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It exists post quest. Has a nice little reward and lots of easter egg dialogues. Have fun searching!

Solution if you want to cheat:

You need to bring a cheesewheel to a raven thats sitting on the southeast side of the Mage Arena, with the Ravensworn title already unlocked of course.


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Well found :D

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I wondered how long the quest would have been in development and if you'd have been involved with it. The dialogue in the Zamorakian Undercity sequence in particular rang a lot of Raven bells to me. Nice to see more things with your stamp on them!

I wrote much of the dialogue, though a lot of it has been changed or removed. The end sequence after the speech is all credit to Zura I think. Quite a lot of the stuff is Stu as well, I think he wrote some placeholder dialogue for the undercity and all I did was tweak it a little because it was already great.

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And rainbow to boot!

Seemed like a thing to do :D

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Why is the answer cheese wheel? I tried to find the answer with my clan today and couldn't until i found this post. Is this the first item you created in game or is there something else i didn't know?

It was the very first item that got added into the game that I worked on. In my first ever RuneFest it was one of the only things I actually had to talk about with players, which I found very funny.

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A wonderful final hurrah from one of the greats. While I wish I could rock multiple titles at once, this will even supplant my normal "Wikian" title for a good while. Rainbow + Raven is a winning combo.

I wish you joy and luck at whatever job you end up/already have ended up at after Jagex.


I am currently employed as a Lead Narrative Designer, so I'm in a good spot. Working on something very cool, which I shall obviously talk about when I am legally allowed to do so. :D

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It's good to see you around mod raven. I and im sure alot of people miss you already 🥲


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Sir tips hat

Also fangirl squee


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May your reign be long and tyrannical.


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