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2023 is so close yet so far. Monday's looking like patch notes anyways. Flip the switch please šŸ™‚

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There will be free deaths on Fresh Start Worlds that start next Monday ^^'

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Ah neat. Iā€™m gonna try and learn so many bosses! Have my eyes on raksha, ed3 and glacor! Should be fun. I am a noob as you can tell!

Just to clarify, there won't be free deaths right from the start of FSW, but they'll come in some weeks into the event :)

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Only on FSW or when FSW starts? Cuz if it's only of FSW then that's a big FU to the playerbase who don't want to participate

All gameplay boosts that appear on FSW are exclusive to FSW. If we added all of those to the main game, there would be a lot less of a reason for new players and lapsed players who want to build up a new account to actually join FSW.

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I couldn't find the answer anywhere - will the inverted cape tokens be transferable to ironmen?

Yep :) Via direct trading!

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If you honestly say that adding certain boosts to the normal game that are also on FSW would "give no reason to play FSW", that sounds like FSW just isn't good content and it's pre-existing boosts carrying the whole event.

I know that you as an individual and also basically all the devs didn't get a say or at least much of one in this strictly business decision but is feels weird when a game mod indirectly tells just the new content and game mode aren't actually that good.

That's at least how it seems to me. I truly hope that FSW is good and does as well as it deserves, however good or bad it ends up being.

Yeah that probably wasn't the best way to say "Boosts are exclusive to FSW."...Of course there are still other reasons to join FSW, such as rewards, and I personally am most interested in the new economy and what will come out of that.

I just meant to say that, as a new player or someone who wants to build up a new account, if both main game and FSW had the same boosts, there would be much less of a point to join FSW.

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Aren't there a ton of other boosts beyond a free death week that also last much longer than a week? It just seems weird to me that a single free death week and only a single free death week sometime during the whole FSW event would be even remotely comparable to all of the boosts FSW worlds are getting.

I appreciate the reply, thank you.

I'm not saying that the main game shouldn't get a free death week in the time of FSW. I wouldn't have an issue with that at all ^^

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Do these tokens has any sort of restriction? Like, if you were to trade a 120 cape token to a new account, you need to have at least one skill at Level 120?

You will be able to use the tokens on any account, but won't get any use out of them until you reach the respective level in the respective skill. You'll be able to buy inverted capes from skillcape vendors if you have the specific cape unlocked, but of course you'll need the requirements to be able to buy the cape.

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So to be able to get the inverted cape tokens for capes you just need to get the 99/120 you want before the end of the entire FSW time before it ends and merges, and not just by the competitive period? Ik the halos etc are for the competitve period but just to find out if capes are for obtaining in the full duration?

And thanks for replying to comments

Everything except for the competitive halo can be obtained throughout the entire event duration :)