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1s hello everyone and welcome to the second
3s of four installments of a very special
5s runescape dungeons and dragons adventure
7s my name is chris and i'm a professional
8s games master from roadhog.co.uk
11s tonight i'll be guiding these four
13s runescape influencers i think through
15s the elder god wars in gilenor
18s last time they headed out to the node on
19s front to try and help the wrestler she
21s passed a journal to the strikeforce
24s unfortunately the generals weren't too
26s happy but
28s let's recap each of our players shall we
31s let's start off with i think
34s this is ny channel over here to my left
37s uh let's let's take a look
40s yes hello my name is ny channel i am an
44s artist and i am playing carol aaron
48s a mother of three
50s a powerful princess sarah doman
53s she is
54s uh
55s she specializes in the art of healing
57s she is a cleric
59s and she is going to ask for your manager
62s before she hits you with her uh me
65s tenderizer
68s i
74s that reveal was wonderful
76s that's uh this is the first time i've
79s seen the streamers tonight so this is
80s obviously pre-planned well done on
82s dressing up
84s thank you thank you you look like you've
85s had your second marriage and you're
87s planning your third let's uh oh my god
93s let's let's move on
96s oh talk about the first husband
100s who does right
101s uh jaxis over to you yup
108s greetings my name is taymor and i have a
111s cool fluffy coat okay not in the game
113s but like you know
114s it's nice and it's nice and warm all
116s right don't judge me i am a lesser demon
119s and a great follower of zamorak and i
122s should be the one doing all the damage
124s myron
125s so we'll see how that
127s i'm sure plenty of people would be
128s falling to fire today
132s okay
134s again also parties
140s you look
142s you thank you uh
146s let's uh let's go with you sir what have
148s we got going on here
150s oh no oh
152s [Music]
154s nice
160s hello ladies and gentlemen my name is mr
162s cathar and welcome back to a very
165s special runescape dungeon adventure
168s i am tikka
169s they are the avianzi bard a follower of
172s the god of justice and i am totally
174s level-headed
176s and calm
177s collected and i will see this party
179s through to the end in one piece
190s i don't think i've ever gone bright red
192s on a stream before it's fantastic right
194s uh gossip car over to you
197s last but not least oh
199s oh no
200s hi he's got ears
203s i got the ears and everything um i am
206s the serene elf uh fighter
208s um i deal all the damage i am the group
212s tank and i rub it and i'm playing myron
215s sorry and i rub it in taymor's face
217s because i'm just better so
220s you're too short you can't rub anything
221s in my face
223s okay well
235s [Music]
237s okay
238s so for the sake of the viewers at home
240s um this is a complete surprise to me i
242s had
243s no idea that our wonderful influencers
244s were gonna dress up like this and i feel
247s privileged and honored um especially
250s with cathar's big bird impression it's
252s phenomenal
257s i don't know so
259s what we normally do with uh d d sessions
262s is we ask the players to recap what
266s happened
267s in the last session now in the last
268s session you guys stormed some sewers in
271s the node on from why don't you
273s explain what happened explain what went
275s on there
277s well you can if you'd like i bravely led
280s the party through the sewers and i
281s killed every single thing we come across
284s and nobody else in the party helped me
286s praise be to zamarak it was it was a
289s great time
290s and honestly you should just you should
291s just focus on on me this whole next time
294s because this this is where the action is
296s baby oh yes this is don't worry about
298s carol over there with her
301s pyramid schemes and don't worry about
303s you know the bird man he's we're having
306s him for dinner later he doesn't matter
307s so you know
311s i thought we were supposed to be acting
313s like our characters not like ourselves
320s all right so thank you guys so much for
322s coming to the dnd campaign uh it's over
324s now you can leave goodbye
326s i died
329s let me tell you what actually happened
331s okay
332s so what actually happened is we went
335s down the sewers um i was incredibly
337s stealthy but uh a certain large demon
341s and bird actually messed up my stride
343s and got us caught by
345s a
346s fighting dragon
348s uh
349s i almost said dragonborn uh a dragonkin
352s and a
354s strange shade a strange uh you know
357s ghost so
358s um
359s we had to violently
361s destroy them
364s we keep kept making our way and it
366s looked like marissa was right there but
369s we actually
370s somehow the
371s hallway collapsed and we fell into a
374s ravine where we had to fight more
376s uh
377s shadows and horde
380s monstrosities but eventually we were
383s able to make our way back up we found
386s two more dragon kin in which we had to
387s slay um i think uh
390s you know
391s i'm i'm humble i would admit i feel like
395s um
396s uh
397s tamor and
400s myron did a little little more than
403s i know so that's okay that's okay
405s and we found project
407s i did all of the killing i killed more
409s than taymor wow
413s um no one had any breakdowns one
417s one tamor i had one five
420s you got lucky lucky dice rules
428s i'm taking the strength it's very hard
430s for you
432s what did
433s with all of this killing going on what
434s did your character bring what did um
437s what did tika bring to the party
439s well chica definitely did not freak out
442s that didn't happen no such thing uh it
444s doesn't happen i am calm collected bird
446s my feathers do not get ruffled
449s you cannot wrestle these jimmies
452s i'm a convert
453s anybody who says otherwise it's gonna
454s die anyway i am calm sounds like a
456s challenge
458s um
460s i
461s i would say that
463s uh that carol definitely summed it up
466s correctly we made our way to narissa and
469s even though she would not come with us
471s she did leave us with um some
472s information
474s the generals don't see much value in it
477s but um
478s yeah job well done
481s okay
482s well now that and you guys have just
483s bought the journal back but before we
485s get into the game it's worth reminding
487s our viewers at home that these
488s adventures that we're playing out here
490s in dungeons and dragons run adjacent to
492s the adventures that you can see all the
493s time that the fine folks at jagex have
495s up at the moment in the elder god wars
498s um on runescape so
500s with that in mind please remember that
501s uh this is running at the same time so
503s it's not necessarily what you're gonna
505s see in the game but it's a good bit of
507s fun and it's a nice way to interact with
509s the runescape law so
511s krill had been uh particularly
514s angry with you guys
516s um
517s and had likened the journal that neressa
520s had given you to the graffiti on the
522s sewer walls in which you were just
524s climbing through
525s uh and at the last point he had asked
528s you how do you waste your time with
534s now this
535s steps between you and krill at this
538s point
540s everybody needs to calm down
543s naressa has shown
545s a large amount of constraint here
548s she is willing to help our brave
550s adventurers who are dealing with
552s everything
553s here to help them get through to help
555s them defeat
557s plagues upon us much like where we are
560s sending you next
562s you have no doubt seen the giant
564s aqueduct
565s across the city
567s and the arch glacial
570s streams along causing ice and chaos
573s everywhere
575s now
576s we wish you to travel south to this
578s ancient aqueduct as it's become frozen
581s from these
583s glacier rights
584s and there's a magic scroll
586s that you may need to unlock it once and
588s frozen you see once
590s the aqueduct is unfrozen heat can pass
593s along it and it will no longer be frozen
595s again there is a large mechanical
597s structure there and only you can deal
599s with it as our strike force
603s remember that
605s the arch glacial
608s is huge
609s and you'll be no match for him do not
611s try and intervene
614s and we'll be keeping an eye slightly
616s closer this time but these ropes and
619s grappling hooks will help you climb up
621s lest the enemy swarm you
623s i would not recommend flying as though
626s icy cold winds
628s will surely cut you down and smash you
630s across the cliff faced
634s so
636s with this in mind
638s i'll show you to the cliff which you
639s must climb up at the top
642s there is a cave
643s once passed through the cave you will
645s come out to a secret entrance within the
647s aqueduct and there is the mechanical
649s structure which you must unfreeze
653s now
655s just out of character there a little
656s moment
657s which of you has those dragon heat
659s gloves from last time
661s oh uh is that julia jaxus does
664s oh wait was it julia no i i gave you the
666s claws
668s oh that's right yeah
669s i have the heat gloves
671s apparently
673s i that's too something to give them up
674s but my myron and jaxis did all work and
677s got nothing that's what i'm hearing is
679s that yeah yeah
681s yep
684s jackson
687s you i had to save you nice
691s i saved you too
693s see we're back in character
697s he was the healer of the party you're
699s welcome details
701s details
703s so i thought you were a detail man
707s on this session it's worth remembering
709s those gloves in case you need them for
711s anything you'll only get one use of them
713s so use them wisely
715s yes i'm sure carol would have actually
717s went up to ziliana and um asked her to
720s look at them does she have to activate
722s them
723s or uh are they already
725s they're not activate any time you want
727s to use the magical items just let me
728s know and they'll be using and i'll let
730s you know if they manage to melt anything
732s or any damage that you want to cause
734s with them or anything like that or steam
737s rising from water that kind of thing
739s will be able to work out something with
742s very similar to uh jax's and her uh
745s demon form i expect
750s so
752s with all of this
753s natural talent
755s i must say
758s gonna lead you guys over to
761s the
761s climb towards the aqueduct
767s we're gonna go to the right down to the
769s bottom here of the aqueduct all you guys
771s on to the map one by one
773s so you're led there zuliana bids you
776s farewell points to the top
778s and there you are left
782s ten more looking very large there let me
784s just uh
786s obviously has had that weird bix this
788s morning
789s let's uh let's get that
792s a little bit
793s there we go okay ah
796s suddenly tamora shrinks five feet
799s oh it's this cold i tell you
802s i got in furnaces nothing had snow or
805s ice it was all ash wonderful ash
810s a cold one hurts you right
813s more so you guys you can see there's a
817s huge climb ahead of you like vertically
820s all the way up
822s um
823s it's maybe
824s you want to say
826s 150 feet and you can just about make out
829s there's a cave entrance
831s blackers night
834s before you can even talk about it
837s we can even think about it these two
840s icy glaciers begin to
843s swarm down off of the uh
846s the cliffside there begin to come for
848s you
849s join by a third and we're gonna start
852s straight from the beginning with asking
853s you guys to roll for initiative
857s [Music]
858s all right
859s that was quick so can you guys see what
861s these glaze sites look like
864s yeah we said yeah i love them we can
866s kind of
868s wait not
871s oh there we go there we go easy dub okay
875s so
876s gossip if you want to click the fist and
878s then you can roll for your initiative
880s that's right that's right you're right
882s yeah
896s wow
897s gossip these are these are quite small
904s so these things that have come down
905s gossip they look really small really
907s tiny
908s um
909s they're kind of made up for lots of
911s little chunks of ice
913s and you presume that these are the glaze
914s sites
915s uh that zuliana was talking about who's
918s um now you can see just
920s flying off back towards the cathedral
923s obviously confident in your abilities
925s although which one of you who knows
928s so we're going to start off with gossip
931s straight into the action here as you can
933s see these three glaciers ahead of you
935s now they're small creatures
937s so be wary
942s well
943s i'm feeling pretty you know myron's
945s feeling pretty cocky feeling pretty good
946s after you know
948s carrying carrying taymor last time so
950s what my character's gonna do
952s is
953s um is gonna
955s let's see how far
958s okay perfect um my character if i can
962s i'd love to move
964s um
965s her like right here
966s but in passing of taymor i just want to
970s tap on the shoulder and be like let me
972s show you how it's done
974s and then i don't want to take
977s i'm going to regret this um and i'm
980s going to take my
982s i want to take my frost brand long sword
985s um okay no
989s hey gossip
992s hello
993s welsh uh chris while she's passing me
995s and she says let me show you how it's
997s done i'm going to just cross my arms and
999s yell back you really should come up with
1000s better one-liners
1003s oh you're right
1006s um i'm just gonna
1008s i'm just gonna
1009s it's going to hit the thing but i'm also
