't have live streams
6215s because the world garden just keeps
6216s coming back
6217s the only person yeah it's just actually
6220s is the world guardian because they keep
6221s getting revived by our version of the
6223s grim reaper
6224s yeah but we have to yeah he's just like
6226s you're not supposed to die yet he
6228s charges you a fee and sends you out the
6229s door
6230s just put it on my
6241s this shadow moves across and goes to
6244s swipe at taymor but doesn't even get
6246s close tamar bats it aside with
6250s one no problem at all with the staff
6253s skulls
6254s so
6255s tamar for now you're all good
6258s tikka you've just noticed on your rear
6260s flank a
6262s um
6263s one of these shadows has come up to you
6265s what are you gonna do about it
6268s oh god
6270s okay well okay i got i gotta turn turn
6272s my my bird here
6275s turn the bird
6276s turn the bird
6278s turn turn the bird
6280s i see you
6281s i see you um
6283s and now that i'm staring death in the
6285s face i'm i'm gonna move i'm gonna move
6288s over here
6290s okay
6291s so because there's one right
6294s you've run away from that shadow it sees
6296s you moving
6298s out of its side
6300s it's gonna take an attack of opportunity
6302s at you
6303s uh-oh ah it's fine it's not fine but
6306s it's fine
6307s it's not fun
6313s don't worry
6314s you you're not incapacitated so it's
6317s fine you only take eight damage
6321s oh so you're all good
6323s eight points of damage
6327s so as you go to run past
6336s straight through the legs
6339s ripping through your skin and seeing you
6341s feathers fly everywhere
6344s you still got your turn though
6346s thankfully
6348s yeah there is blood in the water
6352s oh boy that's great you love to see it
6355s is what i would say if it wasn't for the
6357s fact that that's not true at all
6358s um
6359s i would like to
6361s yes
6363s um i'd like to actually cast
6366s bulls strength as a level two spell i
6370s think if i i think if i run it as a
6371s level two i can pick two targets if i'm
6374s if i read that correctly
6376s um yep what's the spell
6378s enhancement again
6379s uh it's bull's strength uh it's enhanced
6382s ability both strength
6383s uh gives a target advantage on strength
6385s checks
6386s and um i want to cast that on both carol
6389s and myron
6392s okay and i just i just have no idea how
6395s to do that
6396s that's okay but i'll do that in the
6398s background don't worry at all um what
6401s we'll do is we'll put a little wing on
6403s both karen carroll and myron
6407s you know you you guys aren't being very
6409s fair here to uh poor old tamer huh this
6412s feels like
6413s a little disjointed right now
6415s i yeah yes but no because i'm not i'm
6418s not done um
6420s at least i think i'm not done you stop
6422s me if i'm wrong here but i want to use
6424s bardic inspiration as a bonus action
6427s absolutely fine
6430s okay
6431s um i want to use it on
6433s tamar
6434s so make sure that you do um
6437s target tamora as well because there
6439s should be a cool little piece there for
6440s you so you rip out
6445s how the heck do i target somebody so
6447s right right click and then an icon will
6450s appear in the bottom left and you want
6451s to pick the little um target icon
6455s so if you right click table
6458s um it doesn't happen for me
6461s okay no problem
6463s you
6463s i'll bring up the biotic inspiration and
6465s do it for you so that's no problem
6468s um where are your features here we go
6472s heather do you see like the icons in the
6474s top left there's like a target yep okay
6477s yeah that works better there you go
6480s music
6482s so this time the guitar solo is gorgeous
6486s and it plays a symphony of notes
6489s which surely won't attract other
6490s monsters throughout the sewer at all
6493s cathar
6494s now
6495s [Laughter]
6498s my only job
6501s so if you if you click other formula in
6503s the uh chat we'll see how well um
6506s uh tikka uh sorry tamora if you click
6509s that you'll see you've then got a d8 to
6511s roll uh okay whenever you guys need to
6514s yeah so if you want to add it on to like
6517s um an attack or something like that
6519s you've got the opportunity there to do
6521s so
6522s so that's a 1d8 that you can add to
6525s anything so perhaps if you fall just
6526s short and it's like the clincher at the
6529s end of the battle or at the end of
6530s something that you need
6532s then you've got the opportunity to do
6534s that
6535s sweet
6536s okay beautiful now it only lasts for 10
6539s minutes but you're in combat so that's a
6542s really long time in combat so you should
6544s be all good
6546s okay anything else for you cathar i
6548s don't think there's anything else you
6550s can do oh
6551s i think i'm good
6557s so we've we've got the demonic shadow
6559s over here who's going to try and um
6561s attack mirin as well now
6564s miriam is going to be
6566s is going to have advantage here because
6569s um of the excellent crit that they got
6572s last time
6573s nice
6575s dab for disadvantage work to treat
6582s the shadow easily hits into shield
6585s and uh
6586s nothing happens so you're all good yeah
6589s so
6590s uh next up we have tamor this combat's
6593s going a lot better than last time can i
6594s say by the way you guys are owning it
6596s this time
6597s you're really getting yo you're funky
6599s groove together as a team
6603s running up the weeds you know
6605s yeah
6606s sure
6606s yeah
6608s so what have we got there same old tell
6610s me
6611s all right i can't be outdone here
6615s by a sword-wielding elf
6618s and like a giant
6619s tenderizer looking human with her eye
6622s shadow burnt off okay so i'm gonna step
6624s forward
6626s uh not
6627s not out of range of
6629s the demonic creature in front of me so i
6631s want to step like
6634s right here if that's okay
6636s and then i'll try absolutely fine i like
6638s that and i've been i've been taking a
6640s look through my inventory please
6642s and i happen to see that i have an item
6644s called the staff of power
6647s which uh yes
6650s and i would like to raise my staff and
6654s its giant quad gnarly wooden hand
6658s towards the demonic creature and i would
6660s like to cast lightning bolt right into
6662s its face
6664s wow
6665s let me add lightning bolt to your spells
6668s so that you can do that in that case
6670s with me one moment
6673s so uh
6675s is this something you guys are really
6677s enjoying the uh the fun items that i've
6680s given you guys because the difficulties
6682s are a little bit more than you would
6684s normally see your kind of level for this
6686s okay
6687s i no longer just have two spots
6690s they do hit hard
6692s holy cow that hit hard so what i've done
6695s is i've put an extra on your packed
6696s magic so go ahead it should be under
6698s your third level you'll be able to cast
6700s that now
6702s fireball
6703s or uh lightning bolt
6706s don't forget to target whatever you want
6708s to
6709s chew on oh
6712s there we go so oh that's okay i can move
6714s that for you
6715s so right about there
6719s oh my gosh
6723s once again mirren receives another very
6726s small haircut
6728s uh okay
6732s now that's a lot of damage
6734s just delete it why
6736s let's see how well they do on this
6740s yeah they have to roll a deck save ah
6742s no they got it but they still receive
6746s half damage so that's still 14 points of
6749s damage as lightning courses through and
6751s you can kind of see it's really kind of
6753s jumping between the these small packets
6756s of smoke and gas that kind of around
6758s this shadow this shade and
6761s all over the place so still pretty good
6763s but it's oh it's kind of not dealing
6765s with it very well
6767s so pretty good
6769s anything else for you jaxes
6772s no sir
6774s lovely stuff okay
6776s well we're gonna um get rid of that very
6778s distracting graphic just for now
6781s no i don't know uh as pretty as pretty
6783s as it is
6785s no my hair
6788s it looks great here
6789s yeah
6795s channeling your inner 80s with the whole
6797s half your head's gone yeah that's great
6800s yeah
6801s yeah
6804s uh
6805s carol
6807s carol what's good
6809s yeah she says uh don't hate me because
6811s you ate me i love my makeup and i am
6814s going to
6816s uh
6817s throw a
6818s sacred flame that uh this guy right here
6826s gonna hit her flame yeah
6829s [Music]
6830s okay
6832s let me uh
6835s don't hate me because you hate me
6838s don't hate me because you eat that it's
6839s too kind of killed
6843s is it on the
6844s on the shadow next to tamor or the one
6846s next to uh demonic shadow at the one oh
6850s sorry uh next to myron sorry to beg your
6852s pun
6857s let's see how they do on their deck safe
6860s oh carol
6862s oh
6865s so
6866s seven points of damage okay
6869s ends pretty good
6872s it is my bonus and i use my spiritual
6874s weapon right absolutely yeah so you can
6877s go and attack with that
6880s um to make it easy for you get it from
6882s your spellbook again and i'll add in
6884s another spell slot just to make it nice
