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0s Miss Monroe if you somehow ever see this
3s I was not doing my classwork I was
5s chopping willow trees
10s I remember I made friends with one of
12s the English teaching assistants and I'd
15s asked her if I could use her office
17s during uh my lunch hour to get some
20s extra help on some classwork and to use
22s her computer and what I figured out was
24s that the teacher and staff accounts
27s didn't block the Java plug-in on like
29s the internet browser so I'd have her
31s login to hers on her computer and I
34s would load up and play RuneScape when
36s she left the room anybody who knows me
37s knows that fire making is for no real
40s reason my favorite skill and it was my
42s first 99 and to get it I sold a green
46s Halloween mask and bought enough magic
48s logs to go from 93 to 99 Fire making and
52s then did all of that in one 14-hour
55s sitting my favorite early game memory is
58s probably the first time I got membership
60s and realized that there's more to do
61s than just fish lobsters on karanja
65s yeah hi I'm protox one of my favorite
67s early RuneScape memories is taking over
69s Vara castle with a bunch of other
70s players by camping the guard spawns all
73s while it was playing on an airport PC my
75s favorite early memory of RuneScape is
77s when I would spend my whole day mining
80s coal over at the mining Guild in falador
82s and then spend the rest of my time
84s trying to sell that coal out by the
86s falador bank it was never really
89s efficient and I didn't ever make much
91s money but for some reason I just found
94s it really fun to hang out with everyone
95s pretending to be a cool Merchant and
97s just having good conversations the thing
100s I've missed the most about the early
102s days in RuneScape was the absolute
104s cluelessness I had about the game
107s like at one point I was running around
108s with a steel long sword and like full
111s green dehyde with like the gold trim on
113s the side and I thought it was the
115s hottest thing walking through varrock if
118s I could magically have that ignorance
120s and Bliss again I would take it all back
123s ASAP because there was nothing better
125s for me than coming home from school on a
128s Friday night to load up RuneScape on my
131s Windows 98 big box PC at like 19 FPS
136s Peak existence for 12 year old Dakota