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More info about Orthen will be revealed next week.

Double XP Live: Archaeology

Next Event ETA: Not Known

  • Changes: Base precision will be doubled.
  • Will Work: Excavation XP | Screening XP
  • Won't Work: Tomes | Research | Mysteries | Pylons | Artefact Restoration


"It could have been a new Summoning for example, we could have gone that route, but just thinking about what Double XP has done to the identity of Summoning, we prefer this route. Obviously we prefer your thoughts and feedback on that."


ETA: October 19th

  • Level: 90-120
  • Location: Anachronia Base Camp (also multiple areas)
  • Hard Reqs: Associate Qualification & Base Camp Tutorial
    • Soft Reqs: Desperate Measure
  • New Content: 10 Excavations | 22 Artefacts
    | 5 Materials
    | 8 Mysteries | 1 Community Event
  • New Rewards: 5 Potions | 2 Skilling Off-hands | 3 Relics | ?? Research


Site Location - Base Camp

  • Site Manager: Mr. Mordaut
  • Collectors: Sharrigan (new) & Velucia (existing and at the Guild)
  • Additions: Workbench, Material Storage, Noticeboard, Community Event, and 1 other addition
    • Noticeboard is for those who have the T3 Townhall.

Excavation Sites

Spread across different areas on Anachronia which you progress through similar to the Infernal Source.

New Potions

  • Holy Aggroverload
  • Summoning Renewal
  • Archaeology Potion - Tea but better.
  • Powerburst of Opportunity
  • Spirit Attraction Potion

Skilling Off-hands

Orthen Furnace Core | Artificer's Measure

  • Rare items aimed at high levels.
  • Future additions depend on the response to these, and would be released at the same frequency as Hero Items.
  • Shauny's initial design was not used and needed changes.

Community Event - Osseus

  • Location: Base Camp
  • Obtain Rex skeletal fragments while excavating in Orthen and use them on the skeleton.
  • When it is complete all participants receive various boosts:
    • 25% more XP from activities on Anachronia:
      • Hunter including BGH. | Archaeology excavation | Agility course.
    • 10% buff to the drop rates from:
      • Big Game Hunter | Slayer | Agility Course Codices | Archaeology Materials

Other Archaeology Details

Archaeology In-general

  • We can fill in other gaps with mico-sites in the future.
  • There are no plans to increase bank space, there's plenty of room in the Materials storage for the new materials.
  • Tetracompass recipe won't change. It's an artefact from the god wars.

Orthen Details

  • Mysteries - Both journal types and those that require more involvement.
  • Research - There is some general research with Orthen.
    • Site Manager has a new power called - Treasure Hoarder.
  • Relics - 1 will come from a collection.
    • Flask of Soma - a dragonkin delicacy that will increase your archaeological precision... at a price.
    • Players will be able to earn a reward to increase the Monolith's power power.
  • Teleports: Elite outfit, teletabs, and material table allow you to teleport to the Anachronia Base Camp.
  • New Achievements and Music.
    • New Comp Req: Equivalent of the invention blueprints from the original release.
    • No grace period on any achievement.
  • We didn't label the potions as Ancient herblore as we wanted the potions to have value rather than be filler.

Last Stream

  • The colour of the soil is black.
  • Orthen glass will be used, and there will be 5 new unique materials.
  • There won't be a high level weapon obtained from Orthen but there will be relics and other high level end game rewards.

General Game Comments

  • Eessence of Finality recolour is awaiting testing.
  • Music Maestro achievement bug is in QA.

EDIT: Added Double XP reasoning

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Originally posted by Certified_Lawyer

10% increase to anachronia slayer drops lol, even though its not an actual hard 10% but the base 10% it's still pretty OP imo.

The 1/4k drops become 1/3600 and now we gonna have 1/1800 blast diffusion boots.

Ezscape, like wearing 10 LOTD's at once and having them stack lol

That was just the blanket description. As I mentioned, there are exceptions. I don't recall what they are off the top of my head, but we'll go into more detail on rewards in the next stream.