6886s and simple on the software for you there
6888s you go
6890s because i know it doesn't take as well
6891s [Music]
6893s exactly so yeah there we go so press
6896s attack
6899s and don't press attack again and normal
6901s because don't forget you've got
6902s advantage so you need to roll twice
6905s to see because you're uh flanking with
6907s myron yeah you're flanking with myron
6910s right hammer
6913s okay solid hit roll roll for damage with
6917s your uh meat tenderizer there
6920s hey that's great
6922s hey yo
6922s [Music]
6925s oh my gosh
6927s somehow this spirit i guess because it's
6929s spiritual and the shade spiritual you
6932s can kind of see that there's this
6934s pattern appearing within the shade which
6936s looks like um you know like a philly
6939s cheesesteak before you start cooking it
6940s up
6941s and uh it just there's pot holes all
6944s over the place in the back of its head
6946s as bits of its skull are starting to
6948s fragment off i love that
6950s perfect all right
6954s one good hit
6956s and uh this guy's going down
6959s brings us to gossip with myron
6962s come on
6964s rightly
6966s rightly
6967s i bet you fall on your face i bet you
6969s tripped about
6971s wait a minute
6973s yeah
6975s you can do it chirp on your face i feel
6976s like i feel like i have a big
6978s expectation now that i got all those nat
6980s 20's is it gonna happen again we don't
6981s know
6982s i'm gonna hit it again i would show you
6984s frost brand long sword
6987s time okay and it's still an advantage
6989s because the spiritual weapon is right
6991s yeah absolutely
6993s yep that
6994s i'm scared
6999s oh god that was so close
7003s i'm really glad you had advantage your
7006s uh attack shatters into the side of the
7010s rubble that's just falling where you
7011s guys have just fallen down into rocks
7014s turn into ice and sky you as uh you have
7016s to put up your shield to block them
7018s second attack is available though
7021s i just have to say completely miss do it
7023s they're really trash you rolled one at
7025s once
7026s [Laughter]
7029s so inspirational let's go attack it
7032s again
7034s go ahead dude my nat one mine at one
7036s that little bot told me that my parents
7038s were the only one
7039s kidding that's what it is thank you
7041s taylor
7056s um road damage with critical i don't
7059s need to listen to this
7062s jax come back
7063s [Music]
7064s this is amazing
7069s does 20 points of damage
7072s and like sub-zero in uh mortal kombat
7076s manages to encase the entirety of the
7078s demonic shadow and just shatter them
7081s into a hundred pieces those down
7085s as my as my source comes out of the
7086s shadow i want to point it at taymor
7088s again and then curtsy and be like that's
7090s three
7092s [Music]
7097s all right we're sarin okay
7100s all right
7101s okay well okay uh
7103s your small stone lights up and uh in the
7106s background gossip carl
7109s you hear from ziliana
7112s all praise oh no no no uh hell where
7114s hell where
7115s oh no but this is juliana
7118s who's content
7120s no contacting gossip
7122s yeah
7124s oh interesting okay so we'll see how
7127s that goes throughout
7130s ah
7132s so wait what did juliana say
7135s you know what she said
7138s um
7140s just said all praise didn't say a god
7143s just said all praise so perhaps you've
7145s curried the favor
7147s of a different god
7149s [Music]
7151s interest
7154s i'm shook are we gonna get our first
7157s ceredominous elf
7159s [Music]
7160s so
7161s you've still got
7162s movement and free action if you wish to
7165s use it and bonus action sorry
7168s i guess i'll be nice what i want to do
7171s is
7173s i gotta so i have an act i have a free
7175s action
7177s so what i want to do
7178s is
7179s [Laughter]
7181s i want to go pick up the feathers that
7183s tika dropped and that hit and then go
7185s pick them up and bring them to tikka and
7187s say here you go
7189s and then so that tikka can like patch
7191s himself back up and then i'm gonna walk
7193s over to help taymor eventually
7195s that's kind of fun absolutely
7200s i'm holding i'm holding these i'm
7203s holding this bunch of feathers in my
7205s talon it just
7207s that's that's not how this works it's
7210s not how any of this works so as a woman
7214s gossip i guess you kind of go there
7217s so you're not within the range and then
7219s did you say you wanted to go here like
7222s you want to kind of sam
7224s yeah so i wanted to basically be a pain
7226s and give the feathers back to tikka and
7228s come back to help tame work so that way
7229s i can also
7231s we can allow that
7232s okay um
7234s so the shadow here
7236s um turns suddenly to dust on its turn
7240s realizing that it's being sandwiched
7243s and uh appears behind tk
7246s oh god
7250s at least you got your feathers
7253s straight back up
7255s before tika can react
7257s the claws go absolutely nowhere and
7259s completely miss
7261s you're fine for now
7263s ah
7264s yay thank god for your terrible throws
7267s indeed
7268s but
7269s i i'm the opposite to gossip today i am
7272s doing terribly but gossip is absolutely
7275s killing it
7276s uh i'm just waiting for the inevitable
7278s downfall
7279s i'm waiting i'm scared of that part
7282s just
7282s it's just like rome jacks it's just like
7285s rome it's all gonna fall
7288s now
7289s do you wanna we are in scientists i know
7292s the diane's gonna roll like five
7294s twenties back to back and it's just like
7296s all right well everyone's dead this was
7297s great you know see ya
7299s see you next time bye guys best of luck
7302s to gileador
7304s i'm afraid to say the world guardian's
7306s hose destroyed
7309s yep it's over oh
7311s no
7312s gossip cow if i if you roll five natural
7315s run once in a row bro and uh you destroy
7318s gilano how are you gonna uh deal with
7321s that with your fan
7323s um yeah base just gonna be like so what
7325s had happened was was um they all
7328s everybody i just wrote bad and then
7331s i just everybody just died and i didn't
7334s know that that kills people of gilanor
7336s and and i'll just like ramble on and
7338s it'll be bad
7340s guys just slams out a quick update
7343s and shuts all the servers off no
7346s explanation
7347s all right that's it it's over we're done
7350s there's
7351s a lawyer for some more
7352s lawsuits you're going to get from jagex
7354s oh my gosh
7359s but it's okay because you've got a good
7360s sword
7361s i've got to counter it
7363s give me a good ten minutes into the
7365s fight then i'm done
7367s no
7369s no
7371s okay
7372s well
7375s oh that's my turn how's tv how's teaker
7377s going to react to nearly being clawed
7380s feathers strewn everywhere some in your
7381s hand
7385s looking at the feathers
7387s looking at the demon
7389s you can almost audibly hear the snap
7393s in his head
7395s and tikka loses his [ __ ]
7399s that's it
7402s no one listens everyone's bickering
7404s everything comes after me
7406s i've had
7407s it
7408s you tell him tikka you tell him that's
7411s right that's right let the anger go
7413s through
7414s thank you
7416s the problem is succumbed to chaos
7418s but deep down he knows he's just a bard
7421s and he knows he can't hurt this thing
7423s with
7424s half of his equipment i just oh
7427s the frustration makes it even worse
7430s he definitely needs a glass of prosecco
7432s if you've got one carol this is
7435s a i guess i've read wine for you you
7438s need some
7438s obviously red wine that's definitely not
7440s any other sort of
7443s cranberry juice not cranberry juice
7446s would i want your input i'll ask
7452s [Music]
7456s he's pissed i'm he's very frustrated
7458s he's flustered have you ever seen a bird
7460s with the feathers just all of them are
7462s just puffed up
7463s like he looks like a giant he's just
7467s don't forget to support your bird
7469s sanctuary folks
7470s sir
7477s i well i got like a terrible samuel
7480s jackson impression without the cursing
7482s it's just i've had enough of these
7483s shadow demons in this uh sewer how's
7487s that forget it yeah i forget how mine
7489s goes
7490s yeah
7492s he's had it he's had it up here he's his
7494s head
7495s he's had it um
7498s i'm gonna hit him with um the dagger
7500s guitar solos because at least it's magic
7503s based
7504s um
7507s oh wait hold on i gotta target him
7509s now that i know how to do that
7514s um
7516s where where is it yeah sorry
7518s got him
7520s i'm gonna hit him with the dagger
7530s all right and then um
7532s let's roll for damage
7534s normal damage all right
7537s seven points is good for a dagger
7540s but yeah that's solid damage i think
7542s yeah
7543s so
7545s the you you flush in the the dagger and
7548s at first it doesn't look like anything
7549s but musical notes explode uh as you play
7552s a small amount of van halen inside of
7554s the shadow and uh
7557s instantly a small bit of eruption
7560s specifically specifically eruption
7566s so that's great um anything for your
7568s bonus action sir
7571s um yes i
7574s wait oh is that a bonus action i don't
7576s think it is so
7577s it's okay