1011s curious how much
1014s is it like could i use a torch as a
1016s weapon
1020s to cause fire damage
1023s yes
1026s um yeah you could use a torch as a
1027s weapon
1028s i will have to hurriedly remind myself
1031s yeah we can work that out
1033s for sure
1034s i didn't think i'd get this far okay
1037s something tells me hitting it with fire
1039s or ice brand isn't exactly a good idea
1042s yeah the fire is i mean the ice bird
1044s might not be the best so if you make a
1047s melee attack
1049s typically in dnd you make a melee attack
1051s with a burning torch and you hit
1054s because it uh it causes one point of
1056s damage
1057s just one
1059s that's all it does
1061s that's all it does
1063s oh
1063s [Music]
1065s okay want to try your sword i think i'm
1067s watching who knows
1069s i want to watch it it's a
1072s watch
1073s and i'd free action and like drop that
1075s torch and be like no way no way and then
1078s use just get my long sword yeah we'll
1081s we'll say that you
1083s there's a little bit of torch on the
1084s floor there's a torch on the floor i'll
1086s let have it cast a little bit of light
1087s around you there you go
1089s oh you're so nice let's see if this
1092s works okay i'm gonna click this button
1095s and then oh hello
1098s alone usability
1101s and then
1106s see what we've got that's a nice roll
1109s 24 is a solid hit on the gray side you
1112s watch that tamor i'm just kidding
1115s and then i'm gonna hit damage now do the
1118s damage
1125s okay
1127s so 11 points of damage now i want you to
1130s make me a quick
1132s insight check if you can see what's
1134s happened
1135s specifically with the cold piece
1138s [Music]
1141s oh yeah
1143s lucky rolls natural 20 okay i love it
1148s so um
1151s the the glacier
1153s is obviously made of some water like all
1155s ice is right
1157s and so its speed is going to be reduced
1159s heavily next turn
1161s um so it's worth remembering that
1165s so you've caused some of its legs to
1169s freeze as the the ice kind of hits
1172s through and shatters some of the glass
1173s and it's like a quick freeze effect so
1177s anything and it's stuck there
1179s so uh 11 points of damage on the first
1182s attack but of course
1184s we all know the myron
1186s has two
1188s let me just brush off my armor here
1191s okay
1192s [Laughter]
1196s i'm still laughing about the fact that
1197s you guys all dressed up i love it
1200s i wanted to surprise you
1203s oh
1219s i don't know what kind of laugh that was
1220s i'm so sorry
1222s okay can i distract her and make her
1223s miss
1224s that'd be funny
1226s wow
1227s here's my reaction hey myron look over
1230s there
1232s you hear that about a swing
1236s swing
1237s okay so two hits
1240s both of them caused this quick freeze
1242s one on each thing
1245s and it looks like it's a little bit more
1247s stuck in place it can still move but you
1248s don't think it's going to be able to
1250s move very far at all
1252s it's reactions may have been cut down a
1254s little bit so we'll see how that acts
1257s any sorry i'm passing over to tika that
1259s i should be asking myron are there any
1261s bonus actions at all
1263s um
1264s i can't think of any bonus actions as i
1266s only get two main attacks
1268s so i think i'm going to be good at this
1270s one
1271s okay
1272s so don't forget for this time you've got
1274s your action surge where you're able to
1276s get another action so you'd be able to
1278s get another two attacks and you've got
1280s your second wind where you can heal up
1282s should you require it at any point in
1285s the future
1286s an action surge isn't a bonus action so
1288s it's just uh
1289s you can just use it anytime so that's
1292s all good that's in there for you
1294s tikka
1295s over to you
1298s okay
1299s um
1300s a little too early to be bickering guys
1303s um
1304s i uh
1306s let's see i actually don't have a whole
1308s lot of options i think what i'm gonna
1310s try and do is
1312s just i'll i'll strike the same one that
1314s myron hit with a crossbow
1316s um
1317s i don't think i'm even gonna move i'll
1319s i'll go right here for it
1321s sure
1322s and and uh so let me just um
1326s hop
1327s crossbow
1330s yeah right uh so right click and then
1333s yeah you you can target it with the
1335s bottom left uh icon if you want to to
1338s show the
1339s of the uh hand there we go
1342s yeah you double right click it right
1343s there we go
1345s okay let's see
1349s okay 13. um that's not a hit i'm afraid
1352s so
1355s and the bolt shatters across uh the
1358s rocks to the other side of it
1360s unfortunately that's my favorite ball
1370s what am i gonna say to it as a
1373s as a bonus action i will cast um
1377s i will utilize the dancing rapier and
1379s spawn it
1381s in between all three of them
1383s um
1385s god i have to remember how to play
1388s there we go
1390s usually just happen
1393s and like i just want to put it oh you
1395s have to choose where i put it right
1397s i i can put it down for you yeah where
1398s would you like it
1400s um in between these three yeah
1406s and he's gonna it's gonna attack the
1408s same one so i'm gonna try that so you've
1410s got you've got advantage don't forget
1412s because you're gonna
1415s you're technically um
1418s you're uh
1420s the little flank technically behind it
1422s right
1423s yeah there we go so
1424s uh roll for the damage
1429s oh come on big money
1431s 10 points that's that's pretty good
1433s that's pretty good okay so but you
1436s you you
1438s shoot the crossbow flies across
1440s pings off the walls uh and you throw out
1443s the dancing rapier uh and it flies
1445s between the three of them uh naturally
1448s circling pirouetting in a figure of
1450s eight and slashes behind the one to the
1452s other side of myron uh managing to take
1454s out small chunks from behind it pretty
1456s good pretty good stuff yeah
1459s okay we like it so
1462s next up is the glaze site who
1465s is a little bit annoyed
1468s um with uh
1470s with myron so first of all
1473s it's gonna ask myron
1475s to make a strength saving throw
1477s shouldn't be no problem
1480s for the henshaw
1483s the headshot
1485s make sure they don't hit me i mean us me
1488s make sure they don't hit you right
1491s yeah me yeah
1493s use your crystals
1498s no problem at all 24
1500s easily negates that you are
1503s absolutely fine so the creature tried to
1506s overwhelm you a little bit tried to push
1508s you within and mow its warp obviously
1511s with the damage you'd done previously it
1513s was no problem so it comes out of that
1515s form turns around to you and that raises
1518s its small hands like it's clubber in
1520s time and uh it's going to go after you
1523s with a simple slam attack
1525s oh yes that's what the glacier sound
1527s like
1533s a deep british gentleman flying through
1538s the glaciers
1540s i can't even think how that would sound
1542s like
1543s it's clever time
1546s oh see right there
1548s there you go heads yeah
1550s that makes sense that's what that's that
1552s that sounds like sentient ice
1554s yeah yeah they if they had mouths they
1556s would they would they'd make those
1557s noises yeah like do you want ice with
1559s that that's
1561s okay
1564s over to tema there we go
1567s i would like to sigh
1569s very deeply
1571s and move right next to myron
1573s right there
1575s and then i'm going to raise my staff
1577s almost right towards myron
1580s and look at her and say
1582s duck and then i'm going to cast fireball
1584s farther down the line so that the
1586s 20-foot radius just misses myron and
1589s catches the last one
1592s is this uh you you are
1594s presently myron's unofficial hairdresser
1596s right now it's um
1599s yeah i know let's look i promise
1601s i can't go for another haircut
1604s but let's
1605s let's
1606s let's get that viable going jaxus
1609s yep
1611s okay so i'm going to use a uh
1613s a staff of our charge
1616s oh okay
1618s so just use it normally and we'll uh
1620s there you go pop the template in
1622s right i'll make sure that you get your
1624s magic back
1627s [Applause]
1638s yeah you know well you never liked
1640s nature anyway right
1642s like yeah you know summer cathar's
1644s descendants could be in there nesting
1646s but hey
1648s oh what's the matter
1650s phil's character
1652s builds
1659s so all three of them absolutely fail
1663s their savings so i'm gonna ask you to
1665s make some damage at this point
1668s um
1668s we're gonna find out
1671s oh no now
1674s i'm gonna ask you
1676s 23 that's pretty good but i'm going to
1678s ask you to make me an inside check as
1680s well
1681s okay
1686s normal
1689s okay
1690s you recognize the fire
1694s give me sight beyond sight um
1697s you recognize that these guys are
1700s definitely susceptible to fire damage
1702s for sure and that it does a little bit
1705s more
1706s uh than you first thought
1715s the glaze in front of
1717s myron looks
1719s like an absolute mess there are bits
1722s falling off him left right and center
1724s and the other two
1726s they look pretty bad
1727s like
1728s they're not looking good
1731s they were like gossip or uh not gossip
1733s they were like uh
1735s carol was at the start of uh the last
1737s session
1743s a messy happy hour that's uh
1747s stricter why carol
1750s yeah i
1751s will that there was an offer on why
1756s that's
1760s um
1766s no bonus actions after nothing you want
1769s to shout about your your new crispy
1771s little friends there or your new melted
1774s little friends
1777s no
1778s i think
1781s just smirk and bask in the heat
1783s and uh the melted
1785s icicles in front of you okay it's good
1787s like my hands out for a little bit yeah
1790s it's a little ducked in front of you
1792s [Laughter]
1796s did you duck
1798s i think so
1799s okay i hope so i hope so
1802s hopes no i mean we told you too
1806s i warned you
1808s so
1810s this one is gonna move here so it's
1812s still within the dancing rapiers um
1815s uh field so it doesn't provoke an
1818s opportunity attack
1820s and then it's gonna try and slam tame or
1822s twice
1825s paymore or tikka
1827s tikka sorry zika i do beg your pun
1830s so sorry
1831s the first one is such
1834s a critical failure a natural one in fact
1838s oh wow
1842s could i please get a d100 yeah
1861s [Music]
1862s oh so against this one he's opened
1865s himself up by over extending himself a
1868s little bit so we're gonna put a little
1870s scared face on him because the next
1872s attack against him regardless of where
1875s they are will have advantage
1879s okay so worth remembering that
1882s um
1883s so yeah that's pretty good
1885s um
1887s let's go on to carol
1891s how
1894s i'm doing all right but you know i think
1896s it's time to break the ice
1905s [Music]
1918s ah he does he does what can i say
1922s um
1923s so since i have an advantage um
1925s [Music]
1926s i'm gonna hold off on testing out my
1929s gloves and i'm gonna hit them with a
1931s little sacred flame a little something
1933s for my essential oils
1934s here we go
1938s so let's uh drain julia
1942s let's see if it uh manages to dodge
1945s first
1946s it does
1948s so the sacred flame comes from on high
1950s obviously the radiance as it was coming
1953s down got distracted by all the ice
1955s that's everywhere and kind of
1957s in the clouds and
1958s the glacier just manages to step to one
1961s side
1962s so apologies but it's a no-go
1967s smh redeem
1974s but
1975s obviously
1976s you guys know that there's plenty of
1978s opportunities anything else that carol
1980s would like to do at this point and why
1983s um i think that's i think that's it for
1985s now
1986s you're all good okay
1989s right let's uh
1992s can i look over my finger towards her
1994s and
1995s just say not quite as dexterous as you
1998s were earlier are you
2000s oh
2006s oh please
2007s uh-huh we'll see how dexterous you are
2009s when you climb those rocks
2012s okay
2013s all right
2015s these are bumbling
2023s we'll see how that goes all right the
2025s glacier can go now
2028s so the final glacier comes here
2031s and the two of them kind of look at each
2033s other
2034s and they begin to
2037s hold each other's
2038s icy arms together and they merge into a
2041s much bigger glaze site
2044s how
2045s cute oh
2046s we don't like that
2049s why it's only one target
2052s that's a problem
2055s see that is character development
2057s look at him take notes everyone
2061s sacrifice others in the name of greater
2063s strength
2064s hails and he becomes a lot bigger
2068s more stronger
2070s oh no he's getting bigger looks just
2072s like my children
2077s how how many of your children are bigger
2079s than a glazed eye at this point carol
2081s what's uh
2083s what what level of school are they at
2085s how do you three talk to us about that
2088s just one um one is going into college
2091s actually this year she's very excited um
2094s the other two they're still in high
2095s school verity taurean obviously
2099s going into college that means sooner or
2100s later you might become a grandma
2104s no
2104s oh no
2106s we don't talk about it
2108s and now our asians bring you this brief
2110s character development
2113s okay
2115s the glacier
2116s looks to uh
2119s the the much larger glacier looks over
2121s to myron
2123s uh points one finger
2126s and begins to smash
2128s down
2129s with a big couple of slams
2135s [Laughter]
2137s that's a 19 hit no of course not you're
2139s on a 20.
