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What kind of interactions are you looking for specifically? Generally the Jmods are reading feedback and discussions where the communities are with discord being the easiest in my experience.

Is there a particular type of engagement your trying to find and do you have examples of it?

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Originally posted by Dry-Fault-5557

I think people curious about the results of the t95 betas.

Soon :)

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Originally posted by RegiSilver

Quite literally, just answer us every once in a while.

Or perhaps, consider making Q&A Reddit Threads, what's the worst that could happen?

  • We have unbiased and mature Reddit Mods, a Q&A Thread is most likely gonna be adequately moderated, so people being rude or breaking the rules will get their comments removed.

  • Jmods can answer whenever they see fit, but a Q&A thread gathers all people answers in a single place rather than various independent threads.

  • A Q&A Thread for: General Questions, Upcoming Content and, most importantly, issues and pain points within the game, where Jmods actually interact with us and give us the answers we seek, would be highly appreciated.

I don't know if the job of a CM is to get answers from the community and listen to what they have to say about the game, but in all my years on this sub, being through at least 8 of them; with the best one, BY FAR, being Shauny, makes me wonder if my definition of what a CM does is biased or if Jagex prohibits certain interactions with the community.

A CM being silent about specific topics is unnatural, especially when they're things that are ruining the game's experience for plenty of people.

Besides, we're all adults here (most likely I guess) aren't we supposed to... idk man, TALK? Why does it feels like we're talking to a wall sometimes, why aren't CM transparent anymore? Because even before you and Hooli even considered joining Jagex, we were promised more transparency and open communication.

Yet, here we are... Here we are dude...

If I'm wrong I'd gladly love to be proven wrong, because that means we'd get to see more communication.

Nothing wrong with the Q&A thread idea its just quite the drain on already strained resources but it can be something we look to do in the future, do you feel there are specific questions that are not getting answers currently? And if so are they things that will be answered in due time? (e.g people are interested in information around GIM which we will be talking about in the future)

Unfortunately I cant really chat about the issues previous CMs faced and why they made the decisions they made but more communication is honestly always going to be the goal and I am glad to say that in my time with the company we have been making great strides in improving it, is it enough for all players? No, but that's why we are always going to be working on improving it.