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Thanks for this. Was nice to finally get the Exploration->Prifddinas achievements finished off. Those pesky birds evaded me for too long.

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Originally posted by CGArtist_Freelance

No worries :) I post it up every 13 days for my clanmates as well, might as well put it up on reddit to help others.
Glad to see you got your ravensworn title! You have your pof setup for the other thing?

Nah, I need to circle back to that. Focused on finishing the Anachronia farm collection log for trim.

Draconic jadinkos? I don't think they exist.

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Originally posted by caddph

Yea for some unknown reason, breeding a Draconic jadinko is an incredibly rare occurrence. Hopefully when you're able to, it won't be shiny! That's the longest part of the full breeding log unfortunately.

Mod Raven has repeatedly assured us it's working as intended.

But then again, he is literally the worst kind of monster.

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Originally posted by SonoShindou

I cracked and bought a pair of draconic jadinkos to reroll for the "strong genes" trait on both of them. Only took 6~7 more babies to complete after that :)

Good tip, thank you!

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Originally posted by Grovve

Are you and Mod Raven still friends after chasing those birds?

Always. I wouldn't dare to state otherwise.