7579s uh
7581s what am i looking at i've lost it okay
7583s and um
7587s just uh just for
7589s actually no for i'm i'm can i move on my
7592s bonus action
7596s um
7598s if if not it's totally fine i just
7601s you you've still got i haven't used my
7603s movement
7614s if i even if i back away from him
7616s yeah absolutely i guess i guess so yeah
7620s yeah no that makes sense that makes
7621s sense i'm moving within his range okay
7623s um
7624s in that case i will just uh
7627s have to double check my options again
7630s and
7632s no i don't think i'm going to pull any
7633s kind of bonus action i don't really see
7635s anything that that fits
7639s tamer
7640s over to you you must be seething
7644s at these three kills
7647s you can feel the anger emanate from this
7650s stone that allows you to
7652s it's just growls
7663s i look over at myron my boss is not
7665s happy with you
7668s um
7670s put it on my tab
7680s now can i take like a free action to do
7684s a check if these things count as undead
7688s or are they monsters uh
7689s yeah you can take an action to see what
7691s they're like yeah we can do um like an
7694s arcana check or something like that to
7696s see what what kind of thing this is
7698s for sure now would that be my action or
7701s is can i do that as a reaction
7703s i'll allow that as a free action do you
7705s want me to put a check up for you
7707s what kind of how are you how are you
7708s going to do this what are you going to
7710s be using your knowledge what's where's
7712s this coming from where's this check
7714s coming from is it going to be religious
7716s is it going to be something that you've
7717s seen or something you've learned are you
7719s going to try and use magical knowledge
7721s what suits i think
7723s how you're going to do it
7724s so you're going to use
7726s knowledge um granted to you from
7729s um all of your guys there so you're
7731s going to be
7732s you know it's really going to be all
7734s about the um
7736s what you've learned from krill
7738s and your gods there and that's how
7740s you're going to do it okay
7742s let's see how that turns out for you
7750s oh that's pretty good
7752s so you can easily tell that this is uh
7756s huh
7757s um this kind of is like a shade so it's
7761s definitely some kind of undead at this
7764s point okay
7767s which eliminates some of my
7768s possibilities but that's okay
7771s so what i will tell you
7774s is that this partic because of what you
7776s know this particular creature will be
7778s very vulnerable to any radiant damage
7781s that you've got
7784s which i know doesn't do you much good
7786s but if you wanted to you could tell the
7788s rest of the group
7792s yeah i know for sure i'm gonna kind of
7795s like out of the side of my mouth towards
7796s carol essay you might want to hit it
7798s with your hammer again
7800s and i think i will just eldritch blast
7804s i will do a humble little elder blast
7807s right over uh tikka's wings
7812s okay
7813s great
7815s yep welcome to the club
7818s wait hang on i selected myself there we
7820s go
7823s spells
7825s hard there we go attack
7831s it's enough to hit
7833s okay just
7835s so the the eldritch blast goes by and it
7837s almost puts a hole in tikka's wing just
7840s manages to get it up in time as a few
7843s orange feathers are slightly singed but
7845s luckily tikka has some more in their
7847s hand they can easily patch that up with
7849s a little blue layer
7851s it's all good
7853s he's fine
7862s now can i add the uh bardock inspiration
7864s to the damage roll i will allow that yes
7867s don't normally but yeah no problems
7869s normally it's a hit but yeah go for it
7871s no no no roller d8 it's good i feel like
7874s you need the help right now jax just
7876s let's uh
7877s [Laughter]
7881s thanks
7882s hey man
7885s uh okay so uh that's pretty good
7888s actually all in
7890s so 23 points
7893s not too bad at all
7896s uh no uh sorry i was talking out loud
7898s though it shouldn't have been so you did
7899s eight points of damage
7901s uh
7903s you're you're you're you're
7907s yeah you're doing good so all good um
7910s let's see what else we've got going on
7912s here
7913s and i'm gonna say just after i do that
7916s i'll be like hika he's all yours
7919s oh
7921s well uh
7922s before tika we have carol
7927s harold who
7928s saw tikka's little
7930s episode might wanna [ __ ] a little bit
7938s oh somebody's a little early
7942s someone's still going by the way you
7944s could occasionally hear him
7945s walk and
7947s squawk and rage in in another language
7950s he's i mean like half under his breath
7952s but not really
7955s secretly wants everybody to hear how
7956s maddie is
7958s right carol would definitely
7961s definitely put on the christmas list for
7963s uh tikka that needs to get one of those
7965s cups with i am not a bird unless i've
7968s had my coffee in the morning
7970s yeah obviously
7972s someone hasn't been caffeinated
7976s hey more share your turtles
7978s i want to go like i hate you want one
7986s repetitive with the sacred flame i'm
7987s just trying to save some of my spell
7988s slots absolutely yeah
7990s hit that bad boy with a sacred flame
7992s right
7993s right
7994s yeah
8003s let's see how well they save
8008s oh they don't
8011s five points of damage so
8014s comes down from the sky uh and again
8016s small exposed
8018s with the uh the small stench around it
8021s no problem at all now
8024s sacred flame i'm just going to check
8026s something up because i can't remember
8028s the is that radiation image type that's
8030s why
8031s that's what it is
8033s [Music]
8035s yeah i think it is
8044s radiant damage
8046s so yes indeed it will in fact double the
8049s damage on that
8051s so it would now actually do
8055s 10 points damage okay okay
8058s all right
8060s so worth remembering and
8062s with my bonus action i would like to
8064s have my sacred i'm trying to
8067s move my uh spiritual weapon
8069s uh
8070s yeah flank right behind him and go ahead
8072s and uh
8073s pulverize his the back of his head sure
8076s oh careful again
8078s i'll add the spell slot on for you there
8080s so it won't take anything off just use
8081s it from the spiritual weapon slot
8084s uh i reckon you could probably
8087s get rid of this one carol
8089s oh what just happened sorry hold on
8092s that's right it's there
8094s just press attack in the chat yeah
8098s sorry something just happened
8100s there we go that's okay
8101s oh come on dude
8106s a natural one
8112s [Music]
8117s you're gonna have to be careful about
8118s this because it's a spiritual weapon so
8126s attack very obviously
8129s um and you cause your confidence to
8131s falter in not being able to get the uh
8134s the hammer to hit home as a result
8137s you're gonna have disadvantage on your
8139s next attack role against any target
8142s so even if this enemy's killed on your
8144s next attack you're gonna have
8145s disadvantage
8147s you're just not yourself right now carol
8151s uh i wanted to point out something
8152s unrelated
8154s uh in the chat hall
8157s we can see that the enemy's health is
8159s that
8160s that's fine i don't
8166s yeah so you guys
8168s the bars will just give you guys
8170s apologies for the the editing out here
8172s that the bars will just give you guys um
8174s the ability to see how dead it is or how
8177s close to dead it is which is what you
8179s would see in real life right like
8180s because there'd be a sword slash or
8182s something like that and you'd be able to
8184s see if someone's just goes to death
8187s that makes sense
8189s uh
8190s back in the game so carol you've um
8194s you've done pretty well there except
8196s your confidence is now faltering so
8198s let's move over to myron
8201s myron
8204s look at tamora's already just like what
8206s you got now
8208s okay let's just seal it i'm watching
8210s i'm watching you're watching mom watch
8212s i'm watching facebook
8214s but i won't
8217s i have how much oh hey look what's that
8219s there's something very interesting over
8220s there i'm no longer watching it
8222s um so i can easily get to um this shade
8225s with the 30 feet
8227s so absolutely oh yeah
8229s i want to can i move it
8232s look at that i want to get right here
8235s and i just want to whack the heck out of
8237s it that's my shortage
8240s okay so absolutely i'm low-key scared as
8243s well and since it's it's also an
8245s advantage because you've got the
8246s spiritual weapon
8248s no advantage because no because there
8250s there needs to be something on this side
8252s to give you advantage
8254s oh i see what you're doing okay yeah
8257s so just normal i'm afraid
8259s that's okay
8260s i see
8274s i'm learning how not to attack
8277s oh
8279s well that that's correct you are
8280s learning how not to attack because that
8282s is a terrible myth i'm afraid just
8284s clicks off the death
8286s oh no don't get too cocky oh i saw
8303s oh my lord that was so close every time
8306s that's a hit so that that literally at
8309s the very last second rolled off of the
8311s one and on to a 19.
