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I just recently learned that this year's Pride Event is only for paying members. Jagex and whoever the f*ck owns the company now is profiting off of it or at least hoping to.

I'm fully expecting Jagex to either make the event Free-to-Play or give AT LEAST 25% of this month's profits to a meaningful charity like The Trevor Project or any other meaningful Pro-LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization. We shouldn't be praising them for adding this hollow for-profit event. We should be DEMANDING integrity. Put your money where your mouth is, or don't do a Pride Event at all.

Discussions of companies trying to profit off of Pride is beyond prevalent and yet they just do this anyway, you'd think they would pay attention and NOT do the one thing that all of the other greedy businesses are doing.

Want to look like the good guy? Offer this event to EVERYONE, or give up some of your profits so the people you claim to support, can actually be supported.

If you agree with this, please, stop praising them for the event. I know many appreciate various parts of the event, and that's awesome! But we shouldn't approve of the event as a whole because it is meaningless and, baffingly, excluding a large part of the Runescape Community just in the hopes of making a quick buck.

Jagex, I'll buy membership. IF some of that money goes to charity. If not, then you need to make the event available to free players as well. If you won't even do that, don't bother claiming to be supportive and inclusive.

Happy Pride, to everyone that actually appreciates progress, inclusivity, and love.

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I think this might be a particularly disingenuous take and certainly a harsh way of thinking about this.

The Pride event was suggested, pushed and written by LGBTQIA+ people at Jagex and their allies. It was not mandated from any sort of business point of view. Certainly it was not intended to be a money making update. We made it because we wanted to tell some of those stories in game.

The reason it's not free to play is simply a consideration of the characters involved and the areas they need to be. Much of the F2P game is still a few years older than some of the more progressive approaches to character design and so a lot of these characters and their context simply don't exist in the F2P game. Some of the areas where there stories can be found equally don't show up in the F2P game either.

We could have made a separate version of the event only showing the F2P characters and stories, but it would effectively have been empty. We could have given out the reward automatically, but equally that would just make it feel like tokenism rather than have their stories show the context that we do consider LGBTQIA+ characters and their stories as important. It would also have taken time away from the development of the update, which could have meant fewer stories.

The event was also made to support the community Pride event being organised for the 24th (world 23 5pm game time) which is being run on a members server, so we wanted to align with that.

If there's enough support for the content to be available on a F2P world then I'll see if we can rejig the code to allow it in the future. But vilifying the event isn't the right way to go about that.

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Originally posted by Remmes-

I am taking a break from RuneScape and got excited for this pride event... Only to find out it's not f2p, i don't want to waste 50m almost 60m or however expensive the bonds are right now just for an event that I'd otherwise love to support, an event that should be celebrated by all.

Also it should be made more clear when trying to talk to the curator, right now it says he's not interested in talking at the moment, this is very vague and in no way says "this is members only" it also does not mention it being members only in the update post. I had to go to the wiki to find out so.

Try logging in later today. ;)

I spent a few days last week working on the code and have managed to get it working on F2P worlds. It should ideally be going live with the update today.