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1s hey everyone I'm mod Lee and I'm here to
3s tell you about some of this week's patch
4s notes to get things started the crosis
7s boss pet examine description should Now
9s display the correct boss kill count now
12s you can properly flaunt whether you were
14s fortunate or not we fixed an issue where
17s visuals for particle effects on equipped
19s items could sometimes become
22s corrupted a lone dwellberry bush has
24s been removed in catherby comment F on
27s this video to pay your
29s respect we we' removed a reference to
31s the RuneScape forums from icon's
33s dialogue the dialogue now explains that
36s photo booth photos are still being sent
38s to the website but are no longer visible
40s on the
41s forums we've updated audio in the
43s kandarin region to better fit with the
45s newly updated
47s graphics and last but not least we fixed
50s an issue causing unclickable wisps
52s fountains and chronical fragments in
54s crowded divination areas this issue has
57s been pretty persistent and it wasn't an
59s easy patch so even though we fixed it
62s we'll be constantly monitoring this
63s going forward now you should have an
66s easier time training your divination
68s skill if you'd like to read about the
70s rest of the patch notes from this week
72s head over to the RuneScape website or
74s click on the link in the description
75s down below which will take you right to
77s the News Post also if you have any
80s suggestions for anything that could be
81s patched or improved please leave a
83s comment on this video and let us know
86s make sure to check in for the next
87s installment of patch notes I'm mod Lee
89s and I hope hope you all enjoyed