8313s i was ready to internally scream
8316s but
8317s well i think
8319s mirin's uh doing so well here that i
8322s think the table is about to externally
8324s scream i don't know um let's roll the
8326s damage let's see how you plan i just
8328s want to destroy it
8330s okay okay
8335s nine points of damage
8338s okay
8339s still alive
8341s oh no
8343s is it on its last
8345s wisps
8347s [Music]
8348s and realizing this on its turn
8352s um
8353s what it's gonna do is becoming corporeal
8358s and
8361s you guys see it fade away
8363s uh around the corner here
8366s um
8368s so you kind of feel the wisp of it move
8370s to the west a little bit
8373s um now it's up to you guys if you want
8376s to follow it in or if you don't want to
8379s and we can carry on not in combat
8382s so it's up to you i'll
8384s let it go it's a
8386s it's a spirit anyways it's probably
8388s scared
8391s i would like to walk over to the rest of
8392s the group
8396s um do we get a sense uh we know it went
8399s to the west towards the the tunnel right
8403s yeah for sure so it went
8405s there's like a cave entrance that comes
8407s off so
8408s this seems to you like you've fallen out
8410s of the sewers and into like a
8413s subterranean cave which still has the
8415s water falling through um you can kind of
8417s see all around you what's going on but
8420s um certainly now that the bowels
8422s finished there's plenty of water raging
8424s around
8425s um and you guys
8426s you know
8427s it's it's going to be a little bit more
8429s tricky to traverse than the plane
8431s cobbles but certainly it looks like it
8433s went over into this cave on the west
8435s over there
8436s okay
8437s before anyone else gets to it i would
8439s like to loot the first body
8442s dang it
8443s i did not get a chance to last time
8446s okay
8447s you find a set of claw weapons
8451s so these you can wear one in each hand
8454s and it will
8455s like a fist weapon kind of thing that
8457s sits on each hand like
8459s wolverine i guess or something like
8462s mechanically done
8465s interesting but we need to take them to
8467s the generals first to get fixed up
8469s no this is just a standard weapon so you
8471s can use it straight away if you want to
8474s but to remember for you
8476s that the way that you cast magic you
8478s focus it through that stuff
8481s right
8483s besides i got i got big claws anyway so
8485s i'm gonna uh
8487s now i go over to the rest of the group i
8489s think i will
8492s hand them to tikka and say you may need
8495s this more than i
8500s by the way has not not has only just
8502s started calming down
8504s just yes
8505s look at me look at me i'm molting i'm
8507s molting i
8509s just starts brushing down feathers a
8510s little bit looks at the claws and then
8512s looks at his own talons i guess i don't
8514s think that's gonna work
8517s uh tikka i'm gonna like put a hand on
8519s your shoulders go okay let's breathe
8522s let's take a take let's count to five
8524s okay look at me just squawks
8532s feathers the feathers are starting to
8533s the feathers are starting to come down
8534s he's starting to collect himself a
8535s little bit he's just he just nods and
8537s just says okay yeah
8542s sure okay don't want the claws
8545s fine i'll take him
8547s i'll take him that's fine okay
8549s so
8550s for the sake of this i've put in um a
8552s new weapon in there which you'll see but
8554s that will rearrange that into clause for
8557s you while we're doing this
8559s so that'll be on any second now
8563s is it okay if carol walks down a little
8565s a little bit
8568s yeah sure yeah okay
8572s and yeah while she's walking she looks
8574s disgusted at like just the entire
8578s atmosphere and ugh why did it have to be
8580s a sewer that we had to walk why couldn't
8582s we just
8584s we have a bird where can we go through
8585s the air or something
8587s well carol quickly finds
8591s so carol you can see that there's a
8593s ladder going up uh and there appears to
8595s be a door on the other side
8598s [Music]
8599s there's a ladder over here should we
8602s climb up
8603s and you can see in the southwest that
8605s there's a locked door just beyond the
8608s green wall on the other side of the
8610s sewer
8616s chris could i first take a peek just
8618s look inside of this cave
8620s to the west yeah sure
8623s yeah yeah
8625s yeah go for it
8627s okay
8629s that's what i've seen so
8631s inside the cave
8634s you can kind of see straight away
8636s there's a human skeleton on the floor
8638s and a much smaller one so it looks like
8639s a male and a female to one side probably
8642s dragged down here many many years ago
8645s um
8646s there's there's rocks all over the place
8649s and you can kind of hear some whisping
8651s beyond towards the south of the cave now
8653s you can't see anything
8655s but i'm gonna get you to make uh an
8658s insight check to see
8660s what you can see and of what you can
8662s feel about the place
8665s so i'll pop that in the chat for you
8666s take a look insight
8670s not great
8672s there's something that but you don't
8673s know what
8675s okay
8678s i kind of know so i'm gonna turn back
8680s and
8681s give like a passing glance to the cave
8683s and just walk back
8685s okay
8687s on the flip side i'd actually like to
8689s use um
8691s is it is it is it clairvoyance on the
8694s other side of the door over here
8697s sure
8698s um that's the one that get lets me use a
8700s little uh
8702s a sensor i'd like to i'd like to it'd be
8704s a i'd like it to be a sight sensor
8707s so let me figure out how to do that uh
8711s yep just click the spell in and then we
8713s can um
8715s what we can do is
8718s uh
8719s we can put you in there specifically so
8722s on to the map so if i do this
8725s and you can see in here now
8729s while you what you can see in there
8730s specifically are two of the dragonkin
8734s defenders
8747s looks like they've made temporary camp
8749s in there
8751s at the moment they haven't noticed
8752s anything on the other side of the door
8755s um
8756s but there's obviously they've they've
8759s they've got a couple of tents in there
8761s there's a fire where they've been
8762s cooking and eating but most importantly
8767s is a glazed dull look in their eyes like
8769s they're not themselves and they're being
8771s controlled somewhere else
8776s which is why
8778s you presume yeah and a bear trap why
8781s which is why you presume
8783s that um
8784s you know all this stuff you've heard
8786s that the node on dragonkin they're all
8788s kind of under control at the moment they
8790s all they're all attacking things because
8792s they think
8793s they're being attacked
8795s so they're playing right into the hands
8797s of the uh as part of the older god wars
8802s unfortunate that gives me all right i
8804s have a plan
8807s oh you have a plan do you
8809s yes it involves a fireball
8814s oh yes
8815s that was the plan okay well obviously i
8817s i have obviously relayed everything i've
8819s seen back to the team we'll just assume
8821s that sure okay
8823s right sure i've explained i've explained
8824s the situation
8826s and i
8827s i think this is where we need to go but
8831s we have the advantage and we should get
8833s the drop on them somehow
8835s and i'm assuming this is where timber
8836s comes in with the fireball
8838s okay well if you have a fire that
8840s happens
8842s yes one of us can open the door and as
8845s fast as you can just throw the fireball
8847s in there
8850s okay the thing is as much as i love
8853s causing a good ruckus
8855s yes there is another we should explore
8856s further
8858s yeah
8860s i agree with the demon we should
8861s probably explore further
8877s that spell twice so it's up to somebody
8879s else
8881s this is a locked door
8884s you can see ahead of you
8886s and it but there appears to be no
8888s keyhole at least on this side of the
8890s door
8894s maybe if it went further to that western
8898s cleric don't you have a way to discern
8900s between good and evil
8902s or my thing your paladins
8904s you're thinking of paladins okay a
8906s little insulted but i would like
8909s can i approach the door and do like an
8911s arcana check just see if it's magically
8913s trapped
8915s yeah absolutely
8917s sweet let me pop the uh the arcana check
8920s in for you
8921s see what you can figure out about the
8923s door
8924s ah
8926s was also absolutely nothing
8930s um
8933s okay
8936s it's a magic door guys
8938s i figured it out
8940s you can feel that there's a bolt
8943s somewhere that's magically turned that
8945s is it as all you've got
8952s i'm not sure
8953s there must be something else in the room
8954s that we haven't seen
8956s we could either be one of two things we
8958s could go and obviously firebolt that
8961s entire room maybe there's a key
8963s or we go back on the other side
8965s and go that way and go the back way
8968s maybe there's a back way if not then we
8969s just die and it's fine oh
8973s how are you gonna get back there
8977s well i think she means we go
8980s yeah the cave so instead of yeah it's
8982s true just go to the west side and i bet
8984s you there's i mean
8987s i can cast detect magic on the door oh
8991s yeah why don't you check magic
8993s okay fine we'll do that
8997s bard carry
8999s yep
9002s yeah all right
9004s hey i mean man if you ever wanted a 1d10
9006s can trip
9007s i can hook you up
9009s okay i don't know
9012s what i just did
9013s but
9015s all of the magic in there so
9017s you can sense the presence of magic
9020s within 30 feet of you and certainly
9022s there's some very nasty damage on the
9025s other
9026s wider far way aways
9028s um potentially in the cave which just on
9031s the other side of this room you think
9033s um
9034s but more importantly room ahead of you
9037s there's um a magic door head which you
9040s won't be able to get through on this
