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I'm seeking assistance on how to report a former Jagex employee and current in-game Player Moderator for ongoing serious sexual harassment, manipulation, and toxic, unacceptable behavior. We have gathered evidence that we would like to submit to the Jagex team. We are consulting with the affected individuals on how they wish to proceed (i.e., taking legal action which does not require action from your team). I am reaching out to provide evidence, as we believe their behavior makes them unfit to be a Player Moderator in-game, in addition to evidence of them purchasing an Inferno cape on their player moderator account. We've reached out to Jagex Support and an OSRS JMod but have not received a response yet and are unsure how to get in contact with Jagex to make them aware of this issue. Any guidance or support would be greatly appreciated.

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If you live in an EU Member Country and the illegal content is on our platforms, you can let us know about it here.

If you don't live in an EU Member Country you can email [email protected].

Regardless of where you live, if the evidence is on another platform that we don't control, we politely ask that you report your concerns directly to that platform, who have access to the back-end records and evidence needed.

If you are worried that a player may seriously harm themselves or others, please contact your local Police emergency service. Police / Law Enforcement officers can contact Jagex by email at [email protected] if they need our help to keep someone safe.


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I have a follow-up question. The individual lives in the UK, while I reside outside the UK. There is a serious concern that this person, who has a history of suicidal behavior, may seriously harm themselves. I'm unsure whether I should contact local authorities where I am currently located, who could then coordinate with authorities in the UK. Should we directly reach out to authorities in the UK, since the person resides there? I'm uncertain about the best way to proceed, and perhaps my local authorities can provide guidance on this matter.

Usually we’d advise to contact your local Police for advice - that saves on language barriers etc. They will also know how best to approach the platform provider to release personal data if you don’t know the persons address.

If your concerns stem from chat in our games Police can request information release from us by email at [email protected]. There are some data privacy laws that relate to requests from Police with no jurisdiction in the UK but we can advise officers if they contact us.

If the safety concerns stem from conversations outside of our games (for example Discord) Police will need to contact those platforms with their request.

That said, if you know the address in the UK and you think it is an emergency situation .. then contacting Police directly in the UK would likely be the fastest way to get help.