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How does the secret santa work? Is the prize pool predetermined but random, like a chance to get item X. Or is the prize pool made up of the items people donate. For example, if someone were to donate a Mazcab codex, is that added to the prize pool and someone who participates has the chance to draw for a Mazcab? (i.e. actual secret santa)

I posted this on another thread, but as this is the main one for the news post I'll paste it here as well (with some minor tweaks for clarity in this context), some clarification on how the donating and claiming prizes will work:

Each time you donate to the Secret Santa, you will be donating a single stack of items. The total value of that stack must be 10kgp on the GE for it to be donated. Any item (bar bonds) that can be traded on the GE can be donated to the Secret Santa. You can donate as many times as you like, but there will be some minor incentives to donate a small amount a day (I'll let you see what they are on Monday), as well as a few tasks in the yak track that ask you to donate a certain total value of items (not necessarily in one go). Ironmen can donate items to get task progress and the cosmetic incentives available, but their items will be destroyed when donating, rather than going into the prize pool.

As for claiming items from the Secret Santa, the prizes available will be almost entirely made up of the prizes people have donated. If there are too few prizes in the pool you can be given one of the back up prizes listed in the news post, so you'll always be able to claim something. You can claim a prize once every 2 hours (not 1 as the newspost originally stated, I am getting this fixed). You don't need to have donated to claim a prize. There are a couple of yak track tasks that ask you to claim a (low) number of prizes. If you are an ironman, you can claim prizes so you can get credit for these, but you will only ever be awarded items from the back ups.

Finally, you don't need to engage with the yak track to engage with this. If you are planning to engage with both, you may benefit from looking ahead at when the Secret Santa tasks come up so you can donate and claim items at an efficient point.