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I really liked the event, it's very small but the stories were nice, they tied in well-known and less well-known NPCs and storylines. I especially liked that Achietties gets something to do for the first time in 20 years.

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I think it's good that they're being inclusive with these types of events, but they added rainbow crocs to the game. Rainbow crocs. I'm speechless.

They're glorious aren't they! Mod Dragon outdid themselves. When I saw them at a game jam one day I knew they had to be in game.

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Hey, there's a glitch or something preventing some players from doing the event at all. Can this be looked into please? I was excited for it and can't even start it.

Can you give more details? There shouldn't be anything preventing this from happening. Can you submit a bug report with as much detail as possible please?

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I have this bug too. Whenever I try talking to The Curator it says: 'They don't seem interested in talking to you at the moment.'

Are you playing on a F2P world? Currently the event is members only due the characters and locations involved. I am investigating whether it can be made F2P but currently it's members only.