9042s side
9043s uh it's an enchantment um it's only
9045s openable from something on the other
9047s side of this door
9049s and it seems to be some kind of puzzle
9051s or something like that's there that's
9053s going to be a little bit tricky
9055s to get through but it's on the other
9057s side of that door presumably to get you
9059s through to this point
9061s right right right okay so we've got
9063s we've got two options
9065s well we've got we've got the way i see
9067s we've got two options we can we can go
9069s through that cave and maybe kind of go
9072s in a circle or we can we can deal with
9075s the dragon kid up ahead and
9077s maybe also go in a circle i it's
9080s i don't know i'm gonna get you to do me
9082s an inside check
9085s okay
9086s so is this a split the party moment
9089s never you never split in the past that
9091s never split the time
9094s no no i think it'd be a great idea here
9096s let me go with uh let me go and let me
9098s go with carol just just oh yes let me go
9100s with the demon too
9108s [Music]
9110s can tell is that the magics are in two
9112s very different ecosystems so it would
9115s tell you perhaps
9117s that the cave does not lead
9120s down
9121s to uh that area of the room where you're
9123s looking at
9129s it wouldn't be up looks like the cave
9132s could be a dead end
9135s that's me being very liberal with the
9136s rules as well by the way
9139s i don't want you guys to be looking
9141s around for two hours
9144s yeah all right not gonna lie i'm not
9145s gonna lie guys
9147s yeah i feel like we should
9148s we should bounce
9150s dragon adorable
9153s dragon so i say tika you open the door
9156s and timor you be ready to profile linda
9159s with your demon magic why am i opening
9161s the door
9163s all right all right
9166s you know i can just kick down the door
9168s myself
9169s get the door down do it
9172s so at this point tomorrow you can see
9175s two
9176s of the dragonkins just like we said oh
9178s yeah so i will give you one action
9181s one movement before we start combat
9184s so just okay so all right
9189s no no the door's open they they've
9191s recognized it
9193s you've got one action before they're
9195s gonna spring into action
9197s okay
9198s staff my staff also casts it so this is
9200s going to be a staff of fire or staff of
9203s power
9204s okay
9205s i will add the extra slot back on
9209s okay sounds good
9211s raise it and i'll say um may we join you
9215s for dinner and just blast them with fire
9217s right in the center of the room
9219s really nice i didn't i didn't ask how
9221s big the room was i said i cast fireball
9224s i said cast fire
9227s right at the campfire too so it's like
9229s right in the middle of the room and just
9230s like bar fire
9232s perfect go for it
9234s yep okay
9236s so you should have fireball within your
9238s spell slots does that work
9240s sure do oh there we go
9243s right there
9245s okay
9247s okay and then close the door right after
9249s that
9250s yeah let's uh let's move it along so you
9252s don't toast yourself
9254s uh i'm gonna have a couple of savings
9257s foes first
9263s one
9264s [Music]
9267s so can you roll
9271s i sure can
9273s there it is
9274s there it is let's go yeah
9277s let's go
9279s that is i'm glad i'm not in that room
9283s oh you're all gonna die
9286s it would have been southern fried
9287s aviancy if you were let's uh
9291s well done
9295s so one of them takes a much bigger brunt
9298s um
9300s move to wherever you want to you've
9302s closed the door
9303s move wherever you want to and we'll uh
9307s you can jump down if you want to you can
9309s take the rest of your movement to jump
9310s down off of there because you're on a
9312s platform right now you're you're
9313s slightly above your your 10 foot above
9316s because you're gone up the ladder to get
9317s there
9319s that's fair i think actually i'll stay
9320s right there
9322s okay i don't want them having height
9323s advantage on me i'm good i'm gonna sit
9326s right here
9327s sure so let's roll for com let's roll
9330s for initiative guys let's see how you
9331s can go
9333s thank you chris for that it felt cool
9336s it was awesome yeah that was that was a
9338s cool play
9340s that was new yeah right
9342s dude i'm not rolling okay carol being
9344s all dexterous over here
9346s oh
9347s somebody
9348s somebody got the 20 carol
9351s okay
9354s can i just say as well d clerics are
9356s always at the bottom they're they're
9358s never first in combat so
9360s never carol
9364s extras priest
9366s she's been doing some krav magara and uh
9369s you know
9370s squats jumping
9372s yeah squats for days bro
9379s her daughter is the head of the
9381s cheerleading squad she has to know
9382s something oh
9384s here we go again talking about your kids
9388s my angelica angel
9393s all my kids died in the god wars
9396s oh
9398s i'm sorry this took a dark turn
9401s [Laughter]
9403s thanks armadill not bitter
9407s not bitter or anything oh no
9417s as the head of the pta carol uh how
9420s would you uh
9422s how would you deal with this you've
9424s you've seen that you've felt the flush
9426s of heat
9427s uh and you've got you can see a great
9429s big grin on temmo's face at the door
9433s shuts and she just looks down to you
9434s like
9442s i'd like to speak to whoever's in charge
9445s and she wants to walk up
9448s yep and there it is if i can stand there
9451s that's okay there you go
9454s uh i want to open the door once again
9457s and
9458s uh
9459s reach in my hand and attack this one
9462s looks like a manager i'm gonna attack
9464s this one with a sacred flame
9466s this one looks like a manager she said
9469s just reach in i want to speak to your
9471s manager your manager the classic
9475s go seek to fight yeah manager now
9478s i think jess i'm i own this association
9481s now
9482s hey he turns to you and he says
9485s my manager's on annual leave you will
9486s have to speak to me and dodges the
9488s sacred flames
9494s oh no wow
9496s oh
9497s dude
9498s clever i love it
9500s is it okay if i move one more time or is
9502s that a yeah you've got a space you've
9504s got a couple of spaces and movements so
9506s you can move on to the edge of the
9507s platform there
9508s i'm going to move out of the way so
9510s anyone else can go in if they want
9512s me
9514s all right
9517s tikka all right um
9520s it's uh a little bit toasty but it's
9523s calmed down now
9525s okay now obviously obviously the plans
9527s worked
9530s brilliantly i love it now um since i've
9532s seen the room via clairvoyance can i
9534s spawn for example a dancing rapier in
9537s there
9538s or would i need better lighting inside
9539s of the room you'd need better line of
9541s sight for sure yeah
9544s because otherwise it might end up in the
9545s brickwork right like it might end up in
9547s the deep earth which is surrounding all
9549s the sewers
9551s yeah you need to be able to be where
9553s you're going to put it you could move to
9554s it and then move again
9556s that's that's true i think it's just
9559s danger
9561s so i'm going to move into position and
9563s spawn
9565s uh dancing rapier
9568s and
9569s oh i'll put it on for you
9572s that's okay i'll put it on maybe where
9573s would you like it
9575s uh
9577s smack dab in between the two of those
9580s dragon
9581s yeah like that
9582s all right yeah that's perfect
9585s and i want to attack the
9590s right dragonkin with it sure after i get
9593s the heck out of the way
9596s go for it let's attack
9599s all right normal
9600s murder
9603s that's not a hit i'm
9605s afraid oh well
9607s okay great beer had a bad day
9610s and um as a
9612s bonus action i'm gonna run uh
9615s arctic
9616s inspiration as soon as i can find where
9618s the heck it
9619s is so you've used your question on
9622s oh have you oh oh you're right you're
9624s right okay because they have done some
9625s great bonus
9627s you don't want to like fire a crossbow
9629s bolt and then move or something like
9630s that always do that or throw one of the
9633s daggers you're right
9634s i'm so used to fighting these magical
9637s creatures i kind of forgot that i can
9638s use a normal crossbow on these guys um
9641s yeah yeah so i'll i'll lob a crossbow
9644s shot
9645s at sure
9646s the same dragonkin it looks like he's
9648s got best line of sight
9649s yeah absolutely
9654s uh that's just a miss i'm afraid yeah
9656s you've just missed on that one so the
9658s bolt just pings off to the side uh
9660s fortunately it does ping a rat to the
9662s floor later on so you're all good there
9665s um number three
9667s little squeak
9669s intended calculated
9672s calculation
9674s i doubt it provides
9678s fabulously done absolutely nothing
9681s i look at tikka and i say do you eat
9683s those
9687s no
9688s if you're not going to finish them i
9690s will
9691s you're a bird times are hard at the end
9692s of the world right like
9694s yeah
9697s we must but sewer red isn't exactly high
9699s on my palate
9700s it's not all red wine and canopies carol
9703s you know it's
9706s what can i say
9709s you mean
9713s temple over to you uh as a resident
9716s buyer starter
9719s on my way let me get in that room oh my
9722s god i'm walking right in here i was
9724s waiting for her to pull the goofy beam
9726s and i'll do it again
9729s i could you want me to do it again i got
9731s like five charges on the staff
9735s you do you you do you
9737s demons first
9740s oh
9742s i have so many options now
9744s guys you don't understand
9746s you have got that thing that we put in
9747s place the other day that you could use
9750s there is oh i don't know if um
9756s i was thinking about that i'm not gonna
9758s lie
9759s i i think this is your moment
9762s okay
9763s now so here's what i want to do
9765s chris if you'll allow this i want to go
9767s into the room and i want to shut the
9768s door
9771s behind me