2141s oh plus nine to hit
2146s okay
2147s no both hits you managed to
2150s with sword and shield no problem at all
2154s jesus it's going to take a little bit
2155s more
2157s now we pass it to the tank of the hour
2160s myron
2161s thank you thank you so much
2163s um
2164s i'm gonna look behind like like cause
2166s like
2167s i saw i know that tamar went behind me
2169s and like did like a whole fire blast so
2171s what i'm gonna do is i'm just gonna look
2173s up and just be like
2175s cheeky and then i'm just gonna take my
2177s sword and i'm just gonna after seeing
2179s two of them merge into one i'm gonna
2181s take the small one because uh
2184s um
2185s health is already kind of down so i'm
2187s going to take one swing at that guy with
2189s my uh my long sword i understand you
2192s want to go for the easy target that's
2194s all good let's uh let's see how it goes
2196s i just wanted to get bigger
2207s [Music]
2212s unfortunately despite its diminutive
2214s sides and um
2218s not looking good but
2221s i guess you should roll with advantage
2223s so make so roll that again in case you
2225s do get a second one because you're
2227s flanking with the dancing rapier so make
2229s sure that you do so rolling roll it
2231s normal again
2232s yeah
2233s and then the second attack roll with
2235s advantage are you kidding
2239s every time
2241s every
2249s was possible but here we are
2251s oh my gosh case jackson's face isn't
2254s telling the story that you can all see
2257s uh gossip cole managed to get a natural
2259s 20 again
2261s uh so roll damage with uh critical
2266s oh this is gonna be sweet
2269s oh
2271s 21 points of damage still
2274s the glacier stands and shakes
2278s as the small bits of ice are only
2280s holding it together
2282s you do have a second attack
2285s i'm gonna beat him up i don't like that
2287s he's still alive with advantage
2290s i don't like he's still alive 2021
2294s that's a hit
2296s less roll damage normally this is so fun
2299s okay i hate it here i want to go home
2305s 17 points
2309s so
2310s you've done a huge amount of damage on
2312s the first blow the you smash the glacier
2316s into the side with the second with your
2318s shield and then string through your uh
2321s frost brand long sword as the gray side
2324s just
2326s into a hundred small bits of ice in
2329s front of you
2330s perhaps you can offer carol some to go
2332s in our wine to keep it nice and chill i
2334s think
2335s what i might do is fresh i might like
2338s when i see it like disintegrate i'm
2341s gonna look over at taymor be like i
2343s think that's one for the day and offer
2344s like this really funny wink and then i'm
2347s gonna pick up some ice and then look at
2348s carol and like throw it her way and be
2350s like
2354s you should probably chill that wine
2356s i think that'd be fun
2358s hey you know what
2359s actually
2360s i think she
2362s reacts happily to that oh thank you
2364s she's gonna
2365s oh my gosh
2368s the reaction i was hoping for
2369s [Laughter]
2373s oh well actually that's not a bad idea
2375s chill it up do you put ice in wine i
2377s don't say i don't know
2379s anymore okay
2382s never better
2388s okay gossip you've still got bonus
2391s action and movement should you wish to
2393s use it
2395s um
2397s i wonder what my bonus action
2401s i can't think of anything um
2403s as a fighter not very much to be honest
2405s with you as a knight
2407s um
2408s you've really only got uh
2411s the second win
2414s should you ever need it to uh heal
2416s yourself you've got second wind but
2418s i don't think you need to worry about
2419s that at the moment having seen that
2421s prolific uh attack then
2425s so i think
2427s yeah i'm just gonna stay there i think
2428s i'm just gonna do that stay there okay
2431s uh
2432s tikka
2434s okay
2435s all right
2436s yeah how are you faring
2439s uh well that was a lot to witness um but
2442s i i it's probably trying to keep his
2445s cool here he's he's shivering his
2446s feathers off but
2448s okay
2449s that's enough we're not done yet here
2452s keeping it
2454s keeping his school
2458s [Music]
2460s oh my gosh
2462s [Music]
2464s we have fun
2467s yeah all right well since we're running
2469s away from this thing isn't really an
2470s option
2471s i have to
2472s oh yeah yeah sure just one one minute
2475s here let me just let me just you know
2477s take it out
2478s um i'm gonna go ahead and hit it with
2483s uh i'm gonna hit it with my claws the
2485s ones i got from the last my dragon claws
2488s whatever they are oh
2489s um should be your inventory
2492s yep i see them
2495s oh let's see hold on you got it there we
2496s go
2500s and do i still have advantage where the
2501s rapier is or
2504s no huge i don't think you can get
2506s advantage from there really um so yeah
2510s there's no advantage to be gained
2513s okay
2516s but it's a good hit i don't think i need
2518s it
2520s all right so damage let's go
2524s ah
2528s okay so seven points of damage on the
2530s attack with the claws to start so you
2533s you pull out these claws these huge
2535s dragon these like the claws that the
2537s shades had i believe
2539s you just start ripping and tearing with
2541s both of them uh and uh like wolverine
2546s and uh sooner or later bits of ice start
2549s going but obviously this is a much
2551s bigger beast
2553s or a much bigger
2554s glaze light than you came across
2556s previously so it's going to take a
2558s little bit more to uh
2560s to melt this guy
2563s any bonus action or
2565s you could move
2567s your um
2569s your rapier down so that we can uh uh
2571s yeah
2572s moving it down just behind it um would
2575s be awesome can it still attack or is it
2577s one or the other
2578s yeah it can still attack we'll allow
2579s that so get your rapier up and we'll um
2582s allow you then to you can then make that
2584s with um
2586s advantage if you so wish
2589s okay
2594s so that's a good thing yeah
2596s most damage
2599s oh this rapier is carrying me
2610s it's a little cold
2612s uh
2613s all right and i think
2615s i i i i'm gonna i'm gonna end my turn
2618s there
2622s you know for someone with talons these
2624s claws are amazing
2630s damn it i keep trying to drink this but
2631s i keep forgetting it's empty oh my gosh
2635s where's all the coffee jackses you're
2637s you're certainly dressed for the
2638s occasion with all this ice flying around
2640s today
2643s that's gotta go out and style
2646s absolutely
2648s why don't we uh
2650s why don't we see what's going to go on
2651s here so you you've obviously just melted
2654s and done the majority of damage
2656s previously to three of these guys
2658s there's now one big guy left how are you
2660s gonna handle it oh yes
2663s oh
2664s you know
2666s ice and demons don't usually mix
2670s uh and i have seen that fireball
2672s uh you know
2674s not too bad of a spell to use so why
2677s don't i just
2679s i'm going to brush aside tikka's wing
2681s from in front of my face just so i don't
2683s singe him to
2684s raise my staff
2686s aim for another nearest tree
2689s and
2692s i'm going to say you know
2694s you won't like me when i'm fuming and
2696s cast fire
2698s man the wildlife for this particular
2700s eclipse got it rough huh like this is uh
2704s they're tourist fires really oh my gosh
2711s so let's see
2717s oh he passes
2719s oh he does
2721s it still takes damage though
2724s so instead of taking half damage it will
2726s take the normal amount of damage instead
2728s of
2730s okay
2731s yeah you did well like you had
2734s uh two sixes in there and only one one
2736s pretty good really good so 30 points of
2739s damage at the glacier is kind of
2742s pushing back against the fire as it
2744s comes on just as quickly as that you
2747s snap your fingers
2748s and the fire
2749s shrinks down into nothing
2753s so i'm going to look over at tikka and
2756s say feeling warmer now
2759s i will flutter my feathers a little bit
2762s just yes actually i really like that
2767s just like oh let me do it again oh my
2769s god it's fireball now
2783s well
2785s carol is going to uh maybe to the side
2789s just go um
2790s would you like to not alert every single
2793s clay site to our location
2796s thank you and i'm going to hit uh
2798s basically site with inspectors
2801s i'm sorry could you say thank you again
2803s please thank you
2805s yep yes thank you
2808s i need that as a ringtone now my new
2810s node
2812s thank you well let's get
2815s that
2817s so you're going to need to get a little
2819s bit closer carol if that's what you want
2820s to do you're right
2822s okay is it possible to squeeze past uh
2825s oh yeah
2827s you'll be able to get to the north of it
2828s no problem
2831s like how carol's then in that exact
2833s movement has kick flipped herself off
2835s the uh
2836s off the rocks
2854s all the spinning i do
2858s someone's had the peloton bike out right
2861s let's uh
2862s that's a solid hit let's roll for the
2864s damage
2866s that's 26 points okay pretty cool pretty
2869s cool
2874s i like that a lot so uh inflict wounds
2877s is
2878s um
2880s well i tell you what it's why don't you
2882s describe how you're gonna inflict the
2883s wounds how are you gonna damage this
2885s glaze i want what exactly which well
2888s it's obviously gonna come through your
2889s tenderizer somehow or what's what's the
2892s spell gonna look like how is it gonna
2893s inflict the wound
2895s well this is a necrotic spell so um as a
2898s nurse uh she's seen quite a few snotty
2901s kids in her diet so she knows exactly
2905s what will cause uh this h2o to be h2no
2910s so she's gonna take her pulverizer
2913s uh i think she'll like swing it right
2916s into its chest and it has this kind of
2919s like
2920s crackling purple energy it's not very
2923s it's not very aesthetic for her but it
2924s gets the job done um
2926s and it's gonna
2928s like maybe crack some
2930s like purple light into its chess cat
2934s sure
2935s it's worth saying to our viewers at home
2937s that not all dnd games are one giant
2939s meme and that quite a lot of the runners
2943s grim dark
2944s kind of witcher style stuff uh but this
2948s one is definitely meme worthy for sure
2952s you won't be able to tell with this
2954s party eh
2960s love it love it that's that's awesome so
2962s the glacier at this point is looking
2965s really frustrated
2967s he's
2968s surrounded by
2970s dancing rapier
2972s and three adventurers and an angry
2974s looking demon just behind them
2977s um
2980s because i don't know which one of you to
2982s hit i'm gonna make it nice and fair
2986s and roll the dice
2988s oh
2990s cause that's all you're gonna say and
2991s hit all of you with an aoe
2994s i don't know
2995s sorry tikka ah
3006s uh first attack hits let's do the the
3009s second attack while we're here as well
3011s uh second attack hits as well so
3016s uh we'll roll
3017s normal damage for the first one
3020s 17 and we'll roll normal damage for the
3022s second one
3025s another 17. so
3027s 34 points of damage to tikka means that
3030s tikka for a bird with only 33 health
3037s tica as the
3039s these two giant fists
3042s just gets pummeled bang down into the
3045s ground it's currently unconscious so
3048s i'm gonna
3055s [Laughter]
3067s oh all right all right i'm making a i'm
3069s making a what
3071s a death saving though
3076s you could die double click into your uh
3078s character sheet
3079s and then click the skull in the top left
3083s let's see
3084s does death save under utility do the
3086s same thing
3088s yes
3089s i believe so okay
3091s let's hope
3093s normal advantage disadvantage
3109s to the ground
3111s gets a a natural 20 on their death
3113s saving throw and gets up with one health
3116s point
3118s the glacier looks at you incredulously
3120s like
3122s oh
3123s angry and frustrated that despite its
3126s best attack
3127s you can't keep a good bird down
3132s that's also the title of carol's
3135s autobiography let's um carry on now
3141s yes
3147s does he know this life has to be
3149s written down for the history books
3153s oh my gosh
3155s um so what i want to do is after having
3158s watched tikka
3160s uh
3160s go down and come back up i just want to
3163s glance down to the feather that i see on
3165s the ground and just say i'm sorry is
3166s this yours and then i want to take my
3169s sword and just whack the crap out of
3172s this
3173s this giant ice creature who just hurt my
3176s friend
3177s oh
3179s friend you all met yesterday
3182s we're getting friendly with one another
3185s right today
3187s we carry everybody you got to be friends
3188s with everyone
3191s you'd all be a lot more friendly if
3193s carol would share that wine
3198s not yet
3201s am i right am i
3203s rolling at advantage
3205s because of the uh
3207s okay no that there's nothing in a
3209s straight line there
3211s so this this whole map is made to be
3213s very constrictive so you're gonna have
3215s to really think about um as you're going
3217s up on ledges and stuff how you're gonna
3219s fight how you're gonna deal with things
3220s that come at you smart okay
3223s let's see if it works
3226s oh no
3229s it's a miss i'm afraid
3232s on the first one
3236s i'm going to try it again
3243s miss i'm afraid again
3246s i'm just going to go ah
3248s damore you want to take this one
3252s the charity
3256s you cannot deal with your own failure so
3259s where did that lead you
3261s back to me failure
3266s misses two attacks
3267s [Music]
3270s see the problem is you're all standing
3272s oh chase around the glacier
3275s that's usually where fire goes
3279s oh no
3281s don't you [ __ ] dare
3284s no no don't worry
3287s i use the one damn it
3290s yep that's the one don't worry tika i
3292s prefer poultry fresh
3295s oh my gosh
3297s smh
3304s so myrin any do you want to move at all
3307s or
3308s are you gonna
3309s stay in the firing line so to speak um
3313s i'm gonna just casually i'm gonna be
3315s smart
3316s because i don't trust taymor
3318s so what i to do is just
3323s go here so that way if tikka falls i
3326s catch him cause that's what good friends
3327s do i picked up his feather and i gotta
3330s put it back on him it's gonna be fine
3333s just
3346s you dodge out the way no problem at all
3349s thanks man
3350s look at you and your armored ac
3354s oh i'm i'm iron i have a shield
3357s i could take hits oh don't deal damn if
3359s he did anymore it's okay
3364s eat it
3366s i got some i got some jokes i got some
3368s jokes uh-huh you got jokes
3371s yeah
3372s you got any funny ones you'll find a gal
3373s huh
3374s oh god oh i'm just gonna start like
3378s going like this trying to find a book of
3379s jokes
3383s doing that
3394s i'm in a pickle
3395s i'm in a pickle yourself um
3398s but i need to get away from this thing
3401s but i can't necessarily so what i want
3403s to do
3405s is i want to cast
3407s phantasmal force on it
3410s oh
3412s okay
3415s let's go let's let's see
3418s i am going to be casting this as a third
3420s level spell i am desperate oh wow okay
3423s oh wow
3425s what
3428s let's go gosh that's a that's a lot it's
3430s a lot of information that is like chat
3433s you guys can't see
3434s uh the spell but it's like four
3436s paragraphs of words yeah it covers a lot
3440s reader here
3442s jax is reading it like quest text that's
3445s uh all over
3449s don't worry guys i trained for this one
3450s moment
3452s oh my gosh let's uh
3454s try and make a savings throw
3456s um what's what's your what's your spell
3460s it's uh 15
3462s you're you're small dc is 15
3464s and that gets a 14. now it rolled a 17
3468s but it has a minus three to intelligence
3471s so oh wow i am looking out here
3477s the spell
3478s hits so what are you gonna do
3481s um so okay so it says for those who
3484s can't read this the phantasm includes
3486s sound temperature and other stimuli also
3488s evident only to the creature i want to
3491s trick it into thinking it's getting hit
3492s by another fireball
3495s so it feels heat it hears the crackle of
3497s the fire
3499s um
3501s and i guess i guess this does
3503s technically damage it
3504s psychologically absolutely yeah because
3506s it's psychological yeah so um roll for
3509s damage
3511s all right great plan cathar trick it
3513s into think it's getting hit by a
3514s fireball and then i hit it with a real
3516s fireball it's it's foolproof you'll
3518s never see it coming
3520s i fooled you
3522s not much damage but
3524s it takes fire damage but it's also
3527s distracted at this point we're to say so
3530s because it's fire
3532s it means that the next attack it means
3533s that it won't be able to take attack of
3535s opportunities for
3537s um
3538s the next term because it's already tried
3540s to take one on my in this turn so it
3541s wouldn't have one anyway so we'll say
3543s for this turn and next there are no
3545s attack of opportunities so if you wanted
3547s to squawk away you'd be more yeah able
3550s to no that's
3552s after you know i'm on the ground after
3555s hitting it with a spell and watching it
3557s be successfully distracted i just
3560s claw drag myself across the ground
3564s behind my we'll be right here
3567s and just
3568s panting and squawking
3571s and exhaustion i use
3573s i hate
3575s i hate this thing
3578s you've still got your bonus action to
3580s hit it with the rapier as well yeah
3582s yeah i'm gonna hit it with the preview
3584s why not
3586s not so let's see here
3594s oh
3596s the rapier doesn't know
3600s let's uh let's have a d 100 for that
3602s natural one that you got there catholic
3604s sir hey you better you better aim me
3606s that bad boy at uh yeah
3609s the glacier not me
3612s let's see what happens this could be
3614s good
3616s this could be good this could be bad
3618s well this makes sense
3620s so you've missed it so badly by trying
3623s to control the rapier that you're now
3625s afraid of the glacier
3628s so
3628s oh you know we're going to put this
3631s little token on you there just to show
3633s how scared you are
3635s uh
3636s wings
3640s but
3641s thematically
3644s this glaze site has just absolutely
3646s smashed you to the ground you've had to
3649s try and trick it with fire
3651s uh that's not really fire to get away
3654s from it um so it's no wonder that your
3656s mind's playing games with you and it you
3658s you've not been able to do much damage
3660s to it uh therefore you being frightened
3663s of the glace site makes perfect sense
3667s so yeah
3668s is it a full full-blown panic behind
3671s myron interior timber just get that
3673s thing away from me get it away
3679s kind of just mumbling to himself
3681s a little bit of rocking back and forth
3684s he's having a bad day he's having a very
3686s bad day another breakdown
3688s another big deal let me
3690s let me explain what frightened means to
3692s you versus this creature now so you're
3694s so scared of this glacier that you can't
3697s willingly move closer to the source of
3699s its sphere
3700s you will have disadvantage on all
3702s ability checks and attract roles
3705s while the glacier is within your line of
3707s sight
3708s so for the sake of this you always until
3711s that glacier is gone you're going to be
3713s afraid of it and have disadvantage
3716s but
3716s considering that you almost died from it
3720s i think that's fair you know nobody saw
3722s jason vaugha he's coming after them and
3724s was like hey buddy you want to get a
3726s cinnabon no there was uh there was a
3729s distinct amount of fear there for sure
3733s so
3734s speaking of things to be scared of we're
3736s going to move on to tamar
3738s yes
3739s what a transition
3740s over to you
3743s beautiful it's about to get even more
3744s scary i'm looking up at this glacier i
3746s glance over tikka and i say all right
3749s this is getting silly
3751s enough games and i go
3753s demon mode
3755s and i want to step up
3756s right in front of it
3759s let's uh let's get the transition going
3763s yeah
3764s hang on wait i got this
3766s oh
3773s oh let's go
3786s all the teeth are gonna have to do
3788s mom can we have cosplay no we've got
3790s cosplay at home
3792s cars playing
3795s it was either this was a ten dollar like
3797s dental vampire teeth and i was like
3800s i don't want that i'm gonna get the 99
3802s cent halloween oh
3804s i don't know what i'm gonna do for
3806s session three at this point i'm uh
3813s okay
3814s so here's what i'm gonna do
3816s uh i'm gonna turn towards you
3819s uh-huh right okay it's gonna be great
3821s guys it's gonna be great hang on hey
3835s this is like south park this is ah there
3838s it is
3842s so last time jax was upset she didn't
3844s have a uh an animation for this so
3847s here we are today
3850s looks great so
3851s you
3852s [Music]
3854s as flame spills out
3857s of your lesser demon mouth
3859s let's see
3861s how well the glacier does
3868s oh
3869s it does well enough
3872s well so close
3873s but
3874s it's still fire so it's still going to
3876s take the normal amount which is
3878s 23.
