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Originally posted by TheOnlyTB

u/JagexDoom any way you can address this? nearly all of your partnered companies are without a doubt scamming your customers

Would be interested to hear more about this - do you have particular evidence of any companies in particular? Happy to pass feedback to the team about this one but I'd have to ask for specifics. From a quick read through the comments here, the general response appears to be folks not being the right fit for a survey, or experiences with a previous partner company.

Again, happy to investigate particular instances or pass the feedback on - we just wanted to highlight the promotion going on allowing players to pick up extra keys in this instance to see if it reflected in a change in the number of users using the "Earn Keys" feature. It's useful data for us, but so is feedback/evidence to the contrary.

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Originally posted by IAmLordOwen

One issue I personally have is certain surveys will make you fill out the actual survey, then only at the very end they'll tell you "Sorry, you're not the right candidate". So you just filled out an entire survey for nothing, and it happens way too often unfortunately

Good to know, happy to pass that feedback forward to see if there's a way to more quickly "screen" suitable survey respondents to mitigate the time spent on a survey before you get that kind of decision. Thanks for this!

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Originally posted by unicorn7

This is wild. It should 100% be on Jagex to vet out the partnered companies for scams instead of asking your playerbase for evidence of being scammed after they've already been scammed

The reason I ask is exactly that - we partnered with RevU for the exact purpose that we vetted them, as is my understanding. Then, to see a wave of people citing that they've been "scammed" or not paid out is really concerning to me, and I want to flag this up to the relevant people to make sure that we're scrutinising this further.

I'm happy to spend time (one comment gave a ballpark figure saying it would take an hour) to do a few surveys and see how many pay out, but I might just hit the right filters for the survey so I don't want my personal viewpoint to supercede the complaints I'm hearing that sound pretty impassioned and certain.