9772s okay
9774s and then i'd like to use the thing
9777s so
9778s the party doesn't see it automatically
9781s right let's like use the other thing yep
9786s so you go in and you shut the door and
9788s smile a grin
9791s um and i
9793s am gonna describe what happens
9795s go for it
9797s [Music]
9802s at this point temor transforms into a
9806s snarling
9807s drag half dragon looking demon
9811s with white horns coming out and begins
9814s to breathe fire at those inside the room
9818s breath weapon
9820s wrath weapon
9822s oh this is gonna be cool
9824s so all they hear from like the outside
9827s is like okay hang on
9829s oh just snarling and rage
9833s yeah fire and
9835s like what is he doing in there
9839s so if you now click um other other
9842s formula we'll see how this
9847s there we go okay so the first dragon kin
9851s meets its doom pretty quickly the other
9854s one nice is still alive
9856s and kicking and quite healthy as well in
9858s comparison to the first so one down uh
9861s do you want to change back
9864s yeah you want to stay i think i'll keep
9866s it
9867s i i want to stay that way for just a
9869s little bit longer
9871s so you are super powerful in this form
9874s are you going to open the door
9876s or are you just going to keep it there
9879s i tell you what i'll open the door
9882s for dramatic effect open the door and
9883s then i'll look towards them demon form
9886s wipe my lips a little bit and say i'll
9888s look at my rin and say one
9892s [Laughter]
9894s [Music]
9897s carol cut over liquor
9899s i love this character
9902s we gonna be like that okay
9905s okay we go
9907s look at the iron they say
9910s after you
9911s [Music]
9913s and in fact it is myron's turn
9917s all right i rolled up my sleeves for
9918s this
9920s oh let's go let's go okay so what i'm
9921s going to do is i can easily accounted it
9923s i get 30 feet and 25 gets me right to
9926s about here so i want to come out
9931s and in passing of taymor i'm going to
9932s look at i'm going to be like that's a
9934s nice look for you and then i'm going to
9936s grab out my
9938s grab out my sword and just start
9940s whacking the heck out of the dragon
9944s oh god i'm so scared
9950s that's so funny
9952s i i'm just remembering that
9954s tamor has already seen right through
9956s your ruse and so
9959s well we'll absolutely know that you're
9961s worried about not hitting this dragon
9963s kid
9965s go
9967s on a
9969s show we go
9974s there's so much pressure okay
9978s don't be scared be prepared
9982s your second attack will be a 20. don't
9984s worry about it
9986s unfortunately the first attack is a
9988s no-go
9989s you've got another let's see how it goes
9992s you are a knight come on i am a knight
9997s me just channel my internet
10000s i'm watching okay
10007s that's a good hit
10009s better good thank you
10012s thank you
10012s [Music]
10014s i just wanted to die
10017s i can't take you seriously don't look at
10020s me
10022s i'm looking right at you
10024s 11 points of damage solid okay great
10027s nice
10030s okay very good
10032s so
10033s pretty solid um
10035s we're gonna go over to the dragon king
10037s defender now
10038s so it's gonna move
10041s straight past myron
10044s um and look at tamor and just get locked
10047s in battle
10048s um
10049s to do this
10050s the dancing rapier will get an attack of
10053s opportunity though
10057s and you can tell it wants to fight with
10060s this fire breathing demon
10064s okay so how do i
10067s so just do a normal attack with your uh
10069s with your dancing rapier so from your
10071s inventory just click it and you're away
10074s okay
10077s there you go
10078s so normal attack
10084s so hip roll for damage
10088s all right
10092s pretty good so let's say that it's it's
10094s so focused on getting towards
10097s uh
10098s tamor that it it just doesn't even see
10100s it and in fact it hardly feels it you
10103s see the slight step down as it knicks
10105s across the back of its knee but it's
10108s just absolutely going for it
10111s so
10113s with that in mind it's going to attempt
10115s to shield bash first of all
10118s on table
10124s i'm so excited
10127s doesn't hit at all
10129s not even close
10134s so it
10135s tries to do that completely fails looks
10138s at you snarls and tries to take a stab
10141s with its spear on its second attack
10145s he's so mad at you
10147s what'd you do
10149s and his
10150s anger is frothing from his mouth and
10153s just completely misses and his spear
10155s almost gets stuck in the brickwork
10157s behind you he has to lodge it free and
10159s there's just this spittle coming down
10163s from this node on dragonkin as it's
10165s looking at you intently you just do
10167s exactly the same thing and you're almost
10169s like
10171s straight
10174s shouting match it's great
10177s slightly more conservative is carol from
10181s [Laughter]
10193s yeah no no no we got this we got this
10196s right mary
10197s yeah we got it i'll be counting 4-1 no i
10201s i'm just kind of cast where is it where
10204s is it
10205s is this a touch okay
10221s so guidance essentially allows you to
10224s add a d4 on to an ability checker or an
10227s attack check of your choice
10229s the table
10232s so just like it's just like biotic
10233s inspiration but a smaller dice
10237s oh do you still have bardic inspiration
10239s running on you
10243s yeah
10244s oh okay good i'm glad i got used
10247s um
10250s any
10252s any bonus action for you amy
10255s um oh god
10257s no i think i'm good i'm gonna save up
10259s cool
10261s uh tikka you you you've not seen it but
10264s there's definitely some angry angry
10268s stuff going on next door
10271s what would you like to do
10276s oh
10278s we're gonna you know what i'm i'm
10279s feeling i'm feeling a little intimidated
10282s uh i am just gonna
10284s i'm gonna i'm gonna bardic inspiration
10287s timor
10288s and uh i'll take it run my run my
10292s enchanted my uh my my dancing rapier
10294s because i am not going in there i refute
10297s a support or kind of
10300s support oh maybe
10302s maybe i can't park respiration
10304s inspiration inspiration i think i used
10306s it
10306s already
10308s um
10310s you can do another one you've got more
10311s than one yeah yeah absolutely i'll add
10314s an extra one on if it's not allowing you
10315s give me one sec
10317s oh i see why okay oh it's right now it's
10319s okay yep do it now you've got it and
10322s i've moved your dancing rapier into
10323s place for you as well
10325s i think i just
10326s wait i just use it on myself like i did
10329s no it's fine oh yeah
10332s so no no so you're all good it just
10334s doesn't automate everything for you so
10336s don't worry at all
10337s um
10339s you do you want to do the dancing rapier
10341s as well to attack
10343s yes yeah we'll use the dancing rapier to
10345s attack here let me set that up real
10346s quick
10350s nice
10355s nice oh solid solid hip
10358s nice
10361s not bad okay another eight
10363s eight points are damaged good so this
10365s guy's going down it's taking him a lot
10366s longer than the other guy
10368s um we'll see how it goes
10371s tamor
10373s oh my god locked in the snarling battle
10376s with the node on dragonkin defender in
10378s front of you
10381s okay
10382s so the problem is he's right in front of
10385s me and a lot of my spells are ranged
10387s attacks
10388s uh however i could just go
10391s clawing on him it wouldn't do much
10393s damage but it would look freaking cool
10395s do i have like a claw attack or would
10397s that be just regular
10399s you could use your dagger or your stuff
10401s of power you can use the star for power
10403s just to do like a a bonk or you you
10406s could just do a
10408s an acid splash or
10410s um an eldritch blast if you wanted to
10413s entirely up to you
10417s what yeah where do we go elder splash
10419s well yeah classic classic classic
10421s football
10422s yeah this guy he thinks he thinks he's
10425s all that this guy
10428s this guy
10429s so amid all of my growling and rumbling
10432s i'm gonna utter some you know unholy
10436s incantation and just you know right at
10438s him come on
10442s that's a solid hit roll for damage
10446s dokie
10448s please put all your stuff on it
10452s nice seven points
10454s this guy is he's not doing too good
10456s right now
10457s uh
10458s so i'm byron uh oops sorry i do make you
10461s pop
10462s no you're fine i have bardic inspiration
10464s and guidance on me right now
10467s you can't use guidance to add extra
10470s damage
10471s no yeah i'll allow buttock inspiration
10473s that's fine
10474s i don't think i want to add either of
10476s them
10477s okay that's okay
10478s i'll save it
10480s yeah you can absolutely save it as well
10483s myrin over to you
10486s well i feel a little excluded because
10488s everybody's screaming
10490s so i think i'm just going to scream as
10492s well
10493s and i'm just going to whack the heck out
10495s of that guy with my lungs who else not
10497s screaming like beautiful song or
10498s something like that instead is that look
10501s i'm just gonna sit
10502s in my mind it's like opera i'm not gonna
10505s do it because then i'll break your ears
10506s but like that's what i'm imagining in my
10508s head you're not gonna give up a little
10509s bit of
10510s you could do that you could have a bit
10511s of a girlfriend
10514s something like that
10520s [Music]
10526s my italian ears have been insulted
10531s that that's why it's me you know it's
10534s uh
10536s come on dude
10539s [Music]
10542s i'm just gonna hit it with my frost
10543s brand long sword
10544s do it okay
10546s it's good let's just
10548s have to destroy it
10550s my reputation is on the line
10553s we just replaced it absolutely music
10555s with as an ottawa
10562s [Music]
10571s so i have a rule where if you get
10575s if you get a natural one you you don't