3881s well done wow
3884s 23 points damage
3886s okay
3888s that's pretty good
3890s um
3892s anything else for you
3897s [Laughter]
3907s i love the idea of like she turns into a
3910s greater demon and just like her
3913s her mouth just her mouth is full so
3916s carol sees this happen and she's gonna
3919s let tamora deal with that as she
3924s she uh you said no attack of opportunity
3926s correct so i can i can run away and go
3928s to tikka yeah
3930s so you you can hit and run
3932s run
3933s uh well i i am i don't really have a
3937s good way because i do want to cast
3939s prayer of healing
3941s and uh oh bless
3943s i'm a boy
3944s prayer of healing takes ten minutes poor
3947s people i would recommend oh
3954s second level
3956s okay you'll win second level
3959s on to uh tikka okay
3962s very good
3964s look at that beautiful animation lovely
3968s there you go buddy
3970s nice whoa it was a good bird
3974s there we go
3979s [Music]
3983s i see him in the fetal position just
3984s like they're there they're there
3987s everything will be fine
3988s [Music]
3991s i can stand now but the panic has not
3994s subsided
3998s the hugs and prayers of a hundred huns
4000s flow through kathar
4001s as uh
4004s one like is one heel for kathar
4006s and uh he continues through
4011s we're gonna uh let's see anything else
4014s for carol any bonus action
4016s any bonus action she got me bonus action
4021s [Music]
4028s um
4030s i want a mass healing bird
4033s yeah i gotta heal them anyway so i'm
4034s gonna mass healing word
4035s can i do that with um after
4038s doing a spell
4040s yeah i don't mind that because one one
4042s like i don't mind as long as they're not
4043s both attack spells that's always
4045s something i've said it's fine it's not
4047s rules as written so i'm sorry d and d
4049s folks
4050s uh but yeah it's okay
4053s yeah i feel that okay
4054s all right
4055s so tikka
4057s is looking a little bit more refreshed
4059s at this point
4061s you're a sprightly unbeared there
4065s ready to go
4067s oh my god all right
4068s you're terrified of the enemy
4071s it's better that it's ice and not fire i
4073s mean we all know what happens with
4075s chickens and fire
4076s right i have i have faced it through
4079s chattering beef it's gonna say
4082s flying is weak to ice
4085s [Music]
4092s i'm going to need you to make a strength
4094s check as the glacier tries to overwhelm
4097s you with water and ice
4100s good thing i moved this is in my demon
4101s form too
4103s yeah your demon form should be hench as
4106s anything
4109s should be
4110s [Music]
4111s no problem
4114s 17 beats to 15 needed it's just gonna
4116s get angry because none of this works i'm
4119s just trying to slam him in the face
4122s i'm angry too oh
4124s succeeds
4128s and does 14 points of damage
4131s to tamil
4133s [Music]
4144s oh no my teeth are knocked out oh
4149s oh no
4150s i can't wear them anymore oh no
4154s oh no
4155s um hang on
4157s and it's gonna move up here so it's
4160s still within
4162s attack of opportunity range for you guys
4165s but it hasn't moved out so it's all good
4168s let's go to
4169s myron
4172s i have a lot of dumb questions
4175s does tamar have a tail
4178s i do not know
4182s how tall sorry
4184s how tall are you taymor
4186s great question basically
4189s in my mind
4190s i'm feeling like i don't like this guy
4193s so if i used all of my movement to climb
4196s on top of taymor and jump off of tamer
4198s onto this glaze site could i do that
4200s with all of my movement and still use my
4202s two attacks
4204s um
4206s if
4207s tamar allows it
4209s if tamara wants to see that happen hang
4211s on hang on hang on and you can describe
4214s it
4216s yeah let's hear your elevator pitch to
4218s taymor ask ask what is let me take a sip
4221s of uh ale here it's a section coffee
4225s brainstorm something that's new i'll
4227s just be like
4228s um
4231s hey tamor do you trust me i have
4233s something really cool that could benefit
4235s both of us and i promise i will never
4236s pick on you again
4242s i don't trust you as far as i can throw
4244s you
4245s but i do want to hear your idea
4250s i didn't think i'd get this far um
4253s i
4254s let
4257s toss me let me jump off of you please to
4260s to
4262s to get this guy
4266s i trust you that much i'll pick her up
4267s and i'll throw her
4269s okay let's go
4283s oh so if i'm getting tossed i didn't
4285s think i'd get this far i just want to
4287s get my my my sword ready and just get
4289s ready to just
4291s an athletic athletics check
4294s so yeah
4295s but
4296s i wrote an advantage
4298s absolutely
4306s it's more about the landing that i'm
4308s worried about at this point there's no
4309s doubt that she'll go in the air it's
4311s whether
4312s it's a face plant onto the rocks or not
4314s that's why
4315s that's what i'm checking
4319s [Applause]
4322s i should have held off on that layer of
4324s healing
4326s the masculine yeah whatever you're gonna
4329s need some more prayers
4334s so
4335s oh that was a lucky role for you as well
4337s so for the viewers at home
4339s uh
4340s myron has just attempted to climb onto
4342s the shoulders of jax's jacksus is pushed
4344s up and uh probably with a small amount
4347s of malice moved backwards at the last
4349s minute causing myra causing myron to
4352s fall flat on her back right at the feet
4355s of the glacial
4357s myrin is now knocked prone
4360s uh and has lost the rest of her turn so
4363s if the glacier attacks myron it will do
4366s so with advantage uh and myron just for
4370s fun i rolled a 1d8 to see how many
4372s points of damage you would take from
4374s that uh it's just that one you're all
4376s good
4379s i'm gonna shout out to her yeah you know
4381s what you were doing
4382s what do you think going to be throwing
4385s what kind of a video are you doing don't
4387s pop and not landing guys yeah i thought
4389s you were professional the size of you
4391s you can't even throw me
4393s what's going on over there leave all
4395s this argue that's happening fly from the
4397s air in full armor
4400s and why do you think how many how many
4402s times has carol seen her kids perform
4404s such nonsense wrestling moves on the
4406s double bed at home
4409s oh they wrestle all the time they like
4411s they they've broken so many vases it's
4414s so annoying this is like the same
4417s energy that's being
4419s emanated right now
4421s just boys being boys
4433s because
4434s i always set myself up for that i don't
4436s know why but it's brilliant i love it
4439s okay so
4441s i'm upset myrin is safely on the floor
4444s tikka is scared at the back of the pie
4446s and has just seen myron land on the
4448s floor
4451s over to utica
4454s oh
4456s he's panicking we're all gonna die i'm
4458s surrounded by more
4461s we're not even an hour in we're all
4463s gonna die
4464s we're gonna die
4469s first combat
4472s ice
4473s up i'm gonna just just panic fire across
4475s both things i can't get any closer to it
4478s um oh no roll with disadvantage
4484s yep
4486s oh oh god yeah that's three crossbows
4487s here you hit me kathar
4491s i'm on the ground oof
4493s yeah
4494s the
4499s who definitely lifts the left leg up
4502s just to uh get out the way quickly
4505s but no dice i'm afraid you want to take
4507s a swipe with the rapier disadvantage
4517s you've never seen such a big bird move
4519s so quickly as he just
4521s into the tree
4525s i'm guessing that the tame was actually
4527s gone up into the tree by about five to
4529s ten feet as high as he can while
4531s perching and kind of holding on to the
4533s trunk like looking around with the
4535s handcraft but
4537s yes yes
4540s you've nailed it oh my god just panicked
4542s squawking an incoherent avianzi speech
4547s i turned to carol i'm the one attracting
4550s all the glaciers
4555s i know birds are comfortable in trees
4557s but he can't stay up there
4560s he's just he's shaking the the tree like
4563s um um
4565s oh what's his name the the the baboon
4567s from the lion king
4573s he's kind of just completely snapped
4575s rafiki
4577s rafiki yeah
4579s he's just shaking the branches snow's
4581s falling off into the ground as he's
4583s squawking at this thing he wants nothing
4585s to do with it
4588s you could um i'd imagine carol would
4590s make her
4593s [Music]
4594s i imagine carol would have an
4596s inspirational quote there for tikka
4598s something along the lines of tikka you
4600s like a tree stay grounded keep growing
4603s and know when to let go
4618s [Music]
4621s this is bad we deserve this i deserve
4624s all of this
4626s absolutely uh
4628s jackson speaking of things we deserve
4630s it's your turn
4633s i'm getting a little upset here that
4635s everything's fallen to pieces although
4637s this is kind of my element it's very
4639s chaotic so what i'm going to do is i'm
4640s going to raise my hand towards it and i
4643s will say enough of this and i will
4645s command it to flee
4648s ah
4656s that is a big spell is this from the
4658s from the wand or the from the staff
4661s sorry no this is just my spell
4678s like it so no nothing added on
4681s chris um
4684s yeah chris
4685s can i use can i just
4688s channel the frustration for a second and
4690s like use a free action to just
4692s intimidate it
4694s anything
4697s if you can role play it well enough i'll
4699s allow it
4700s okay so i i'm the glaze site let's hear
4703s this let's hear this glace says
4707s looking down at you
4710s you
4711s you dare defy me
4714s and so i'm going to get like right up in
4715s his face as far as the 5x5 q will let me
4718s and i'll just like
4720s make myself as big as possible in fact
4722s you know there's like fire in the eyes a
4725s few sparks coming from behind my jaw
4728s claws are extended i just
4734s okay
4737s now we're going to ask you to make an
4739s intimidation check which because of that
4742s will allow you to do with advantage
4746s [Music]
4748s and we'll yes what happens
4750s okay
4751s 21.
