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Today I had no idea there was any planned update, I thought it was just another patch week on the wait for the Zamorak Elite Dungeon. I was very happily surprised to find out there was this Pride event.

In particular Vicendithas' story I found incredibly interesting as it told us more about the oddities and traditions of the ilujanka which I doubt we'd have ever known otherwise. Seeing Angof again made me very happy and the story with the other names she considered and that she believes a name meaning forgotten is more fitting was almost heartbreaking.

I absolutely loved this event and deeply hope that next year we can see it's return with additional Pride flags (such as the Rainbow Pride flag), as well as more stories with other LGBT+ characters such as Jessika and Korasi, Charos, Hestia, or even entirely new characters (add more twinks to the game!).

Hopefully others here have enjoyed this event too and next year will be even bigger and better! Happy Pride.

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