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Before either u had to get lucky at the raffle, through treasure hunter purple rewards or through various other but rare means to get a deathtouch dart


to pay 5m gp to travelling merchant.

these weekly challenges seem to basically give a dtd every week now considering i got one last week on 2 accounts and again this week in the rewards.

any level can do most bosses with them like nex/KK/ ambassador etc. and it disincentivices people to pay the 5m in merchant for them. in the longterm this really seems to be a pretty terrible idea.

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Originally posted by FireTyme

not sure why this rare and high value item suddenly got made super common. maybe /u/jagexstu, if willing, could shed some light on these decisions? between all the struggles of upkeep, cost of pvm and inflation surely an item that comes for free regularly that just skips fights and basically does the reverse for everything while adding even more inflation to the game isnt the answer lol.

You've admittedly had a rather small sample size (2 occurrences) to extrapolate a drop rate.

The frequency of DTDs is closer to 1/month. They happened to fall adjacent on this occasion.

I can understand the perceived value of a deathtouched dart since it has the potential to be a big drop for minimal effort. But it's effectively a lottery ticket with extra steps.

Compared to, say, direct coin creation like a cash bag (which, BTW, we're dropping a size tier and substituting for ironmen with oddments in response to feedback), a DTD's one of the more economically stable rewards we can give - at least so I've been assured.

Boss value is measured in kills/hour and bosses are balanced around being repeatedly killed, so one free kill through a throttled non-tradeable supply that requires daily engagement to acquire contributes minimally to inflation.

It's an active reward - you have to gear up and fight the boss (albeit briefly) to get the benefit, so they're actually closer to an onboarding tool. They don't work on several bosses, have a lot of restrictions (I'd give Mod Raven's left testicle for them to count towards Reaper Crew - frickin' group bosses) and some of the most valuable bosses only skip a phase.

We even checked in with the ironman council yesterday, and after verifying the reward frequency to be sure, got confirmation they're happy for DTDs to be given to ironmen at the current rate.

Please do keep giving us your feedback about daily challenge rewards as they present, though, and we'll keep an eye on DTDs. We want to keep tuning the daily challenge rewards so they feel good to you.

Thanks for coming to my STED Talk.

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Originally posted by zenyl

Love seeing how active you are in regards to responding to feedback to the new challenge system. :)

Love being active! :D

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Originally posted by FireTyme

alright awesome, yeah after getting it twice on both accounts i thought it would be a lot more frequent. i guess its not as bad as other rewards could be. thanks for the in depth response! :) keep being awesome

Understandably cause for concern and I appreciate you raising it! Thanks for your thread and your well wishes. :)

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Originally posted by jorgelucasds

Are irons keeping the weekly reset tokens?

As in D&D daily/weekly/monthly reset tokens?

First I've heard of those being an issue for ironmen. (Admittedly had my head down implementing patches the last couple days, so I may have missed a post or two.)

As far as I'm aware, we've given D&D reset tokens to ironmen in the past.

If the D&D reset tokens are contentious for ironmen and ironmen feel they aren't in the spirit of the game mode, we'd be happy to substitute them for ironmen.

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Originally posted by jorgelucasds

Cool! When can we expect a full list of whats going and whats staying?

  • Dg tokens
  • Aura Refreshes
  • Box of clues
  • Menaphite gift
  • Slayer coupons
  • Port Resourses

None of the 6 items you've listed above are currently substituted for ironmen.

We did run our rewards past the ironman council, but I acknowledge that some ironmen take a more hardline view than others.

So if you feel that any of the above aren't in the spirit of ironman mode via daily challenge weekly rewards, please let us know, and we'd be happy to raise them again.

The only ironman-specific feedback change so far is to decrement the size of and substitute cash bags (though that likely won't release on Monday as our team's QA are assisting another project this week).

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Originally posted by 5-x

If DTDs are to be given out regularly through the daily challenge system, wouldn't it make sense to allow them to work on more bosses, such as Nex AoD, Raksha, or Solak?

The current choices are very limited and it feels like DTDs are becoming an outdated reward.

Can't really comment on that. It's more of a combat council decision.