4754s the glacier gets down on one knee and
4757s bows its head to you
4765s you could have done that the whole time
4768s i was about to command it to grovel
4770s anyway so this does the trick
4773s oh my goodness
4775s okay is combat over because of it
4777s it can be it's up to you guys what you
4780s want to do
4781s it's it's only do it's fair to say that
4784s it's only doing this to you
4786s yes
4788s okay so intimidated to go away or
4791s something to flee
4794s well no
4795s fight for us
4796s it's my
4797s the end of my turn i can't do anything
4799s more
4800s yeah at the moment it's
4802s it's in a prone position similar to
4804s myron because it's on one knee it's not
4806s gonna do anything so i will allow you
4809s guys
4810s one turn
4812s in prone
4814s um so really that's only so carol
4817s essentially
4818s gets a free go on it
4821s um
4822s yeah
4824s we'll see what carol does with her
4826s yeah carol sees that that's not exactly
4828s how
4828s althemore's spell works therefore
4831s she's going to um take this opportunity
4834s and
4835s rush up and uh look look camera in the
4838s ayashi
4839s bam it's about another infact rune
4842s uh-huh
4846s here we go
4848s yeah
4849s you said this with advantage absolutely
4852s they're prone
4854s solid hit
4859s make some crushed ice
4863s oh i do have i do have a fridge at home
4865s that's uh that's way better
4868s at this than i am but you know
4870s it dispenses crushed ice i've got you
4872s let's just roll for damage then carol
4875s oh damn sorry
4877s a little bit
4880s beautiful that's a great role
4885s it's not enough to take the glacier down
4888s the glacier is still strong
4890s but
4891s because it's been kneeling on one uh
4893s sorry you finish off your turn do biggie
4895s pun
4897s all right um i just want to check one
4899s thing um
4901s is my shield bash a uh
4904s i don't wanna bash it it's prone right
4905s now i don't have to um
4908s i
4909s yeah i think i'm done my turn
4911s um
4913s so the
4915s the glacier spends the
4918s next turn
4920s um getting up
4922s and looking not angry just disappointed
4925s at jaxus
4928s i don't
4930s disappoint angry i'm just disappointed
4932s you're not the first
4934s my mother was the same way
4937s oh no worse than that more
4948s youtube channel the chronicles of temel
4955s no way that's a good
4957s no you idea
4958s her ideas
4959s no good ideas chris
4961s that's not actually better to start my
4963s new podcast
4965s we'll work a d thing out after stream no
4967s worries
4969s uh
4969s [Music]
4971s myron
4973s you can spend
4975s your movement getting up and then you
4977s can make an attack
4980s if you wish
4982s i would like to yeah do that but in the
4984s process of getting up i'm just going to
4986s be like cursing to myself that tamworth
4988s just threw me to the ground
4990s like just like you threw yourself in the
4992s ground don't you blame me you yated me
4995s oh the ice
4997s you jumped up
4998s you were supposed to stick your legs
5000s okay i'll be with your landing
5002s the trajectory it's all wrong already
5005s you kill it
5010s kids today in their trigonometry right
5013s you showed me the same size what did you
5015s think was going to happen
5017s [Music]
5019s um i'm going to just hit it with my long
5021s sword with my shoulder yeah but i'm i'm
5024s upset because i i'm embarrassed because
5026s people saw me fall down i'm just gonna
5029s hit it is there a lot of elvish pride
5031s there do you think for myron like
5033s is that gonna stick in her core a little
5035s bit
5037s it's gonna be something that i'm never
5038s gonna forget because
5041s i'm perfect i
5043s i don't mess up
5044s i've run that 20s all the time and so
5047s i'm upset
5050s ah here we go
5068s roll again because you've got advantage
5070s so roller normal again because uh where
5073s carol is
5075s hey oh my god
5078s speaking of 20s
5080s i just got another i see you're back to
5082s form
5084s yes it just
5085s didn't stick the landing but i still got
5087s my ego so let's go let's get it
5092s critical hit
5097s 22 points of damage and the speed has
5101s dropped with the glacier once more
5103s because the frost brand hit
5105s uh let's um
5107s second attack
5109s the reaction
5113s and i do this at advantage as well
5115s absolutely
5117s okay
5121s so that's just a hit
5123s on the combined place
5128s 18
5129s very good
5131s okay 16 points of damage really good
5133s excellent stuff so the glacier at this
5135s point is looking shoddy it's all over
5138s the place we're gonna pass it to tikka
5141s halfway up a tree because hey what could
5142s go wrong here right
5144s [Laughter]
5148s he's back i've seen it from the tree
5153s um you understand the things i've seen
5158s i'm gonna um oh jeez what can i even do
5161s here um
5163s i think i'm just going to
5166s i i could but i think i think i'm a like
5169s i think i'm okay um
5172s hiding
5173s in the tree
5175s um
5175s i'm going to i'm going to you could have
5177s some action in all honesty you could
5179s it's an action um try and hide you could
5182s perform a stealth check try and blend
5184s into the trees because you've got that
5185s glamoured armor on which you can change
5187s to look like a chameleon you could try
5189s and change like into bark and leaves
5192s i feel like that's on brand right now
5194s cassah
5197s i do too but i like the idea of him
5200s freaking out
5201s but yeah just out
5204s [Music]
5205s like he's just it's not exactly the most
5208s practical approach and i like it so i
5210s think i think can i reach him with a
5213s crossbow shot from here
5215s lately yeah
5217s all right i'm gonna just keep right back
5219s panic
5220s panic firing crossbow at him
5223s um okay i double clicked it again i'm
5225s not supposed to
5226s attack with this disadvantage correct
5229s yep
5230s you're still frying okay
5233s uh and it's a miss unfortunately
5236s oh
5240s yeah so because the glaze sites have
5242s combined they've got a higher armor
5244s class a higher health all this kind of
5245s stuff
5247s and i will um
5250s swing at it with my my rapier because i
5252s didn't do that last time and i really
5254s yes i probably should i feel like teak
5256s is going to come out of this with like
5258s war stories like you weren't there in
5260s the elder god wars you don't know what
5262s it was like
5271s [Music]
5275s revenge of the pigeon
5277s 11 points that's good the gray side now
5280s guys is one hit away like one hill one
5283s good hit away
5285s from uh doom
5286s and gloom
5288s which brings us to
5290s taymor
5292s oh
5293s miss
5297s would you guys want this beast dealt
5298s with i just i just knocked the prone for
5300s you to get a good hit in so i don't know
5302s why you're where you
5304s threw me on the ground
5306s now easy rough housings to myron and
5309s carol
5310s so from the goodness
5313s of my heart i'm not going to cast
5315s fireball and incinerate the party
5317s however what i am going to do
5320s is look over at the glacial
5322s he seems disappointed that's fine i meet
5325s him in his
5326s white
5327s eyeless face and i pull out my little
5330s tube of black lipstick
5337s yes
5338s i raised my staff
5341s and i cast the lightning bolt right at
5343s its face
5346s now 20 of my regular group players who
5348s are watching this this is the level i
5349s expect from now on
5351s um
5353s all of you must bring black lipstick
5356s get it together guys get it together
5360s all right let's go
5362s i technically don't have a lightning
5364s bolt on this version of taymor so you
5366s may have to add that for chris yeah let
5368s me do that for you now bear with me one
5370s second thank you
5371s you're good
5373s this darn staff you see so cool it gives
5376s me spells
5379s so what is the issue with uh warlocks in
5382s dnd is that there's like never any um
5385s like you rely so heavily on your can
5387s trips
5388s should have lightning bolt in there now
5394s [Music]
5404s of course
5416s something like that up the cliff
5418s highlanders
5420s yeah
5423s let's make a uh a little saving throw
5425s here
5427s what's it gonna do dodge
5429s yes it
5432s is okay
5434s still takes half the damage
5439s i'm still gonna okay oh fine this is big
5441s as well this is
5443s this is a lot wow
5446s 23 points of damage
5449s so the glacier axis you see bits as it's
5454s almost broken apart at this point
5455s there's bits of its ice all together and
5457s you see the electric jumping between
5459s them
5462s and one huge electric piece the glacier
5466s which you formerly intimidated has now
5468s truly become
5471s your aperitif
5473s gone
5474s ah absolutely out of there done dead out
5477s of it
5481s well done i plant my staff firmly in the
5483s ground
5485s and i just breathe like smoke out of my
5487s nose a little bit
5497s oh you finally killed one
5501s here's the question does that count as
5503s two because it was too combined or does
5505s it count that counts as two
5507s no that counts as two
5509s that counts as two oh heck you hey if
5512s your little paper scissors are saying
5513s what
5514s tell you what gossip if your little tiny
5517s kill earlier
5518s count says oh half then i will count
5521s this big one as well
5523s that's a half blade
5525s i'm just picturing dimly that's still
5528s only one
5530s only one
5531s okay fine
5533s deal
5535s do you want to go back to uh
5538s to original form jaxes
5540s yes i will shed the
5543s uh original demonic uh look and go back
5546s to humanoid form
5549s okay and my great thing about it
5552s again
5553s the great thing about that is that you
5555s don't all your health points from your
5557s original form go back when you wild
5559s shape so nothing to worry about there
5561s so really it's only who is no longer
5564s afraid
5567s oh no we're still fighting it hang on
5569s you better stay back oh it's really
5572s oh no it's got
5577s [Music]
5579s don't listen to her
5581s you can come over here darling it's fine
5584s i'm i'm saying this while i'm like
5586s collecting some ice in like my little uh
5588s cooler for for later oh my god i'm just
5591s gonna pick up a feather and smile at tk
5593s magic ice chills much better than
5595s regular eyes
5597s right
5598s okay all right all right i'll think it's
5601s i think it's safe to say that the tikka
5602s has has gotten his he's gotten it
5604s together a little bit
5606s he doesn't like the cold
5608s but he's good he's good
5612s so you guys now
5614s have a whole cliff to scale
5620s that's a lot of cliff
5623s yeah you get to fly um i'm gonna i'm
5625s gonna turn to carol and go ladies first
5634s just on the ground here it looks like
5636s somebody's already tried to climb up but
5637s didn't didn't quite do so well
5640s uh is this a can i
5643s examine the body
5645s yeah you may examine the body
5648s is it have funny
5650s so it's a human male uh an inside is a
5653s note from what you perceive to be as a
5655s lover who uh is saying i'll meet you at
5658s the top of the aqueduct i'll take the
5660s cliff don't worry about me
5664s oh no
5666s oh that's sad
5668s how awkward oh dear i didn't sign up for
5671s sad
5674s oh wait a second i didn't sign up for
5676s feelings
5677s hang on what is this
5679s in my dng campaign
5681s no
5683s it's more likely than you think
5691s [Laughter]
5698s there and why would you like to share
5702s we don't talk about the first husband
5704s right around here a former husband of
5706s yours carol
5708s wow
5710s no
5711s comment maybe
5713s nobody likes the view
5716s i kind of step over the body screw it
5719s and i'm gonna try climbing
5721s okay so
5723s there's a rope here um i will ask you
5726s all to get to the first ledge to make uh
5728s using the existing rope we'll say it's
5730s sturdy enough
5732s um
5733s let's have you all
5735s make an athletics check please
5738s oh thank god
5739s i would like to go live
5741s you can
5742s you can make this with advantage if you
5743s feel the need
5746s no i don't
5748s never mind i promise
5754s myron and taymor you can you can do that
5756s with advantage so don't worry too much
5758s as youtube failed terribly
5760s let's uh
5761s put this back in
5763s hey tamar
5767s we take these dubs
5769s what okay that's fine yeah you all got
5772s it so the lowest there was 15.
5774s so you will make your way up
5777s move you guys up
5780s there you go
5781s so you're on
5783s this you're on this small perch now uh
5786s to the right of you fairly easily you
5788s could scrabble up these few bits of
5790s cliff if you want to so you can go five
5792s feet up no problem at all of course
5794s i mean you can see this kind of branch
5796s overhanging there
5798s with a bird singing a nest chirping away
5800s quite happily
5801s you know looking after its eggs
5805s nothing major
5808s what does it say definitely
5810s oh yeah that's true can you speak to it
5814s wait i can't
5816s and you absolutely it's the best yeah
5818s i don't think so
5820s yeah i think it's more than something
5823s uh excuse me
5825s the bird is he mad that he's a bird says
5829s oh well hold on
5831s we've got to role play this out let's
5833s let's have a speak with animals test
5835s first or an animal okay see how this
5837s goes
5839s animal
5852s 21 is
5854s easy enough so the bird seems happy
5856s enough to talk to you so what do you
5857s want to ask the bird
5860s um
5861s can you see anything up ahead we're
5863s we're we're kind of at a site
5864s disadvantage here can't see up the cliff
5866s what's at the top of the cliff and the
5869s the bird looks down
5872s might be able to
5874s if you got any food food food food any
5876s food
5878s have you got any food
5880s i love it that is very bird-like do i
5882s have any food
5884s uh yeah you can throw some reactions for
5885s sure he'd be able to do that no problem
5887s yeah
5888s so we haven't just hold up a ration
5891s yeah you you guys so you hold up a
5893s ration
5894s bird floats down uh takes out your hand
5896s and says
5897s there's a dog at the top dog at the top
5901s the hog oh dog at the top well we don't
5904s know he has to tell us next to the big
5906s black
5907s there is a dog at the top
5910s [Music]
5912s and it's very cold very very cold
5917s well thank you for the information
5921s all right i think i think that's all i
5922s want to press the bird for today
5930s what did it say
5932s oh yeah
5934s yeah yeah they've not had
5938s the bird one uh i just kind of look
5941s around see the birds saying something uh
5943s they're
5944s they're simple-minded creatures and they
5946s they form simple sentences but you said
5948s something about
5950s a dog at the top next to the big black
5952s and it's very cold i'm not 100 sure it's
5955s a little cryptic but i guess
5957s just keep your eyes peeled when we get
5958s there
5962s very well surely maybe a guard dog of
5963s some sort huh
5965s [Music]
5971s i look at myron and i say it surely
5973s can't mean you're a general
5978s i'll push you off this cliff tamar
5981s i'm just saying hillary does look like a
5982s giant dog
5986s i don't
5988s [Laughter]
5991s think i've seen him
5994s [Music]
6003s and start like making my way in front of
6006s tame where to climb up
6007s over here and just like not say anything
6010s because
6011s you know what mama told me to be nice
6014s we're going to be nice uh-huh
6016s just we just gonna purposely oh sorry
6019s make our way up here
6021s my mama was just as bad as mine so i say
6024s you know krill isn't quite the looker
6026s either
6029s i never said hello it was ugly i thought
6032s it but i didn't say it out loud
6035s i just said you look like a big dog
6038s the bird's right
6040s well if it is if it is hell we're at the
6042s top and the bird called him a big dog
6045s y'all got nothing on me
6048s i didn't come right
6054s yeah take your bickering up the cliff
6058s yes
6059s definitely
6060s the best boy though doesn't he like he
6061s looks like a big
6062s you know he's
6069s so we can just climb or you don't have
6071s to roll anything to get up this little
6073s yeah no so these are only five feet so
6075s you'd be able to get up anything that's
6077s one square
6078s oh hold on tape or let greatness go
6081s before you
6082s uh
6083s i well i don't want you guys looking up
6085s my robes either so why don't you go
6087s ahead
6092s i want to oh up with myron actually and
6094s myron uh i want to go up to you and just
6096s say um can i just say
6099s someone who eats rocks you are so
6102s intelligent
6105s they're not rocks they're crystals
6108s they're shy i know i know i don't know i
6111s know i just don't
6113s i don't know i'm sorry
6115s i wasn't trying to be mean it's just
6117s that well if i ate crystals i feel like
6119s i would have some issues so i'm just
6122s surprised at how
6124s how well you're able to hold yourself in
6126s combat and i'm just i'm just trying to
6129s connect a little bit here you know
6133s does carol use crystals for healing
6136s yes
6145s i'm just gonna look at carol and just
6146s like look her up and down be like how's
6148s that wine
6149s and just keep moving
6151s oh is that one
6153s let's go
6155s so just at the top of the cliff you can
6158s see
6158s not hell where but sure enough um a dog
6161s oh what
6163s like it's clearly there's a dog not the
6164s whole dog
6166s that's just that is a doggy dog
6169s now
6170s stop trying to go up there
6172s you'll fall off and break your neck or
6174s even worse a nail let's um
6178s let's see how he adds to uh
6181s let's see
6182s if you guys want to go up there you're
6184s going to have to make an athletics
6185s checks with the grappling hook and the
6187s ropes
6188s given yep right so again you can make
6191s these with um
6194s advantage since you've got the gear to
6196s do so
6197s i used the previous one there
6200s okay
6206s oh no
6208s oh no
6209s so
6210s three of you get up
6213s i'll move you three up now
6216s tikka gets stuck about here and he's
6218s going to need some help being pulled up
6221s by somebody now if you don't manage to
6223s pull t crap on this turn tikka will fall
6226s and will take some damage
6228s okay i will do it so who's going to help
6231s while tika's precariously
6234s balancing using the flapping of its
6236s wings
6239s can i can i iron you want to take it
6242s yeah yeah i want to reach down and try
6244s to help teak up i'm i'm the strongest of
6246s the group you know that's of course i'm
6248s gonna think i'm gonna succeed we're
6250s gonna have you make another athletics
6252s check normal
6254s to see if you can put it oh it's
6255s athletic
6257s oh
6258s and is this advantage what no normal
6261s normal
6262s don't worry athletics is based off of
6264s strength you should be fine
6266s yeah you should be fine
6269s all right all right all right
6272s wow never mind notes tabor take notes
6276s oh my god sorry what i was uh i was
6278s packing my nails
6280s all right
6281s so
6282s myron got yet another natural 20.
