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The drop rate dev blog was a very welcomed post where players could see specific drop rates, aswell as it helping shape the prices of certain items which have exceeded their GE value.


The new bosses which were released on the GWD3 Front are about as predictable as gambling the lottery. There is no excitement or joy in blinding grinding for a specific item.

This has been asked for since the release of the first boss and it’s been months now. And now some drop rates have been altered such as Kerapac and Zuk.

Unless there is another reason you won’t share with the community, the time has come to show us the specifics! Thanks

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We're going to deliver a metric ton of EGWD drop rates in December. We're working with the team to gather up all the info from each Front and then we'll get it out there.

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I dont think we ever got rex matriarch droprates either btw

We'll see about getting those done too!