10578s get a second go i'm afraid either
10582s so you attack wildly and you lose track
10584s of the fight around you oh god
10588s you end your turn and from now on you're
10591s going to be at the bottom of the
10593s initiative order at the start of the
10594s next round
10596s oh
10598s god
10607s so
10608s the dragon kin defender
10617s it's going to
10622s move around here
10624s getting two attacks of opportunity from
10626s tamor and the dancing rapier
10630s yep
10632s okay
10633s so you can do a melee attack here
10635s so you could do dagger if you want to
10637s jaxis
10639s oh i was thinking staff
10641s [Music]
10651s oh it does have something called power
10653s strike but is that only used on an
10654s action i can't use that on a um
10657s i would say so yeah i would just do a
10658s normal attack with it so like a standard
10661s to him
10663s monk okay
10666s how do i hit with just the staff
10669s oh sorry that's me um
10672s so i would just click the staff so it
10673s comes in
10676s uh and then i tell you what i'll put a
10678s normal stuff into your app into your
10680s character sheet just to make it a little
10681s bit easier for you
10683s that makes sense
10686s yeah
10686s so quarter stuff they go all right
10690s i do have a small knife so you should
10692s have a court staff in your inventory now
10694s yes
10695s perfect
10697s okay
10698s um and obviously um
10701s for kathar it's uh the dancing rapier
10706s yeah i was just i was waiting until she
10708s got her hit in
10709s oh no you guys by all means
10713s nice okay so that's actually a hit and
10715s you you do it versatile because you are
10718s two-handed with it you're not holding a
10720s shield or anything so
10722s got you okay perfect oh so seven points
10725s of damage as well that's not bad right
10728s hey the guy gets hit
10730s across the air and ah
10733s kind of as he goes away all right uh
10736s bouncing right not done with you yet
10738s [Music]
10739s but wait there's more whoa
10742s whoa
10743s but wait
10744s but wait there's damage
10746s but what
10748s now that's a lot of damage all right how
10749s about a little more
10751s that's a lot of damage
10753s the guy looks really
10757s the guy looks really close to death um
10760s he gets really angry
10762s and he's just gonna stop breathing fire
10767s oh i'm glad i am out here
10772s oh no oh no oh no fire coming towards me
10775s do it
10777s you won't
10778s it won't
10779s it
10780s it won't hit because it hits the wall
10783s but it will hit myron taymor
10789s oh no
10791s uh yeah your sword will be fine
10796s yeah so if you two can make a deck safe
10799s um and so because you're resistant to
10800s fire you're absolutely right you'll take
10802s half damage from it
10803s um
10807s nice try but no oh
10814s oh that's not good
10817s okay so you fell
10819s you guys both failed
10823s holy cow
10825s 23 points of damage
10828s so myron you take that all
10831s right
10833s and tamar takes half
10836s paymore stands there in the flames
10838s unmoving
10839s growling back towards the dragon king oh
10842s i like that
10843s it's good i'm going to try not to cry
10845s flame is licking up around my robes
10850s you hear from the doorway you guys doing
10852s okay in there
10857s i'm just going to be able to stop you
10863s myron over to you
10866s oh
10868s well um i'm having a great time
10872s right now i'm just gonna try not to act
10873s like i was fazed because i got tamora
10875s behind me like it's like it's like a
10878s contest right now so i can't let anyone
10880s know do you want to um
10882s do you want to make another deception
10884s check to see if you can renew your uh
10887s absolutely how good you are i'm probably
10889s uh
10890s she just got blasted with fire you think
10893s i'm gonna believe that
10895s everything's the same
10898s uh well let let's see how tamor does on
10900s their insight
10901s so
10902s just for the viewers who can't see this
10904s uh myron managed to get a six on their
10906s deception check versus taymor's 20 on
10910s their insight
10912s it's
10913s uh
10915s that that's pretty much
10917s you've just read
10919s uh myron's soul at this point jack says
10922s so yeah i know i'm good i see everything
10925s this is great
10928s thank you dice for being very in
10930s character
10931s myron you wet the bed until you were six
10934s whoa
10935s i don't want to
10936s [Laughter]
10949s like my life depends on it because i'm
10951s just terrified
10952s go for it
10956s okay
10957s don't panic
10959s yeah breathe on it byron
10961s everything
10966s [Applause]
10971s see what happens when you when you ppm
10972s you panic and so i panicked and here we
10974s are
10975s wait no i'm panicking
10978s [Laughter]
10978s [Music]
10989s reception
10993s eight points not too bad that's your
10994s first let's go for the second one
10997s oh
11004s it's a hip
11008s i have such a funny dialogue
11010s this thing dies oh no
11014s wow
11016s oh i think i think your wish might come
11018s true what's your dialogue myron as you
11021s manage to smash us all through
11023s and displace the beast
11027s um that's good i'm not used to i'm not
11029s used to getting hit right cause i'm
11031s awesome right
11032s so i'm gonna look at taymor just be like
11035s that's four from me
11036s you're doing great what's your account
11042s it's funny
11044s just completely completely shook
11049s she's you know
11050s stabbed probably i can't remember what
11052s happened
11054s your hair is all singed
11056s and i
11057s i
11059s say
11060s i don't know
11062s anyway what are you saying this is yeah
11064s i was gonna say i think this is
11065s appropriate right now uh she's gonna
11068s cast prayer of healing
11070s on everybody
11079s so you guys spend
11081s you guys spend 10 minutes resting
11083s because that's how long that particular
11085s spell takes
11086s um and you all get five points of health
11088s back
11089s hey there you go it's all added on nice
11093s ones
11096s go on gossip sorry
11098s that's okay can i like
11101s loot from the dead bodies
11103s okay yeah here we go yep you've got
11106s spears shields
11108s and studded leather and some gold coin
11111s i'll take their gold because i'm poor
11116s imagine being poor all right
11126s [Music]
11128s after the battle i'd like to phase back
11130s into humanoid form absolutely
11134s i look at her and just go
11136s do you just do that
11139s is that like yes by accident the popcorn
11144s yeah the popcorn this crazy popcorn it's
11146s so hot they put like you know those
11148s jalapenos from the ark yeah those guys
11151s no i um that is my true form i only take
11154s this form to make you all feel more
11156s comfortable
11158s that's very nice of you
11162s don't get it you still keep
11164s you still keep the horns though
11167s and yes
11170s unfortunately they are part of my skull
11173s i don't have a tail
11176s you have a tail oh i thought i would
11177s have had a tail under there
11179s okay do not how dare you touch me
11183s i'm just asking uh
11186s that's right
11187s that's right
11192s what's on the dragonkin
11195s so
11195s um the dragonkin stuff's already been
11197s picked up by uh carol
11200s um now in the room itself is a locked
11203s door and for the first time and i know
11204s it's not on the map so i apologize
11207s are five statues around
11211s and these are all humanoid statues yeah
11214s each has a plaque underneath them but
11216s they must have had their writing rubbed
11218s off
11219s they're all naked except for one and
11221s around the rooms are piles of old
11223s weapons and armor
11224s there's some writing in the walls that
11226s you guys can read
11228s which says simply these ones are heroes
11232s there's five statues i'll mark them on
11234s the on the map very badly
11236s uh bear with me
11239s one
11240s two
11245s [Music]
11249s so all different sizes and there's
11251s there's an amount of uh
11253s armor and stuff different types of armor
11255s all around the world all around the room
11261s sits in the northeast
11266s we examine this one
11270s sure um in fact i'm going to make a
11272s small diagram on my notepad to remind
11274s myself so this is the one that isn't
11276s naked
11277s um
11280s yep and
11281s um
11282s he has a let me just check here
11288s so this is he's holding out his hand as
11291s if to show off a ring on his finger
11293s and has armor on over there's armor on
11296s already over the top of this statue as
11298s if it were a mannequin
11300s and he sits at exactly four level
11309s the armor on this particular statue is
11311s made up of rings so it's like a ring
11313s male kind of piece
11315s all right
11318s okay how about uh yeah let's get look at
11320s like all the all
11322s the rest of the four
11324s yeah sure so going around so statue one
11326s here and then going all the way around
11328s to four here so statue one uh has a
11330s piece of cloth wrapped around its head
11332s inside so it can't see and the writing
11335s on the this one just says this one liked
11337s to remain unseen
11342s statue 2 is a really chunky guy
11345s and
11346s but the writing has gone completely
11349s statue 3 is a normal looking human very
11352s strong and the writing said this one was
11355s the weakest
11358s and step statue four is holding a book
11361s and on the symbol is
11363s uh sorry on the book is a symbol
11366s and there's a set of scales on the
11368s is the uh symbol
11372s um
11372s i think can we look at the armor that's
11374s scattered about the room
11376s sure
11377s uh so there's four sets of aimer there's
11380s hide armor
11382s there's full plate
11384s there's chain mail and there's scale
11385s mail
11393s maybe the full plate would go on the one
11396s in the corner here just because he looks
11399s bigger
11400s he looks like he can maybe
11403s take a few hits the strongest i mean