6285s i'm not quite sure what you've done to
6287s hack my web server here but um well done
6290s excellent work gossip
6292s it's
6293s um
6295s so uh sure enough there's a little dog
6297s there and he sat there he's smiling and
6299s laughing at you and just beyond the cave
6302s everything is blackrock and inside in
6305s elvish so only myron can read this
6307s really
6308s reads
6310s the key exists inside your head
6313s use your key to paint me red but be
6316s aware of what you spurn
6318s for what was taken shall be returned
6326s what did it say
6330s the key exists inside your head
6334s um
6336s the key exists inside your head
6339s use the key to paint me red
6343s but be aware of what you span for what
6346s was taken shall be returned
6350s so i'm going to look at the group
6353s kind of puzzled at trying to understand
6356s the
6357s writing and say the key
6360s is in our head
6363s and we need to paint it red
6366s and whatever we
6368s use as the key will be returned
6371s so
6371s that's what it says
6373s um i never was really good at these kind
6375s of classes in school
6378s um
6379s that's clear
6380s well
6381s luckily for you i was raised in the
6383s asgardian school district
6385s so i know that i think it's talking
6387s about blood
6390s mud that's what i'm thinking as well but
6391s in regards to weapons
6394s oh blood
6396s yeah does anybody speak dog
6398s is anybody concerned with the dog
6402s right and i look at the dog
6404s yes uh can i like
6406s go on one knee what kind of dog is this
6409s gossip you are gonna be asked to make an
6412s insight check
6414s okey dokey
6415s only gossip okay oh thank you so much
6417s for sharing that down i just like
6420s what do you mean carol carol carol is
6422s gonna be asked to make a an inside check
6424s so just carol needs to make that one
6426s guys
6428s there we go
6430s carol doesn't get it at all
6433s the rest of you guys can try and make an
6434s inside check if you want to just see
6437s if you can get a clue here on this
6440s puzzle
6444s no
6446s no one gets it
6447s oh god i guess
6450s tamar myron you guys figure that it's
6452s blood and you're probably gonna eat
6455s yeah you're probably going to have to
6456s use a fair amount of blood to paint
6459s whatever it is red
6462s i'm going to look at tamora's side be
6464s like i guess it's your blood that we're
6465s using
6467s uh-huh
6468s and the dog is not here for no reason
6472s that's just an innocent dog i don't
6474s think we should i mean you just you're
6476s very scary i think
6478s excuse you
6480s how am i not innocent as well
6482s it's innocent blood that's being spilled
6484s either way well it seems like right
6487s it does say if we do kill it it shall be
6489s returned
6490s so i i i i pray to saren that this dog
6494s will be returned
6496s and then i can keep it for my own
6500s wait
6501s wait i saw this or the other way
6504s wait i saw this movie what if we all
6506s just use a little bit of each of our
6507s blood
6510s blood brothers
6514s if it's going to be returned if we kill
6516s the dog whatever's inside is going to
6518s kill us in return
6524s well think about it i think the reason
6525s it has returned is because when our
6528s blood cells uh creates new blood we're
6531s going to get it back you know what i'm
6532s saying
6534s i never was good at science what is she
6536s saying
6538s i think i think it might be wise to
6542s i think it might be wise to head into
6543s the cave and see if we can't get more
6545s clues
6546s is that a cave
6547s yeah so this is the cave mountain inside
6549s on the wall is just what um myron's read
6552s that off in elvish and that's it
6554s so that's just what you'll presumably
6556s open
6557s if you manage to paint it red
6561s right i'm just gonna
6563s pick up chris i would like to
6566s i would like to test something
6568s my hold on one sec uh carol myron
6572s what are you gonna do first
6575s oh i just wanted to pick up the dog and
6577s take it with us
6578s just in case we need to kill it i could
6580s just
6580s and just
6585s oh
6586s that turns sinister
6588s don't worry that there'll be no
6590s there'll be no visualization on that if
6592s that's what you guys want to do you can
6594s do that
6608s i would like to splash some of the wine
6610s on the lettering on the wall i mean you
6613s you've probably got a box of it with you
6614s right like let's be right here
6620s she's ready
6621s she's a what she's a box gal for sure
6625s mm-hmm okay it'll do return to me
6627s at home
6628s yeah um unfortunately
6631s the three liters that you have with you
6634s which is typical box size of wine
6636s um
6637s is uh not quite enough to paint the wall
6640s it only covers maybe a core you guess
6643s that three liters is not enough
6646s three liters is not enough it's a big
6648s old wall look at it it's 15 feet wide
6652s three liters of blood done
6654s well um luckily for all of you i'm a
6657s nurse i've had to do a few blood drives
6660s in my day
6661s so um wants to go first
6664s wait
6665s hold on
6667s question
6668s can i use presta digitation to change
6671s the color of the cave to red like what i
6673s was thinking
6674s that's exactly what i'm saying
6676s yeah one but then give it a go
6678s see what happens all right i'd like to
6681s use press dissertation to turn the wall
6684s red or the door wall thing red okay
6688s so the door turns to red
6690s and it looks as if it's about to open
6693s uh but the dog
6694s sitting inside
6696s of myron's hands there
6699s um
6700s suddenly becomes something that i'm sure
6702s all of you are aware of as two
6705s hellhounds
6706s jump out
6720s oh you look like just uh you look just
6722s like a hell yeah i used to have on
6724s genuinely i'm so impressed with that
6725s cathar well done to you sir i really
6728s enjoyed that that was a great i hadn't
6730s even figured that out
6732s that was fantastic
6734s yeah
6736s i don't think i can
6739s paint yeah
6740s i was looking at my ink bottle like hmm
6743s it's got to be something i could do
6745s all right oh it was great i loved it
6748s uh but first up we have um
6752s myron
6754s again although the curse is on uh carol
6757s there i do beg your pardon viewers at
6759s home but yes uh cap myron it's over to
6762s you first you scored well on initiative
6764s again i think i'm going to have to nerf
6766s you before the next session
6769s i just click a button
6772s this is a dev dev patch dev patch update
6775s to myron let's uh
6787s have been nerfed after too many players
6789s decided it was flavor of the month
6791s uh let's
6794s um
6796s what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna be really
6797s upset that the dog just like turned into
6800s a hellhound
6802s so i'm just two hellhounds
6804s two hellhounds there's two of them
6807s yeah so i'm just gonna two for the price
6809s of one
6810s two for the price of one i'm just gonna
6812s take out oh
6813s you know what i'm gonna do
6818s let's see
6830s if i use my animated shield and attack
6832s it
6833s could i have the animated shield like
6836s spin around me like
6839s no that's stupid that's really dumb no
6841s i'm just gonna hit it with my long sword
6842s i'm just gonna do that it's safe you can
6844s have the animated killed in front of you
6846s yeah so it hovers in in space in front
6849s of you to protect you however it needs
6851s to for sure i would like yeah well
6853s absolutely
6854s so that's your boat that's your bonus
6856s action so you
6857s throw out the shield and it looks as if
6859s it's about to hit
6860s into the hellhounds and it stops
6863s uh and it waves just in front of you and
6866s it's going
6868s and the dogs are kind of
6870s following it like this like they're
6872s expecting a ball to be thrown or
6873s something
6876s and so i want yeah go for it
6879s okay and then i want to use my um
6882s my frost brand long sword
6884s and um
6887s i just want to start
6889s just killing hellhounds but i'm going to
6891s start specifically with this guy right
6893s no i'm like you can't see my thing
6895s i want to start with this
6896s right
6897s right okay here on the right yeah
6900s um
6901s i hope this goes well
6906s okay attack
6913s that's a solid hit for sure nice
6917s yeah okay and then all right i'm gonna
6923s not so great on the damage for you but
6925s still okay
6927s let's go again
6929s okay
6933s oh
6936s uh not enough i'm afraid on that
6938s particular one yeah so the first one um
6941s it kind of slashes through no problem
6943s and catches one of the front haunches of
6945s the hellhound and kind of shrinks back
6947s as the ice kind of
6949s straight onto it and the second one you
6951s just clips the shield as the shields go
6953s in between and it just puts you off ever
6955s so slightly it's still good still good
6959s okay next up we're gonna have the
6960s hellhound on the left
6962s turns around
6963s uh
6964s looks at you all
6966s and casts
6968s a rather nasty
6971s fire breath towards you all
6974s of course it does
6975s of course it does
6980s you think you're the only person who can
6981s cast fire breath here jaxes what's up
6983s you know
6984s what's up what's up
6986s what's up bro it help the hellhounds are
6989s demons
6991s so we all need a deuce yes
6995s if
6996s you could intimidate one of these
6998s get it as a mount you know go back into
7000s hell on it you know whatever you need to
7002s do chris
7004s chris you can't just expose my whole
7005s plan to the rest of the team right now
7008s like one at a time
7011s so
7012s yes i need each of you
7014s i'm not temple but the other three of
7016s you
7017s to uh
7019s to put your dexter saving throws on
7021s please
7022s like saving throw let's go
7026s you guys should be fine oh come on
7031s [Music]
7035s so
7037s carol is too busy drinking wine or
7040s i don't know
7053s so carol takes the full 30 points
7057s uh temple takes half and looks a bit
7059s toasty again
7061s and uh myron takes some pretty hefty
7064s damage for the first time today takes
7066s half as well
7068s um
7070s just sits there with his tongue out
7074s and a small spark of flame in the back
7076s of its throat
7077s hmm
7080s they're so cute
7082s [Laughter]
7084s okay come on
7087s uh myron can't use her movement can't
7090s she
7092s i didn't use anymore i can't swap places
7093s with her okay that's fine uh what i'm
7096s gonna do you could swap yeah i'd allow
7098s you to swap if you want to swap
7100s i'll just kind of like take her uh
7102s armor and kind of yank her to the side
7104s and i'll swap with her
7105s so i'm in the middle
7107s yep
7108s and so i'm going to put both arms up
7111s towards them kind of outstretched i'm
7113s going to cast thaumaturgy on my voice
7117s uh and just like
7118s make my voice boom like a couple times
7121s louder than it usually does and i will
7122s say no
7124s add dog
7128s [Laughter]
7134s she's so proud
7135s bad dog
7137s bad dog
7138s sit
7142s i'm going to need a persuasion check
7146s for the city oh you got it
7149s versus uh there's your persuasion check
7152s versus
7154s uh the
7155s hellhound um
7157s what am i gonna do it against
7160s wisdom or something i don't know is that
7162s like uh is there like a defiance
7165s i don't get it because of thumbs up
7169s i'll give you advantage go on
7171s um
7173s let's say let's be honest here and let's
7176s say a survival check right like
7178s yeah
7180s yeah survival gym
7182s it's gonna need it
7197s i'd like to go i i want to use the rest
7200s of my movement to go up in the middle
7202s and just kind of reach out and pat their
7204s heads simultaneously good boys at the
7206s dog
7208s you can pet the dog in this d campaign
7210s ladies and gentlemen yes
7215s don't worry everyone i have slain the
7217s beast
7221s um
7222s so with
7223s uh
7224s with
7225s staff in one hand
7227s and in the other you simultaneously pair
7229s both the dogs now
7232s very happy
7235s oh my god they're good boys
7237s somewhere
7240s from your sending stones you'll hear a
7243s bear like chuckle from hell where
7246s [Laughter]
7249s nice
7251s nice ellery is chiming in oh yeah carol
7255s just goes
7257s these are not my betsy goodness gracious
7261s that's they're huge
7264s this is betsy
7267s does betsy fit in your knock-off ysl
7270s handbag normally
7272s yes she's a chihuahua
7274s and um
7275s everywhere in falador
7277s you have no idea of course he's not here
7280s no idea
7283s it's a shame these hellhounds looked
7284s kind of hungry
7287s oh you dare talk about my betsy that way
7293s so yeah i'm just gonna be like loving up
7295s on the dogs
7297s for as long as she's gonna get more be
7298s like
7303s tikka
7304s uh over to you
7306s um
7308s uh i'm gonna look at the one closest to
7310s me and say you know for glorified clue
7313s scroll printers they're uh they're
7314s pretty cute
7319s i don't know what that means
7322s that's a meta joke um
7327s oh my gosh
7328s [Music]
7329s none of the party would get it that's
7331s the best part
7332s um
7333s but i'm gonna glare up
7334s a little bit
7336s i'll look at i'll look at temer and say
7337s if you think you have them under control
7338s then i don't see any reason we should
7340s continue fighting them
7343s but do we need them i have them under
7346s control but i guess
7347s i guess that depends on the dm whether
7349s or not he wants us to use assistance
7353s you've at least got um
7356s control of them until they're attacked
7358s or maybe
7360s for one minute of game time of actual
7363s time which is about
7364s 10 turns of combat
7367s um so as soon as they're attacked or one
7369s minute of actual time
7371s so each round's supposed to be about six
7372s seconds
7373s then um
7377s then they're gonna let loose
7379s okay
7381s they won't be like this forever and we
7383s mustn't attack them
7385s but maybe we can okay slip past
7388s yeah i think that's probably the best
7390s bet we should we should get out of here
7392s before they uh
7393s realize they're hungry or something
7396s i probably smell really good right now
7400s i'm gonna i'm gonna get tamor to give me
7403s an inside check to see if there's
7406s something else that he could do here
7408s don't tell him
7413s yeah um
7415s [Music]
7416s tikka's kind of looking around and
7419s looking at the height of the cliffs
7422s and potential to get rid of the dogs
7425s from a high
7427s oh god
7430s we do have
7431s we do have command
7434s uh because if they
7440s if they're down 15 to 20 feet they're
7443s not going to be able to climb back up
7446s right hmm
7448s you guys wrote
7450s one of my impressions yeah
7451s true yeah it might not be heard but
7453s whoever comes after us is going to have
7455s one heck of a fight on their hands
7458s yeah and also if you
7460s leave the door when the door the door is
7462s open now so they can always just follow
7464s through the door right so you'd have to
7466s deal with them eventually
7468s so you can either
7470s literally pick them up and try and make
7472s a strength check to throw them down
7474s or you could try and coax them down
7476s somehow
7478s yeah no i'd like to i'd like to pull out
7480s one of my rations and wave it in front
7482s of the dogs and see if that catches
7484s their attention
7486s oh that's a good idea sure
7488s let's um let's have a
7490s an animal handling check for that from
7492s tikka okay
7499s oh come on no no
7502s no damn it doesn't move it starts
7505s growling at you
7508s very
7510s quickly
7511s throw that ration back into my backpack
7513s i you didn't see anything
7517s okay there's a small bird that you spoke
7519s to earlier is off on the scene left
7521s going la la la la la
7526s ignabi
7530s okay i'm meaning i'm meaning i i'm maybe
7532s not i'm spamming i'm spamming
7536s harold has a dog at home she knows how
7538s to handle this
7539s oh no oh
