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All updates are either just squeezed into an empty place on the map, or given its own island or dungeon. Is there a technical limitation?

I feel the distance between everything is getting smaller and smaller.

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12 months ago - /u/JagexJack - Direct link

AFAIK there's no technical limitation, but at some point during the RS3 era all the black edges of unexplored map were turned into coastlines. Prior to this, when we needed more space we just added more land. Now, that continent shape has been around for so long it would feel odd to change it (not impossible, just odd).

This is an issue I'm conscious of. The core areas of the game are hugely overcrowded and sending people to instanced planets or islands isn't a great solution. I do have some plans to try to address it but because of the nature of the problem, it has to be carefully balanced against a hundred other considerations.

A minor version of at least doing slightly better was removing the sawmill (thanks to Mod Ramen) which meant that the fort area feels a lot less crowded, but I think we can do better.