11408s so
11409s i'm assuming
11418s i feel like hyde is definitely going to
11420s go on the weakest one
11424s right because that's the weakest uh ima
11427s you think so or it could be the diamond
11429s the jewels because the weakest is in the
11431s weakest mentality meaning they gave up
11432s and went straight forward
11435s i think you're overthinking it honestly
11439s that's where my mind went
11441s i am
11442s ashamed to admit that i thought it was a
11444s pun and that the hide should go on the
11447s guy who always stays hidden
11450s that that would
11452s that would work it would work it wasn't
11455s actually clever that's another rundown
11457s of the different statues
11459s sure so you've got a statue one which
11461s has a piece of cloth wrapped around its
11463s head and the eyes so it can't see
11465s and the writing on this one just says
11467s this one likes to remain unseen
11470s statue 2 is of a really chunky guy but
11473s the writing is gone
11474s statue 3 is a
11476s [Music]
11477s strong human
11479s the writing says this one has the
11481s weakest
11483s and statue four is holding a book on the
11486s book is a symbol of a set of scales
11491s okay two of these seem pretty obvious
11493s it's the other two
11498s i obviously think we should probably put
11499s the scale armor on the set of scales the
11502s one that says that has a set of scales
11505s yeah and try the hide armor on the one
11507s who wants to remain
11509s unseen
11510s okay um do you want to do that
11514s what do you guys think
11515s either i mean the side or the chain
11518s because the chain is or no because chain
11520s would be bradley
11521s okay now my thought process on the chain
11523s my thought process on the chain armor
11525s here is that chain armor is uh kind of a
11527s one size fits all
11529s it's a it's got a little more wiggle
11531s room than the rest so that might
11532s actually go on the big dude
11534s but you don't think that the chain would
11536s go on the weakest
11538s and the plate like the big strong like
11540s plate armor would go on
11542s the straw the plate armor being the
11545s strongest armor would make sense to put
11547s on the weakest person if he's trying to
11549s overcompensate
11551s that's my thought process anyway
11552s he is like a this is a weird statue to
11555s show the weakness because he's a strong
11556s looking knight i mean if i saw this man
11559s in the white knights i would maybe
11561s maybe wiggles maybe his the life of
11564s sarah dorman hasn't touched him
11567s oh here we go
11569s he needs more chaos
11570s i i can't i can't hold him up don't
11572s worry guys if he has so much chaos maybe
11574s that's why he's weak
11576s okay
11577s so what
11578s this is me all right who's
11581s yeah i'm just gonna pick up the height
11583s armor and put it on the one who wants to
11584s remain unseen
11586s okay so the statue moves down and clicks
11589s into place at floor level
11592s i knew it
11595s right a little bit of audio it's one
11596s down
11598s i'll put the
11599s the
11600s chain
11602s on the bigger guy
11604s dress them up make them look nice
11607s nothing happens
11610s nothing interesting could be a play
11612s really interesting interesting heavens
11615s give me a play on the words the weakest
11616s link
11619s right
11621s yeah i would like to put the chain on
11623s the weakest
11625s statue three
11627s moves down into position
11632s okay and then okay
11635s i'm guessing the plate goes on the big
11637s guy hopefully yeah and scales goes on
11640s the last choice
11641s yes so
11643s you hear a click
11645s of the door
11646s as it opens out head over
11651s you guys had it all except that the big
11654s guy reason why he had played was because
11657s he always had a full plate
11660s oh
11661s [Music]
11678s okay um so has anybody noticed the bear
11680s trap in front of the door
11682s can i you'll be able to
11685s the the trap is there you presume so
11687s that the guards if they were sleeping
11689s they would have something to protect
11691s they didn't expect a fire breathing
11694s half demons coming through the other
11696s engines
11698s you'll be able to walk around that no
11699s problem
11703s okay can i just as an aside i want to
11706s pick up the rat that tikka had
11708s pinged that's my rat and i want to talk
11710s it into the band bear trap
11713s sure so you you pick up the little wrap
11715s in you you under armour throw and the
11717s the bra some assaults round and just
11721s and instantly you've got rat kebab
11724s because it's also fried from the fire
11725s right so you've got it's true it's got
11728s it's on a skewer and now it's fried so
11730s you've got a perfect rat kebab
11733s i'm
11733s [Music]
11744s i pick it up and i
11747s very slowly hand it over to chica
11750s very slowly
11753s just in a in a flurry of beak squawking
11757s and rat viscera
11759s just just tears it apart in the most
11762s undignified manner you've never seen an
11765s avianza eat before and you don't think
11767s you ever want to see it again
11771s it's the only time you'll be eating
11773s today
11774s i'm going to look it i'm gonna look at
11775s tikka go that go down okay you're good
11782s delicious
11788s i lost my appetite nice
11791s that's kind of funny disgusting
11793s so you guys are in this really thin
11796s really small space all right myron you
11799s can see a door ahead of you and the the
11802s corridor you're in looks to be a u-turn
11807s oh interesting
11810s so we have i have either
11812s okay
11813s examine the story
11816s sure
11817s uh make me an investigation check
11820s you want me to put it in the chat for
11822s you
11823s uh
11824s yeah
11827s okay
11828s oh you've got it
11830s the door looks plain
11833s no that's fine the door looks plain
11835s there's no traps as far as you can tell
11837s you can hear breathing on the other side
11842s what kind of breathing i whisper yeah i
11844s was for over them breathing of a dragon
11848s kin
11849s for sure okay yeah
11852s okay don't worry guys i have a plan
11855s wait no
11856s [Music]
11858s i have another plan guys
11861s it involves
11862s two fireballs
11864s wait no
11867s just
11870s oh
11871s gosh the door
11874s let me just okay let me just
11877s let me just cast clairvoyance okay
11883s uh i actually i don't know if i have it
11884s again
11886s let me i don't i
11891s anyone else want to give a go at like
11893s maybe listening harder because i'm not
11895s good at that
11897s you won't be able to discern anything
11898s else
11900s at this point it's going to be go
11902s through the door
11906s i would go through the door
11909s let's go
11911s let's go
11912s as our
11914s lustrous illustrious leader i will uh be
11917s the first to open the door
11921s okay you go through
11924s and you see a female blue
11928s node on dragonkin clutching her head and
11931s screaming
11932s not screaming but shouting
11934s and she turns to you and says oh
11936s oh
11938s you found me
11941s i'm not dreaming am i no you're real i
11944s can tell from the smell down here look
11946s look up you can see that's my cellar
11948s door i came down here
11951s i was dragged down by two of my own i'm
11954s sad saying they've kind of kept me here
11958s how can i repay you
11961s darling
11964s we were sent to look for you
11966s specifically
11968s yes i think he's your name narissa
11972s i am neressa that's correct
11976s what we were sent to find you you have
11978s to come with us
11980s i will not leave
11983s why not
11984s what
11986s others
11987s others in gilano will need my help
11991s as my brethren have turned on them i
11992s must stay and i must help the heroes of
11995s gilano
11996s but wait
11999s i i can hear him coming please
12002s take this journal before karabakh comes
12005s and run just run
12008s we need to leave we need to leave now i
12010s grabbed the journal
12011s we could take them
12012s what no
12025s again
12025s bid you farewell
12027s you have a journal
12032s you were able to make it out of the
12033s sewers fine and carol has it
12037s uh into the cathedral crypt again so
12040s you're able to make your way out quickly
12041s you can see here to the west is the
12043s bridge
12045s uh
12045s it's been re-made
12047s magically in the meantime
12049s perhaps by the wrestler perhaps by
12051s somebody else
12053s and you're able to escape quick
12055s now
12057s surge back in the cathedral
12063s he's gonna move us all over real quick
12064s there you go
12066s yes
12067s we're gonna go next to the general heck
12068s yeah
12070s oh god i have to face my boss
12076s four one you done goofed
12080s the generals all turned to you
12082s and krill in particular looks angry
12091s she would not come
12093s we had no choice but
12094s was on the way
12097s but she did give us this journal
12101s crow asks for the journal one claw out
12105s carol kind of i look towards carol
12107s you're the one you're the one holding it
12110s oh carol carol's holding it carol is
12113s gonna um
12115s kind of put it on the table and
12117s slide it over
12118s [Music]
12119s okay
12121s towards uh krill
12125s his channel is justice
12129s the other fronts are fading
12133s what he said
12135s yeah
12137s i'm not sure how much good that journal
12139s is going to be for our heroes here
12141s or how the other fans are faring
12145s perhaps the cathedral would have
12146s succumbed by the time the heroes
12148s returned you'll have to watch next
12149s episode of our daring adventures
12152s until then my name is chris from roldark
12157s these have been your wonderful
12159s influences for today
12161s jaxis kathar
12163s my channel and gossip girl
12165s and we'll see you soon
12167s and from all of the folks at jagex we
12169s wish you all a pleasant day a happy
12171s adventure
12172s goodbye
12176s [Music]
12181s [Music]
12188s [Music]
12190s you