7541s so she looks down at the cliff this is a
7543s 30-foot drop you said
7545s uh so it's 20 feet to the next level
7548s down yeah
7549s 20 feet
7551s so
7552s it would take some damage but it's a
7555s it's a demon you know it's not going to
7556s die
7559s i know because we're all worried about
7560s that right now
7563s die oh protect the daughters carol
7565s probably is
7568s she's a fur mummy um
7574s okay
7575s can i say
7577s that carol
7578s maybe uh you know she pet her dog before
7581s she left
7582s maybe
7583s did she like look through her bag and
7585s maybe
7586s pull out like like a squeaky toy or
7588s something like that like uh like maybe
7591s she forgot to take it out
7595s i'll give it to you go on
7596s all right
7599s let's have an animal handling check from
7601s carol and you could because you've got a
7603s squeaky toy we will give it with
7605s advantage
7616s a six with advantage
7618s should have got myron to roll geez um
7623s he's going next
7625s uh yeah nothing the dog it's the same
7628s dog right and it's just growling
7636s like desperately trying to calm it down
7638s no no that's good no no
7642s so it's now
7644s it's still under control
7647s it's going to skip this turn on its next
7649s turn it's not going to be under control
7651s well no it's going to still be under
7653s control but if you fail one more thing
7656s on these dogs it's going to snap out of
7657s it
7666s your shield stood up if you wanted to
7669s use that somehow i don't know how but
7671s it's still up
7672s in front of you it's weird
7677s i have a question i have i have i have
7679s situational questions for you for you dm
7681s okay sure how how happy are these dogs
7685s um these are pretty these are these are
7687s like
7689s hench wolves like a direwolf situation
7692s oh they big okay um yeah like you you
7695s could use them technically as a mount
7698s almost they're that they're that large
7702s and i could i could tell my shield what
7704s to do
7707s right uh so the shield will defend in
7709s front of you for as long as you want it
7711s to
7712s um
7713s so basically what i'm saying is if i
7715s were to jump on top of
7717s the hell hound and like literally walk
7720s it off the cliff and then jump onto my
7722s animated shield and come back on i could
7723s do that
7726s oh that's wild riding it like a
7727s surfboard
7729s yeah
7731s would be like one of those things like i
7732s just get on the hellhound and then i
7734s just like walk it off the cliff and like
7736s jump off like a trance i think this is a
7738s dumb idea i don't know if i should try
7739s it but in my mind i'm like do it
7741s let's go for an athletics check and see
7743s what happens
7746s it's dumb enough to work gossip it's
7748s doubling down enough
7750s your shield at the minutes vertical it
7752s turns horizontal at your command and
7754s floats in front of you like a disc
7757s you walk up to the to either of the
7760s hellhounds whichever one you want
7762s the one the one in front of you or the
7764s one to the right
7765s um and you try and mount it
7770s oh my god
7780s [Music]
7782s i had like an 18 or 19 in my head for
7785s that check
7787s i rolled in that 20.
7790s chris i have some complaints
7795s i want to talk to robert's manager hulk
7797s wow
7798s this is pretty nice honestly
7800s i'm afraid that you're gonna have to
7802s speak to my manager um carol
7808s bring him in
7810s the dm is sweating right now right this
7813s is uh this is some intense work here
7816s from gossip no i didn't think this would
7818s work i didn't think i didn't even get
7820s this part it was just a crazy idea
7823s for sarah
7826s so myron you
7829s you mount the hellhound on the left
7832s um you walk it off and you you kick into
7835s its sides with your spur on your boot
7838s and it jumps off and at the last moment
7840s you stand up and back flip because it's
7843s a natural 20. onto your shield and then
7846s gently light off to one side and the
7848s shield goes almost as you're sorting
7851s your hair out shield just uh goes
7854s vertically again and stands off
7857s in front of you um that hellhound
7861s is now
7862s down the level
7868s it's on it's it's on its back it's
7869s definitely taken some damage this turn
7872s i'm just gonna roll up some damage now
7874s to see how much it takes
7878s 16 points as well
7880s um okay
7883s so we're gonna
7886s it wasn't expecting that so it's on it's
7888s whimpering down at the bottom it's on
7890s its back it's prone um
7893s it's still alive and it will become
7894s it'll be trying to come after you but
7896s obviously it's got no way up so you guys
7898s now you only have this one hellhound
7900s left to deal with so what i'm going to
7902s do is for the sake of gravity i'm going
7904s to take that one out of the action
7906s because it's not going to be able to do
7907s anything
7908s um and we'll go on to temmo's turn temmo
7911s have you ever felt intimidated before by
7914s somebody's athletic prowess
7918s you know only by demons
7920s seeing an elf do that i'm just like
7925s did anybody else
7928s is any
7929s hello
7931s the bard casting illusions again did
7933s that really happen
7935s uh
7936s it's like magic she died
7939s saren is looting losing quite a soldier
7942s i say that to myself not to her
7947s not yet
7949s okay what do i do about this dog
7952s i'm just you know
7958s [Music]
7963s um
7964s this is the one that's still growling
7966s right chris
7967s yeah so it's had two attempts on it so
7969s one more failed attempt and this thing's
7971s going
7972s bananas
7974s sure i don't suppose i would have
7977s advantage since i'm the one controlling
7978s it or would that not be a thing
7981s uh what do you want to do
7984s i was trying to think of doing what
7986s cathart tried to do with like here you
7987s want the treat you want the ration and
7989s then like throw it off
7991s you've got to bond with it um
7994s if you can give me a good enough other
7996s reason why you'd have advantage then
7998s i'll consider it
8000s like are you gonna cast something around
8002s the tree that makes it particularly
8004s tasty
8005s is there um
8007s yeah is there something else that you're
8009s to do to make it look better i i don't
8011s know what what are you going to do at
8012s this point
8014s that's true that's a that's a good point
8015s okay okay i see what you said oh god i'm
8017s saying i could have told you i don't
8019s suppose i'm an idiot
8021s because i only have thromator do you
8023s have precedent
8030s maybe because the fact that you're both
8031s demons it trusts you a little bit more
8034s yeah i was thinking of just like
8036s speaking to it in infernal
8039s yeah that would work but you could
8042s you could cast former turji
8045s inside a ration
8048s to make it sound like a squeak toy so
8050s you could get the ration and do that and
8052s then it's like a squeak toy so it wants
8054s to bite it and then throw it off the
8056s cliff and see if it will follow it
8059s like the the top of the line best type
8061s of squeak toy you can get in in furnace
8063s like the kong of in
8066s oh yes
8067s yes the the dying squeaks and that's
8069s that's that's what they like the best
8071s there you go
8073s yeah whatever sounds you want to color
8077s let's see what happens i will allow you
8079s to then make an animal handling check
8082s with advantage
8084s okay it'll out so i'll reach into my
8086s pouch while petting it and trying to
8088s keep it away from the other two i'm like
8090s here look at this jerky a piece of jerky
8092s and i'm speaking to it like in this
8093s infernal so it's like
8096s you know like
8097s it's weird to everybody else whatever
8099s infernal sounds like right
8101s yeah like i'm going to use salvagement
8103s so everyone else also hears it's not
8106s just the beast it smells like it just
8108s sounds like small animals dying like the
8111s dying squeaks of them and
8113s i'm going to throw it off oh my god
8116s 15 is good enough
8118s 15 is good enough yeah so we'll end that
8121s combat that's good the both hellhounds
8123s are down over the side as you you slob
8126s it over and you just see it go there's a
8128s little there's more sounds as it's going
8131s it just
8132s straight off over the side of the cliff
8135s no problem and that was an excellent
8138s solution to a difficult problem okay
8140s well done guys
8141s very well done yeah for the wall
8145s oh yeah
8147s oh let's hear the aftermath from you
8149s guys yeah
8151s ah
8152s signs of relief
8156s gossip
8157s are all of your dogs gigantic in your
8160s demon
8161s world
8163s i'd like to stand up and kind of just
8165s brush the snow off of my robe and the
8168s the hair off of my hands i look at her i
8170s say those were technically greater
8172s demons none of that should have worked
8177s and i've never had a dog before
8180s [Music]
8182s we were lucky to be alive but we solved
8184s the problem
8186s we did yes that was cool
8190s you
8191s did something all right
8193s are you impressed
8194s does that count as a kill does that
8196s count as two kills
8198s they're not dead
8200s they're just incapacitated it's gonna
8202s die
8215s they are still alive
8217s and they are angry i suggest you just
8219s move on
8221s i say we count our we count our
8223s blessings and press forward
8226s by the way um hold on hold on she wants
8229s to ask prayer of healing if we could
8231s just spend a little while
8234s admire this before you head on to the
8236s aqueduct for sure
8237s good idea yeah probably probably smart
8241s mm-hmm wow good role
8247s sure let's get that added to you guys
8250s yay
8252s okay you're all looking a little bit
8253s healthier
8255s right okay little tiny bit healthier
8259s and carol two-thirds that you
8262s myron and tem or uh full health is there
8265s anything else you guys want to do before
8266s you head up to the top
8269s i just want to look at the three of them
8270s and say i'll do like a little half
8272s curtsy and say you're welcome
8281s that'll do demon that'll do and just
8283s like walk on passengers
8286s nice okay
8287s are you guys heading up to the aqueduct
8291s yes after yeah yeah let's do it
8294s okay let's activate it
8298s that's aqua gold
8301s so you guys come out on the north south
8304s side of the um
8306s this particular aqueduct
8308s um
8311s and you're you're definitely kind of
8313s looking around trying to see where you
8315s are you can see this huge amount of
8317s icicles coming out of this mechanical
8319s structure and two anvils either side
8322s um
8323s it's looking pretty
8326s difficult pretty like you're not sure
8328s what to do at this point one of the um
8332s anvils on the south looks like it's
8334s absolutely covered in ice it looks like
8337s it has some mechanical parts inside of
8339s it as well
8340s so that might be worth looking into um
8343s difficult to say so i will pass it over
8346s to you guys so that you can decide what
8348s you want to do at this point
8350s uh can i investigate the not frozen one
8355s yeah for sure
8358s so
8359s um it it looks like it's pretty normal
8362s and it's got the
8365s it's got some text on it
8367s just in
8368s plain language
8369s and it just says the normal anvil
8382s as opposed to what kind of anvil
8386s a not normal handle well you can try and
8390s uh melt the ice on the bottom one and
8391s see what that says if you want to
8394s so yeah carol has her um
8396s [Music]
8397s her fire gauntlets can she like
8400s uh like activate them like she'll
8402s twiddle her fingers and then
8405s okay
8406s so
8407s the anvil melts
8409s um
8411s and there's um
8412s quite obviously it's an inscription in
8414s the side
8416s of the uh
8417s the anvil
8419s and it it looks like it's
8422s like that look inside of it and there's
8424s a mirror showing the aqueducts behind
8426s you in a young well-dressed man albeit
8428s from a different time or era
8431s and he says hello there i'm the opposite
8434s anvil
8435s i can help you open
8437s all of this here but first you have to
8439s say the password
8443s password
8449s okay we're gonna have you guys roll for
8451s some initiative as well because there
8453s are some glay sites coming
8456s oh no
8472s nice advantage
8476s myron why
8479s oh
8480s don't worry everyone where's your next
8481s where's your net 20
8484s yeah yeah it was used up on that
8486s surfboard shield
8488s yeah that was pretty cool though
8490s i regret nothing
8493s so
8494s for this one
8496s somebody's gonna have to try and figure
8497s out the riddle
8499s uh there is a scroll there you'll have
8502s to use an action to read the scroll
8504s that's there
8506s remember it's the opposite anvil
8508s and then the well whatever goes on here
8510s you're going to be attacked by glay
8512s sites as well
8513s and so we're going to start the round
8515s with actually one of the glaciers rolled
8517s really well
8519s and he's going to
8521s start making his way over
8524s now because this is water he has
8526s incredibly quick
8527s swim speed
8530s which will count as ice skating speed i
8532s suppose in this case
8534s uh and he's gonna
8538s try and overwhelm myron
8541s so myron i need you to make a strength
8542s saving check please
8546s i got this
8548s you got this oh my god
8567s manages to do 10 points of damage
8571s as it slides in
8573s tries to overwhelm you trying to wrap
8575s itself around your body and freeze you
8576s manage to kick it to one side but it
8578s slams into your knee and just jolts the
8581s kneecap slightly
8583s feel a large amount of pain in your
8585s right knee cap there
8587s okay
8589s tame or over by the normal anvil
8592s it's over to you
8594s okay
8595s i am going to look toward the glacier
8597s and then look back towards myron
8600s and well i'll say myron and i'll like
8602s nod my head over towards the glaciers
8604s and i'm gonna move towards that rock
8606s kind of
8607s right here okay
8609s and um while i'm running i'm going to
8612s keep talking to myron saying do not let
8614s them get close
8616s we have to keep them separate
8619s and then
8620s i as you're looking over table because
8622s you're the only one who's done so
8624s in the background much further along the
8627s aqueduct looms large the huge imposing
8631s figure of the arch glacier
8634s he looks down
8637s breathes out ice from his mouth and
8639s slowly begins making his way towards you
8641s so you guys
8643s certainly on a timer as well here
8646s oh okay harold
8648s figure out that puzzle now
8650s and i would like that okay yeah that
8652s sounds
8655s uh yeah from the staff of power we're
8657s gonna cast fireball again
8660s you said that there was a scroll we had
8661s to read
8663s yep
8668s okay
8669s nice big amount of fire
8672s instantly ice begins to melt around the
8674s various rocks around you uh let's work
8676s out some uh damage there if that's okay
8679s jaxes
8680s by all means i will cast my die
8686s oh
8687s nice
8689s okay so one of them one to the north
8692s actually takes double damage from that
8695s because
8696s it's uh fire
8698s um but the one below because he passed
8700s saving throw just takes normal damage
8702s but that's still a heck of a lot of
8704s damage one of them looks half gone
8706s already
8707s so fantastic stuff
8710s uh the other one doesn't look so bad but
8711s still looks like it's uh it's ready to
8713s go
8714s so the glaciers now having just had that
8717s happen to them uh he's actually gonna
8719s come over here
8720s and he's gonna try and overwhelm
8723s uh you jaxes
8725s but okay uh you need to make that
8727s strength throw a disadvantage because
8729s there's two of them trying to pin this
8731s attack on you right now their pins are
8732s moving so if you can make that strength
8734s throw a disadvantage
8737s you fail are you kidding
8740s oh uh my only like an at 20.
