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1s during the era of runescape classic
3s runes were quite hard to come by shops
6s sold the limited amounts and getting
8s drops from monsters wasn't very easy
10s meaning training magic was a whole
12s different ball game compared to today so
15s it's easy to understand how
17s groundbreaking runecrafting was when
19s this guild was released on the 29th of
21s march 2004 under the name runecraft but
25s jagex did not intend to make runes too
28s common training it required you to get
30s the essence and walk all the way from
31s the bank to the rune altar and the
33s higher level rune you crafted the longer
36s the distance would be this made
38s high-level runecrafting restricted to
40s the people who could be bothered to go
41s through the work something that was
43s rather few in a time when the average
46s player was probably like 11 years old
49s not to mention this skill was released
51s together with a different tiny update
53s being the entirety of runescape 2.
56s but the players who did pull through
58s despite the tedious effort made serious
61s money
62s larrier was the second player to achieve
64s 99 runecrafting just behind kale still
67s on the 15th of september 2004 but she
70s was the only one to keep going after
72s hitting the final level making her one
74s of few to create double nature wounds
76s and thus supplying the market with them
78s the money to be made from this was above
80s anything else and larrier was smart
83s about it paying other players to run
85s back and forth to the bank for her
87s letting her stand at the altar and
88s constantly craft runes for xp and money
91s while the essence was brought in for her
93s and it worked like a charm one paid
96s runner became two two became four four
99s to eight and over a short period of time
101s larrier had quickly become famous for
103s her runecrafting business and what would
106s become a popular moneymaking method for
108s the average player
109s tons of low-level players titled
112s collectors would queue up outside the
114s runecrafting altar with rune essence for
116s larrier a different player employed as
118s security would tell them when they could
120s enter all to avoid scammers and piling
123s up making the business run slower but
126s trade fast if you are too slow larrier
128s would throw you off the team recruiters
131s would run around in the world getting
132s new runners onto the team with a promise
134s of money for anyone who signed up they'd
137s be sent to a trainer who would tell them
139s how the business worked and teach them
141s the art of running which would be their
142s first role in the business the nature
145s runes larry are crafted would then be
146s handed to one of the few ceos larrier's
149s personal circle of friends the players
151s who were paid in party hats due to the
153s money they raked in who would go on to
155s sell the nature runes in world 2 varicor
157s falador and then proceeded to pay out
159s the money to all the employed players
161s under them in the hierarchy larrier made
163s herself untouchable by adding an
165s exclusivity rule to her business if you
168s ran for her you couldn't run for anyone
170s else even if other runecrafters could
173s afford one or two runners they'd never
175s be able to match larrier's personal
177s juggernaut her xp rates would rocket
179s past competitors getting up to 250 000
183s xp a day in a time where 70k xp a day
186s was considered a valid effort the
189s business ran for quite some time until
191s area eventually quit in late 2006 to
194s pursue new adventures in a different
196s game ending with 157 million
199s runecrafting xp five times that of
201s second place the last recorded high
204s score image we have is slightly less
206s though as you can see here
207s larrier would throw in the high scores
209s for another three years without gaining
211s a single xp until finally in late 2009
214s when the player phoenix odin passed her
216s to become the first player to achieve
218s 200 million xp
220s larrier's legacy was in april 2011
223s reflected in game when mod ash added the
225s npc larrier to the runecrafting guild
228s replacing aubry as the one to sell the
230s runecrafting cape to any player who
231s followed the path larrier once took