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So I played like a year or two ago and in the activity tracker there was an option to select an option like "unlock prffididififidans" and in the activity tracker it would have a list in order of what you need to do, now it just shows me archaeology and bossing

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We had to remove those paths when updating quest achievements to use the new achievement system data format (as achievement paths are currently a layer on top of the old achievement system).

Ingame, you can find out similar information by going to your Adventures->Quests tab. Look for the Plague's End quest in your quest list (there's various new quest listing sorting methods in the top-left, such as alphabetical), and its requirements are shown in the overview screen.

You can click those requirement quests to jump down the requirement hierarchy and see their overview screen, and navigate through the history of quests you've clicked with the horizontal history arrows.

Alternatively, press the [show] next to Quests: here https://runescape.wiki/w/Plague%27s_End#Official_description and you'll see the hierarchy of required quests for Plague's End. :)

Alternatively alternatively, sort your quest list by Series and the key quests leading up to Plague's End are listed in the Elf quest series.

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