8744s you are now grappled
8747s with the glaze or to your north as well
8750s um
8753s so
8754s your speed becomes zero
8756s um
8757s and
8761s you're gonna struggle here massively so
8764s let's work out the damage first
8767s okay kind of like in a
8769s wrestling grapple so you take eight
8770s points of damage
8773s and it's still got another turn to make
8775s on you now because you're grappled
8779s he's gonna attempt to slam you down into
8782s the ground with the grapple
8785s okay
8788s 15 he'll oh
8791s just misses right you're 16 okay good
8794s for you
8797s oh i'm sorry i'm i'm supposed to do that
8799s with advantage let me try again because
8800s you're uh oh no it's still good
8803s [Laughter]
8811s like frozen or is it my legs or
8813s something and i'm just like growling at
8815s these little glaciers that are
8817s hitting me to the ground yeah so that
8819s the one glacier essentially is got you
8822s in a bear hug where it's hopped up onto
8824s your midsection and just wrapped its
8825s arms around you and it's trying to
8826s grapple and slam you down from any which
8829s way
8832s okay right yep
8834s i'm just thrashing around and i kind of
8836s look over at myron
8838s i just love you on your turn you can try
8840s and escape from this
8842s with a strength test if you want to
8845s okay
8846s on my turn we'll see how it goes yeah on
8848s your turn
8849s um and then from there you'll be free of
8851s the grapple and you'll be able to do
8852s whatever you please carol
8854s your turn no um you've got the scroll
8857s would you like to read it as your action
8860s yes please
8863s it reads like that
8866s which i put in to the uh so the guys on
8869s the screen can see as well always coming
8873s take me
8874s down
8876s i hate you
8878s [Music]
8879s oh no always coming
8881s down
8884s wait your turn kathar
8886s yeah i know
8891s i'll give you a minute okay
8893s strange so
8896s the um person at the other uh
8900s this
8902s anvil on the word and bill thank you uh
8905s he he said we need a password correct
8908s yeah
8910s okay so hmm
8912s it's not just always coming take me down
8914s well she'll try it at first always
8916s coming take me down
8919s i'm afraid that's incorrect
8923s why is it mixed up
8926s okay interesting
8928s uh
8929s yeah
8930s any bonus action sorry before i pass it
8932s to myron oh you know what can i um cast
8936s a spiritual weapon
8938s absolutely
8939s thank you yes
8942s help you guys out a little bit maybe i
8944s see some more struggling a little bit
8946s over here
8948s i don't know why it's in her space but
8951s there you go
8952s thank you and uh yeah i don't know if it
8955s attacks on this turn but i'm definitely
8956s gonna have it yep
8958s go for the attack that's fine don't mind
8961s at all
8965s oh santa's chant
8967s good dennis chan yes
8970s match 20. let's go
8973s this is going well
8976s this is going
8977s it's going nothing
8979s it's all right all right
8981s eight points of damage
8983s good stuff okay so the the miniature um
8987s not the miniature but the spiritual uh
8990s meat tenderizer
8991s pulverizes into the ice and chips of ice
8994s fly everywhere into the aqueduct all
8996s around you
8998s okay myrin your turn
9001s i have a lot of
9003s questions so okay
9005s so question if i used my movement would
9008s that count as a tackle if i wanted to
9010s tackle somebody or would that can count
9012s as an action
9015s uh so it's
9017s movement is moving physically
9020s tackle would be an action if you want to
9021s like rugby attack or something or
9023s america
9026s okay okay that would be a grapple
9028s similar to what happened to jax's
9031s right okay so in my shield then since
9033s it's an animated shield and i could tell
9035s it what to do if i wanted to as an other
9037s option could i command my shield to like
9039s bonk it in the head the one that's
9041s holding tamar
9043s not
9044s like a shield badge
9047s it doesn't it's not um
9049s it's yeah it's
9050s so you've got an animated shield that
9051s will stay there but i'll allow you as an
9053s action
9054s to try and make a shield bash to try and
9057s get it off of tamor we can do that for
9059s sure you can make either
9061s um
9063s i would say it's probably gonna be a
9064s dexterity check because it's a small
9066s creature that you're trying to knock off
9067s and you're trying to break bits of its
9069s arms or its legs where it's grappling
9070s onto jaxes for sure
9072s so do you want to do that with a dex
9074s check
9075s you know what because i have two attacks
9077s and there's two of them and i can't let
9079s them hear tikka or carol
9081s yes i want to full send that oh
9084s but
9085s we'll send okay
9091s eggs check is in the chat
9095s that's good 17 that's a solid
9098s yes
9100s um let's go i'm gonna roll me a d4 for
9103s damage and it will knock you'll knock it
9105s off of tamor for sure yeah that's good
9107s that's solid
9110s okay
9112s two points of damage to the glacier not
9114s huge but it's enough so
9117s uh tamar kind of sees
9120s uh myron running over
9122s and just
9124s smacks it with the shield and the
9126s glacier's hand rips off and you're
9128s suddenly free you can breathe a little
9129s bit better jaxes uh and the the glacier
9132s falls to one leg and it's scowling over
9135s at myron now
9137s and what i'm gonna do is as soon as that
9139s happens i'm just gonna look at tamora
9141s and give like a cheeky smirk of like
9143s you're welcome without even saying it
9145s and then uh cause i feel like at this
9147s moment we just become friends like we
9149s could put aside all hate and just you
9151s know i was gonna say i smiled back
9153s okay cool
9155s um
9156s oh my god are we working oh um it's the
9159s bff
9161s did we just become best friends
9163s dude
9165s um so i want to take my sword and since
9167s that one's not is kneeled down i know
9170s it's a disadvantage right
9173s uh no it's not a disadvantage no
9176s so it was the one on the north that was
9178s in tamor's space you've now knocked it
9180s back north
9181s so the one on the south hasn't been hit
9183s yet
9184s that's the one that hit you though
9185s previously
9186s and if i left i'd get an attack of
9188s opportunities that's not cool so i'm
9190s just gonna whack the one that's right
9191s next to me which is right here assuming
9193s the tamer is okay now so i'm just gonna
9195s whack it with my uh
9198s because i don't wanna disengage and give
9199s myself an opportunity to get hit so
9202s um
9205s let's hit this just a normal hip
9208s yeah just a normal hit
9210s okay
9213s it's a good hit yeah roll for damage
9217s i was nervous for a second i was like oh
9219s no okay i would i would like you to not
9222s succeed at one roll just once that would
9225s be really that it's gonna be the one
9227s where the big guy comes and it's a one
9230s no
9232s okay so speaking of the big guy he is
9234s getting ever closer by the way
9236s which brings us to tika
9238s [Music]
9240s okay
9241s so i um
9244s i want to take a glance okay so i've
9246s i've taken a glance at the scroll right
9249s yeah so it says always coming take me
9251s down
9252s okay
9254s just shake my head
9257s i i i actually knew the bard who wrote
9260s this song and i'm gonna scream out never
9262s gonna give you up
9266s no
9268s so because you're
9269s it's the opposite anvil and uh you've
9272s done it and sure enough if you'd have
9274s taken a look at the uh a closer look at
9277s the uh the opposite anvil you'd have
9279s seen this very handsome chat
9295s the
9297s the mechanism to to the west
9300s begins to turn into action
9303s and heat begins to pump from it breaking
9305s everything there
9307s uh the
9308s the glaciers in front of you um melt
9311s into nothing but the arch glazer looks
9314s like he's coming directly for you guys
9318s so
9319s what are you there's nowhere to run
9322s oh
9323s uh
9324s you look towards where you came in and
9327s the rocks have shut again
9330s of course
9331s oh no
9333s you look down
9335s there is a river below the aquiduct to
9338s the side
9339s you could try your best to jump
9342s cathar might be okay or tikka's wings
9344s might help them down but it's going to
9347s have to be a bit of a leap of faith at
9348s this point what do you guys want to do
9352s i don't know i don't see a choice we
9353s can't take this thing
9355s you're instructed you've got about
9356s 30 seconds before the arch glacier gets
9359s towards you and probably consumes you
9363s it's either the river right or that
9365s thing
9366s i say i'm gonna play
9380s no you won't have the time um i'm gonna
9382s ask you all to make uh oh that's the
9384s wrong check i'm gonna ask you all to
9386s make ignore that one
9387s athletics checks using the grappling
9390s hooks to see what you can do
9392s to mitigate this damage
9395s that means that normally
9398s yep just normal
9399s so
9400s normal okay
9402s oh no
9404s oh no no no no no no no
9407s no no no no no no no okay so you all
9411s jump off you manage to mitigate most of
9413s it it looks like you're just about to
9416s plunge to your doom as the arch glacier
9418s begins throwing ice down at you
9421s and out of the heavens plunge
9423s some of the generals
9425s they come down swooping down on their
9427s wings grab up those who can't fly and
9431s take you back cathedral to safety
9434s oh
9438s [Music]
9451s wasn't there guys
9453s i don't care everyone else
9456s imagine not having wings
9460s carol looks like she's like
9461s hyperventilating
9468s definitely definitely led that there and
9470s they take you back to the cathedral
9473s where you can rest up before they
9475s debrief you
9476s well now folks that was a little touch
9479s and go at the end there
9480s um
9482s and i'm not quite sure that our generals
9484s will be quite up to the task of
9485s providing hot cocoa for our adventurers
9487s and influencers here
9489s but
9490s if you tune in next time to see what
9492s happens next in the elder god wars we
9494s can definitely promise you some more fun
9497s and uh hopefully some more dressing up
9499s from our wonderful influencers so thank
9501s you so much for me at the bar
9505s i've been christian.
9509s and uh our influence is why don't you
9511s sign out yourselves and tell us about
9512s your favorite moment from tonight jax's
9514s why don't we start with you
9517s okay well
9520s obviously my favorite moment was the dog
9522s scene
9523s because that was come on guys
9526s come on
9527s i didn't actually think that was gonna
9528s work but it did and i got to pet some
9530s good dogs so uh julia you know what to
9533s do
9535s well oh man honestly my favorite scene
9537s was probably
9539s uh
9540s tikka running up the
9542s tree and being absolutely
9546s poor guys
9548s [Music]
9550s yeah my name is my channel
9552s yeah
9557s how about you oh yeah my gossip mine was
9560s probably
9561s riding the hellhound off a cliff and
9564s then doing an epic backflip nice and
9566s yeah somehow managing in that 20 that
9569s was pretty sick i did think i'd actually
9571s get that far in fact it was just a spur
9573s of the moment decision but i'm glad it
9575s worked and uh
9576s xoxo
9580s let's finish up strong with you
9582s come on dude oh god all right well in
9586s typical cathode fashion
9588s if you all made it this far thank you so
9590s much for watching um i gotta say my
9592s favorite moment was probably just almost
9594s dying in one hit um it wasn't wasn't the
9597s best moment but i rolled the net 20. got
9599s out with one health managed to distract
9602s the glacier and drag myself to safety
9605s definitely a good showing and grim
9608s moment
9609s in a grim moment for our avianzi bard
9611s and uh i can't wait for the next one
9614s absolutely look guys thank you again
9617s from road outdoor color uk of course
9619s uh from our friends at jagex for
9621s providing the opportunity to tell these
9622s stories alongside the older god was done
9625s which are out now for you guys to enjoy
9628s please go and take a look i'm sure these
9629s guys they've all been enjoying the first
9632s few wings there and um you can check out
9634s their uh socials below and they'll be
9637s happy to show you what they're doing
9638s there so thanks again guys and we'll see
9640s you next time
9641s here at runescape
9643s bye thank you
9645s bye do your homework