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My augmented crystal tinderbox isn’t getting any item xp from the new skilling area. Are these activities deliberately excluded from awarding item xp or is it a bug?

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Known and investigating. Our initial policy was to exclude them, as these training methods don't fit the typical mould of "burn tiers of woodcutting logs" for which it was designed.

No guarantees a fix will release this Monday, as it's a round-peg-in-a-square-hole situation that needs some refactoring to support, and Tuesday release gave us a narrower than usual RCQA window.

Looking at viability of other mentioned outliers like crystal knife for the fletching activities at the same time.

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Originally posted by Lp_Baller

Can it be looked into to allow daily challenges to be completed at the new training area?

That's on my list to look at too.

That'll depend on whether the objective fits, though. Eg the Firemaking daily challenge tells you to burn logs, which you aren't doing in any of these new training methods.

I saw a mention in last night's Twitch chat that fletching the new arrows doesn't count toward a Fletching challenge (which surprises me, as fletching dinarrows runs through the generic arrow Fletching code - or maybe they had a Fletching: Bows challenge).

I suspect they may be referring to imbuing fletched arrows with resonant anima, which again might not meet the Fletching: Ammo objective text. But will review it.

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Originally posted by Stillwindows95

Haven't played a while. Is a skulking station a thing or is your phone like mine and Screams 'SKILLING ISNT A WORD IDIOT' every time you try type it?

My phone, am S22 Ultra, is so dumb that it randomly capitalises words too, as above with 'screams'. No idea why it does that. There is a line under it and it if I click the word it clearly says what I typed 'screams' and it isn't the start of a sentence...

My last phone, an S20 was better with text than this....

I feel a sudden urge to create a skulking pure account.

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Originally posted by Stillwindows95

Where's the first place you're gonna skulk? You need to really look dodgy as possible wherever you go. So ominous that people walk past and just log out, even when not in the wild.

Today I learned I'm already skulking in real life.

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Originally posted by King_Yugo_Wakfu

Can Xp be buffed at egg sorting getting 1 XP A tick for farming even with full farm outfit on

You're just picking up eggs (akin to the token XP from picking flax), so nope.

If you want big hits of Farming XP, Anachronia dino farm to the north of you is happy to assist. :)

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Originally posted by patsystone90

Just wanted to chime in - Adding the tips to the new arrows does count towards daily fletching challenge, did it earlier today.

Thank you! I also confirmed that Fletching: Ammo triggers when imbuing dinarrows into elder god arrows.

Have made cutting zygomites trigger the Fletching: Ammo challenge, as it doesn't specify that you have to cut logs, and fletching arrow shafts counts.

The Firemaking challenge explicitly says "Light any logs or add them to a bonfire", though, which doesn't suit any of our new Firemaking methods.

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Originally posted by speedy_19

I don’t think a tinderbox should work here because like you said it is not a typical method. Just like our crystal fishing rod don’t give you experience at every fishing spot. The crystal knife should work though because you’re using a knife to cut the hair

Since a tinderbox is visible in at least some of our Firemaking methods (and the code's fairly centralised), I opted to err on the generous side and allowed augmented firemaking tools to have their XP effects here.

All tinderbox invention perks other than Wise seem to explicitly modify logs, though, and fire spirits / phoenix from Firemaking are explicitly a 'add logs to bonfire/brazier' thing (and Pyromaniac and fire spirits in turn create the benefits of the Orthen furnace core, so the Orthen furnace core won't contribute to our Firemaking training methods either).

I've also compartmentalised crystal knife functionality from fletching arrow shafts so it can be triggered from other sources, and called it from cutting zygomites.

It's passed WIP QA, but I suspect we just narrowly missed the window for this Monday's release candidate testing. Soon(tm) though!