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And that's Jagex keeping this game alive for us, all of us, for all these years.

Sure, it may have its ups and downs, its moments of stupidty and brilliance, but at the very least they're going forward in time.

We never expected a Steam Release, a Mobile Release, not even a whole new Graphics engine back when NXT got released, yet, here we are.

I don't want to come across as an apologist, as i am a harsh critic; when it makes sense to be, but i gotta give credit where credit is due.

However, while I am hopeful for a Memorable event. I'm keeping a fair share of caution.

As the saying goes: if you expect the worst and you get a positive result, you don't get as disappointed, if you get the best result, your excitement will be doubled, if you get the worst at least you knew you were right.

I may have paraphrased a little but the general idea is to just be thankful for Jagex at the very least doing "something", despite the current events ravaging the frail mantle of our everydayness.

I hope for a bright 2021 in runescape and the rest of our world.


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Originally posted by vhagar123

Its Jan the 4th in the UK approx 8 am so my guess is that it'll be roughly 4/5 hours time:)

It'll start after we deploy our Monday Update, which is looking like 11am Game Time today!